What The Hell Is Multi-Potentialities

Yes I of course see something and then question as to discrepancies within my own awareness or knowledge base and likewise the appropriate use of language one is supposed to use. I say that of course because I suggested that particular IDEAS were invalidated by particular research and then thought well actually they would say DISCREDITED and again that takes us back into the realm of playing with semantics and very often ever decreasing circles of going round and round within some or certain kinds of debating topics. Typically however we do have (if progress is desired) seek to potentially identify where a particular cause and affect originated. Likewise it can of course be demonstrated that in claiming it was in some long distant childhood we are giving ourselves a certain level of leverage as to a way out-cannot recall the details or however. Though given the working live philosophy and indeed how many have spent a great deal of time within some Environments you do have to take into consideration Environmental Contagion otherwise often called or what I speculated as potentially being a bad-dose. So someone in constant and great resistance to the course and direction of their life or Mental World within their own head or mind sucks all about them into particular patterns that might also be detrimental to others. Likewise that is not an attack on anyone so much as a partial explanation.

Another part of the exploration into explanations is that you could well have been of course TRIGGERED or sucked in on a particular day. So I figured hmmm how likely is that to be true? Given the mathematical models and so on it is perhaps in many ways one of the easiest clue trails to follow.

The reason I say that of course is that for any given day of the week we can often simply go to wiki and look at events that occurred on this day in history. We can of course not only do that for the day of the week but also the month and so on-so plenty of potential easily available resources and methods that folks can come up with for drawing straight lines through time or indeed calculating mathematical circles-I actually think that the 12-month calendar and so on is actually geared for creating differing mathematical like patterns-all numbering systems of cause can be demonstrated to reduce to a number between 0 and 9. And likewise have built in building block functions and facilities as to creating a Square, A Circle, A Triangle and in the realm of art and drawing we see that given as a typical starting place for understanding how to build your art up from the most basic of patterns the idea that you are not creating something that already exists so much as giving a form or shape or representation to something. Much like drawing an outline about your fingers on a piece of paper or Forensics getting the white sticky tape out and outlining the position of the body.

So what else Well clearly a letting go fest is taking place and I personally flt that I did not really benefit very much early on with that modality though did eventually with meditation find that the remedy can help a great deal in many ways though likewise I did COMBINATION work using some EFT like tapping at the same time-again these things perhaps all about belief though it does get demonstrated over and again that the more senses are involved within a GIVEN experience the more likely the experience will have some facility of recall and so on. Not that you want that for each and every memory though clearly you want to get to a stage or phase of feeling that you are not somehow in resistance to the messages and communications that are running throughout your body.

Those of us who experienced severe Trauma perhaps more closed down than others-though likewise we can all perhaps identify peoples and persons who cry wolf who it can be demonstrated do not have a leg to stand on when appropriate cause and effect remedies and techniques are applied. One of the strange problems can of course be that some people regard it as part and parcel of the job to Cry Wolf-though again that is potentially a more Heavy handed Wording or PHRASE than saying someone is employed to HIGH-LIGHT or encourage further improvement within day-to-day working life.

So elsewhere I noted a missing child report and thought the related medical health issue was quite interesting in that he (missing though now recovered child) suffers from some rare condition that creates accelerated growth and so on. Of course that perhaps related to the simple fact of what I spoke on recently as the body having natural rhythm and so on and any number of actions and inheritance of what is the parent can be handed down.

I am actually consciously unware of the ins-and-outs of DNA memory and inheritance though clearly we often through medical Science demonstrate that a particular child has more inheritance from a mother or father or some such. Again I throw hands up in the air as to what is genuinely true on many of these subject matter because my meditative practice perhaps has taken myself above the landscape in multiple ways as to wondering what is genuine Science, and what is merely added or bolted on in some fashion.

So the World within your own mind or head model seemingly becomes over more apparent as you progress and you then find yourself wondering as to again beliefs such-as Ask Believe Receive. Is it possible for any person to raise Threshold above and beyond being constantly on the receiving end of all that is speculated to be bad in the Word or likewise all that is good if you high-light that even the most basic of IDEAS such as food additives can be harmful or otherwise depending upon the so-called mix and balance that has been brought about.

So we can all become massively ill by over indulging in salt and pepper or vinegar even though that perhaps were Spring Forest Qigong can come to the rescue. I read a report of WHERE differing kinds of imbalances and Toxicities can occur within the human physiology and it is clear to myself in many ways that the Qigong in some of the Body Part like tapping and movement actually does address some of those CARDIOVASCULAR like issues.

So some might regard that the same as getting an adrenaline rush from particular sporting activities and in some ways I would definitely agree-though likewise we have to remind ourselves that steady practice and PATIENCE with given remedy or slowing down and breaking old HABITUAL like trance states dotted about our personage and so on can be just as important. Getting some FLOW through the various frequencies and areas and regions of our bodies perhaps becomes more important as we age though it is never too late to try a differing angle or approach. We must remember that many a presumed perfectly fit person who exercises regularly and takes vitamins is reported to die just as much as those who do not. That is not a justification for not exercising so much as understanding that if we can have WEIGHTS, Cardiovascular, Swimming within a given Gym facility we can surely have differing LEVELS within SPIRITUAL practice and the level of progression any given person has sought to develop within themselves. So yes if we can have build-up of particular physiological issues within given areas of the body then we can surely have the reversal of remedies for such things-whether we are operating in the physical tapping like realms or indeed combining such activities to maintain a steady-state balance between the doctrines of each and every realm we are personally aware or have knowledge and practice of.

So those courses do typically have multiple levels built into them though I was thinking more in terms of pragmatic best practice in an integrative and harmonised fashion and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Did You Arrive In This World As A Nude Heir

Again a strange question to perhaps be asking though clearly many model encourages of course-the exploration into the shapes and forms and respective courses that life has taken and why it might be concluded that many a person has or is presumed to have gotten priorities the wrong way. Some say that given the all life is suffering model that we of course can go through some sequence of “is it true” and likewise ask as to whether a set intention given within some course or stage of life is going to have much effect if your suffering originated at some earlier point. It can of course be suggested that I bring the topic of baby’s up because we are seeing news today of Baby Name gambling for the new arrival at the palace and typically this David perhaps suggested a female previously only for a male to arrive and on this occasion David has not even gone close to speculation as to what the baby may or may not be. Large amounts of money being placed upon the name Alice though that perhaps someone deliberately giving money away or throwing some back into the system knowing suh things get reported again. Smokes and Mirrors and Illusions and you cannot of course ever truly know what is going on in the Hearts and minds of other peoples and persons-beyond of course seeking to interpret via what they are speaking upon as to subject matters and-or indeed the sensory dominance within the communiques and so on.

So I typically of course when given a mastermind group to discuss projects with was not really speculative as to how high or advanced any given peoples and persons are within the realm that they have created for themselves-such things perhaps part of that Global Image Branding and very often Superficiality though again given the general model of existence that many of us find ourselves living within you do have to wonder as to how this came to be. Clearly I can state that I have read and followed a blog site that was proffered by another group member and can find little to argue about within that persons working life-or indeed area of expertise. Likewise in following other proffered links you get to have those OMG like moments of looking at some long list of CV type information and networking profiles and so on-that perhaps a demonstration of something I was reminded of many years ago whilst working within the NHS many a person LOVES having letters and initials and “WORDY” like IMPORTANT expressions and details associated with the name and likewise few of us escape such practice-though of course all bodies whether an awarding School or University or however was at some point CREATED or INVENTED and had to of course work to gain respect and establish good working rules and practice and so on-I think I spoke previously on how we all too often want to take the World about us at face value in honest and sensible fashion though likewise can very often not be responsible for what others about us are saying and doing.

So What caused the title-well it was in fact David Cameron telling the nation we have a Stark choice-and starkers perhaps again another slang like word for nudity and so on. Likewise Marvel Comic Movie fans will likely also suggest Stark Industries and Iron Man type sub-contexts-vote for me I am the Iron Man who is the natural heir and successor to Fuhrer Thatcher (nicknamed The Iron Lady) and so on. Likewise I think I saw a speech from Ed Miliband and that was very much typical of Labour seeking to address the Business and Europe issues-Business not said to be a natural ally with those rascally reds under the beds and so on.

So dissolution of Parliament and we are each and every one of us of course when operating from the Thought in a body kind of model our own Trumpet Blowers and be like me I will save you-do not listen to those people who want to destabilise the Country and return us to the dark ages and so on.

So we can of course all be our own vocal champions and likewise where possible work in alignment and accord with likeminded individuals. I think it interesting in some ways that I do have to wonder as to the true intention of people and persons who are taking this Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Course-it perhaps had not occurred to myself that whilst I was coming into the course with an attitude of I really would like to write a book of some description from the premise of a beginner-that many others of course have built empires and have back catalogues of many volumes of papers and documents and so on that they have collated and are simply seeking to bring into some kind of Biographical like form perhaps. Such things are perhaps about EDITORS more than anything else. I think it interesting that in having read a multitude of Biography like works over the years that again no one standard system or procedure exists. Typically you get the Working Life Biography that is generally all about the ins-and-outs of Mandarin Life within said Realm. You then get the DUET like Biography of how this person was combining Mandarin life with these personal life troubles and tribulations and so on. You also of course then get the EXTERNAL Biographer those who do not write for themselves though have Ghost Writer like INTERVIEWS whereby interviewer takes notes and then writes up the story into some perceived improved articulation. You then of course can go into the realm of SMALL TALK and GOSSIP Unauthorised Biography-what those around such individual were thinking and feeling and very often how they themselves believed the STAR Character to have been like.

So we can all of us open up these word like packages and indeed find TEMPLATES for this realm and that realm and indeed create our own respective template if the one proffered is not to a given CRITERIA. Likewise deciding on what should be included and excluded is again issue for debate. How can I implify these 3 thousand pages of documents and writings into a 200-Hundred or 300-Hundred page work.

So some interesting debates to be had whether you are writing Biography or indeed FANTASY SCI-FI as much of what I like is about. The many books and writing course like materials that I have reacquainted myelf with over the last year or two suggest that a similar sequence or patterning can be found within many a famed “classic”. Strangely enough I did see several years ago now a SPACIAL MAPPING of the parts of the brain said to be triggered or utilised by particular authors works. I think typically I saw graphs for Authors such-as Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton and so on. Interestingly I have actually found that the SPACIAL MAPPING can of course be altered or opened up when you do particular courses or indeed follow particular learned professionals and Masters and so on. I also as suggested found some rather interesting alterations occurring on reading particular books though clearly all choice as to what we read and so on is our own it is exceptionally interesting area of debate as to cause and effect. Did reading this particular work open up this long lost area of thought within my cerebrum-did this particular activity switch on or switch of my ability to communicate in terms of thoughts of touch, taste, smell, hearing and so on. Clearly we all perhaps want to be the best that we can be in sensible fashion and some folks often still maintain IDEAS that some TOPICS are not for discussion though I think anyone within the writings or creative art realms has to broach some of those topics whether you want to or otherwise. We often find that it can be those unabridged areas that are the ones that can give ourselves the greatest SHIFTS in awareness and so on. That typically why I have said particular models when having the light of inquiry and so on shined upon them are completely invalidated.

So whilst in town recently I found myself reading some stone like door plates with etchings and so on upon them-very often with those “Thought For A Day” superlatives and wisdoms and so on. One that seemed to register within my conscious window whilst looking at a rather large collection of these inscribed stones was “Shoot For The Moon, Even If you miss you’ll land amongst the STARS”. 😉

So what else well strangely enough after my speaking on Magic Bullets yesterday I of course witnessed news reports on Men-In-Drag, Pantomime Dames? Dickensian or Greek styled Male Actors playing the female roles? Involved in some shooting incident at the American NSA that does not exist Headquarters just outside of Washington. Likewise another shooting was reported for a British couple living on some Spanish Costa.

Of course that is often how the feedback system works-you bring your attention to a particular topic area and then you are in effect witnessing or looking for relational information to what you yourself have high-lighted a being important. Likewise that is perhaps for those far more advanced than myself-where the alleged “FUN” is at in not knowing. So that perhaps related to these ideas that you can POINT AT IT either directly or indirectly or you can talk around a subject or you can LEARN to TRANSLATE across multiple realms-in order to better navigate it.

So a CLUE to the idea of some ever present now that is really genuinely one moment in time-is differing to the model that many of us grew up with that says you have to be this that or the other in order to have such-and-such an ability. I need this person to be that in order to justify my position of this. Of course in Enlightenment terms we come to see that many people are operating from those kind of prejudices non-consciously though surely given how much some of us have sought to bring others about ourselves to ever greater levels of awareness and knowledge and self-mastery and indeed the DEVELOPMENT of Supranational Universal Intelligence Technologies we can perhaps question how much is someone operating in denial in defence of a status quo and how much is someone operating through PERCEIVED PERCEPTIONS of what is coming about through Proactivity and what is coming about through Reactivity. I think that another topical area that folks can think upon-the chicken and egg debates of course are never-ending though we can all of us learn to turn attention to more rewarding IDEAS and STRATEGIES that do not operate on the most popular of Societal wide strategies WIN-LOSE.

I have I think mentioned the Royal Baby topic above and elsewhere we are also seeing reports of wage issues I think within one or other Royal Household-we must remind ourselves that like many an Army like service many subsidies exist as part and parcel of the jobs within such services. How often have we heard of complaint of this that or the other only to then learn of all the subsidies that the TAXPAYER finds themselves potentially paying. I say POTENTIALLY because the Royal Household Budget has of course been highly updated and modernised for a number of years now-whereby ACCOUNTIBILTY was introduced and many of the REPUBLICAN like arguments against such institutions are INVALIDATED.

Likewise of course I think a number of courses simply introduce us not only to the IDEA of a SHADOW CLAN (I think Highlander was based on a book by that name). That such things are or can be way above and beyond typical lower echelon of Society Issues that return over and over again. That likewise we can seek to use ideas such-as TRANSPARENCY and those OVERHEAD PROJECTOR like sheets of how we take and process information or likewise we can understand that at some point we have to decide for ourselves what are the best and most pragmatic of behaviours to navigate life with. Typically I have found that many a societal like expectation even with regard to issues such as manners does not hold water when put to self-inquiry like reasoning. Am I holding the door open for these people out of Politeness of expectation that favour will be returned at some later unspecified date or whatever. So what am I doing to improve my own self-motivation and self-mastery and life-navigation and what am I doing that was taught as some childhood teaching that is clearly wrong. Very often that perhaps where many an UNREQUAINTED LOVE or AFFAIR develops whereby expectancy is rewarded in some fashion that is not going on within a primary relationship. Likewise I have of course previously asked as to COMMITMENT. Why are you behaving in this fashion to all and anyone but your dominant spouse or partner, so many questions and traps and pitfalls during the next 5 weeks and possibly I think all part of the next generation of school leavers going out into the World and so on. Of course each year has various cycles though some years are seemingly more important within the greater scheme of things.

What how can you say that?

Well I in studying my own life history and knowledge of events within particular years came to the conclusion that I was perhaps within a kind of betweener year cycle of how great an awareness could be developed-strange though true. So any of us can find that our respective dates of birth and dates of this event or that event can be REVIEWED with some inquiry that often brings up ah-ha like perceptions that were not apparent within the MODEL OF REALITY that we were existing within at the given approximate time or period of our lives.

Well that is rather long and uninformed though of course in knowing what an uninformed opinion and diatrype might look like we all of course have choice as to what our respective informed communications and so on are going to appear and look like and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

How Will The Country Survive Without A Serving Prime Minister (PM) or Members Of Parliament (MP)

So I having of course taken a lifelong interest in Politics and indeed studied Politics at College Level many years ago and of course typical teachings are some of those that I have shared here previously such-as the so-called wing extremities often falling into the zone of being one and the same thing.

However the going round in circles type model has of course in some ways been demonstrated to be somewhat futile hence some modalities offering that circular swish like pattern of a spiral that then suggests growth or expansion beyond those round and round and round debates that many a detrimental health issue is perhaps caused by. Likewise of course and something I have perhaps spoken less about is the issue of clockwise versus anti-clockwise we all of course used to those hands going round and round in one direction and likewise it can of course be suggested that an integrative like model or indeed harmonised model is one in which both directions can be called upon at appropriate time. That perhaps where some of those zoom into that grid reference like functions come from in global mapping software and so on. Likewise getting to a point where you are interpreting things is a fashion of your own choice and so on is ongoing.

I mentioned of course that someone had brought up the topic of DREAMS and that is still somewhat difficult for myself to get one’s head round-much like that debate as to who is making guest appearance within who else’s DREAMS and so on-I think a book was written that asked or typified that kind of strategy and thinking.

Likewise I keep more and more finding myself using numerology or number based reasoning’s as to pattern matching and so on-I mentioned previously I think that much SCIENCE is based upon tables that can be found within so-called Witch’s handbooks and so on-so that perhaps demonstrates the so-called ILLUSION that many a person convinces themselves of in one or other fashion or manner of belief.

Clearly so many systems exist and have been handed down through respective Countries teachings and learnings and so on that you really do wonder as to what it is that any of us is genuinely in pursuit of. What will having this candidate from this party mean to myself.

When it comes to elections for instance here in Hereford we have often seen switching from Conservative to Liberal and indeed back again with little so-called gains from any other parties such-as Labour and clearly again if you live within a district and so on can debate as to who offers the best local opportunities for yourself above and beyond very often national issues that you do not identify with. Has anyone ever wondered as to why a SHIRE such-as Hereford fails to gain any kind of RED SOCIALIST Footing-the typical person on the street when asked often opts for the everyone else is likely opting for Conservative or Liberal and the best chance to be in alignment is to go with those parties. I however have very often broken those so-called common law rulings that people tell themselves and have voted for some of the lesser parties. That is quite simply because of the staying true to yourself kind of issues and how you act and how you feel and think and want to live. That is not to say that we have not been well served by the parties we have been represented by so much as when given the choice the Greater Population opted to maintain STATUS QUO and now complains of these hung parliaments and so on.

If more people actually voted for what they themselves most IDENTIFY with whatever a given main issue is for a given individual we would likely at least see greater shifts in the END OF ELECTION voting demographic-there is nothing that makes a Political Party more Nervous and potentially more flexible or compliant (to LISTENING to the AUDIENCE) with the peoples and persons that they are supposed to represent than knowing some minor or small shift in voting numbers could place themselves out of the job or post.

Okay so Hereford can also in Business terms be demonstrated (I think) according to STATISTICS have been demonstrated to have raised itself up in many ways with investment from various Groupings and Industries and indeed promised future investment-though to make such Statements is akin to resting on your Laurels.

I bring that up for the quite simple reason that I found myself thinking about Laurel and Hardy and wondering as to which classic comedian character I myself might best represent. I do of course have experience of being the frustrated one annoyed at the behaviour of others about myself and likewise am sure have also demonstrated myself to be the one causing the frustrations-though cause and effect possibly debatable.

What else-well I looked up Far From Madding Crowd and of course it was written by a Hardy and then I found myself thinking about those veterinary type shows that I once again recall watching from childhood. We did of course have the regular Dales like vet shows and books and indeed simply animal magic like shows that included typical veterinary like personalities. In fact when I think about many a childhood shows it is quite surprising just how many ANIMAL related show and so on were included. Possibly less so now though the differing channels I am sure all still seek to have some kind of format or programming that involves such things as animals.

Likewise of course even when not in real life we see creatures of various shape and size and descriptions being high-lighted or speculated upon within Science Fiction realms-so all these things have either been found about our Planet and seen in Zoo’s and Circus or indeed imagined upon after SPECULATING as to what might these creatures become like in the future. So the Jurassic Park model also rears up in the sense of course of some future ability to bring the fossils back to life. Re-animator type thoughts and feelings and issues.

So it does seem that we can now expect much commentary and speculation and campaigning as to who is best positioned to take the Country forward in the coming years though likewise gaining any kind of a momentum or manoeuvrability when we are seemingly going to go from hung parliament to hung parliament is surely not we are interested in buying into or purchasing as some superior model of Government. Yes the mapping issues have become in many ways more and more redundant as I have progressed and I really do think Britain has opportunity to give those major parties something of a wake-up call as to where the population wants greater focus and progression.

The problem of course perhaps that as said recently the more professional than professional politician is akin to going the way of the old Church like systems. We could of course ask the Royals to form a Party and see if we can vote for Royalty though given the accepted History and civil war I am sure they much prefer to maintain some level of Dignity and Decorum above and beyond the Politicking issues-Charles recently ensnared or seized upon as somehow interfering with Governmental Policy though clearly such thinking is wrong-he is still after all just as much a vested interest within the direction of the Country as any other sub-grouping or indeed constituent. Is a particular view somehow less valid because it is brought forward by someone who is not interested in maintaining an ILLUSIONARY MAP OF REALITY when clearly so much better systems and operational abilities can be introduced into the lives of anyone or any business for what might be regarded as bargain basement cost’s or prices and standards of living.

The peaks and troughs and highs and lows appearing on various graphs and pie maps and swingometers are of course going to demonstrate once again that we all of us can only ever really be a window or report on some greater going on of it all and indeed choose our own direction or mapping where possible that does not detract from lifelong learning or indeed the very many services and so on that are seemingly available through the various levels and tier structures within the Hemispheres of many a given individuals essence of being.

Yes I seem to think in terms of essence again though unsure as to why perhaps just seeking a differing form or shaping of things beyond what has gone before. Can I for instance have essence of pixels can I call then essenxels or some such. Yes the reduce and deduce and reduce and deduce is ongoing though likewise however much we are part and parcel of time we are also seemingly lifelong recording mechanisms.

How Can I Create An All-Encompassing “Magic Bullet” Recipe

Now believe it or not once again some folks believe such things are not possible and the reason is of course because of


So I perhaps unfairly in some ways suggested that many a person sought promotion from holding or having an attitude of “Fuck this Physical Labour for a Game Of Soldiers” and so on-though another “VERSIONING” or incentive is very often to REGAIN your own IDENTITY when many group working factions have that Madness Of Crowds issue to deal or cope with. So what might be considered a MADNESS OF CROWDS.

Well to some folks “believe it or not” a typical example was David’s follow me and take up meditation I will Save you and so on. So quite a few people when given incentives that they could potentially relate to tried out the recommended Technologies and likewise some recommended them on to friends and family and so on. Likewise even though word spread to a certain extend in perhaps a somewhat underground secret fashion-just as many others of course would have considered such things as TYPICALLY part of that condition of “The Madness Of Crowds”. Especially when you consider some of the fears that can come up for many a person and likewise that I do not want to be part of the group or crowd.

So everyone once again perhaps has that IDENTITY CRISIS issue of knowing in day-to-day life that as you walk the streets or go the park or shopping mall you will likely encounter a versioning of what you consider “the madness of crowds” and likewise we can study the issue whether within a work environment or indeed with groups of children.

Typically some activity is or has been completed or group is bored with activity and then some circular discussion goes round and round and round as to what to do next until someone has some I am going to go and do this or let’s go and do this. The others very often falling into line with the one giving the “I am” like command and control like instructions.

So again that a typical TRANCE state to TRANCE state like switching system and again there is nothing wrong with such things-though clearly it can of course be stated that you do not necessarily require 10,000 versions of the same trance state that you have performed since infant hood if you can clear out much mental detritus and still operate in the same fashion with less mental or even bodily pain. Strange though true I have come to think that many a physical ailment is perhaps caused by that SQUASHED NOW syndrome that I spoke upon on the Velocity website.

You know what the issue is but have little idea as to how it might be overcome or remedy such things. So again that another incentive perhaps for some folks to try the assisted meditation even if just at a lower level.

So anyway even with meditation I still find myself falling into SYNC with these madness of crowds like patterns and behaviours. Likewise we often do such things walking down the street and many are typically HARMLESS though in having an awareness that you have non-consciously fallen into someone a head’s walking patterns or however you can stop, breath regain you own stride and pattern and so on. Why? Well typically some folks are 6 foot and others 5 foot and others 4 foot and whilst typical actions of putting one foot in front of the other are generally mostly the same for all humans clearly in childhood trying to match stride with an adult can be a struggle or indeed you may be getting on and want to walk slower and getting SUCKED into some herd like crowd street behaviour is not much fun if you later have a breakdown or some other such issues creeping up on yourself.

So MADNESS OF CROWDS perhaps another issue that people can seek to think about in terms of ah-ha’s and remodelling more to how you yourself are than some superimposed model that does not fit your own bodily criteria. Again we can demonstrate both male and female so-called walking gaits to be slightly differing because the CENTRE OF GRAVITY is often differing not only among peoples of differing shapes and sizes but also between the two predominant sex’s.

So yes I found myself thinking about Magic Bullet Recipes and clearly such systems require any given group having a level of awareness or knowledge whereby a personalised like RECOVERY PLAN can be created rather than some one-size-fits-all system that very often can fail a given working population or indeed those individuals TASKED with the IMPLEMENTATION.

So the all-encompassing remedy or Head-to-toe like interactions are kind of PERFECTIONIST IDEALISMS rather than ABSOLUTES because to make any such system absolute would of course bring you back into the negative realms of DICTATORSHIP and POWER MONGERS and so on; likewise early on the separation of Spiritual like thoughts and teachings from more bodily related doctrines (that most of us have more often than not lived life with) can of course take some getting used to as to REAL REALITY versus the one that many of us invested our souls or futures or however in. Likewise I do think and feel that many a person who joined myself on these explorations have contributed in their own fashion and manner and when we all know that the first person affected by what comes out of our own mouths and so on is ourselves then we are often more inclined to behave-that does not mean giving expression to ill thoughts and feelings so much as recording them somewhere perhaps in a private diary or blog article and then WITNESSING the wider world to see if you can find some potential PATTERN MATCH or CYCLE that you may have become attuned to at some point within your life.   Again given how GENERATIONAL resources and sources such-as TV and RADIO and FILM have been handed down the VARIANCE is perhaps where people want or desire making the remedies for personal growth and change and so on. Modalities such-as Letting Go that I think a fest is taking place this week (typically).


 Elsewhere we are of course hearing that Mr Cameron is intending to visit the Palace and dissolve Parliament in order to begin the Election campaigning proper. Such things I am sure will have been planned as to dates-quite some time in advance. Likewise story wise we again seem to be somewhat adrift as to what any given story is meant to imply. I see some reference to Enoch Powell and Westminster Sex abuse rings and likewise the continuing debate over the crashed Airplane. Several other stories that actually are more interesting are related to HISTORY. I have seen a build-up of Falkland Island references and likewise in speaking about MAGIC BULLETS it could be suggested that each GENERATION of BRITISH population might be being given story’s that they themselves are likely to LATCH ONTO in some fashion-hence the Enoch Powell for those even earlier generations and so on.

So People Like Me Syndrome often catches on when we leave school and are seeking to make our way in the World and of course each generation things they invented drugs, sex and alcohol and likewise the anti-this anti-that anti-other brigades all popped up and appeared against differing movements almost like that Pepsi-Coke war model.

So we as aware folks can either go dogmatically into all and every challenge presented or we can be somewhat a little wiser in how we view and relate the internal-external like interactions of the World about us.

Interestingly I was speaking on sub-contexts and the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook Group page has seemingly come alive a little more-typically I found names interesting in bing able to think ah-ha that is Irish or Aussie or so-and-so even though they as individuals may not be-in following such typified non-linear stereotypes and the Keep it simple Sweetheart Model we can rush over to the betting and gambling halls and see what events might competitors from such nations and clue bearers be competing in. Likewise I most definitely found myself thinking WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Yes we had someone bringing up Dreams and A Midsummer Night’s Dream sprung to mind and then some NEWS article from a story in Colorado that made me think MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and then we had some CARTOON POSTING though on this occasion I could not think of a Shakespeare story though am sure one exists-I thought FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD-potentially then a TRIGGER for this particular article.

So unsure as to how much I will write this week though generally have managed to always write something.

Thankyou for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

And I Now Pronounce

Ma’am: and I now pronounce this NEW WING fully operation, how does that sound?

S.O. I think it needs a little work Ma’am whilst we clearly cannot name or directly give indication that such a service exists that eventually word will leak out in the next few years probably by 2015 I should imagine, and then you are going to want the Service to have some aspiration thoughts and feelings and actions generated as to what they actually do.

Ma’am: Well this is all rather cloak and dagger perhaps someone within that area of expertise could be called upon to write a speech and then I will give one’s own flavour or versioning in accordance with how I myself would script such things. We do after all have many experts do we not?

S.O. Yes we do Ma’am however we do prefer as always that you yourself have agreed or are in alignment with the duties and functions that such a service provides-they are after all carrying out such duties in your name or within the greater functioning of Empire and so on.

So of course it is easy for anyone taking up writing to speculate as to what conversations may or may not have taken place within any other realm and likewise the ability to have an attitude of a broad all-encompassing approach to such writings does of course come with its own pitfalls and traps. We all of course very often only know public image versions of how we see many a person at whatever level of society they exist.

We also of course can say well my personal experience of this person is differing to how they are portrayed within these writings or indeed otherwise-yes this person is exactly like that, why did I not see it before.

So returning of course to the inside-outside like teachings and WINDOWS upon the World we often come to see that our ability to see many a topic from a Higher level or place on the hill is oten in direct proportion to the studies that we personally have carried out and indeed how FREE or otherwise we believe ourselves to be in our actions and so on.

Unfortunately (potentially)

Some Business Models are perhaps better than others as to what alignments and teachings we want this Environment to be about. The IDEA of having a CAREER or VOCATION through an enjoyment or dedication and perseverance and passion for the industry or working life that you have and so on. Likewise I have on occasion suggested that it is all to easy to “catch a bad dose” though of course that goes hand-in-hand with the Societal Wide like inputs and outputs that we ourselves are individually attuned to-or indeed otherwise. Typical teaching from some teachers are to turn of the new reports and FOCUS on what you yourself want your intentions and so on to be.

Likewise of course we could all become like Herod in our respective Empirical Mind-sets as to how we think and feel and act as to differing issues-this typically does not work for very long because those Established within many a REALM are not necessarily AWARE that they are the one who is the detriment to the Business or model that is being operated upon hence my suggestion of child-like nicknames and seeing or carrying out a so-called INTERVENTION.

Yes we see that word bandied about in relation to sufferers of Alcoholism and Drugs though in fact it could probably be used within many a given realm-the dilemma then as to what actions are in service to given realm and what are personal subjective judgements or indeed Influences and Manipulations from upon high from some external Agent that we think is in our best interest though may not be. The boss saying jump and so on. Clearly I could write a letter to one self saying well we have been through all the employee books and can state that we have no known campylobacteria related names within the fowl industry. Clearly you could potentially of course say well we do have some folks who might be a little on the camp side and bacteria is surely going to live in a World of everyone but me rationalisations and so on. Hence the repetition that if one cannot communicate given the broadcast receive model of existence then clearing out many a broadcast receive mechanism and raising personal Threshold does hold water as a Solution. Likewise I think the impermanence like issue can be thought of as going in the same fashion or manner.

So we very often within the realm of such explorations find of course that any given work place of environment hen looked at from the inside outside or Oscar Guilt perspective is likely to want to remain completely sterile and empty. How can we have these facilities and then remain sterile and empty. Likewise all well and good demanding your intention is that you are this versioning of an interpretation though all too often the mechanism or long established model bites us in the ass-as does the ancient wisdom from EINSTEIN-you cannot resolve a problem from the level that it is at. Unfortunately of course some folks regard the LEVEL idea as being akin to themselves being established at a higher position within a given working life model hence I myself bringing forward that other interpretation of HEAD-TO-TOE.

Clearly I would hope that most folks in wanting alignment with best practice and broader compasses and greater levels of knowledge and teachings and learnings are not under constant pressure brought about through FEAR. The fear model of course one that gets played upon the most whether it is fear of not having money, or health, or love, or any number of things of course. It can also be suggested that some realms do and have of course worked through methodologies or working through FEAR based issues-even if it is practice and repetition and so on we often in the course of Meditation and indeed taking up further lifelong learning go through CONSCIOUS repetition of what potentially lies beneath within our non-conscious already.

So whilst I was mentioning Football (Soccer to Yanks) and indeed Motor racing Formula One other peoples and persons may have simply been following myself to clues as to Cricket Results that I find myself noting as taking place this morning. Again that part and parcel thing of knowing that someone has not got a vested interest in particular events beyond teaching that this is where you could be struggling or going wrong.

Likewise I was hoping to develop a system where the sub-context drops people firmly into the respective zone of what we are communicating upon within a sub-context-the other problem then of course is do we feel guilt of some description for speaking outright on this given sport or subject area. I think in general I have found the outright speaking on issues just as troublesome. I typically mentioned the “Chelsea for the Cup” example previously.

So yes raise threshold shake of the shackles of self-inquiry and do work for the enjoyment or passion of the work rather than some financial incentive because that seems to be the model that often takes us into the absolutist type regions and zones. I have these outgoings and this income does not satisfy those outgoings. I cannot make further money and indeed exist in the present reality of the World about myself, likewise all attempts at personal progression were met with resistance of TRUTH and so on.

Again we can go deeper and deeper into the topics that are very often DISTRACTION from where any of us could or could not be giving a particular focus to. I clearly in taking up this course require sitting down and building a Novel or book with one or other of the structures that I have read about and likewise seeking to continue to keep head above water when many a person is constantly seeking to reinforce greater levels of DENIAL about reality. We all I think can look to Electrical type TRIANGLES as to understanding that this third power is created by the mathematical relationship between these other 2 functions, whether we are talking about logical functions found within day to day writings such as AND, NAND, OR and so on or likewise that all is ENERGY and ENERGY can be destroyed so much as guided toward differing functions and usages and so on.

So we cal say well I want to put my energy into working out a prosperity Health and Wealth model that I consider to be INTEGRATED or HARMONISED with greater lessons and learnings from the masters that I have spent time learning from and so on.

Choice of focus is an ever-present choice in an ever present window (I think) though again such dictums are perhaps only from the level of advancement that any of us believes ourselves to be at. I do like The Map is Not the Territory type teachings because they often unmask those long hidden non-conscious beliefs and doctrines and so on that can cause some of the issues that many of us encounter in our day-to-day lives.

What do we personally regard as extremism and what do we personally regard as simply age related or some other EXTERNAL POINTER that we often use to pretend “Not Me Gov” pass the parcel on with. I once sat in an interview saying that I considered myself to be something of a “COMMUNICATION CONDUIT” within another life role or job that I held previously and likewise the interviewing Manager whilst keeping a straight face has significant underlying “oh shit” like body language occurring that perhaps demonstrates that in reality we all go through the same cycles and patterns and understanding that we are all Communication Conduits can be far more beneficial than pretending otherwise-especially when it comes to those Control Freak like issues of how the World has to be.

What will you be communicaint or otherwise today-do you believe in the power of impermanence or the idea of cells within cells that can be remodelled in the interests of all is now and cannot possibly be any other way and so on. Yes David ranting through his fingers it can seem at times must be something to do with patterns and cycles and so on.

Donkey’s and Duck’s and the visit to the Zoo-A Safari Park riddle somewhere about you. The realm and Riddle Ah-Ha sounds like a good name for a book or indeed dodgy David’s freelance Poetry

The Realm and The Riddle by … hmmmm

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So What Issues Does Particular Bias Bring Up

So I spoke previously in the idea that we are often to close to the problem to see the woods for the trees and a typical example today would for myself be Israel versus Wales again quite simply through having lived my entire life with the given name David. Israel of course founded in the year of my mother’s birth in 1948 and also very much geared around prophecies of a 2nd coming and we all of course await Jesus making his way to the Holy Land and making a speech on the Steps of a particular Temple that has been designated as the right thing to do. Likewise David of course (I think a differing fellow) is also the Patron St Of Wales, so clearly David + David + David = confusion and conflict for the one who is seeking to separate the physical and the spiritual and dream state and so on. (Given that many such teachings are all interconnected to the IDEA that we have choice of interpretation and that we repetitively can ask those how can I reinterpret or Turn this around so that I can find the benefit at present Now to what is being discussed or explored.

So I could simply say well gambling has failed within the team realms in many ways anyway so I should simply say No Parlez in the manner of Paul Young and hop over to the World of Grand Prix Formula One where I potentially through little interest in grand prix have less of a vested interest. Few of us can escape the so-called HOOKS of our life’s because Society generally encourages such things as part and parcel of personal growth and development. Likewise as said on many occasion choice is choice and in reading or communicating or thinking we are not communicating we are always in some fashion sending receiving or SPECULATING an interpretation.

What interpretation can I give to this person not responding or acting in accordance with this expectancy and so on. How many of us have rushed to Negative thoughts and feelings or indeed accusatory behaviours only later to discover that some Emergency or other undisclosed issue was behind a given circumstance.

We al of course like to think that we can get into the mind of X person by following X person’s blog or teachings though some again as suggested whilst demonstrating the differing levels of existence plains and separations of colours and sound and the other sense-or indeed bringing them together in more worthwhile improved fashion always demonstrate that we are all UNIQUE even when we share many of those Teachings or childhood sources and resources and TV and FILM and all the rest of it. Yes some say well what about Twins-though even twins and triplets have been demonstrated to often be about belief issues. Some serve us better than others.

So coordinating and choreography of ideas and working through various presented model’s or reality can become a full time pre-occupation and you can resist such things or roll with them so to speak and see where they might lead in conclusions that you have not considered previously.

They say that the enlightened and so on obviously become wiser through experience of trial and error and aren’t many a life topic fashioned so. There are many topics that we can point to and develop Intransigent Position on for example I have spoken on Daughters Epilepsy on occasion and likewise I know that the Drug’s work when prescribed so separating a so-called Spiritual life reality and the Physical real terms World reality is an ever present and of course knowing as to how’s and why’s of brain development and so on is difficult to fathom even after meditating regularly for several years. I say that because we do get those times where everything is happening in constant overwhelm like states and then you think plateau or whatever and then you take some new course and kapow parts of the brain you did not know you had suddenly can be felt or heard as being present in some fashion. So typically many of the remedies are perhaps related to various tunings and likewise if we say that the physical technological like World is akin to a reflection of the World of THOUGHT and we know that the Thought had to have occurred first then we can see that THOUGHT or IDEAS that are then brought into being in some fashion are almost in reverse. I think I whilst not being a regular viewer of film and TV saw some film advert for a film that had a guy who aged backwards in some fashion and that often seems to be the UNIVERSAL like thing that many struggles to get the head around or about.

So I say well what happened or occurred within your lifetime that got you a mention in the Book or Library at the end of time and space though in reality we I guess are supposed to feel that there is a great feeling of your life within some realm or dimension having already been finished and over and done and dusted and so on. Likewise that is often suggested to be part of the Free Will versus Creative Intelligence type debate as to the existence or otherwise of a God. Reality perhaps is that we when putting pen to paper or any Creative Endeavour or Art form are in fact enabling or allowing that self-godhood or self-mastery to come through in some fashion.

Likewise the debate then is as to IDOLS classic Biblical teachings of course run against IDOLS and we cannot of course escape IDOLS even in bringing such ideas to the fore as debating TOPICS, so you cannot not communicate and you are part of the greater whole going on of it all and likewise have choice perhaps as to who your own masters and teachers and so on are going to be.

What am I doing that encourages growth within a given population of followers and what Freedom is generated in realisations as to the life already having been lived (if indeed it has). Yes clearly that is where the HOOKS are at-one set of hooks demanding concentration on the past and history and very often negative or bad experience and likewise hooks saying concentrate on better futures and focussing your intent though many said teachings seemingly lead toward that THIRD WINDOW of reality of all being within some ever present now-again stepping stone perhaps teachings bring us to such CONCLUSION though we work at our own pace’s.

The third window of course differing in my own opinion to other debate topics that can be run through though in fact it can perhaps be demonstrated that if you hold steady within a so-called NOW ZONE and so on and how you INTERPRET what you read and think and feel and ask those exploratory questions and practice the feedback and return like writings or drawing or indeed actions then you are going to see things with greater and greater clarity. I have suggested on occasion of course that some Technologies will do much of the work for you though I do think that how we any of us respond and seek to progress and so on can matter a great deal.

What is my unique expression within the World going to be and so on-did buying into being like so-and-so place myself firmly in a Martyr zone, did it occur consciously or non-consciously. The human brain seemingly becomes more and more amazing as I have progressed with the Learnings and so on and of course one can wonder as to why traditional stimulus and techniques did not work. Though likewise I perhaps a demonstration of INTRANSIGENCE being set at a very young AGE not wanting to be seen crying in the street after a broken bones incident or whatever. So that one example and I know of few people who have not behaved in an INTRANSIGENT fashion or manner in childhood whether consciously recalled or otherwise.

I was recently I think advised as to setting INTENTION within paraliminal’s as to some interaction I had a week or two back on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now facebook group page and in honesty I then thought well is not this website I created an intention and this other site over here not another intention. The real big issue I think is going from the LAYERED like approach that things seemingly initially began with to experiencing a more all-encompassing and WHOLE APPROACH to being and awareness and so on. I notice some new comments added in today that I will have a think about as another commentator suggested that a superiority attitude was prevalent and I thought well that is a little unfair given how freely I have sought to contribute and so on. This time the woman making a comment was speaking on her position as to falling into line with Societal Expectation of finding a fella and becoming the good housewife and so on. Again that is perhaps an INTRANSIGENT position in the sense that many manipulations seemingly exist to FORCE relationships when many a person in honesty can be perfectly happy alone and so on. You cannot escape impermanence say some teachers though likewise like the communicate statement I am sure an essay could be asked for as to how are these present beliefs serving myself in contrast to these other beliefs I could be adopting or however.

What are REAL EXTERNAL pressures coming from Society or Herd like behaviours and what are those collated and collected during childhood and teenage years and formative years and so on that are simply within us as part of our being that we have or can develop CHOICE as to having. That again perhaps down to the self-inquiry. Am I acting and behaving within some conscious awareness and knowledge one or can I expect further SHIFTS of realisation as I progress-things have slowed for myself in progression terms though likewise as I say I may well meditate as to the new questions presented.

Enough for now good luck with whatever your own endeavours happen to be.


David 😉

Where The Hell Is My Burger King or Hereford Royale With Cheese

So I have long been known to have suggested that we the peoples of Hereford need a Burger King that is a proper Burger King that competes with the MacDonald’s Bracket of endeavour much like the famed Cola Wars. Of course if you were to create a Hereford Royale you would probably have to go into some designer kitchen and comes up with all the respective ingredients as to what might it contain. The advertising is of course EASY to speculate upon though of course each and every realm likes to consider itself as having a certain level of boundaries as to what is and what is not acceptable interpretation of what these peoples and persons may or may not be Licensed to carry out.

I was thinking about this issue perhaps because again in going through the various levels of what can we do to encourage growth and so on in a responsible fashion you often get those ROYAL associated plaques and SEAL OF APPROVAL-that is of course where many of the debates as to what Charles can call himself as Defender Of Faiths and so on and the inclusive model of course is demonstrated over and over again to have sub-divides and debates within said areas, however much some of us want to overly control the World you do find again and again that someone somewhere has already beaten you to the respective punchline on many a topic or debate.

So each generation then might consider itself as wanting to further the individual or personal cause though likewise not in such dogmatic fashion as to have those great falls from great heights when things do not go according to some “this is how the World is and must be etc”.

Clearly repetition and practice for any regular routine that any of us carries out goes through those same sequences that we see over and over again-the practice leads to conscious competence that becomes unconscious competence and so on. Likewise we often find these routines BROKEN by new Governmental Law from upon High and likewise many a wheeler dealer stuck in there ways often seeks to go against said directioning. Why are these people interfering in my bread and butter lifestyle and so on. Likewise when you have raised your own level of income or Threshold and so on you do see how FUTILE many a battle or topical debate becomes.

I suggest adopting many a childhood like strategy for typical lateral and non-linear fashioned thinking though likewise many a person as soon as old enough to believe themselves responsible often rejected all that was “childhood related” about themselves as proof of adulthood and so on-this has of course been demonstrated to be akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater and indeed the two-sided coin whereby only in ever greater dissections of such idea’s can any given individual reacquaint themselves where things might be going wrong for them.

So typically many of us when younger may have been given nicknames and some are harmless and become lifelong whilst others are forgotten or simply do not catch on-or indeed you move or create a NEW NAME for yourself that befits how and who you want to be regarded as so on. I have covered those topics fairly regularly.

So the problem is nearly always separating the wheat from the chaff and indeed reinterpreting in such a fashion that everyone can see the benefits of particular practice and self-inquiry. Why the names? Well clearly many of us grew up watching shows such as Bob the Builder and Ivor the Engine and so on and we also of course very often have our given names and it is often those that may or may not come to HAUNT us most within or during our lifetimes-that being too close to the problem to see that we may well be the Environmental problem.

We do not hear of someone called Jihad the Jihadist though you can all but bet that someone somewhere acts in that fashion-so if we are ourselves are the problem or issue who is going to tell us-especially when many a SOCIAL network or indeed Long-term environmental network exists within a given realm or industry. We have all heard those innuendo jokes of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer and you can of course say well that is the conflict and confusion model that has served us so well down the years within this industry. Though of course awareness can create other dimensional issues such as the linkages to suicide rates and ill-health and any number of issues within giving working realms and so on and so forth.

So A HIGHER OR GREATER ALIGNMENT MODEL then is perhaps what most of us think we are doing when we take up jobs and work hard and get promotions though the FACTORS or FOCUS is often shifted to the WRONG debating issues. I think that is a bad IDEA because I am self opinionated and do not listen to any point of view that is not in alignment with my gang, group, faction and so on.

Likewise we then go into study of IDEAS such as subjective versus objective and even those with years of experience in knowing the difference can make and fall into all the same mistakes and traps because of the ever moving target. Some realms keep up with all the so-called “LATEST” whilst others fall into the “this is what has always worked” malaise and style. Likewise the CULT of Personality and IMAGE really is all and everything to many a person-it is what is bombarded at us day after day from the MEDIA and even those who are not really supposed to be image conscious are sucked into having to give greater LATITUDE with regard to such issues. Winston Churchill would not have made Prime Minister and so on.

I mention that because I have finally had my Haircut and those who have seen have generally been complementary though likewise given my own years of experience of being a minger in disguise and of course someone who campaigned as to the “Rotten on the inside” it is not something that I am likely to play on particularly-I still wear grey hat to cover the triple crown and so on.

One Cannot Not Communicate

I mentioned on several occasions throughout this blog and of course I recall that my ESSAY like response was along the lines of adding some PROVISO of but you can control what you communicate. Clearly again when we go through the MEDITATION and-or indeed learn about personnel MAGNETIC FIELDS and indeed EXPERIENCE such things-you come to see that is in fact in many ways TRUE, though likewise some of the simplest remedies do work-such as EFT TAPPING until you get those shifts and likewise using STIMULUS and VISIONING exercises that are designed to REMOVE or SHIFT ENERGY blocks within your muscular skeleton system. Yes they say that many a person makes such things up though in truth I think it is perhaps about getting so confused and internally alien to how you regard yourself as being that the “not finding a way out” issues come to the fore.

I have generally found that the MEDITATION from Centerpointe Research Institute whilst initially requiring some expenditure has been one of the best life-saving tools available in simply enabling clearing out the garbage and trash faster than you can be targeted with it and likewise when enough adoption takes place within any group the findings of said group of such Technological users becomes more indisputable.

So plenty for people to be thinking about and I of course now typical of David at Easter have some further Holiday time that I am taking though I am perhaps possibly a little too old to go Easter egg hunting beyond perhaps getting some special edition selfie from Thornton’s or some Posher establishment. Yes I saw one a year or two ago in the window a Designer Easter Egg and thought yummy-of course in reality I should stick to freckled and speckled hens eggs at breakfast though given the working nights for ten years-the Australian breakfast (if such a thing exists) is what I should be considering.

Yes did anyone else see those most expensive City reports a week or two ago-they are a yearly news feature and I have been shocked in multiple subsequent years because they keep saying that Sidney or some other Aussie City is among the Most Expensive and that of course does not fit in with the SOAP OPERAS that they inflict upon the rest of us-I hear they are also in the next Eurovision apparently-Kylie and Jason all over again perhaps.

Eat Sleep Live Repeat

Pattern and cycles and la di da teaching,

these are a few of our favourite blings

yes lifelong learning is or can always considered to be A “WORK IN PROGRESS” BAH HUMBUG 😉

Thank you for reading , God Bless and Be Well 😉

What Are The Essential Essences Of Congruence & Plausibility

So recent posts then may well bring up for many a person this kind of Questioning. Clearly many of us going into working life and SPECULATION presume that Senior Staff and so on are working in accordance with various laws and regimes and training that has been conducted in an above board and professional fashion or manner. This typical for many of us going into work at young ages and then being asked to perform lots or overtime and earn a few extra pennies and so on. Likewise I was myself when researched, adversely affected by such GREED in the sense of losing my life-despite strangely being seen and acknowledged as still existing within the intervening however many years. So I went from Greed is Good typical of the Wall Street Thatcher years Government of my youth into “Oh Dear” you are now “other than” and likewise such shocks can leave you somewhat in a more desperate “other than” state in the sense that you find yourself “potentially” unable to perform and operate s you did prior to present “CONDITION” likewise I took some advice; and threw other advise out of the so-called Window. The problem for any Strategist or indeed Manager is deciding or knowing what is the ESSENCE of this person that I can best EXPLOIT to get the worker or individual in alignment with the best working practice and life of this realm that they have joined. We very often then find that some realms have greater or less than good working practice or simply are somewhat ADRIFT in knowing what a BEST PRACTICE that can be ESTABLISHED might be.

So for instance it does not mean much to some though others can see the positive benefits-the working canteen that I used to attend on the brief interludes between work was “let go” in many ways for years and years-the place was like a patchwork of uncoordinated colour schemes and chaos and confusion. At one point more recently someone grabbed the bull by the horns and said-let’s do something positive with this and gave and created a more hospital and desirable scheme to that sub-environment within many peoples working life-we have to remember that despite many a person shouting and screaming “me, me, me” from the roof-tops that many peoples and persons walk and-or passage through such working life realm corridors (simply due to high staffing turn-over) and the likelihood is that we know far fewer so-called colleagues than we necessarily think we do. That then a simple unified like IDENTITY for an environment. We also saw some reinvestment in differing personnel’s work-like uniforms, again an easy identity for particular sub-realms within the greater environment and indeed that reinvestment was carried our further down the line in terms of infrastructural changes to factory and farming facilities.

So of course Congratulations can be handed out on such VISION for Growth and so on-though likewise many of those expected to carry out such practice were themselves suffering GREAT RESISTANCE. Why? Well clearly anyone who has ever taken a management course anytime anyplace anywhere knows that “money does not grow on trees” and such re-investment very often bites into a given “Business’s Financial Model” so a Parent Corporation can be said to have deep pockets though those given responsibility for carrying out such things are still thrown into CRISIS “potentially” because of strict budget accountancy and discipline being demanded via the various levels of Management Structure. Such disruption can of course lead to “Who is responsible for plunging me into this crisis, Grrr, let’s give this guy some payback”.

So we can of course demonstrate that having a Threshold for non-income generating realms within a budget very often courses distress to those within the income generating realms or indeed gives over to great a power to those realms. We do not need engineers and cleaners and etcetera. Yes unless some coordination occurs from upon high demanding that those things are also important and must exist within the Business Model many a pressurised and in crisis manager throws such things out of the window as unnecessary and likewise adopts tactics of I will keep and maintain a high staff turn-over so that my own inadequacy in this role is not exposed. Cleary swings and roundabouts exist though I do think maintaining a “core” staff and knowledge base is gearing yourself toward a more prosperous model than simply hiding behind “we haven’t or cannot get experienced staff”.

I give these as examples that can be found within many realms where people are “potentially” incongruent in the belief of having a genuine underlying self-worth or otherwise in their abilities. That perhaps because many a person in applying for given jobs and posts and higher ranking positions from school leaver type ages etc. very often have followed the getting lucky chancer opportunist model of personal progress and some realms again seemingly lend themselves more to that model than others. Again mental chaos and conflict can occur because many of us can demonstrate the age old “how can I get the experience, when I cannot get the job” and indeed see jobs going along the lines of “social” appointments rather than what might be considered more neutral ways and means. Likewise we do also I think see the other coin side in lack of applicants for some positions. You have to work with those staff and personnel in front of you rather than some “given in a learning/teaching manual” “perfect pupil” or Star Performer etc. However given the law of attraction and ask believe receive-I think it can be demonstrated that when enough people have adopted the Technologies I recommend that these things can almost by magic line-up for a given working realm-though again it is up for debate as to whether those already in situ in various roles and functions, who do not want to give up old style roles and positions and practices are going to disappear. In spiritual terms akin to “The Empire Strikes Back”. Though clearly as any of us who have adopted the Technologies and progressed with those Higher Level Technologies know-you cannot please everyone and likewise you cannot fool all of the people all of the time-despite some individuals thinking they can.

So it does seem that over the longer term we are demonstrated to be our own respective cause and effect though not just in working life but in health and in social roles and family roles and so on. Cleary most always want boundaries as to where lines are drawn-though you are not necessarily going to get breakthrough unless you first of all whether on your own or with likeminded individuals explore the “mental or spiritual” crossing of the various boundaries and opening up those mental sub-realms that many a person lives in denial of having. Again some things have to be explored on paper and practiced and rehearsed in some fashion even if they are HIGH-LIGHTED as being of that variety of conduct.

The problem of course that Science and indeed La-Di-Da realms often agree that the simple act of monitoring events can in and of itself cause the outcome to be differing to that which was expected or intended. Again this idea that some “all-encompassing” “God” like database exists within all of Humankind male,female, children etc. and that each and every one of us is simply akin to a lense or FILTER that such information comes through.

The Lense versus Cloak idea came about because clearly cloak suggests that we can become somewhat integrated within our various sensory abilities whilst lense “potentially” gives or leads to what we see at the expense of the other senses.

I think that the Joseph and his Coat/cloak of many colours type stories perhaps again relate to those kind of interpretation. I also of course joked at one stage that when incubated within the womb if we speculate to attitude and identity held within the genes and dna of unborn babies that we might be wearing the mother in the fashion of said Cloak and likewise that is where some of those upside-down like mathematical applications come in-in understanding the World in RELATIONSHIP terms of what might be occurring within those “down under” to those of us “up topside” and so on and the IDEA that however we are in resistance to such things we already have the so-called Spiritual or Holographic like model within us and were born with it. That peeling back of layers or confusion and conflict and so on often demonstrating realisations of what is already there in some fashion-and likewise the lifelong learning method of reacquainting ourselves CONSCIOUSLY with what is often already held within the non-conscious and so on. Likewise the stimulus raising Threshold and building mental bridges and internal communications and so on toward improved personal psychology is on-going.

Unsure as to why I drifted on and on without really mentioning the essence of the teaching beyond perhaps essence of course being akin to smell and many a meditation remedy seemingly about that particular sensory IDEA hence words such-as Centre and concentric and all the rest. The congruence within the title and indeed lack of congruence about people we encounter in day to day life very often also becomes more and more apparent as we progress-though likewise we always have choice as to how we ourselves behave and conduct ourselves with the various knowledge bases and teachings.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Criminals Among Us

So what do you consider to be a Criminal Activity?

Typically of course when we look at various guidelines and so on we can say well this behaviour will result in prosecution or a jail term because it is against the law of the Land-some are out and out issues such-as murder whilst others are muddier areas such as Conspiracy.

Likewise I recommend the products that I do to demonstrate just how much genuine choice is really available, anyone can learn successful methods of data analysis that can lead to improved financial income and so on and none of those things is criminal unless you personally happen to be someone brought up in and around environments whereby you have some religious or other ANTI belief that runs against such practice. I am not allowed to find easy ways and means to make money that are perfectly legal and CHOICE.

So typically I spoke yesterday on thinking I saw an out of Uniform Officer of the law-though in reality of course within any given population-I think Herefordshire has some 300,000 sized population-we can say well such things are a day-to-day occurrence. Especially for those who perhaps work in Supermarkets and other food like retail outlets-so REALITY then is that whilst boundaries are perhaps given within many a person’s working life as to what is Civilian and what is Business the reality is that some boundaries and so on are “ALWAYS HAZY”.

What does always hazy mean?

Well I spoke recently on Doctors and Nursing Professions taking Oaths of various descriptions and also as someone who has taken “First Aid” styled courses I to can be called upon to carry out First Aid irrespective of whether I regard myself as “ACTIVE” or otherwise. So I pretty much for several years was seemingly the only person within a working group (working Nights) who had gone through courses and could do first aid-though systems changed and managers and others began being asked to do such courses in the line of the position they held-believe it or otherwise many a person would promote that they would not want 1st aid from this that or the other person. So no matter what POSITIVE intention was given negative campaigns would continuously be carried out against those who put themselves forward. I eventually stepped back from such roles because I was no interested in the “POLITICKING” and very often “PERSONALITY” based nonsense that such JUDGEMENTS were being based on.

Likewise we use to pick-up Newspapers and read how OFF-DUTY so-and-so carried out this activity of calling in COLLEAGUES when they became AWARE of some illicit goings on within an Environment that they happened to be present in whether a Public House or a local Gym or Coffee Shop or whatever many a person within some CROSS-REALMS consider themselves to be the role and duty or service that they provide above and beyond the regular working hours “NORMALITY”. The same can be said for Actors and Actresses of course when you think about it-you may not be in some famous soap opera role or rehearsing Sid James’ Gas Lamp oil Changer that caused his prolonged unemployment within one Carry-on Film.

So there are those who consider themselves to be “The Role” anytime, anyplace, anywhere, Martini Man whilst others within some professions have BARS to acting in such a fashion. I am quite sure an Off-duty Lawyer for instance would tell you to make an appointment after handing you there card and appointment would likely come with its own set of charges-we all of course used to complain of bank letter charges and Lawyer Letter Charges often put the Banks into the Bargain Zone.

So Can there be instances where being the ROLE or indeed ACTIVITY or ENVIRONMENT work against yourself? This of course very often undiscovered until you are seeking to move on from a Role or Activity or Environment (for example). Reputation whether true or false can taint and damage many a person’s road to prosperity. Typical examples are where I work-when I was at school the place had REPUTATION and I think whilst HUGE amount of change has occurred in the 10 Years of my Employment (where many a reputation story would go unrecognised) you still in the broader World find that the IMAGE or REPUTATION exists above and beyond the physical working life REALITY that exists now.

So what can any person do or say when set-back after setback is seemingly simply down to “You are only as good as your last Employment” clearly you can simply demonstrate that such beliefs are true or false or go in completely differing direction whereby any Reputation issue is INVALIDATED because the REALMS are so differing or indeed disassociate from so-called Negative like influences and manipulations.

So if belief is everything you can either shrug of negative connotations that many a person wraps themselves up in as though part and parcel of who they are or you can EXPLORE IDEAS that go beyond the average people and persons in the Street awareness and knowledge set. This typically what many of the Technologies I recommend enable and allow peoples to do in generally a safe fashion. Likewise common or garden claims that get bandied about can also be demonstrated to be FALSE.

I was interestingly going to write an ARTICLE on the IDEA of CLOAK versus LENSE. We who have taken up some of the Modalities that I recommend generally have heard of the American so-called “LAW OF ATTRACTION” and Ask Receive Believe and indeed have learnt that you also potentially require taking some leaps of imagination or some SAVVY as to INTERPRETATION. I gave a tramp example though clearly here is Another One.

So we are SEEING reports on Crashed AIRPLANE and picture I have seen show a whole plain that is white with yellow and pink stripes on the tailfin. This was I think soon after followed by the National Scotland Football team wearing White Tops with yellow and pink stripes winning a Football Match. So conclusive proof that Scotland is responsible then David?

No of course not though such leaps or non-linear methods of INQUIRY can get you seeing those “RELATIONSHIPS” that you may otherwise disregard as “LA-DI-DA” like nonsense. Some perhaps wonder as to why I say La-Di-Da and that term is generally more neutral (I think) than some terms that are given over to some domains “Sexuality issues” & discriminations and so on. I also think the TRIGGER was perhaps from growing up watching Military Comedy “It Aint Half Hot Mum!” Windsor Davies yelling at his group of Theatre Troops and so on somewhere in the jungles of ASIA (we were led to believe).

So it can be difficult to explore many a topic or domain because most people in “PRIVATE” actually perpetuate “La-Di-Da” like belief systems. I as someone who mostly unplugged from watching TV and Film and Radio (where possible) came to see that many of the Entertainments whilst harmless are part and partial of many a person’s “PROBLEM” because there is often a failure to separate an understanding of PERFORMANCE and the day-to-day personality.

So many a young actor and actress continues within those realms and even high-light such cross-over issues (Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montanna) though how many times do we hear of FAN becoming upset when STAR in normal visiting pub mode refuses AUTOGRAPH or “SELFIE” or some such request from someone who recognises them in some fashion.

So living life in the public domain is in reality when you think about it something that we all perhaps do though likewise influence and manipulations and constant negative inspired campaigns do little to motivate some of us-because the AGENDA of those individuals carrying out such activities then becomes suspicious-should this that or other ACTIVITY be part and parcel of someone’s working life. Where have the manipulations and dictums from upon high negatively impacted your life because people are operating along IDEAS such-as “Ways and Means” of making someone’s life impossible in “Conspiracy” styled fashion as opposed to being of a mature mind-set and realising you do not have to buy into illicit and suspicious strategies when out of your own mouth very often can be heard emanating from Senior Personal such IDEAS as holding or having a belief as living life as transparently both internally and externally within the differing roles and so on that life can bring up. If you are open and honest and law-abiding outside of work then what might cause you to diverge from that model within work and can such things return to haunt you in the format of ill-health or other maladies and so on.

So lots of interesting things to think about-I mention that of course because many of us do believe ourselves to be law abiding across the various realms that we live and breath and conduct our lives in and so on and some of the Technologies do bring up SHOCKS as to non-linear strategies that are potentially in ESSENCE going against the good will model that we think we live by.

So no I am not saying you will be catapulted into doing anything illegal or illicit beyond what you yourself hold to be those things-and it is the wise person that knows to be able to form opinions and ways and means of staying on the appropriate side of Greater Realities-some seemingly as is demonstrated by all of us get so sucked into particular Roles that we cannot see the Woods for the Tree’s and so on.

So do we drown in pools of our own suffering or simply raise Threshold and Learn the more Prosperous Strategies and Patterns and Cycles and then live life in accordance with staying on the right side of the respective laws of the land and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉