So of course I have as per usual neglected posting some appetizers to keep folks interested in reading and many a person when anyone who is followed in any fashion will often go and do something differing instead.

However I have seen one or two reports linked to The Oscars, Are they soon? And likewise news this morning as well as various witnessed indicators suggest we are in the Spring time proper hence the above title-yes not every fire has to be local or regional or Country or International Country block or however though when you have done some of the courses you will see that we are in that kind of a time zone phase of synchronicities. Animals within UK type climate’s are generally regarded as coming out of Hibernation and immediately going into eats shoots and leaves type mental modes (little double entre for the adults) and possibly a Panda Bear reference of course they being classic examples of black & white animals that do not do very much.

So what does David actually KNOW about the Oscars-well I did actually used to watch those shows and we were always being told how hot the competition was for the award this year and how favourites either picked up a high percentage of the given nominated awards or indeed made the nominations and then failed to deliver within the Academy Voting Circles.

Elsewhere we are often also told that pre American academy shows (such-as Cannes and Baftas, etc.) act as indicators for who may or may not pick up some extra credits as to international influencers and so on.

Do the bookies ever really know? Well I think and have said that in many realms Favourites are Favourites for a reason, how many of us have gone for that big outside bet and lost when a smaller win on the favourite would likely have carried us through. That of course how bookmakers and so on often work-especially these days with moment by moment swings and roundabouts and so on occurring and I believe most such systems are automated a team loses points the odds go up and down during competition.

So I have despite not seeing many a film and so on seen reports and articles and clearly anything that anyone says anywhere at any point in time or otherwise might be a CLUE. However early on such things can drive you somewhat crazy in selection. Especially when it comes to the coin side issues of knowing what any given series or links of clues may actually be for.

So I could come up with some CRAZY indirect INFERENTIAL type sentences as a TEST and then monitor results afterwards to see if my zany weird and wonderful clues actually relate in any way shape or form to the actual AWARD.

I was also thinking at this point about speaking on how these PRIZES are handed out. So we the British public have classic shows such-as The Generation Game and Crackerjack and Bullseye and so on whereby winners would be loaded down with prizes to take away and meanwhile top performing stars and Celebrities get to carry of stage a little statuette (or so we are told) we are often now also told that each award often comes with all sorts of EXTRA DONATED PRIZES from SPONSORS so we see them with gold statuette and they collect the mobile home car and holiday in the Swiss Alps at a later time, the sponsors get to advertise as awarded to Celebrity.

Anyway all I now have to do is think of some lines that may or may not have in-built seeing what you want to see references.

Clearly I could for instance reference a male, a female, a director, a producer, a best supporting and likewise could give inference toward film names (were I to actually know any) I do have an inherent bias of course as do many people and it is often our own biases that send us into CRISIS.

That separating out of fact from fiction, when in fact each person in a room could be telling the truth a fact as they themselves process such things within their own mind. However we all do also experience SUGGESTION, such-as within my TWILIGHT NOTES whereby I walk to and from work within what are often regarded as TWILIGHT times and whilst most people can say that car is this that or the other colour-twilight renders such systems of operating USELESS. I can generally switch between suggestions of light and dark and possibly give indicators to street lighting and so on.

So a suggestion is given though it is never the same as seeing it with your own internal (so to speak) processes or learnings and so on.

What else is referenced? Well we do of course have best music score and best cartoon and best Special FX and all the rest. I woke up this morning after a very short sleep and will probably have an afternoon nap instead. Anyway my thoughts on waking up were that we have Mother and Smother though we do not have Father and Sfather and that of course takes us into the breakdown and processing of differing languages and so on. We become accustomed to our own inflections and tongue and facial contortions based around our own language and it is actually quite amazing when you think about it how difficult some unaccustomed languages can be to those unfamiliar with both symbolic and spoken reference. I have many international work colleagues who speak good English though many admit to being useless when it comes to words and alphabets and likewise my own experience historically with languages has been similar-unsure how many MASTER both language and SYMBOL though I would likely give GOLDEN STARS to those that do especially those older or later in life who perhaps like myself have perhaps become old dogs learning new tricks and so on.

So yes I will leave this one here though am thinking about a post with some strange sentences simply out of having an experimental attitude. Likewise some WONDER as to really getting thouse CROSS-REALM linkages going and I am often UNSURE-though I think in feedback terms you can create a diary like journaling blog like this one with long winded paragraphs and meanderings and then be it on a monthly or a yearly or calendric type date place feedback upon your own posts. So few people have ever read or responded to my postings (SOB) though that does not stop myself from carrying that out for myself as a kind of repetition as to where I can best benefit from feedback systems.

Yes the external World has many though getting some clarity on your own thoughts and feelings and actions is all part of the learnings and so on that we are each of us at our own respective paces stepping towards.

Thank you for reading and yes I will seek to give some sentence like weird clues though do not wait if you in the meantime find your own INTUITIONS picking up-these things really are all about practice and practice and so on-they say practice makes perfect-then someone else says perfect practice makes perfect results-should David give up on highlighting words within these posts above and beyond other words when it is ridiculous compared to regular readings and indeed I could not get away with such a strategy easily on a professionally printed book. Would I be helping in creating a book in that fashion. I remember some game books when I was younger by a dice and roll it to see which page you had to jump to next within the book-probably still available though I was reading though many years ago when still at school.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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