Say Ah At Heist Repent At Leisure

So I see some further final preparations are underway for the Oscars and their I was saying I would write some bizzare weird and wonderful lines as to pointers and clues to winners-even though I cannot consciously know who any of the Golden Statuette Awards will be presented to-though having seen the list of nominations and not having viewed or so much as heard of many of the STARS probably leaves me genuinely clueless as how I can approach such an activity.

So inference can be given in many forms whether we are taking clues from about ourselves in what we read and view in our day-to-day lives or likewise simply go with herd like attitudes-I want this that or the other person to win because it was filmed in Great Britain or the Actress is one I like or that actor was good in such and such-today I finally got around to viewing a kindle book that I had pre-ordered some time ago entitled This Idea Must Die, and the book was considered a commentary on IDEAS that are at present preventing WORLDWIDE PROGRESS-many of the ideas presented are in fact SCIENCE related-what does present research demonstrate into this IDEA and why Author thinks Sciene has gotten it wrong or requires re-evaluating historical ideas with what modern statistics and discoveries are uncovering and so on.

So just as some ideas are expected to be passed by newer and more prosperous lines of enquiry-we also have the aspect of returning to old ideas that could not be explored due to limitations within the science realm as to Technology-think of medieval times and they not known that the World is not flat or that the Solar System contained 6 planets not 4 planets and you get the gist-someone comes up with a new method to prove some previously thought written in stone belief WRONG.

So I could of course seek to write some POETRY oh know Dave not your poetry say one or two voices or likewise a Bongo and Mona series of Letters-Dear Dave I wish you would come up with characters that people actually relate too.

Yes strange as it may seem you really do get to see that all life is suffering and that navigating a course through all the assorted comparison based opinions really does simply place you in a fast track lane for the grave.

So we have done the inside-outside thing for a while and likewise played around with the idea of tunes and further to that I recently saw details on the next agenda of Cern and the search within the realm of Particle Physics for SUPERSYMMETRICAL SPACETIME, apparently now convinced that the Higgs Boson has been covered and that the Large Hadron Collider can move on toward more interesting research that will bring about a new Physics beyond the so-called currently accepted STANDARD MODEL.

Will the Perkin’s monologues ever become polylogues and why do we never speak in multiple voices when in fact is has of course been demonstrated with puppets and ventriloquists and of course voice over on radio and commentators telling you what to think. Clearly some are worthwhile investments whilst many of us upon finding Meditation Technologies and having experienced varying lifetime degrees of suffering would rather have a flotsam and Jetsam clearout-some things that many of us were likely taught or indeed exposed to via family friends and social learnings or watching TV and Radio and Film and all the rest of INFOBESITY really can come back to haunt yourself and it really can be worthwhile making what I consider to mostly be seriously cheap investment in going to or using technologies that leave everyone in no uncertain terms as to the truth of real reality. I use the phrase AT HEIST in the title and that is of course the problem with SCIENCE and SCIENTIST and people who call themselves ATHEISTS in general-the equivalent of declaring yourself a liar and a thief and potentially many other labels of negative conative meanings and why of course why I myself encourage adopting more SPIRITUAL styled beliefs rather than the embodied beliefs of many a science. If you are dying of this that or the other condition then surely you want an all possibilities option to become available that can in step-by-step level-by-level fashion let you know on a deep down basis that you may have to re-evaluate some deeply embedded beliefs and thoughts on how you think feel and act in the World.

So I was thinking of course what have I actually done for anyone anywhere that might act as a stimulus for people taking up Holosync and in truth despite this blog having been going on for a couple of years-the only story that I would perhaps want anyone to take and re-write (names have been changed to protect the innocent) is in fact the Princess Diana Story June 2013 Archive (I think).

Beyond that of course and due to the fact that I simply had to withdraw from Facebook and so on I have just carried out respectable level courses and hopefully taken various accumulated learnings and teachings on board that can serve myself a more rewarding and prosperous future than that promised by the many naysayer types.

That is of course a side issue and not one to easily debate-though I still have not given anything that might indicate Oscars or have I?

A window in time and space where Sherlock shoots a gun and never the pal on NTSC says sky belongs to thee the childishness of fools I could write on and on though all one needs is a prophesy of who will win you see.

Yes easy to lay a clue trail that includes all and everything though it can of course be clearly demonstrated that when we ZOOM in and out and read diagonals and the lines at the edges and up down and across from HIGH-LIGHTED words and symbols that we are encouraged to break through present mental bottlenecks as to how we are at present viewing and seeing the WORLD.

So does it really matter who wins the Oscar when you yourself might like to take home the award having arrived just like everyone else potentially at some kind of process akin to silvertoevelocity as one of my websites is known.

Anyway I do think that if I were in the Academy I would seek to award quality productions irrespective of whether we agree with a presented subject matter and that is of course where many a public opinion falters-most going for surface value shallow options above and beyond deeper hidden meanings and insightful presentation and script and all those things we forgive our soap opera actors and actresses for not having developed-apparently-yes of course if we are all to varying degrees actors and actresses then any performance that is BELIEVABLE is surely worthy of recognition if no-one is going to give you recognition then adapt your presentation and style and marketing or indeed maybe invent an award body where you can present yourself with top prize each year-much like Sepp Blatter at FIFA seemingly being immovable for multiple generations of football fans-there are of course levels of corruption within many World Governing Bodies and Likewise keeping up with the political aspects of any given realm can be a nightmare-hence my withdrawing so much in the first place. Why compete over things you may or may not have any real knowledge or interest of-yes I can commentate though most opinion is Historical knowledge based rather than NOW based and that is falling into pitfalls and traps of course. Who sucks who into what belief and why?

Well this will be the 2nd posting today and I have avoided saying any names outright because I only see inferential detail such as so-and-so is hosting and I have never heard of so-and-so and likewise this actor famed for this role is up for that role-whose identity is it anyway one can perhaps potentially ask.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and further more GOOD LUCK 😉

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