I’m Late, I’m Late

So I have of course written and written and intertwined to varying degrees teachings and lessons from various accumulated knowledge bases and experiences-in the last few days I have seemingly found myself experience “WHITE RABBIT” syndrome-he of course one of those Disney Pixar type characters that many of us encountered during childhood via Disney Pixar type films or indeed the original Alice book stories.

So as some are aware and others not so aware I regularly take notes and if I am honest I have had a tendency to only carry out that activity on a particular sequence of trips and journeys though you can of course document your entire life should you so wish to do so. Such things as we progress with the awareness and meditation technologies do seem to fall into place in many ways-though likewise getting your own TRUST to return once again as to some of the shocks that some of us experience is not necessarily going to happen all at once-especially for those of us who took the top-down bottom up approach at the same time-yes I liked and recommended the FAST-TRACK APPROACH though likewise have potentially suffered at the same time through my lack of differing awareness’s as to what differing modularity’s actually do-so many mental changes and thoughts and feelings have occurred though I can also say that some have been more beneficial than others and given the FAST-TRACK approach it might be suggested that I got ahead of myself in many ways via one learning and lesson not having sunk in prior to my moving on to the next best thing-whilst at the same time-I was rushing up through various “SHAKE THE TREE” type levels of meditation.

I think multiple others have followed similar paths and courses of action and as we have each progressed have come to see more and more of some of those greater wisdoms that are brought about and likewise some about ourselves seemingly still seek to reinforce DENIAL type attitudes to various goings on etc.

That perhaps akin to saying you can take such-and-such out of the so-and-so but you cannot take the so-and-so out of the such-and-such. So whilst early on I did spend time studying how differing words and phrases and languages worked along with one another and likewise came to see that even those most basic of learnings and teachings can in many a circumstance simply be jettisoned from your life and so on. Someone has laid out well studied training plans and routes and accesses to higher levels and modalities and constantly struggling against the so-called World is a CHOICE or OPTION that some of us potentially experience more than others.

That of course suggests that only the big loudmouths and “EXPERTS” know anything when in all likelihood some lesson is awaiting to jump out and catch many a person out. The maintain you focus on areas that will benefit you and friends and family or indeed work circles and so on does seem to be a constantly reoccurring theme or template in multiple ways.

I bring that up of course because I recently took a work related on-line survey based in the idea that the parent corporation has for collecting and collating feedback from the staff-and I think that is a good thing-the downside “POTENTIALLY” that any manager higher up within any organisation will ask themselves as to who they believe is sabotaging there personal rating and results-strangely enough it can often lead any of us at any level to wonder who is sabotaging our personal results though of course people perhaps higher up have more to lose than those of us lower down. The Psychological Impact then is that you may find individuals losing FOCUS on what they are supposed to be focussed on-again such things perhaps related to ego maturity and intention.

From my own historical data collecting awareness and knowledge it is very often the grease-ups and suck-ups and so on who do the most SABOTAGING of presumed FRIENDS and circles and so on-sounds strange though psychologically it has been a demonstrated issue-where people in constantly “PLEASING” JUMPING and bashing head on glass ceiling mode take the opportunity to release or get things out of ones system-likewise computer systems of please select from given criteria answers make genuine feedback more difficult-everyone of course has their own respective “TURN OF PHRASE” and ways of communicating.

Such interaction can of course be positive in the sense that a formulated Questionnaire can bring many people into greater alignment with overall infrastructural planning and the Company’s intended direction-though likewise it can often be those with long-term accumulated “fighting the good fight” attitudes that suffer most-quite simply because they are unable to let go of ancient or historically ingrained patterns and behaviours established before the Corporation “came to the rescue” or however one wishes to describe such things. That of course another issue of how any given sequence of events is interpreted by any given individual.

We can also at the present time state in an somewhat all-encompassing fashion that the business unit I work within is actually in FLUX in terms of best established practice and knowing the best way forward-multiple changes have occurred in quite rapid quick succession in recent years and we once again find ourselves having to adapt and adjust to the establishing of some new working practices to accommodate the various changes that have occurred through-out the differing departments and so on-in simple terms many training or on the page task procedures are completely out of date with present systems of process and likewise new systems are presently being established with varying degrees of success though the only real constraint is of course feeling that we are making best use of the available time to fulfil the given work challenges.

Anyway most folks within the Company who have been around a few years know all that sort of detail anyway though it is always worth reminding ourselves as to how things have been Historically compared to how they are now.

I will leave this one here for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

1 thought on “I’m Late, I’m Late

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