Who Is It That Desires & Wants & Directs Progress

Dear Dave

Please can you refrain from stating “David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom” on the “Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now” Facebook group page as you may well mislead people into thinking you are other than what you state you are and that is not the intention of the Learnings & Teachings



So I of course stated previously that I was somewhat OFF FACEBOOK due to long associated BULLYING & NONSENSE, peoples & persons organising campaigns against myself who themselves were non users-by that bullying egotists would get friends to SPY on all and any activity that I myself was carrying out and in effect the old Mtv Mantra came into effect “If You are not part of the Solution-then you are part of the problem!”.

So anyone can come into a NEW environment whether through working life or social life or HOWEVER and want to inquire and now something about some of the peoples and persons that they are SURROUNDED BY, and of course not have any “SUSPICIOUS INTENTION”, the downside of course for anyone who investigates myself is that potential we all have for being drawn into a WEB OF INTRIGUE.

It can of course be suggested that we all weave our own respective web of intrigue as to how we wish or desire the so-called EXTERNAL WORLD to see us and likewise through or via my own research and path I have found that a RETURN STYLED LOOP exists within the Noggin (brain hemispheres) as to the answering of questions in relation to various knowledge bases.

So typically I signed up for Photoreading Course and then “BELIEVED” the teaching that whether consciously or non-consciously the information was being taken in and I would in effect come to various realisations and awareness’ as to the answering of many a held BELIEF.

It can be suggested for instance that many an ACADEMICAL STYLE BOOK that I have read has questioning strategies and techniques and likewise as a former University Student I spend huge amount of time revisiting my study book that had been saved in a box within the attic-I revisiting them in the fashion of a Photoreader whereby a two or three dozen or more books that I had studied and taken days and weeks and months to plough through were revisited in an afternoon.

That of course might be regarded as the booby prize in the sense of not knowing what I actually want to do in the fashion and manner of Learner-how can I reshape and reform these teachings into the best possible usage available now. Likewise with the Photoreading course I turned attention to a multitude of other subject matters than those being recommended by the course-It might seem exceptionally STRANGE to some followers given the “LOW QUALITY” of this blog-though most of my thoughts and feelings and so on with regard to recommended READING lists were that they were possibly below a level that I felt comfortable reading. HAVING said THAT-I did go on to also read the recommended reading lists alongside my own preferred and chosen subject areas and so on-so typically I mention this because Sam Horn has given out a “Reading List” for the “Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now” course that others who are learning may want to also have a look at-hence I may well demonstrate my own republishing of the list here-all the book are I believe readily available and I have in fact myself read or been through one or two of them already or previously. I will of course WAIT to republish as the course is still within what might be REGARDED as the first round of sessions and we have yet to KNOW what feedback we can expect as to the BROADER AUDIENCES feedback on the reading list. By that it might be suggested as above that some peoples and persons have the STATISTICS and so on available and to-hand to KNOW where the respective AUDIENCE feels they are at in CHOICE of reading and learning materials.

So for every book on the given list-any of us could or can POTENTIALLY recommend choices of our own depended on our own respective ADVANCEMENT or LEVEL that we feel we are working AT-OR WITHIN.

I say that because I as an individual have to suggest that I TURNED my NOSE-UP at many a recommended list-though eventually opted with advancement to bring myself into greater alignment with the various course materials that I was recommended. So no rights no wrongs merely CHOICES and staying in the classical mould of meditative “Beginners Mind” is probably where this first entry-level course is GEARING People. So we have 7 sessions perhaps of this entry level course and respective FEEDBACK from this course can be USED by Learning Strategies to create FUTURE LEVELS or Modalities possibly with GUEST AUTHORS-interesting from my own perspective is that despite my saying it is ENTRY LEVEL that in fact my MASTERMIND GROUPING suggests that I myself am actually the apprentice of the group when it comes to many of these issues and matters.

So what would Dave like to see given that scenario? Well it is far too early to comment on Project Completion at this moment in time-though clearly I can say “Well I would like to see a well-crafted addendum” to the entry level perhaps for “writing in the fashion of” male audience, female audience, topical audience levels Science Fiction, Student, Thriller, Children, and so on.

The BIG ISSUE within my own writings has in many ways IDENTIFYING A NICHE that I can genuinely craft as my own style-so for instance I wrote “David, Hereford, England, United Kingdom” and to many a non-conscious the local comparison with the garrison pops up-whether desired or otherwise. So I of being a parent like to keep this blog predominantly CRISIS FREE and indeed free of what might be regarded by adult as more SALACIOUS type materials.

The problem then of course is how I can write potentially for a market sector that I am IGNORANT OF. Do I NEED OR REQUIRE “COMPARISON” when I can simply WRITE FOR MYSELF and then presume that in doing so I will find likeminded souls ready and willing to SHARE in such a writing for myself fashion and manner “PURCHASING” the respective material that I write.

Many of course HISTORICALLY were unhappy with myself because I brought up the subject of what I regarded as “THE GREAT LIE”. The great lie for myself being that any one all-encompassing IDEA exists that people can adopt as they’re own-do I still believe such things-well we are brought back to stepping stones and meditation awareness levels and research and many who take these kinds of courses very often FEEL and indeed THINK that they have accumulated the subject knowledge and simply want to get the information “out there” in some respectable learned or fashioned style.

I suggested that I have whizzed through a multitude of Journalistic type materials over the last couple of years and also that I have ploughed through a multitude of ARTS books and indeed most areas required-though really do feel that much of what is going on about us comes down to LENSES & FILTERS and opening up from being “to much in the story” to being able to be within and without the story. Many a CELEBRATORY can of course say WELL I AM THE STORY and that is why I produce and sell these goods and wears and teachings and learnings-the REWARDS are here for all to see in the clothes and fashions I have and the money in the bank I have and the car I drive and so on.

What I have not yet addressed is perhaps the very best quality of language to use as to how I feel and how I think and what can I LEARN from these other peoples and persons that I have not taken into account as also being on a similar road or journey-is ignorance bliss or do such phrases return to classical IDEAS of the him versus her model “All that she wants is another baby” and “He only wants one thing” so surely those common or garden realities for peoples and persons within the lower echelons of society are WHY some issues are not appropriately addressed when we are younger. Differing groups and cultures having differing attitudes and so on toward the body and relationships and Worldwide progress. I brought up the topic of “The Great Lie” because what has been handed down and crafted through the ages has become (In My Opinion) bastardized and sabotaged by particular groupings-that does not mean that I have to have war with such groupings so much as simply interact in ACCEPTING THE LAW of the LAND within any given environment that I find myself within. As a parent I believe and desire to PROTECT my daughter and likewise we see in the NEWS etc reports of well-known sex predators being locked up. The problem of course that in promoting CHOICE-others are only too willing to rush in and seemingly take our respective choice away. We all perhaps remember Leonard Nimoy and the classic Spock Quote “The Needs Of The Many, outweigh the needs of the one or the few” we can of course go into tapping routines and questioning “IS IT TRUE?” type modality. The big issue I think for men & women of course is this one of anyone seeking to stay single the suggestion means that you are not a proper man or not a proper woman or you must belong to this that or the other grouping-when in fact you can have any number of reasons from sickness and ill health and financial pressures to wanting to go it alone in many ways-some modality then teach well are you HAPPY in that or otherwise-I can say that being single and alone has not necessarily been a happy experience-though I will not enter into relationships that are brought about via any kind of EMOTIONAL REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY or desire to HIDE. It might be suggested that over the last few years in the United Kingdom we have seen pressure upon pressure applied from great height (Government and Corporate Employers etc.) causing people or forcing them into rushing into relationship or groups that they themselves may have thought twice about without such pressure. The Meditation knocks out many of those thoughts and feelings of need or requirement for other people and persons and likewise I would rather stay true to protecting my daughter and future interests than otherwise. Hence my own lack of fear of DEATH. WHAT CAN YOU THREATEN A DEAD PERSON WITH that they do not necessarily feel they have experienced already. We can kill all your wives and children in the fashion of King Herod cry out the slayers and EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILERS.

So IDENTITY & PERFORMANCE and ALIGNMENT with more aware people and seeking out people that have some level of realisations that we are on the same page or the same channel and can interact via SAFE practice and design our own lives accordingly. Many a computer game is quite simply a SIMULATION and when thinking about protection and security and training and so on we can come to realise that SIMULATION whether through day-to-day recording of experience and asking those “WHAT-IF” type questions can lead to break through and being able through repetition act on accordance with the AUTO-PILOT TRUSTING that you have the necessary SKILLS within your Arsenal to cope with any given scenario presented.

So David is seeking to formulate and bring his overall book IDEA into some STORY-ARC whereby each chapter or indeed scene within a chapter is a mini-like episode within the greater going on of it all.

The IDEA that you can converse-without any kind of scenario detail or likewise develop a SCENE and then drop people or persons into that environment. What would happen if I do this to that CHARACTER and this other character comes in and does this activity.

So many of the foundational learnings all seem to be about developing IDEAS to the point of successfully living a rewarding life whilst doing right by those that seek to do write by yourself and likewise understanding that no matter how far you believe yourself to have advanced the apprentice mind of questioning & curiosity is the AUTHORS FRIEND to be embraced and modelled and ah-ha’d.

Do not know why I have written a long one though things may become apparent in the coming day or two or indeed stay TOP SECRET due to wondering as to who is speaking from a position of choice and integrity and experience and who is merely muddying the waters of the greater truths.

When I were a lad I absolutely loved films such-as those found of GOD-LIKE figures looking down into the POOL and stirring the waters and defending they’re own chosen Sons & daughters and likewise demonstrating that in cause & effect terms you really can be better seeking to find LAUGHTER and COMEDY and HUMOUR as to INTER-GENERATIONAL LESSONS & LEARNINGS.

Am I an honest and naïve IDEALIST or do I know that whether I regard myself as being left of centre or as being right of centre politically you can in many ways simply throw yourself into those realms that INSPIRE and REWARD your own EFFORTS without over-indulging EXTREMISM.

Yes I have found over and over again that the very best ACTION comes bout via EXTREMIST PLOT DEVICES though likewise some of us irrespective of where we live would hope that we can gain and reframe or indeed refrain from plunging in where danger lurks in the most EXCELLENT OF ADVENTURES.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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