Cannot Confirm Nor Deny The Existence Of…

So One of the BEST EVER PLOT DEVICES invented is of course the above sentence because you are effectively placed in a position of potentially having to debate or defend things that you may know nothing off and for those with questioning minds and attitudes or those wanting to MIX things up a little nothing seems to work better.

The major problem can of course be that some kinds of secrets or operations are potentially guaranteed to bring out extremism, typical examples that we see high-lighted can be ALIENS, and ESPIONAGE type materials and effectively what any given Government is doing that is not all above board and can bring them potentially into DISPREPUTE. We see this over and over again where “DOUBLE-STANDARDS” are regarded as having been applied between differing parties and interpretation of PRESENTED EVIDENCE. Again we all know of course that STATISTICS are just RAW DATA and that anyone body or group of peoples and VESTED INTERESTS can seek to highlight detail and information in such a way as to boost self-interest at the possible cost to other parties.

This of course again when we return to Politics and Parliamentarians is carried out over and over again and simply acts as DISTRACTION to populations who could well be investing greater amount of time in personal development and growth so that you do not have to rely on these other POLITICIANS and so on.

It has perhaps been demonstrated over and over again that street kid has a talent at Sport or Acting or Singing and manages to do well and a few years down the LINE they then are seen to be part of some SECTORAL ESTABLISHMENT.

So the purveyors of the Technologies that I promote can be said to be operating within those sectors and marketable niches that they have created and established for themselves over a period of time and likewise that is where one of the most fundamental teachings comes or appears from the IDEA that real reality as opposed to conditioned reality is all about the WORLD AS WE KNOW IT being reffered or demonstrated as being “A ZERO SUM GAME”. Anyone can of course look the phrase up though again it is easy to make such claims and more difficult to demonstrate without having made some personal progress or however within where you as an individual want to make or establish some NICHE for you yourself and your IDEAS and TEACHNGS and LEARNINGS.

Likewise as History demonstrates a group of Greeks appear and becomes teachers in Philosophy and then such teachings spread throughout the Holy Roman Empire across Europe and as the World became more travelled and explored the same patterning’s and SYSTEMS OF PROGRESS began to develop, with groups establishing themselves as Teachers and then creating higher and higher levels of hierarchies within a given sector. We see this for Royalty, we see it with Church establishments, we see it with Civil Services and Governments and we see it with Armed Forces, we see it in the market places with the Butchers and Bakers and Candlestick Makers.

The problem then becomes for smaller start-ups and those of an entrepreneurial nature that if you have a good idea and want to go it alone that very likely larger players will charge in and grab a slice of the pie. We have seen this over and again where Large established supermarket type business’ use the size and scale to soak up other market places in ways and means that they can do simply through economies of scale and we have ALLEGEDLY also seen SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGIES not taken up simply because the market decides as to PROVIDORS and indeed COMPATIBITILY ISSUES. So many modern TECHNOLOGY Companies belong to overseeing body’s that actually encourage the development of compatibility and that is why we see so many gadgets and mobile devices all using similarly styled software and likewise it is well documented that there are very few large scale multi-national corporations that produce HARDWARE. So you could be using a Samsung mobile whilst a friend has an Apple and another friend has a Sony and when opened up and tracing the “BUILD” materials you will likely come to see that the RAW materials of many manufacturing facilities actually originate from very few Companies or indeed in some cases Countries when we look to the realms of Forestry and Logging and Oil and so on.

So it might them be suggested that many chains of supply and delivery can be reduced via cutting out middlemen here and middlemen there and that is indeed what happens over and again and likewise why they say that the Rich Grown Richer disparity GAPS between differing populaces.

Clearly then it can be in one’s own interest to seek like-minded individuals and establish an IDEA or BRAND or GROUPING that other peoples and other parties and willing and INCENTIVISED to spend a little time seeking some reward from.

I myself due perhaps in part to poverty and scarcity consciousness was when I first began investigating these Technologies seeking to find ways and means to generate cash without generating debt-though clearly we pick and choose as to where any debt can be paid. So the INVESTMENT when selecting TECHNOLOGY returns us to that IDEA that a short term investment NOW in a course or TEACHING will set us up in the longer term as to where we ourselves desire or want to create our own niche or field.

The problem for myself was that I kept finding that this is not working as well as it should-how can I improve and in doing that you might say I traced the Teaching Trail back to those products that I now promote. Clearly in many ways I am still demonstrating that I am operating from the wrong CRITERIA in the sense of still beyond looking to make a fast buck gambling or betting not having a viable long term IDEA as to BUSINESS and so on.

The other issue is of course INTEGRATING with others who are already AWARE though are not necessarily keen to let on that they are AWARE or knowledgeable on such things. So the simplest option can be to WATCH PATTERNS of BIG BUSINESS, though my own experience perhaps demonstrate that even those within any levels of the echelons of such business’ are just as unaware as everyone else is. That can of course be altered or changed to some degree-if you do as I did and say HEY YOU GUYZ in the fashion of that creature from the GOONIES-though my own experience suggests that you are setting yourself for many an undesirable battle in going for that option-especially as it might be suggested that each level I have stepped up has brought with it a differing set of realisations and so on with it.

So become part of some pre-existing structured establishment-though be warned you cannot guarantee that any such Company operates above board or that even if a company claims to that any given personnel within any level of said company does. That can of course be the issue with personal responsibility versus IDEAL responsibility.

The ITALIAN SEA CAPTAIN who was recently sent to jail (I think) for abandoning his ship when they were SHIPWRECKED. Had that happened in Britain or even the USA and other Nationalities the case would likely be drawn out and out forever and ever without the ACCOUNTABILITY FACTOR being INVOKED.

What do I mean by invoked-well many of us have or do sign up for work and jobs during our lifetimes where particular WORKING SECTOR established practices and ACCOUNTIBILITY and RESPONSIBILITY are HIGHLIGHTED as things to be aware of within a given PROFESSION or INDUSTRY. Typical examples are within the ENGINEERING realms where we are told that you can go to prison should something you design or create cause death that are above and beyond ACTS OR GOD OR TERRORISM. Did anyone who built and design and created the TWINTOWERS go to prison? Why not? They were clearly not Plane proof.

So that is a typical GREY AREA that some realms and Countries promote and ACT on ACCOUNTIBILTY whilst others merely nod head in agreement though are really only giving LIP SERVICE as though it is the kind of small print at the bottom of an insurance claim that we fail to note or is not “EVER LIKELY TO HAPPEN”.

The book perhaps recommended in relation to finance is “THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT” by a couple of American Gurus on such issues. I have also read those recommended by Warren Buffet and his selection again are demonstrated as works that have stood the test of time-he doesn’t say here read my book so much as go and see what you make of these books that I was recommended when starting out.

So are you in a WORLD WITH GREY AREAS and IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AREAS and so on. Yes I cannot confirm nor deny that everyone everywhere can swap and exchange opinions on just about every subject matter under the SUN though breakthroughs perhaps come for many of us when we SLOW DOWN and look at what our own INTENTION IS and what our own INCENTIVE is beyond the average conversational blending’s and reworking’s and so on that have occurred over and again.

So I the fiction realm at least I do think especially when it comes to SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY that having an I CANNOT CONFIRM NOR DENY…

Is something that can be used to created IDEAS that can be explored and followed to various conclusions whether inconclusive or otherwise. I cannot confirm nor deny that I have lived a life operating at one level of awareness and I now have a differing level of awareness that may or may not be the same as someone else whom I encounters level of awareness.

Yes blah blah blah indeed… though again I am thinking in characterization terms because I am thinking in Novel Character terms and some say go with the stereotype that has gone before and others say how can I change the game or where this present process stream leads in conclusion.

We are in real-world terms of course seeing something similar between America and Israel over the Iran Nuclear debate and the Israel position is do not allow them any materials that puts the Arab World on a Nuclear Footing given their established desire to remove Israel from the map. Likewise America is perhaps playing for time in the knowledge that we live in a progressive World and that some GIANT LEAP is perhaps required as to going from DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY USAGE to MANKIND SERVING TECHNOLOGY USAGE.

Will that leap become apparent in the NEXT 10 Years or are we once again just stalling or shoving the issue forward in space and time for someone else to have to pick up the pieces from. That perhaps an angle aimed at all politicians (all over the planet dictators and democracies and theocracies and anything established inbetween really) in many ways. We cannot do it we’ll let the next generation sort it out and in the mean time, I’ll take a few roles on the boards of a few companies and establish my future family a level of income from shareholdings and send them to the better schools and so on and so forth for all this hard work I have put in with “MY GANG” or group within this market sector and niche over here.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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