How Can I Better Understand This…

We can of course fill in the end of this sentence with quite a few differing words though obviously some might carry heavier weight or meaning than others and likewise some may be acutely specific to some sequence of events or strategy or likewise simply irrelevant-the many courses I have seemingly worked through and carried out the various procedures and processes within of course can often be described as BEGINNINGS rather than endings-and we are often asked to question as to what can I hope to gain or learn from some particular event or otherwise.

I was thinking about this because of course I signed up to be part of a Mastermind Group and such things almost immediately can bring about our respective curiosity or inquisitive nature’s and so on. I being Dave of course have thought about questions such as does the law of attraction really work-these IDEAS that we should simply put out a request to the Universe and then await response and RECOGNISE that response in whatever shape and form such things OCCUR to ourselves.

It can of course be said or suggested that Society At Large has beliefs in particular things such-as the PARANORMAL and PSYCHICS and so on though likewise such things are often frowned upon-or even grouped into “other than myself” type categorizations.

So it seems to myself that as I have progressed with meditation and the technologies and TESTING THEORY as to what some of the various teachers and masters say-that I do have to WONDER why was I placed within this particular mastermind grouping (as an example). So what are the IDEAS that I may have rejected or indeed what are the IDEAS that other group members may have rejected that we may well be forced to face (so to speak) in being placed within particular groupings.

We have of course had some basic contact information passed around and likewise will likely get to know a little further detail when we touchdown so to speak on our organised deadline date. W in the meantime will of course be continuing our respective lives whatever they happen to be and I as suggested above often take a differing angle to my inquiry system.

What does that mean exactly?

Well typical information that we shared with each other was our respective names where our present address or living location be it a City or Region and so on were and obvious NOSYING or INDIRECT INVESTIGATING might of course to simply carry out a quick WIKI look up of such places-and I can say in both in instances-send me a plane ticket, they both seemingly have to my English mindset that International Appeal that anyone living in any given location is often overly used to-I wrote previously about thinking Herefordshire Hilly until I lived in West Wales for a few years and then Herefordshire seemed positively flat-and likewise as anyone who travels further East bound knows the land does very often become somewhat flatter.

Anyway that is a digression and of course I looking at indirect methodology can say well what other FUN IDEAS can be introduced that can be played around with-I of course rushed to my favourite anagram engine and popped in each of our respective first names to see what might be induced via our group psychology and so on-again some interesting ideas became apparent and likewise I from a releasing and letting go perspective can wonder as to “do I feel any negativity or indeed positivity as to many of the expressions” that a somewhat NEUTRAL anagram engine comes up with. is generally the one I have a tendency to presently use-others are available though likewise these are simply THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS.

All meaning of course within the mind of the beholder though likewise I could for instance simply from a NATIONALITY rush to an obviously known STEREOTYPE and then find myself later communicating with people and persons completely differing in nature to what I myself have painted within my own minds eye. So yes many a salesperson wants to hook the audience and any kind of writing is perhaps the same in the sense of ESTABLISHING IDEAS as to getting within the mindset of a given audience or buyer and so on.

Yes so as I have suggested I seem to be more interested in my group than perhaps I ought to be though likewise they do from my mini indirect searches (so to speak) I have not gone chasing about trying to find CV’s and BLOGS and all the rest of such detail because I am sure that an invite might be forthcoming (if such things exist) in time anyhow-everyone often wants to save something back for later. How true is that? Well clearly we think we can discover a person’s mind from reading and carrying out the practices and procedures that we are presented with only to later find some new twist occurs that we have completely failed to recognise-much like the Facebook person constantly taking the mick (making fun) out of some grouping never realising that multiple people on their friend list are part of such a grouping. How many wheel chaired or disabled folks or other what are considered minority peoples and persons show pictures of such things. Clearly some people EMBRACE or have a high threshold and SELF LOVE to spread around irrespective of some associated negative thoughts and feelings as to conditions and can always ask, how can I change or best reframe this issue so it melts away or falls away and so on.

So it can be interesting to carry out such investigative type activities though likewise not place to much faith in such randomness. I know that it has been suggested that some things are inescapable though likewise have come to appreciate and feel greater levels of gratitude as I have progressed.

Quite simply keeping a regular blog or diary and so on has been laborious in many ways though demonstrates quite simply just how many FALSHOODS are perpetuated throughout society as a whole simply via IDEAS as to what are and what are not good issues to deal with and so on.

So clearly we can say that particular IDEAS work for differing groupings of peoples and the only way to reframe is too often ask those awkward self-inquiry type questions that many of us spend lifetimes avoiding.

Yes so anyway I clearly have to get some writing and drawing and IDEAS down during this week and I really do have some potentially workable Solutions to some of the issues. One of the teachings that I heard on multiple occasions was to get the hard stuff out of the way first and I think in becoming a regular grafting blog poster I have achieved that and likewise can perhaps stop beating myself down as much as I have in recent years.

Anyway reducing everything to signs and symbols and days of the week and numbers and so on all seemingly work in many ways and I think that is interesting because I of course over the years researched many so-called PSYCHIC type activities and much of the writing on such topics obsessively dismiss such things. How can I look at a same date within my blog with my own eyes and constantly see the same cycles and patterns HAPPENING year after year and so on-so you can say well that is SCIENCE or indeed you are reframing to see what you want to see-though clearly many make a respectable living at such activities and that perhaps part of this being open to be able to sell and explain the strategies that will work best for anyone at any given point or time of life as to what they themselves want to invest time and effort in and so on.

So blogging sites are freely available and anyone can blog and then do feedback notes on what they are seeing and likewise such activities can be carried out publically or privately and all the rest. I looked at some of my posting for this week over the last couple of years-it is perhaps interesting that I mentioned seeing some film and television and pantomime and that has often mostly occurred during school holidays when my daughter has been on a visit-now she is a little older and does not always come down choosing to stay with immediate family and friends and so on-so I perhaps feel I have more time to put into getting some project up and running that will eventually provide dividends to a given populace or audience and potentially provide myself with an income doing something that I have a passion of some description about.

That perhaps a strange word to use-though I think even those far more advanced and so on still experience thoughts and feelings and a love of some description for the teachings that they hand down to the rest of us seemingly from upon high.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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