So I Can Demonstrate Having Become A Regular Writer

So I can of course demonstrate through or via this blog having become something of a regular writer for some extended period of time and the question perhaps now that I have to ask myself is what area of Life The Universe and Everything could I sink my teeth into with any kind of passion as a longer term project. These commentary type blogs can perhaps give pointers and indicators to greater realities though my own experience suggests that you really do have to make a strong commitment to any investment in time and energy that you are going to dedicate to a more secular project development.

Likewise as I wrote recently I perhaps had that momentary type blip of waiting for contact from other group members and whilst some contact has been established you do of course all come from differing backgrounds and life experiences and any number of questions as to what it is appropriate to discuss and-or of course otherwise. I having studied vast quantities of “How to…” styled books and tend to have quite a broad threshold for many a subject matter or areas and topics that anyone can perhaps think to write about though likewise we will all perhaps have differing views as to what it is that any of us wishes to impart to our respective audiences.

I have very much perhaps opted for surface value like commentary style within these blog articles though really do think that any project I settle upon will require greater depth or perhaps a passion or motivation that can carry myself through those moments where I feel I am having a block or perhaps struggling to adopt to a given style of a selected theme or area of interest.

So many of the technologies that I have recommended have of course been demonstrably about perhaps greater or improved attuning and likewise very much about how to achieve success or popularity and that perhaps a dilemma for myself as I actually have a strong liking for greater anonymity given some of the undesirable events and so on that have occurred through or during my life up until this point in time.

So am I once again coming up with reasons and excuses for delay in a somewhat haphazard fashion or simply being pragmatic as to being of a given age where I can categorically state in many a topic of debate “been there, liked it loved it, worn the T-shirt” great of course if such statements are about uplifting and rewarding subjects and topics though not so great if they are about other areas and topics that simply remind yourself of lost opportunity or undesirable events and so on.

So Dave requires a project and is now fretting and worrying as to where he can turn his attention to that might have a genuine purchase value to a given audience-yes the World has a very large 7 Billion population and a large percentage perhaps can read and write though as suggested above I was wondering if such dilemma falls within the realm of COMPARISON or whether it really is that I would like to be a successfully published author with proclaimed works on bookstore shelves whilst at the same time having anonymity. We can of course look at book shop business and statistics and many first time Authors and so on actually without support of publishers can find it very difficult starting out to simply gain any kind of accreditation and so on-by that I mean support and backing to actually be included within promotions and advertising and of course the willingness of authors to take part in such events also very often goes hand-in-hand with such expectations.

So I signed up and have multiple decisions as to topic and subject matter and layout and story arc though likewise have not yet chosen an area of interest that I myself would really want to read and write about-I think that is OFTEN one of those great tests that is said many authors carry out in a self-inquiring fashion. As to the truth of course one can debate such things until the cows come home-many very simple writing formulas for books and so on exist and I am sure many writers and authors live very comfortably following such systems. This once again perhaps that STARS IN YOUR OWN EYES issue of perfectionism, all or nothing, that often ends in lost opportunity. I think that Lady in the news at present-the Author of “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is an example whereby they are intending to release her earlier work now-that somewhat famed Novel named above created after she was told to put the earlier work aside as not being good enough and so on. That can of course be sensible or otherwise depending on your own confidence and belief in yourself and abilities and skills though mine is perhaps a situation where I really would struggle to take any further setbacks and so on after any investment of time and energy in a particular project. We often hear and are told that we should seek to take the positive seed or equivalent out of any scene and scenario irrespective of a situation being good or bad-adapting to feedback accordingly. Though likewise it can be demonstrated that people with other interests and desires and passions and intention are unlikely to ever reward someone who is “potentially” working with other dimensional models and realms and approaches to the way they go about particular IDEAS & ACTIVITIES.

With or without the recommended technologies many a training system of any kind includes reframing and looking at events from alternate angles and perspectives-however given how intransigent many of us become at quite young ages to some ways and so on of seeing the World or indeed abiding by pre-existing or pre-established systems (whether regarded as working appropriately or otherwise) the ability of anyone to change the mental model that they are working from perhaps really does require following in the footsteps or taking advice from those successful in the area that you actually want to be successful in. The criteria or measures and scales of such criteria can then also fall into question.

So I think though am not fully sure that both the persons I have been grouped with are actually successful people and that of course could hopefully rub off and or indeed propel myself forward in some fashion though clearly the success may not be related to being able to “write well, write fast, write now” hence they themselves also taking the aforementioned course.

So the greatest pressure then; that which we perhaps place upon ourselves-though likewise I really am stretching the so-called mental boundaries as to what would I want to read or indeed what niche can I create or develop that has not yet been thought of previously and that I can invest or find some passion in the time and investment being placed within such a project.

I will leave this one here I think and once again sleep on it in the hope that I can wake up with a new original ah-ha like idea that can be perhaps sustained for far longer than it takes to whip up these more occasional blog articles.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

“And The Winner Is” A Hushed Silence grips The Audience

So of course we who watch presentation awards often have or witness that LULL prior to a name being announced for some particular trophy or award though WHAT-IF you were to write a comedy Film entitled “A Hushed Silence Grips The Audience”. Such things have over the years of course been ATTEMPTED within various realms whether sporting or indeed film & TV whereby someone has a name “COMPLETION” to an INTRODUCTORY sentence or however such things occur and likewise attempts to circumnavigate that FAUX PAS are greeted with varying degree’s of success.

The most obvious for Europeans over the years have of course been the Eurovision Song Contest-where every nation seemingly has some STRANGE & EXOTIC sounding name to the other NATIONS and likewise we see similar issues occurring within International Sports such-as the Olympics and many who have presented such things for TV & Cinema within their respective Autobiographical accounts have often used such anecdotes as to why they carry out much preceding “RESEARCH” having stumbled and stuttered at some lower level at the beginning of a career in TV & Journalism and so on. Even then with some events we can “SWITCH” channels to a live event and hear a differingly researched PRONUNCIATION and likewise likely when we see the Graphical Symbols pop-up on screen come up with our very own version.

So who is CORRECT?

Well clearly any individual can know how they themselves desire to be referenced in accordance with pronunciation of a given name and likewise some folks often change names when orking and living abroad-simply because such things are easier than having all about yourself struggle with some unpronounceable dialect from some middle-of-know where ISLAND. Is that true? Well I of course work for an employer who has such individuals who simply “TAKE-ON” some English name for simplicity and I think the same happens with corner shops and Chinese and Foreign food outlets where some “NICKNAME” becomes the option of choice rather than have 100’s & 1000’s of people struggle.

So again this perhaps not something I personally experience because I do have a “given name” that is INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED in most parts of the World-though the laws of “cause & effect” do suggest that no matter how much you take your own versioning of reality for granted-someone somewhere can demonstrate that you are in fact an EGO in your own mind when it comes to even the most simplest of language issues.

We in the UK also of course have long History of tongue in cheek humour when it comes to international names and I am sure that some other Nationalities also have some tongue in cheek attitudes to how our wordings and PRONUNCIATIONS sound within their own languages.

That perhaps takes myself back to something I have not spoken on for some time-RHYMES. We can of course when in crowds become confused as to what we are hearing and a given SEQUENCE OF NOISE can throw up within the hemispheres between our ears any number of wordings as to what is being heard-likewise many of us walk around with headphones or work with some ear protection covering that again can introduce VARIANCE into the mix of how our brain PROCESSES incoming SENSORY information.

Can a SOLUTION be provided? Well clearly we can seek any number of ways to change what is occurring-so Meditation for instance seemingly helps in slowing down or equalising hemispheric syncopation within the brain-enabling us to not get drawn into external SYNCOPATION that may or may not be good or healthy for ourselves. A great deal of research has occurred in relation to IDEAS such-as syncopation and pattern matching and cycles in sound in general over the years and having now meditated for several years I would recommend anyone who struggles with SEPARATING out the HARMONY from the DRUM from the Lead Guitar from the Baseline from the Brass section and from the Strings section and from the percussion section and so on to not become overly concerned as they all do seemingly become easier once you have begun adapting to your NEW WORLD experience and the change the Technologies provide. Likewise some folks will always charge in where everyone else FEARS TO TREAD and trample all over the best laid plans of Mice and Men and the SYSTEMS that have been coordinated and put in place for reasons of “SAFETY” or simplicity.

I remember when I used to get DIY packages to build wardrobes and so on and then leave instructions in the box and wonder why I am struggling with construction eventually returning to retrieve instruction and complete in rapid time(These days instructions really are useless anyway for many devices-they often including one line instruction to visit website in 400 page leaflets & languages). Likewise anyone who has saved up for some Device or Gadget over a longer period of time knows perhaps that feeling of “I’VE FINALLY GOT IT” for some much sought after machine of some description.

The best analogy is perhaps that one of a “CAR ENTHUSIAST” with the “LETS SEE WHAT THIS BABY CAN DO!” type attitude to putting new gadget or device or system through its paces-very often against the desires and wishes of those who wrote the instructions or indeed FUNDED such ventures. Clearly when we look to Cinema that might be the same as James Bond being told to go carefully with the new wristwatch or car or other gadget he has just been handed by Q.

So clearly it might be suggested that the characters surviving by the skin of the teeth such-as Bond are employed for possibly being “LUCKY” above and beyond any genuine appeal or ability. That might be akin to Stephen Hawking writing “A brief history of time” and then surviving his health condition for x many years whilst most of the Worldwide Audience has not a clue as to what he is being GENUINELY credited WITH. That perhaps sounds harsh to some though I having funded his life through reading some of his books and so on would have liked to get to a stage where I can say “OH YEAH” or whatever-so clearly much THEORECTICAL SPECULATION into THEORETICAL SPECULATION is a well-crafted and maintained industry within the HALLS OF SCIENCE and REALMS of HIGHER EDUCATION.

Ours Is Not To Reason Why-perhaps another well maintained quotage that can be demonstrably flawed in many ways when anyone takes the time to simply stop and listen and dissect what many “EXPERTS” whether via a Religious Superscience or otherwise are claiming about the World in which any of us live.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So This Week I Have Watched & Listened

So this week I have watched and listened to “EXPERTS” as they have given various Analysis as to what they believe happens “NEXT” within particular realms that they themselves monitor-this a typical morning news viewing that Dave often see’s for a short period of time each morning before heading to bed and very often they are carried out in the “CONTEXT” of newspaper like reviews with a daily look at very often how International affairs and politics is going to affect the Markets within any Global Regional Economy. The only real debate I have as to the reality that these experts claim is often that they usually appear quite educated peoples and persons and appear to be speaking from qualified positions hence they being called onto the News Networks and channels to give such knowledge to a wider audience in the first place-and my own opinion is often that they are opting for the EASY & OBVIOUS over perhaps more intricate explanations.

So for instance one chap who was on toward the end of the week was I think commenting upon the Ukraine Crisis and saying that the Peace Deal being sought by France and Germany would be shown up as Western weakness by Putin and his respective Russian allies and that America would also appear weak as a result-and I could not help to think that at the end of the day-these are European Countries talking about European Affairs so in multiple ways-whilst the US might seek to advise and give support they can only ever become attacked for “INTERFERING” with Politics in a differing region or Continent of the Planet. Likewise we in Britain are perhaps also potentially adversely affected in the sense that we are often regarded as UN-European when it comes to much of the European debate-much in the way that we INVENTED or CREATED many known INTERNATIONAL SPORTS such-as football and then seemingly lost out when it came to International Sporting Bodies or Governing Body’s and so on-typical examples are well known though we can always of course ask that age old question “IS IT TRUE” and indeed does it actually matter to us personally or however. Very often when young we are encouraged to develop personalities and interests and political debating leanings and so on though overall it does seem that such ways and means as used within the Education System are working against the individuals that the systems are said to be in place for.

Those of us in the lower echelons of Society “for instance” often get to complain about being the first thrown to the dogs or wolves when it comes to WAR being able to CITE Historical Draft and Conscription examples and the so-called taking of the Kings Shilling or Crown (as in coin rather than Head or Headware). Yes I think I have only seen such things within old COMEDY type film though believe the general idea to have been REAL.

So are the experts correct or do they simply set themselves up as Company with smart suite and tie and then advertise as “expert” based in having this Diploma in Bullshit or whatever the respective QUALIFICATION GOVERNING BODY happens to be. We did of course see a few years of so-called SCANDALS within the British Media realms as to CELEBRATORIES claiming to have University Degree’s only to then later hear that they were awarded by some suspicious on-line company from within the United States where I think they still have a policy whereby just about any group (within reason) can set themselves up as EDUCATORS and then proceed to SELL or CREATE on-line content and courses that have various Certifications and so on enabling CELEBRITY to have letters after there name.

So we in Britain are quite INSULAR with regard to EXTERNAL AWARDING BODY’S of qualification and so on although at the same time we are do the so-called INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE TABLE COMPARISON and so on. Is that WISE? Well we are of course through various Government led initiatives and Global Politics part of the Wider World and many International Body’s came about through planning or the intention to safeguard FUTURE GENERATIONS. So much of the European Debate over the last Century is said to have come about through the intention to stop or PREVENT WAR or the RISE of EXTREMISM. However at present even though it is a LEFT-WING extremism we are seeing in GREECE these things might be suggested to have been cause by the very policies designed to circumnavigate the issues.

How often do we in Britain complain of “RED TAPE” simply at local Government level-so imagine how complicated “RED TAPE” or “PAPER WORK COMPLIANCE” and “JOBSWORTH” nonsense can become at Higher Degree’s of Political Bodies and tables.

Yes so anyway experts can claim to know what will happen next-though very often it seems to myself that all of us no matter how well studied become BLINDSIDED in some fashion by some unexpected developments occurring.

A typical example of such a scenario could well be what we are seeing over the last couple of days in relation to an American ISIS Hostage Death within the ARABIAN PENINSULAR. So A War plane came down later last year and the pilot was taken Hostage. More recently it has been said that he had been tortured & murdered some time around XMAS and in response his Country of ORIGIN “Jordan” I think (not to be confused with Katie Price of Big Brother winning fame), embarks on a larger bombing and targeting campaign of ISIS strongholds. So cause & effect is that POTENTIALLY an International hostage has died and is part of the so-called “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” of the CONFLICT.

Of course it can be said that any International Worker within any other region outside of the one from which they themselves Originate is potentially placing themselves in the line of fire within some areas or landscapes about the Globe-some Countries come with KNOWN RISK whilst others have or contain risk for anyone and everyone who is unused to any given Country’s custom’s and way and means of life. Typical examples are Westerners drinking banned alcohol within some Arab States or facing death sentences as Drug Mules or simply getting mugged as TOURISTS. Yes strange though true if a Tourist is mugged or murdered abroad we in this Country are often shown graphic details of the TRAGEDY and how incompetent the OTHER Country is in dealing with the case, whilst when an International person is victim to such events in this Country we tend to have little or quite vague reporting of such things. Swings and roundabouts of course and perhaps part of that “Stay at home; and be a LOCAL for LOCAL PEOPLE” indoctrination perhaps.

So overall we can I think be pleased with our respective Police Forces and Military Forces and the way they conduct themselves though likewise in the so-called “There is no such thing as bad publicity” stakes all situations and scenario’s can once again be said to lead to FINANCIAL POLITICING. We could have dealt with this issue or it can be demonstrated that were we to have had the same funding ratio as we previously had that this TRAGIC event may have been avoided or not occurred-very often the LINE of TACT taken on some issues.

The sad truth that many FRONTLINE DUTIES in many walks of life are STRANGLED by the REQUIREMENT for SIGNATURES and PAPERWORK beyond what the average person in the street could cope with. We saw with Policing that a system was developed to ENABLE better coordination of such issues though likewise the same is true for pretty much ALL AND ANY REALM where “LEGALITIES” can become introduced. So for instance it can clearly be demonstrated by many workers in many areas of life that the SIGNATURE is not worth the ink used to write it down with though the debate then becomes changed or shifted to further “WHAT-IF’S”.

Why say what if? Well we have of course recently seen I think a death of someone called GOTO an that of course to those who took up home computing in the 1980’s was a quite popular type BASIC LOOP STRING.

Anyone and everyone new a couple of lines of “BASIC” that could be entered into a Spectrum or Commodore 64 or BBC Microcomputer. 10 Print “name”; 20 Goto 10; 30 Return

Something along those lines-so that very simply algorithm is actually not all that differing to so-called data-mining algorithms used within Artificial Intelligence Systems and so on. Yes one EXPECTS to get COMPLEX & COMPLICATED for the price you pay and indeed much overblown software features huge quantities of BELLS & WHISTLES to hide that fact that the INDUSTRY has perhaps been getting away with it, for Far too long. Though we can then say well actually when you compare across other realms you can see that they are simply establishing themselves as WORTH for service and time just as other PROFESSIONS DO. None of us think LEGAL FEES are value for money though soon complain if affected adversely by not having taken Legal Advice. Likewise Private Hospital care and so on is often regarded as value for money when you have experienced regular NHS-the real debate there perhaps as to sharing of facilities.

So all these DEBATES through MEDITATIVE Technologies can be reasoned and rationalised and experienced away within your own noggin until your Threshold is raised to such a level that just about everything seems as some kind of EXISTENTIAL “DO I WANT TO CONCERN MYSELF WITH THIS” type question and likewise of course we then have those who have played around to discover the very best that can be achieved with so-called Technologies though in all honesty some are perhaps genuinely far superior than others. I perhaps STRUGGLE as to knowing the best combinations of usage-so sometimes think I am on CLOUD 9 Health wise (as an example) and then a short time after feel as though I have been hauled over the coals. This perhaps one of those issues as to personal history and whilst we can learn our own lessons within our own respective history and indeed take WISDOM advice from elders & masters within any area or aspect of life-at some point you do feel as though you yourself have to contribute in some fashion and of course that also requires FUNDING your own desired life and getting some of those rewarding and uplifting INTENTIONS operating.

So I have not publically published for much of this week though have still been writing and likewise it does seem that I may have to take more notice of the realm of celebratory whether I like such realms or otherwise-even if I myself am not acting and performing-we can all but GUARANTEE that others about us are and some things are working in coordinated benefit for everyone whilst other smaller unpublished aspects are perhaps REMEDY’S for previously created issues.

Yes this something that I through my notes have experienced at varying intervals throughout the year and of course various levels of WITNESSING whereby event repetition cycles OCCUR. So someone in an undesirable loop creates a situation whereby they themselves are require as HERO to sought out created mess.

In the TV & MEDIA realm it is equivalent to the Fireman starting a Fire or the Policeman carrying out a murder or the typical fayre OUTSIDE INVESTIGATOR DETECTIVE STORY. Yes I like and am known to have grown up watching and reading many “WHO DUNNIT” type Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes styled storylines and likewise my own leaning is toward those sorts of THEORETICAL UNRAVELLING of the FACT from the FICTION.

So we begin with a multitude of REASONS (story’s as to why we cannot do this that or the other) and ste-by-step process-by-process we come to see that in fact we can get to a POINT OF RESULTS through tirelessly making the effort to break down the components of the various aspects of any given story and reinventing or redesigning to fit a particular purpose of however. Change the tune and fix the Orchestra.

A casual observance of many FAMED Orchestral and indeed Author is that they have some unfinished or incomplete WORK that they die prior to completing-though I in many ways when you read through some of these peoples and persons HISTORY perhaps come to think of those EMPTY blank pages as the INVITATION for someone somewhere to STEP FORWARD and see if they are able to SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF TIME.

Anyway I have written a little longer than I might had I been writing each and every day publically and I can look through these writings for the days in the most simply of numbering related IDEAS and see if CLUES already PRE-EXIST as to the various stages that any of us find ourselves going through. Some days I have written strangely finely CRAFTED ARTICLES whilst others are strangely scattered to the FOUR WINDS. Was I acting on non-conscious INFLUENCE & MANIPUTATED informatics or simply suffering from HIGHS & LOWS and PEAKS & TROUGHS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So What Does David Know Of The Magna Carta

Well on a conscious basis perhaps very little-though I am quite sure that over the longer haul of my studies it is a document that has been cited over and over again-and my mentioning now is simply related to the fact that some surviving piece documents related to the Magna Carta of 1215 have apparently been brought together for the first time in however many years by some museum.

The four pieces of course remind myself of Four Powers for greatness and likewise we are presently seeing Government talk as to aspects of the Education System and how if “THEY” win forthcoming elections will “CHANGE” things about. I noted within my reading on the Education System that some International league table system known as PISA was cited and again reference was given within that toward Reading, Mathematics and Science-I also noted that the year 2020 was once again given as some “TARGET” related to Education-I of course linked 2020 to materials that I had previously read to The re-organisation and restructuring of The British Armed Forces that is taking place-so clearly we who are Witnessing can tap into these particular given years and dates as to cross-realm linkages perhaps within our own Studies. Some might say well I set myself this Goal of having achieved this Target by that particular year though clearly as has been suggested-my own progress suggests that no matter what targets anyone sets personally for themselves or indeed a group-the Horizon will always remain at the same distance from wherever and whatever POINT you believe yourself to be progressing from.

I have of course in the past suggested the closing of eyes and meditating and I have also mentioned those Astronaut like Gym Gyroscopic Exercise Machines and for the keeping things plain and simple reasoning-you can actually get to a point whereby your WORLD INSIDE and OUTSIDE is akin to being on a TREADMILL (within a GYM) treadmill meaning those walking running jogging machines, where you expend a great deal of energy whilst on the SPOT. That of course similar to the IDEA of shutting your eyes and imagining or picturing yourself within some Holo environment and then writing about the DRAMA and events that you take in about yourself whether through sight sound touch smell taste and so on. I of course have spoken in more recent times on IDEAS such-as storyboarding and those might be akin to stepping stone points along that not existent movement toward a stationary Horizon.

I have also of course spoken on the IDEA of INTEGRATION of the various sensory abilities and likewise it can seemingly be demonstrated that others elsewhere are always seemingly one-step ahead whether through INTENTION or indeed having asked the questions needed to be asked prior to my own asking of those same questions.

So some Companies provide models that enable or make it easier for people to SWITCH between particular MODELS that we can hold within our heads and many of us especially with Meditation perhaps sought to CLEAR-OUT much pre-existing accumulated patterns-though likewise at some point you come to the realisation that you will or are going to see the same cycles and patterns over and again so you may as well seek to find the BEST ESTALISHED PRACTICE or LEARNINGS from those events. We can live in RESISTANCE to such things or indeed NAVIGATE ourselves a path and course of least resistance towards goals and aims and strategies and all the rest of it.

It does very often seem like you should INTERVENE when you witness other peoples and persons falling into particular patterns and cycles that you know (for instance) are detrimental-however having sought to have done that previously and having been excessively targeted for burning one tends to become RELUCTANT to intervene and likewise if such ACTIVITES are continuously HIGH-LIGHTED then one has to perhaps seek out HIGHER AUTHORITIES and that of course brings us back to the Magna Carta-the document famously stating something akin to know one being above the law and including the King of that time period and future King-ships within the document. Many International Governments used or created SIMILARLY styled documents at various points within their own Histories once that IDEA was established within the Hearts, minds and bodies of the various populaces. Prior to that we can pretty much state that being KING was linked to that of being DEITY or GOD and so on-a typical example perhaps being the Japanese Model prior to the end of World War II. The “GOD” or “KING” or “DEITY” gives orders and then everyone kills themselves as part of their duty or however one is to describe that IDEA & MODEL-perhaps similar to those societal wide like issues that occurred throughout Britain during World War I; whereby huge amounts of PEER PRESSURE and PSYCHOLOGY was used or occurred throughout Society that suggested it was better to be in ALIGNMENT with that declaration of allegiance and pledging of Loyalties and so on than not. However in the SCALABLE or FACTORIZATION models created within more modern times we can demonstrate that no matter how BIG some SELF-APPOINTED King or God or Deity believe themselves to be that someone somewhere else can pull the rug from beneath the often over large and un challenged EGO. I can state that I have EXPERIENCED such events over and over again and that is perhaps how we as individuals can develop WISDOM though likewise as was suggested in another recent ARTICLE some folks go unchallenged for far longer (perhaps) until they have far greater falls from race and so on.

What else is being high-lighted well I noted something about the American Superbowl and have of course mentioned quite enjoying watching that years ago though the games do drag on somewhat-I recently found myself hearing that we have attention spans shorter than Goldfish our 8 seconds or milli-seconds to their 9 seconds or milli-seconds and that of course fits in with why using meditiation and slowing your World down can be of great benefit-I have found or used many courses that demonstrate ACCELERAMENTS and accelerated learning and they are great though likewise in many respects it can be akin to so-called MATRIX TIME-many of us have perhaps seen those visual illusions and slow-mo-s of Hero’s and Superhero’s moving faster than oncoming bullets and shrapnel and however one is to describe such things.

So one can of course wonder as to whether accelerating time is and external or internal function and ability though these things again are perhaps related to how far any given individual has advanced with such varied and assorted processes.

Elsewhere I noted that the Police were being complained about in higher percentages-though the drama many of these things create is of course STATISTICS. Does a 15% rise in complaints compare well with a 20% increase in population or 30% increase in costs-yes I made those latter two up though STATISTICS are simply HIGH-LIGHTED reports from perhaps deeper or larger datasets and can be demonstrated to work in MULTIPLE ways. We see this in POLITICS a great deal of course though getting to a point where you are not getting sucked into every “THIS MUST BE TRUE” because so and so says it is.

So given any body of knowledge and some level or greater degree of awareness can always be debated though it can be wiser to often step back and not get drawn into repetitions that someone somewhere thinks is ORIGINAL when those more advanced or experienced know full well that many a behaviour and action or event can often be demonstrated to be boring and tiresome to those who keep diaries and journals and blogs and are more greatly attuned to Witnessing and translating information’s across differing fields of inquiry and realms and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Now How Can I Best Answer

So as I suggested in an earlier write-up I listened in attentively to the 1st FREE SESSION of Write Well, Write fast, Write Now and then of course mulled and played around with some of the ideas presented-do I really want to purchase all the Sam Horn Books when I have read a multitude of “how to…” styled craft books on the subject of reading and writing and my answer ‘given that I was impressed with the way she communicated her teachings’ was “YES” I will very likely make some of those purchases-simply to carry out that “walking in someone else’s shoes” process. Again many of these things are of course psychology related though Teachers from within the realm of the Transformational Leadership Council do generally command large paying fees for the services and knowledge that they disseminate among their respective followers.

Further to that-I was sent on on-line version of the W5 Questionnaire form accompanying the course for those interested in becoming involved within new mastermind groupings for the respective area that they are setting a creative intention for. I of course have written this blog regularly for a couple of years and so days have gaps whilst others have multiple publishing’s. All meanings again given by the reader-though in this particular case the gap of the last two or three days might simply reflect my opening up that form and STARING AT IT and STARING AT IT over and over again asking myself how can I best answer these questions. You might say that on the evening of the session I wrote notes throughout and indeed proffered answers as to the questions-though perfectionist critic perhaps popped up and said-you can write better answers than that and presto I once again found myself oh can I-what would be the best answers that I can write to these questions within my current level of awareness and knowledge and teachings and so on.

So I have mulled and mulled over the questions solidly for several days “FROZEN” almost, perhaps by this issue of setting DEADLINES and also other METAPHORICAL / ALLEGORICAL events that have occurred during this past week, and a few years ago I might have even felt sickly or fearful-though I then recalled that in fact I have actually carried out and worked through many of the questions and so on via these regular blog writings and any DIRECTED teachings to any given area held within the questionnaire would perhaps occur almost naturally without over analysis and seeking to over intellectualise these things.

So today I eventually after a seemingly long nap opened up the associated email from Learning Strategies and selected the questionnaire link and then proceeded to answer the questions in as best a manner as I felt could be established at the present time-current level of awareness and cycles and patterns of time notwithstanding. So what next?

Well I did of course also receive a link to a Facebook group for the course and indeed some contact details for other members of the group that I was being placed within. Again such things can take you into the realm of “SHOCK HORROR”. In the case of Facebook-the issue is one of previous History. Do I want to return to a Format that was used by people to maintain negatively inspired campaigns against myself, keeping myself very much in NEGATIVE VICTIM thoughts and feelings when much of these teachings are about transitioning FOCUS and so on to POSITIVE & REWARDING thoughts and feelings and so on.

I think it was in the “Happy For No Reason” course that a great deal of emphasis was placed on CONTRACTION versus EXPANSION and I early on within my studies and learnings (on return to HEREFORD) was very much about EXPANSIVE thoughts feelings and attitudes and teachings-though as is well documented particular environments and peoples and persons there within-are all about maintaining and keeping people in CONTRACTED thoughts & feelings and that PSYCHOLOGICAL PATTERN is one that for the benefit of ALL people within such realms requires shifting focus from. An interesting DILEMMA perhaps-given how repetitions occur over and over again-many choosing to learn and gearing the overall strategy and approach more thoughtfully whilst others come along who simply fall straight into some of the easiest HAZARDS & TRAPS that can be fallen into.

So I should be able to think WOW how cool is that a FACEBOOK GROUP FULL OF LIKEMINDED INDIVIDUALS YEAH. Though instead feel that FACEBOOK is a FAIL for this person and not somewhere I am likely to return. So irrespective of that I do of course have a MASTERMIND group of people’s who I will undoubtedly be hearing from at some point-how long do I politely wait prior to taking the initiative and contacting them myself-do I wait for a nod or some external sign and symbol suggesting they are “SAFE” contacts or do I waltz in and immediately open up another can of worms.

Yes of course within the thoughts and feelings as to what can run through any given person’s heart and mind and so on we are once again in the realm of DILEMMA the proactive approach that I in many ways instigated for many peoples can be said to have “WORKED” however as is often the case-you then get 2nd and 3rd and 4th generation individuals come along who as is suggested above once again cause havoc and chaos to all about themselves through lack of awareness and knowledge and so on. It can of course also be STATED that I myself am a 2nd or 3rd or 4th or even 5th or more later Generation WAVE individual to many of these things to earlier adopters of the Technologies.

So all things considered nothing to worry about then-he says-YES I could have been paired or grouped up with some highly skilled and capable individuals who can give myself many an alternate angle and view of my writings from having been far longer involved within the assorted networks or likewise could find myself strangely feeling at odds with companions-though having said that the CRITERIA by which we are to arrange things is quite STRICT in the sense of ALLOWING or ENABLING the respective party within a GROUP to develop confidence in what they themselves are speaking upon. So whilst we can “walk in the footsteps” we do not have to necessarily feel obliged to copy or take the exact same route or fashion that someone else provides-a loose framework perhaps rather than a straightjacket-harry Houdini immediately springing to mind at this point-he of course famously escaping padlocked straightjackets whilst submerged in underwater floating tanks and all sorts of feats of illusion and daring.

So plenty to wonder upon-I have not been appointed Host for the first contact-so will perhaps wait for the designated leader to contact myself first as a courtesy measure-though likewise we all have differing International Timezones, LOL, that could make things even more interesting. I of course live Greenwhich Meantime (GMT) usually referred to as “LONDON” time. However further to that I do within my top secret life work NIGHTS as an Industrial Cleaner and that is perhaps more akin to a USA or SOVIET DAYTIME (Northern Hemisphere) were I to parallel (Southern Hemisphere) things could become even more interesting again.

I shall wait patiently and if you as a member of the appointed Mastermind Group have adopted an International Espionage Approach to seeking myself out-do not be overly concerned as to the meanderings and so on within these blog articles-I write many private notes also and those perhaps far more interesting to some than others though likewise I have a specific project that the group is to be used for so other writings such-as this blog are perhaps not so interesting or important within the greater scheme of things.

What else can I comment on-well in keeling things simply I shall leave this one here and perhaps write another article of some commentary style on the greater or Wider World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉