So Top Of The Agenda For Many People

So top of the agenda for many people and persons this past week has perhaps been the EFT Tapping Summit that is held annually and of course I am personally well used to the EFT Tapping styled Modalities having Begun in many ways via the tapping type modularity’s. Of course some folks have progressed and developed such business’ and expertise within that sector and I can state that in terms of earlier on breaking through mental walls and long held belief barriers-cutting through a lot of that mental flotsam and jetsam that such techniques can work-however many of course are producing high-end materials and selling people and persons on-line courses and all the rest-when what many a person simply requires are a couple of the so-called cheaper beginner type books-many are of course intertwined and inter-related and some come seemingly with less strings and buy-ins than others.

I could commentate though in honesty feel that whilst I enjoy and have used the tapping that in many ways it becomes less of a requirement as differing people progress-you can of course go to someone such-as Erika on my website and she has relatively good courses for people at multiple levels of experience and is someone who has developed her own system at I believe she has also developed other female audience styled websites and of course has a history within the so-called dating game via her long established links with the PUA community.

I have repeated previously as to how as an older guy out of any long term relationships-I thought that getting together with likeminded peoples and persons and sharing experiences and so on was a bit of fun, though reaction to such things was perhaps given a somewhat SEEDY image, again all things whether it’s about dating and relationships or man versus woman are within the eye of the beholder, so whilst some audiences react badly to some teachings many of the IDEAS and so on are quite simply attitude and behavioural development and people and persons of both sexes can find wisdom from some of the outlets and resources-irrespective of long-held or ingrained beliefs as to cause and effect. Likewise from the PERSPECTIVE of the present course that I am taking part in “Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now” such groups & personalities are worth exploring simply from a RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE if nothing else. I believe they have annual events in places such-as Las Vegas and that perhaps adds to the Mafia & seedy sexuality image that many a person laps up in book and film whilst living a proper and prim life day-to-day existence. IT IS ALL PSYCHOLOGY.

So again what else-well I grew tired and weary of trying to PLEASE other people or indeed get dragged into other folks psychological issues, hence my setting up a blog and just writing and likewise when others progressed, levels of nonsense went down and I was able to state that things had drastically improved for many people who (perhaps similar to myself) had spent a lifetime SEEKING answers to higher types of spiritual questions and so on. So it might be said that earlier on much of the writing was quite harsh as to thoughts and feelings and reactions that were being experienced though likewise we each or all of us have a CHOICE or OPTION as to RESPONSE and indeed our ABILITY to respond given present knowledge to what was known previously.

So I of course spent a year or two interacting on the Holosync blog and likewise then progressed to my own blog where I have sort to benefit others from a more NEUTRAL place on the hill-whereby I do repeat quite often that this blog is for those peoples and persons who have chosen to follow or purchase some of those product recommendations.

So we can say that the World is revolving and everyone wants a bit more cash in the pocket and likewise not to be smeared so to speak with false labels as to the awareness and knowledge that meditation seemingly brings us too.

I of course said pick a sport any sport and then relate all and any information you regard as a CLUE to the sport you are following. In terms of COINSIDES each and every coin has two faces and a positive clue for 1 sport might be a negative CLUE for another sport. How does that work-well I have repeated such things quite regularly.

A typical instance was that I was walking down the Street earlier this year and heard a guy say “CHELSEA for the cup” and I though hell yeah, I’ll pass the tip on to a Chelsea fan mate of mine. He places some money the following week on his Team for the FA CUP and KABOOM-THEY go out of the FA CUP. So “FOR THE CUP” is somewhat useless as a TIP and I was then BERATED for being a rubbish tipster-it was not necessarily RUBBISH though clearly no date was given no time was given no year so how can any of us ISOLATE any given “CLUE” to a particular “THREAD OF INQUIRY”, that again of course related to “POTENTIALLY to experience and personal development or “HAVING A VESTED INTEREST IN THE OUTCOME”.

So one tip that I thought might cut through such issues was start out on sports that you have not got an interest in. Predict an OUTCOME and then see if that MATCHES the ACTUAL RESULT without placing any money. So you make it a game, favourites are favourites for a reason though likewise some UPSETS do happen.

This weekend is massive for quite a few fans here in Hereford and the Wider United Kingdom and likewise sporting choices are typically at odds with one another-so building a collective of likeminded souls may also be a way forward-we have typical Premier League Football this weekend as well as a cup fixture on Sunday and likewise the Rugby 6 Nations-my clue suggests ENGLAND though given previous experience (the Irish beat us last time) and indeed I am English (inherent bias likely).

So is there any way to become truly NEUTRAL and that is perhaps so Teach and SELL your teachings as to why you are falling into the various pitfalls and traps. How can I become upwardly mobile in trusting incoming information and feedback given my own “potentially” troublesome BIAS.

Likewise that is one game from the Rugby and Wales I think are also playing-my daughter of course Welsh as were some older relatives when they were alive and I have enlightened people to my having been something of a British Mongrel when I look at the respective ANCESTRY.

So one of the reasons I took this course was to improve my basic statement type setting of intention and command and control of thought type usage-again much junk TV and MEDIA harnessed during youth potentially acts as a SABOTEUR NOW hence my meditating so much for a couple of years and likewise charging through so many differing DEVELOPMENTAL type courses.

Anyway I have some private notes to write up so will leave this public one here though may write further later on-should any further thoughts occur as to how can I improve upon systems that have been demonstrably not working for myself up until this point in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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