Do Your Own Blueprint Principles Leave You Suffering Oscar Guilt

So many teaching methodologies are perhaps about developing lifelong learning strategies and also of course adapting said strategies to present day awareness and knowledge-a typical example of this are some newly recorded versions of some older Paraliminals that I found myself receiving related information & data too. Quite simply a shift from “TAPE” to “SHAPE” has perhaps occurred as day-to-day send and receive technologies and networking technologies and computing and calculating systems technologies have advanced through the 20th Century and into the 21st Century and likewise the main reason given for the new version is indeed the removal of the word Tape from the recording. I of course have stated that I purchased a complete Ultimate You Library at a time when I was still early into Meditation and likewise now see additional Paraliminal’s available within the collection that I purchased and had delivered to my home-NOW however I would like the option to purchase at reduced price only those Paraliminal that are new and likewise have them within my online Library as opposed to the now seemingly redundant CD/DVD technology.

We can all accept that such things are “PROGRESS” and indeed the Company will want to charge myself for any Transference of aforementioned Libraries or indeed additions-further to that of course is possibly this issue of CRYING. I have written on being someone known for not crying for many years and then being somewhat forced into relative overwhelm as a result of the holosync audio tones technology that acts as a stimulus to various TRIGGERS that we encounter as we go about our day to day lives.

The problem or dilemma I now have is that it seems to myself that the initial attitude I took early on with respect to Hypnosis Technologies was positive and outgoing and in accordance with the scripts and sessions therein contained within those Technologies-however I quickly found myself being on the receiving end of Highly negative campaigns from people in denial of the Truths that such Technologies bring about.

So a couple of years go by and I am reduced to nothing, no home, no money-whilst others who SECRETLY took up the technologies often continued to Target myself as someone who had stuck there head up above the Parapet. This is of course an IMPORTANT DILEMMA ASPECT as to feelings of NO WAY OUT!

Clearly it can of course be demonstrated that I was born and bred in a City with particular History and likewise various groupings that have grown as a collective within the Region do go about performing in SECRET (so to speak) as to the duty & services that they perform as part of other greater collectives.

So anyone anywhere in the Global World about us can see that whether we are talking about international Corporations or Royalty or Army or indeed Criminal Mafia’s or Swiss Banking Mafias or Scientific Research Technology Mafia’s that the HAND-THE-DEBT down or PUSH-THE-DEBT forward generational model can be adapted and modified for given experience and circumstance by anyone be there INTENTIONS good or bad.

I have also of course spoken on the CLASSICAL IDEA that many writers of each generation has used of “My Future Self Will Save My Present Self From [INSERT CRISIS NAME]”. That of course perhaps similar to that Dr Who whizzing through Variations of time and space and altering timelines and interfering with the Lenses and Filters of Paradoxical Parallel Universes and so on.

So Who has a blueprint that is genuinely viable and reliable with integrity and above board operating procedures and processes and principles and who has opted for choices that are not necessarily in anyone’s best long-term interests.

So the Teaching Model has been clearly established within Country’s such-as The United Kingdom and Europe & The United States and indeed the former Soviet Block Countries though as we have progressed into the 21st Century we are seemingly possibly falling back into Regional Conflict and Confusions as to where we are best operating both at a personal level and at a teaching model.

The reduction of information to keeping things simple in terms of allegorical and metaphorical teachings only strangely works up to a particular point before you once again have to reformulate the so-called Navigation Compass.

I have previously spoken on IDEAS of Compass in part because my Grandfather Jack’s Compass was handed down to myself when he died and likewise I have listened to Courses that speak on Compassion and indeed the IDEA of the so-called Feng Shui Compass. Many of these modules often seemingly working via numbers and mathematics and so on and of course how developed and intuitive or intelligent any of us perhaps is-really can be difficult to gauge. I can look through the course of my life and think-well those events that occurred then are in cause and effect terms possibly related to that course that I more recently took and so on. Cause and Effect “UNDERSTANDING” does not necessarily provide a “LINEAR” way out and the getting the Creative juices flowing and so on is a struggle when you seemingly have lived a life based in “MATERIAL-I WANT” type attitudes and so on. Everyone wants though likewise we can quite often return to the most basic needs as to what it is that we want NOW.

I have been through so-called Psychological Model’s often built around pyramid styled attitudes and structures though likewise often feel that I have not progressed in any kind of all-encompassing position beyond the first couple of sectors of the foundational baseline. The classic story of building your structure on sand or rock and so on perhaps a typical example given the British weather predictions-should inland Islanders have to pay for those who choose to live on effected COASTLINES and INSURANCE ISSUES will surely be what we are about to see brought into QUESTION?(so to speak).

So you effectively set yourself up as a FEEDBACK & RETURN MODEL seems to be the step-by-step process proffered by many an EXPERT-feedback good=more of the same, feedback bad=change some parameter.

Flexibility of mind and thought then potentially another aspect to take into consideration-this blog and older posts can be read by anyone-where now many more recent posts are simply listed as private-that a parameter change brought about by undesirable feedback. Many folk of course have followed similar learning model and structured courses to myself and I hope they are living more rewarding and prosperous lives as a result-though not to my own personal disadvantage-hence my constantly repeating IDEAS such-as do write by those that seek to do write by yourself and understand that in terms of conflict and confusion everyone can do better without others having to LOSE.

We LEARN the Patterns and Cycles and then give or teach or sell them on to others so they themselves can pass them on and also adapt and come up with new remedies and ideas that may have been beyond Historical Technological Capabilities.

So we are each a blueprint and we can be a positive rewarding and uplifting blueprint for those that we interact with or likewise we can become derailed in some fashion through neglected teachings and learning that have the potential to return and bite us in our own respective asses so to speak.

Anyway these are simply meanderings related perhaps to this IDEA that everyone is an ACTOR or ACTRESS no matter how much they seek to compartmentalise differing areas of life and so on-if you act above board across all areas of your life you are less likely to suffer than perhaps others who choose to cheat and lie with regard to this aspect over here and then behave differing in this other compartmentalised role over here.

Again the Thought in a body teaching can only take you so far-though clearly we can all now perhaps step back out of the immediate story and Witness more than we were perhaps previously capable of and likewise we can seek to imagine Future Worlds and Technological Innovations and wonder as to the steps that may bring about the events and occurrences to make each and every one of our lives and Worlds more survivable in this so-called immediate moment in time now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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