So What Other Cross Realm Checks Are Their

So clearly I have mentioned sport on many occasion and for most followers of any given sport you will find that they have a SPORTING YEAR CALENDAR. So whilst we in Blighty might get all excited about a particular sport when it is happening in front of us in our homeland-we can of course adopt a greater or broader view of watching any given sport during its World Wide Manoeuvring and direction of rotation. How successful any given person is at such activities I am unsure though clearly I would personally really like to see a book from a long term Holosync user that is divided up into chapters that give clear indicators and clues as to the sport for that particular chapter. Clearly it might be suggested that such books might exist already though given my own couple of years of constant interaction with Bill Harris and his massive long term following-it may well be suggested that most have opted for completely differing subject matter altogether than what most of us would prefer or like or indeed have simply opted for a given chosen sport-typical examples I think that I mentioned going through multiple business type books that had a large aggregate of Golf type terminology. Great for Golfers and that is perhaps regarded as the sport of business owners and so on though as suggested by myself I despite taking up photo-reading and ploughing through a multitude of materials have yet to uncover an all brought together under one umbrella COMPENDIUM for the wide and varied sporting events around the planet. One could of course be staring myself in the face though I suspect most peoples have thought-that is going to be to difficuly to attempt or achieve.

I however disagree; quite simply as I have progressed and gone through various modalities and indeed followed instruction I have had some of those mental shifts-so originally It was simply obsessive clearing out of what I regarded as too much undesirable bad dosage of this that and the other-be that information flotsam and jetsam or real genuine quality material-my approach was everything must go in some kind of mad rush and that can be demonstrated throughout those interaction on the Holosync blog. Likewise a year or two down the line-I eventually succumbed to some of the associate advertising materials-predominantly those that claimed or stated that they were using the Technology I was aligning myself with anyway.

So why do I believe that such a system or guidebook is not beyond what can already be achieved now by some long term user or proponent of these kinds of Technologies.

Well quite simply when we look to History we can see that whether we are Church and Religion watching or Royalty watching that an establishment of varying descriptions came into being at some point in time and despite international wars and calamity and so on has generally gone unchanged for a fair few centuries. So we in Great Britain and indeed the Common wealth or any other former colonial powers can perhaps regard ourselves whether consciously or otherwise as highly likely already having much of the desired Foundational or Fundamental information and so on already within our respective noggins and many of the modalities encourage following practice and exercise to bring such information into our respective conscious windows or awareness where they may or may not be more USEFUL.

Likewise there is this constant IDEA as to technology moving forward-so I have seen many a reference to ANCESTRY recently saying did you know there are only 7 categories of Surname or something akin to that. Most in more recent History came about through related TRADE names. However we can also of course state categorically that any given name is of course akin to being to much in the story when the desirable position is said to be stepping out of the immediate story in some fashion.

So Technology for cameras of course took up the IDEA of lenses and shutter speeds for differing effects and also the IDEA reused of film rolled about a reel that would spin through a projecting device showing moving pictures. Likewise we in more recent years have seen the advent of DIGITAL.

It is DIGITAL that enables (In My Opinion) a compendium type work to be created should some long time devotee to Holosync, take up the challenge? Why?

Well with digital and the usage of switches and filters you could regard each chapter as having its own sequential set of TRIGGERS that place you specifically within the zone for a specific sport.

A typical example of this IDEA is 3D movies where if they wanted to they could design a film within a film much like the “ANCIENT” IDEA of subliminal messages. So in older film format it was said you only required so many FRAMES to occur to give the ILLUSION of moving picture. Now when computer technology began taking of people realised you could have all the EVEN frames (for instance) as one film and all the ODD frames as a differing film. Likewise 3D with differing HIGHLIGHTED sectors or sections of an image is in fact much of that IDEA & PROCESS. So the same IMAGE and material can be seen by an AUDIENCE though likewise each member of the AUDIENCE could be seeing through a differing LENSE TRIGGER. Again these things perhaps differing depending on where an individual’s own focus is at.

As I have concentrated more on the associate production line of products over the last couple of years I have perhaps come to see that eventually just about everything can be about this IDEA of LENSES & FILTERS hence we wanting to in stepping stone step-by-step fashion develop our respective knowledge as to how we can SWITCH between differing points of interest (via lense r filters) and so on. The big broad lense that I rushed toward initially has possibly lost some of its appeal and I really am now thinking more in terms of concentrated focus on particular areas with differing attributes and values. So in the so-called real world development we are seeing the release of a contact lense with a ZOOM. You give a wink and the contact lense zooms in much like you can adjust a digital camera or indeed a classic film camera.

So that is one IDEA as to SOLUTION, take a pre-existing and for the most part successful model and then dissect that model to see where cycles and patterns occur. We can do that for Sports such-as Cricket and Rugby and Formula one and Tennis and Boxing and well all sports really-you just need to be aware that you are acting upon one specific frame or data sequence and cycles.

Other realms that I have strangely become more aware of are actually those of AWARD SHOWS and so on. So I gave up watching TV and FILM for the most part though am not completely TEE TOTAL as the AWARD sector is once again very interesting in terms of rotations and again we see INTERNATIONAL INTEREST versus LOCAL INTEREST. So Bafta recently held an award show here in the UK of local interest and many European Nations have similar type award bodies that are quite specific to Country. Bafta in recent years became two shows-separating out the TV industry awards from the Film industry Awards and that again is part of the progress and perhaps finding ways and means to establish a means as to accommodating the respective audience’s. How many FILM & Television people can attend an event with seating for a fixed amount of attendance? So split the awards up and you afford the opportunity to perhaps only attend one event in the calendar and likewise improve the possibility of having an audience that respects the awards being given. Yes every realm has stepping stones though likewise some prefer their realm and genuinely have little interest in moving to the other sector. They say this that or the other realm is CUT-THROAT though I think we see that all areas come with their own respective pitfalls and traps and so on. Success in film does not mean success in TV or indeed THEATRE. I mention theatre because I noted another award show today related to West End Theatre a new production of MISS SAIGON apparently taking the majority of bows-likewise had I followed my own clues and links from the last post and gone through year earlier posts and so on the clues were perhaps contained therein-had I made the CROSS-REALM LINAKGE so to speak for that area.

So the cross realm focus can take you all over the shop and deciding where you as an individual are going to concentrate effort and so on really is an ongoing dilemma unless you can as suggested get a calendar and mark out the respective patterns locations for the varied sports that you personally follow and location and likewise you (perhaps) local or regional AWARDS.   So I can demonstrate that despite not watching film and television and little in the way of Theatre (beyond Pantomime) in recent years that I still provide CLUES and POINTERS as to likely WINNERS and so on.

So that perhaps al about the NEUTRAL UNIVERSE and clearly it really can take a couple of years of solid meditation to relieve yourself of many a long-term TRAUMA.

The NEXT QUESTION perhaps for myself is this one of CREATIVITY-early on again I seemingly find myself going through the ASSOCIATED linkages for varying CODE SYSTEMS that I have learnt such as those within the Spiritual Code Course and likewise other courses also provided similar breakdowns of IDEAS in relation to colour and sound and all the various ISSUES that we present ourselves with as to EXCUSES for not being successful and so on.

So I at present am not in THE CREATIVITY ZONE although I perhaps need to be to get on with seeking to write a book idea and so on-again I do have multiple ideas-though some (to my mind) are simply no go areas whilst others I could happily go-though again feel are subjects and topics best left to other peoples and persons.

So where does David go? ARRRGGHHH. Elsewhere of course I found myself once again thinking of those ART linkages we seeing some Copenhagen Action and whether it is the right or wrong Country I found myself thinking about Hans Christian Anderson once again. We can of course when looking to HISTORY see the same cycle being repeated over and over. So in BRITISH BANKING HISTORY we see that much PRIVATE BUCCANEERING ENTERPRISE’S were funded by the DUTCH and I really am unsure as to how much the cycles are going to DIVERGE from these seemingly pre-orchestrated lines of inquiry-what does that mean?

It means that no matter how much I have STUDIED INTERNATIONAL POLITICS and HISTORY that we will see the same cycles and patterns over and again in many ways-as an EXAMPLE you might SUGGEST that we see COUNTRY HOPPING.

So we have just done Denmark and that borders Sweden where ABBA who have had a resurgence over the last couple of years appeared from during my own youth. Likewise those Nordic Scandinavian Countries always given way to us here in the UK before we move to mainland Europe and France and Germany again and so on-yes HISTORY can be said to be occurring within all the Countries irrespective of where DAVID is monitoring though in BRITISH HISTORICAL CYCLES we really do see the same linkages going on and our choice is perhaps to get ourselves OPEN enough mentally to start or begin IDENTIFYING the patterns with greater accuracy.

So I will leave this one for now though as suggested having accumulated and carried our much mental clearing and so on-I have come to a point where I think I can whether consciously or otherwise IDENTIFY many a cross-realm money making scheme simply through getting a calendar and noting SPORT WINNERS and GEOGRAPHY and likewise AWARD WINNERS and GEOGRAPHY and so on. Clearly we all want to set our own success agendas though likewise are perhaps better of being attuned to already pre-existing systems of success than otherwise-and likewise coming to understandings of WHY any given individual feels that this that or the other event has to occur in order for progress to be made. Can enough peoples and persons COOPERATE with some of DAVID’S more outlandish teachings and IDEAS in a positive and rewarding FASHION that our cooperative groupings and so on are all looking out for each other in something of a positive and uplifting fashion rather than constantly twisting in what we think are external knives when they very often relate to ourselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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