Another Bridge Over The River Wye

So I have of course referenced ideas such-as local to regional to national and international and likewise some may wonder what lies beyond and it can of course be noted that we have some so-called Stellar International Bodies that have been utilised or created through-out the last Century in the realm of HEALTH we have the World Health Organisation and they actually spend a great deal of time cataloguing and creating huge massive volumes of listing known diseases and bodily related IDEAS and so on-a job I held many years ago saw myself having to plough through such books and tomes and it was not a joyful experience as anyone who has ever encountered those books would likely tell you. We also of course have the World Trade Organisation and they were perhaps high-lighted via the Twin-Towers Incident that whilst still in many people’s minds and memories seems like a distant lifetime ago for those whom are a little older and likewise we have bodies such-as the United Nations that again are geared toward solving World-wide issues and disputes and so on-a recent blog I read tends to use the phrase or working name supranational democracy as a working title for some of these larger entities and of course anyone who witnesses and monitors worldwide events can seek to come into greater alignment with the respective titles and the mandates that each Supranational Entity represents whether merely through being a commentator or indeed understanding the stages of growth and the some of the underlying orchestration that all the various World Bodies have been going through as each generation seeks to add new tier levels to pre-existing systems and structures and organisations and so on.

Unsure as to why I have written all that though it is easier to go with where your mind is at than resist so to speak where your CLUE trails and investigative mind leads yourself.

Elsewhere I Have found myself thinking about Spring time in recent days-we are of course well aware that the World goes through cycles and patterns and any place or locality has its own seasonal variations we often becoming locked into understanding one set whilst being ignorant of more World-wide type themes and patterns-those fortunate enough to be Globe Trotters can perhaps enlighten the rest of us and indeed we can often see the Australian’s Surfing with Santa hats on down under whilst we ourselves in “dear old blighty” are shivering and so on. So in following patterns typial ones can be those of various nations CONQUESTS and History shows many, whether beginning with the Vikings of Scandinavia or the Romans of Italy or indeed any region about the globe can be demonstrated to have boosted or bolstered in some fashion news and gossip and trade and Turkey and the Ottoman Empire is similarly fashioned as are former Empires of China and Indian Cultures within or on the plains of the Americas both Northern and Southern.

So anyway yes my note taking is often in Twilight and in recent days we can state that some shift has brought us more into the British Season of Spring time-whereby my morning notes are occurring within what might be described as more daylight time-unsure when we change our respective clocks though I know it occurs both here in the UK and indeed on mainland Europe and elsewhere about the Globe-I think Science has gotten to the stage or point where dedicated atomic clock type ranges and frequency monitoring occurs and some choose to pay attention to such detail beyond the national curriculum whilst others flow with the curriculum.

What does that mean? Well I live in Hereford, England, United Kingdom and we are officially stated to be some eight minutes BEHIND London time though we still use the official GMT time and likewise most Nationalities abide by similar systems within given regions-the movement of the Earth and Moon and Planets and measuring and scales of GRAVITY are also taken into consideration hence so many of us becoming somewhat confused and so on during our respective childhoods.

Do we seek to over-analyse or simply follow ah-ha like clue trails to the fact that people make this up and then that up and suddenly some of us seemingly witness or experience the rug being pulled from beneath our feet when lifelong beliefs and values are brought into question.

Where else has my thought been drifting-well I found myself thinking about Lethal Weapon movies though starring Mel Gibson and I found myself thinking about The Italian Job “Your only supposed to blow the bloody doors off” Michael Caine version and Sean Connery’s James Bond classic Goldfinger.

I also found myself thinking about American Rockers Green-day and the song Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

So having these thoughts pop-up or Spring to mind I can either SHRUG shoulders or think hmmn what would that have been like if I took that plot and combined it with those characters or mix and blend of IDEAS. Again only in the early stages though having written them here I can once again go into CLUE trailing-Sean Connery of course Scottish and well known advocate of INDEPENDENCE as was Mel Gibson of Braveheart and The Passion of The Christ-likewise Michael Caine has a long and distinguished movie career spanning decades including famous quote from ZULU and indeed one of my favourite COMEDY’S starring with Steve Martin in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.

So we all strangely can flow with making fools of ourselves or indeed simply retreat into smaller enclaves of SCARCITY consciousness-I perhaps well known to have performed HUGE NUMBERS of retreating like activity because I was seemingly feeling unders-siege from all directions and angles and likewise wanted to pull the so-called DUVET up over my head and HYBERNATE through it all.

Likewise as I have progressed and followed the various Masters Disciplines and Teachings I really perhaps have cycled through so many differing patterns and indeed cyclic monitoring ideas that it is easy for anyone to say THERE STANDS A TRUE NUTJOB CONSPIRACY THEORIST of the first order.

However I do now feel somewhat better in myself than at any time for several years in many ways-again perhaps whilst knowing that deadline pressure has been bought about by present course-I have been following various disciplines and gaining and appreciating the present lack of negative styled personal abuse. Clearly it might be suggested that I performed a “FAMOUS FOR 15 Minutes” routine though likewise in staying in the background and continuing with regularly writing and getting the historical drama out of ones system has been highly beneficial to myself and likewise whilst I have not earned any real income via being an AFFILIATE of The Holosync Solution or indeed Learning Strategies I do feel that some friends and more neighbourly type peoples are out-there and it is just a matter of continuing in the fashion of earning and recording IDEAS and getting the being CONCURRENT questions going.

So it is easy for anyone of us from the outset to feel hugely DISADVANTAGED or indeed go into this that or the other mode though we can all of us feel as though a CORNER has been turned and leave many an issue where it belongs-I acted in this fashion based in an old or dilapidated belief set that present AWARENESS and KNOWLEDGE and so on no longer makes rational.

So we can be to much in thinking mode or potentially to much in meditation mode-I geared and whizzed and charged through meditation mode and likewise then gradually became more comfortable with the idea of FEEDBACK & RETURN styled issues in a more outside the story fashion or manner-that being that you cannot see the woods for the forest and so on.

Anyway I have some sleep to be getting so will leave myself wondering as to what aused myself to use the above title and indeed can I in using the various details within write-up come up with other further clues and interwoven ideas and weaves that I can utilise in positive and rewarding fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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