Beware The Sunday Bells

So here I am once again taking time out to think about my currently set writing project-a recent on-line course session for the present course was given and likewise I have been haphazardly whizzing and zooming about all over the shop as to where I can best turn my own attention to writing something that I feel is of a publishable quality and indeed answers my QUESTIONS PAGE on the website and it might be suggested that Learning Strategies are perhaps providing a sequence of ways and means as to how such things can be accomplished-so once again I created that website and put it out there “so to speak” and then it can be stated that the “Law Of Attraction Principle” has been operated upon and that it is now in many ways upto myself to RECOGNISE that principle as being operated on and see what new developments and interactions as to learnings and teaching can be created and developed that are in accordance with these teachings and technologies I have been witnessing and playing around with and so on.

The problem of course is that you can have a steady life course irrespective of belief and regard yourself as having had great teachers and fantastic role models and still simply through unbeknown influences and manipulations and so on find yourself experiencing unnecessary suffering at any point or stage within your life. Typical examples are starting a new job and finding that the “JOB AS ADVERTISED” is exceptionally differing to how you interpreted the APPLICATION FORM.

Many of these things might of course be suggested as being down to one’s own personal motivation and understanding that few jobs descriptions are as they might implicitly state on a given form-we all of course perhaps have grown up accustomed to stereotypes and how we think and IMAGINE someone is going to be versus how they actually are.

I have had what I felt to be a successful interaction with my other Mastermind Group members and likewise as previously stated we all have very often a multitude of templates that we can or choose to overlay these what are effectively blank pages.

So one Mastermind group colleague wrote an email suggesting that she was worried as to getting some writing done a week or two back and I was very much well I am taking this course to learn some of those beginner type basics as to getting the DIRECTION I WANT going-so previously where this blog is perhaps commentating here and there I am now seeking to focus on one project. So I went to sleep after having stayed up for a long Saturday and receive in my email box an email from ”Worrier” including a respectable length write-up of a homework idea we were given-and David is blown away and thinking I will never be able to write at that sort of standard and quality, and likewise I read an Academical Styled Blog and both kind of leave myself wondering as to “HOW CAN I BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN what I have been writing for a couple of years and where I want my fiction to be based?

Any one has perhaps seen those DVD Easter Egg Type Extras “Making Of” and we often see within those programmes that the writers and creators of the show are very differing from how we might imagine them-I for instance in recent years of course have seen a lot of Dr Who (It being a favourite of Daughters when she has been visiting-and those kind of show are all DRAMATIC ACTION ACTION ACTION, and then you see the “MAKING SHOWS” and so on and they the creators are all perhaps reserved and articulate and know how they picture and want to see what they have crafted upon the big screen.

So as youngsters and indeed actors we are all of course ACTORS & ACTRESSES and I wanted to see if we can be those things and still be in alignment with the so-called Greater going on of it all in terms of Witnessing and the various teachings and learnings and redirecting someone such-as myself into the positive and rewarding beliefs and cycles and patterns and templates and so on. So the pressure having seen what my Mastermind Group can do is now seemingly ON. This perhaps the downside of my meditation-in rushing through many levels I was effectively in many ways removing many of the IDEAS that I might require for writing successfully-though having said that I prefer higher threshold and being able to think with clarity than otherwise-so yes the World is going topsy turvey in the News William Shatner unable to attend long time fellow actor Leaonard Nimoys funeral whilst Jehadi John felt hunted by the Security services-having done what he has done one wonders as to what his complaint is-did they speed up or accelerate his extremism or where such things going to come about at some point irrespective of what the rest of us would like to now occur.

The problem is of course that even when Hostages wearing Orange jumper suites can be located and so on the reality of rescue missions is not how we would necessarily picture them within movies-one you want hostages to survive to praise Hero’s (despite not knowing present health CONDITION and length of captivity) and likewise intelligence as to LOCATION and coordinated activities of differing Countries and services-such things of course occur at most levels of most countries and even many supposed Opponents work together on some issues to enable such things as rescue and so on to occur. That perhaps like middle-men negotiator Countries for clientele and allies whom are unable to be seen in direct talks (Due to present (Home Country) Political Issues).

So yes I have drifted from idea to idea though did think that the course itself potentially proffers all the INGREDIENTS of a typical common or garden THRILLER. People from all over the World are brought together for some course and you perhaps get journalists and agents and people simply intermingling and throwing up issues that may or may not have been apparent at the outset.

So in having had a successful beginning mastermind group meeting and having spoken with other group members I can now imagine as to what a STORYBOARD type thriller or comedy or how ever can be developed from going WITH stereotypes or indeed BREAKING THE MOULD of stereotypes-these things are of course all useful note taking exercises though I cannot given to much away on his blog hence my purchasing various ink pads and still writing with coloured inks on pads and doing protoreading styled mind mappings and so on.

Deadlines were repeated as being important and I can now see that my “JUST IN TIME” practice from my school days is not necessarily going to work-though I do however now have a couple of years of writing regularly under my belt where I can feel that I can at the very least bring an outline together, then a draft, and then hopefully as suggested previously the interaction of productive discussions with other group or team members will take the project forward.

That is enough for today though I will be writing further perhaps having been given some positive stimulus and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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