So Here We Are Another Saturday

Yes so I found myself interested in returning to Facebook and then recalled how much nonsense I experienced previously self-inflicted or otherwise and treading where only fools rush in is of course one of those habits that wisdom is supposed to clear from ones system though in honesty I think what was said in the recent write well write fast write now session was quite accurate in encouraging people to get things out of system whether through just writing and writing as I myself do or simply posting things privately-you can of course go heavily into overcomplicating things as I often am known to do or follow the RULE OF KISS, Keep it simple sweetheart, though clearly who is following who becomes less important perhaps as to knowing that you have or are experiencing some synchronicity with other likeminded individuals in that YOU ARE NOT ALONE style that Michael Jackson sang about all those years ago.

Again I was thinking on this issue of clues though in teaching some of the strategies I do have some realisations that I have perhaps become further and further away from many a taken for granted thought or premise that many a regular person “HOLDS” to be true though very likely has gone UNQUESTIONED for most of they’re respective life. That is not important if you are older and feel relatively successful at what you do though likewise if like myself you have had far too many highs and far tom many lows then you come to see that like the CHARIOT CARD within the TAROT you want some balance and EQUILIBRIUM of some kind. Yes breaking free of left versus right hemispheric type issues is perhaps a stepping stone and likewise you even when you hae cleared as much as I have you still need to be able to function in some relation to your own understanding of your own feedback and so on. I suggested SPECULATION as to COMPETITION WINNERS and likewise noting comparable month-to-month or year-to-year type dates and so on and all these things can make you realise just how interconnected many things actually are.

I think what is interesting perhaps for myself is that I recently commented upon a LACK of what I regard as good quality books based around some of the products I recommend though again these are perhaps “game of black and white issues” in the sense that I personally would regard a good quality book as one that gives you those fast track breakthroughs and realisations where it often seems to myself that many a long term user has simply milked and milked an audience for any spare change without actually leading anywhere beyond giving differing angles on the same interpretation as what they previously gave, yes easy to criticise though I have not done that myself to any great level and yes Learning Strategies can demonstrate that all there courses that I have experienced are examples of the products and likewise as Mr Harris said not everyone wants to go charging through the levels as fast as the crying game would take them-though harnessing wellness and relief from years of bad dosage or brain hackers and so on is of course again one of those issues.

Typical example I live within a town that perhaps has inbuilt security requirements for particular mmbers of society and likewise we see Dignitary protection squads all over the World for higher level establishment figures-though surely some of the strategies that such Organisations provide actually become a bar to those other members of Society within similar living zones and regions and so on. So difficult to judge really. Would having the Prime minister living next door make give you reassurance as to security or worry as to being collateral damage.

I would also like to say REST IN PEACE of course to Leonard Nimoy whom I grew up watching as the Star Trek ever-present character SPOCK. I also recall him from seeing the Original Mission Impossible TV show that used to be on and also I think in one or two cowboy roles-so whilst the Space Epic captured the many peoples of the World’s Imagination, created as it was during the height of the COLD WAR and INTER-RACIAL SEGREGRATION it was interesting in how thy managed to just simply make a NONSENSE out of many a PREJUDICE that many of us also seemingly take for granted as being unchangeable. Reverse Psychology perhaps a big issue in that we either reject something as not being suited to ourselves or indeed embrace something else as being what we consider appropriate. The problem with any kind of strategy that INTENTIONS a REVERSE psychology of course is that it requires LIKE MINDED SOULS or INDIVIDUALS thinking along the same kind of IDEAS. If you regard yourself as being upbeat and positive and then someone constantly belittles all that you do whether in working life or day-to-day life then debate can be had as to who is rubbing whom up the wrong way and so on. Everyone perhaps having their own respective cross to bear though likewise we can I think learn to steer more favourable courses for everyone than constantly becoming confused as to reasons behind some motivational strategies.

So I was also going to write one of those letters to myself though again think I want to again take my focus elsewhere than where it has been placed in recent years-perhaps flitting to much among differing issues rather than developing a style that is clear and UNDERSTOOD however anyone want to see it so to speak.

So I recently found myself thinking about what would Bruce almighty have been like had it contained some Felix Lighter type CIA character and that of course takes us into the realm of international espionage and those kinds of films that many of us took for granted when growing up and so on. Who is kidding whom and is it worth knowing whether we regard particular influences and direction as being good or bad-I said that I follow news regular and likewise have a look at market data from time to time and again we always seem to have local to regional to international and ever greater levels of structures and understandings. Typical examples of course that we are seeing worrying trends as to conflict once again between EAST and WEST and one can say that in monitoring such things one has had a gutsful though likewise if I turn to sport and so on they are all once again about tribal conflict and so on. Great if you can see it not so great if you cannot see it. Whilst all the talk of conflict goes on at all levels we still see that the most basic of commodities are still sold and exchanged between the differing realms. So most of Western Europe gets gas from Russia and likewise we are hearing that data speed laws are being introduced for the internet though I cannot see such things working particularly well-quite simply you end up with calls for a task force to police suspected cheating and the million and one speed checking utilities all come up with differing results for the end users anyway even with the most simple thing as a ping-back.

Likewise when you have OVER RESEARCHED if you consider yourself o have done as I have with all my book reading and so on you come back to seeing that pretty much everything comes full-circle to the same kinds of answers as to how can I change or benefit from these learnings and so on. The most basic teachings seem to come from the so-called ARTS realms and likewise developing or getting going the respective brain hemispheres in some kind of cohesive equilibrium and even when we do that on a personal basis we are likely to become frustrated at others not SEEING in the same manner or fashion or regard-I think I am currently once again at those STALLED PLATEAU type moments where I am unsure as to what can I now do that I have not tried previously given that most of life seems to be about repetition of learning what we already know deep down on some intrinsic level. Yes I think I know I will do this and then oh shrug well what about oh shrug, so another issue I thought interesting was again related to the Write well course for older people and how those of us that have accumulated some vast ages go on to appreciate such things. Well of course I keep returning to Learning strategies courses that obsess with living the good life and repeating and handing down teachings though given the lack of personal benefit I feel that I have had in recent years despite the fantastic input and assistance that I have been given I perhaps have some other understandings or realisations to come too. I cannot recall ever being inspired when younger to want to grow old and grey. I mentioned watching Logan’s Run as a youngster and that was reprocessing humans who reached a particular age and likewise I remember seeing Highlander with quotes such-as “better to burn out than fade away” have my opinions changed in the intervening years-well in fact I think like many a person you have a tendency to get locked into a particular set or sequence of patterns perhaps during younger life and it can be problematic in not experiencing harsher realities when compared with external peoples and persons and so on. I for instance live in a Country that does not accept Euthanasia such-as that of Logan’s Run though likewise have never felt strongly against it as many peoples seemingly do. My guess is perhaps that having been told to by myself a walking stick at 17 and then societal like “that’s your group over there” is somewhat less than inspiring. I mention that because I see Prince Harry is considering his INVICTUS games a success for those injured military personal taking part (and I in part agree) though likewise being LESS THAN whether Body and Soul or Spirit is always going to be sabotaged or played upon by externals if you allow such things or likewise find rejection at whatever level or stage of your life you are at. How much we do for ourselves versus how much others can do for us one of those issues that will forever seemingly keep coming back. So we have to find motivation and genuine interests and likewise seek to find positive likeminded and upbeat groupings rather than those who drag all about them down with IDEAS that they believe in that others have not bought into or been sold in any positive fashion or manner.

Decisions Decisions Oh Pay Me was some kind of game that I recall from childhood though likewise I do feel that constantly being placed in a position of defending against nonsenses requires higher levels of motivation than any given group I have encountered has so far been able to provide. Why do I lack spirit-perhaps I lost spirit at such a juvenile age that uphill nonsense when you are already incapacitated in multiple ways is just urrrghh.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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