Who Can and Who Cannot See All That I Right

So this perhaps not a particularly inspiring question in the sense that I carry out a regular almost daily (week days) note taking exercise and likewise over the last couple of years of doing that activity I originally or initially wrote much of that kind of information publically-at least that is what I presently recall. However after a certain amount or time period I simply began opting to simply place such detail within private blog postings.

Again we have seen a great deal written recently on CYBER SECURITY though my own experience is that any system set up usually will have holes or floors of some description that can be circumnavigated or exploited by would be HACKERS or SPIES and so on. The typical reasoning I think I have written previously is this one of ERROR CHECKING by programmers for bugs within Software. That perhaps again akin to the IDEA of differing LEVELS of access.

So whilst I do still write and carry out the fairly regular note taking exercises-much of what has occurred in the intervening year or two of privately publishing such detail is still often predominantly the same kind of information and given that scenario-I really am not going to great lengths to protect such information-pass word protection and checking visitor type statistic pages are all available though I generally know that anyone with the intention to hack or attack my website and so on can probably only ever really be DELAYED rather than defeated or blocked outright-I think. Likewise many a CONSCPIRACY of course comes about because the developers of particular Software and so on-move on and a few years down the line could potentially be those responsible for hacking systems that they originally developed-for other purposes or parties or entities.

That of course is the same as the idea of Poacher turned Gamekeeper though likewise I wrote and liked an expression I heard suggesting that a DOOR ONCE OPENED can be TRAVERSED both ways. Is that TRUE-well I think we have all possibly encountered doors that defeat such sayings-though eventually given that all things can occur in all directions to anyone at or within any point in time or life (so to speak) many IDEAS simply come down to ATTITUDE toward events and how and why they are occurring.

So many “old notes” visibly available to a wider public are still VALID when you understand that the cycles and patterns seemingly continue in various loop fashions about yourself. Of course when you have experienced or experimented with one modality or sequence of IDEAS you often move to another or indeed seek to integrate the best from among those already experienced.

So regular diary and note taking can seem at times like a chore though over the longer time-as repeated many times over we can look to carry out CROSS REALM REFERENCING on any accumulated data that we have-hopefully creating a mini-report so to speak on what we believe we will WITNESS at any given time or juncture. So today is Now 15th February 2015 in the early hours and I can look to 15th though-out my diary or indeed to previous year or multiples there-off as to what I may or may not expect to witness within present cycles and patterns. Likewise it has been suggested by many an EXPERT that we want to FOCUS on the REWARDING and UPLIFTING and let go of the so-called NEGATIVE’S and clearly if we keep a RECORD such-as a diary or blog we can point to seeing what might or might not be regarded as being which is which as to coin sides and so on.

So the really hard part can often setting some time aside to begin writing and then following your writing up with more writing and indeed carrying out cross realm information linking or REFINING your own feedback mechanism’s. I suggested Sport as a popular activity though likewise we have many that these practise can be carried out with and likewise when we look to Markets and broader or Wider World News and so on we are only every going to see ADDICTION to suffering and the reporting there-off. My own suffering must be a delusion because that Country is in a war zone crisis and that country is in a starvation crisis and that Country is run by evil Dictators and so on. So as we progress with meditation and so on we want to become attuned to more rewarding cycles and patterns and IDEAS as to how we want the course of our own lives to run. Likewise any of us can stop carrying out such things at any point or time of our lives or likewise we can become dedicated to such activities in a how can I improve upon what has currently been created type fashion. Is the saying “there is nothing new under the Sun” TRUE etc. So technology is always shifting and being refined and so on giving seemingly new twists and turns as REMEDIIES to problems that some people within some realms have suggested as blocks to their own advancement or however. IF ONLY THIS EXISTED I WOULD NO LONGER EXPERIENCE THAT-perhaps another of those to be explored sayings.

No matter how high any of us thinks ourselves upon a hill or stage of experiential development it does seem that someone else can always demonstrate greater power and ability and so on. The issue then perhaps as to WHO we genuinely desire being guided by and whose IDEAS are those that no longer fit how we ourselves desire seeing the World.

So yes I note and note and eventually have built up a collection of notes-mostly privately published though older notes were all made public and can be referenced by anyone who may or may not feel they are lower down the developmental model in some fashion.

Likewise from a personal point of view-it really does seem that whilst you want to help or develop improved life experience you have to also put some effort and work into making your own reference base of data and so on. So I took up that modality and followed the Teachers learnings and so on and then compared what they were stating and claiming to be true with what I myself was making and taking note of. How true is what I have experienced-with the model proffered by this that or the other person.

Clearly I having rushed through multiple earlier levels of assisted Meditation whilst at the same time trying out associated product lines perhaps was sling shot into some Parallel Universe in many ways as to the witnessing of what goes on about myself. Likewise my slowing down in meditative advancement has perhaps come about as a result of wanting to follow the instructed guidelines-however we all of us perhaps have issues within our respective lives that are not simply going to vanish disappear or go away simply because we want them to.

So my reduction in daily publishing’s is perhaps because little can be said at present that has not been demonstrated at some previous point or locating within these couple of years of regular publishing’s. Likewise it might be suggested that a NEXT POINT of personal growth experience and so on is called upon for myself it might be the writing of a book for instance hence the “write well, write fast, write now” course though likewise given the number of years since formal education and all-round life experience, being MOTIVATED is perhaps potentially where I am lacking. So I still have not yet decided exactly as to what my project is going to be and the clock is ticking down like a bomb ready to go off for the Mastermind group meeting and indeed the next on-line course session.

So yes-my lack of recent public publishing is predominantly because of where my own present focus is rather than any given trigger or negative stimulus that I may experience. Only so many hours in the day and a free blog is not presently where I can allocate appropriate time on top of all the private note taking that continues.

So follow the recommended note taking exercises for yourselves and try the linking a cross realms in terms of data usage and try some of the technologies for yourselves before making absolute judgments-the evolving world principle seems to be in effect no matter how any us would prefer otherwise so we may as well flow with greater realities than be at constant loggerheads against them. That of course comes down once again to personal development and growth and no matter how anyone would like to think the World is events can occur that demonstrate new aspects and angles previously unconsidered by even those most advanced within any given area of expertise that exists at present.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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