So I Have Some Excellent Notes

Made from the last day or two though likewise knowing where everyone’s attention is turning can become once again somewhat confusing. A typical example of this for instance is that those who have followed my suggestion to follow and relate al incoming information to a particular sport may well be at present thinking about Formula one that we are seeing gearing up for the start of the new season.

So what feedback or incoming information CAUSES confusion DAVID-well I have spoken previously as to racing Colours and how nationalities at one time were allocated particular Colours for national competition so typically we had British Racing Green and that colour is actually still used as a well known vehicular colouring among some brands and competitions, Formula one is merely one motorsport and we must also note others such-as rallying and so on.

Anyway likewise to our British Racing Green-Italy was allocated YELLOW and of course the most famous of brands FERRARI actually started out with yellow vehicles, and DAVID?

So this morning to confuse things even further we have famed “HERO” actor Harrison Ford crashing a YELLOW aeroplane onto a GOLF COURSE and of course those who follows clue trails will be if’ing and af’ing as to what such information might mean. Do I go with the present day colours of Ferrari famed red or think ah-ha but then of course CHINA in espionage realms is known as the YELLOW PERIL, so it really is no wonder that it can take so long to establish where you yourself want to pay any given attention.

I can of course state that recent note taking exercises have seen an INCREASE in particular areas in relation to motor vehicles or horseless carriages as they were once referred, so I am likely thinking yes everyone is gearing up for Formula one.

Clearly we all know that favourites are there to be scalped and likewise from a local military perspective I think we had a Chris Ryan “BIG YELLOW TAXI” moment during the events within one of those books. So in terms of learnings and teachings and likewise scalability, you simply write and write what you yourself see as you go about your own day-to-day life.

Why is that bird sticking out in my thoughts, what can I say about that litter or that person who passed myself in the park or that little child being scolded at the supermarket. You then can of course record such things and see how they may or may not related to regional or local news or National news or indeed supranational news and so on.

I have found that all meaning whether external or indeed internal is generally of a self-projected variety hence many a teachings suggesting that you focus your own energies and so on-on rewarding and uplifting ways of seeing Life the universe and everything.

Likewise I just found myself reading an article published on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page in relation to John Steinbeck and I think I have mentioned him at some point within this blog probably in relation to my usage of the STEIN linkages.

For those new to reading myself I have on occasion suggested that we are all in breeding terms something akin to the previous generations Frankenstein styled monster; not patchwork people so much as patchwork psychology of the resources we grew up in and around and so on. Whether via parent or societal or via other media’s and influences it can be easy to sail through life unaware as to greater goings on of it all or indeed likewise become something akin to Humpty Dumpty in having a great fall from Grace in some fashion.

Clearly it can be suggested that my usage of these mediation styled technologies was to clear or REINTERPRET the various teachings and learnings and influences that society and life in general had left myself with at a particular point in time.

So we can be overly BODILY CONSCIOUS and that can lead to SEXUAL INTERPRETATIONS of RESOURCES and so on or we can as I did explore the so-called separation of thought and body and interpretation there-off. That often what might be described as Enlightenment. The predominant teaching that you cannot have a coin or indeed yin yang symbol that is not represented by two-styles or faces and so on and likewise that is why IDEAS such-as saying EVERY ONE IS GOD (as I have on occasion) has to be explored beyond some of the most simple of traps.

One of the simplest exercises an of course be to think of such things as a global tree of life where by on a GLOBAL SCALE everyone is GOD however each EMPIRE that has been set up down through the generations is like an UMBRELLA that sits beneath the IDEA of everyone is GOD. And likewise when it rains we can see many people charging around with UMBRELLA in Hand and CLASHING UMBRELLAS via friction and so on. Very differing of course from those well-choreographed dancers and so on that we see within Olympic type events and crowd entertainment shows at breaks within various sporting fixtures.

So someone somewhere set up a business or indeed some Country’s agreed on umbrella like Organisations and directory tree like IDEAS run of via branches and twigs and so on-though it can be suggested that the tree itself continues to grow and whilst we think we can only make do with what we have or think about the World such things can be changed via learning better ways of interacting with the outside World and so on-even when we do not necessarily feel like it.

Returning to STEIN of course we also had EINSTEIN and some kinds of PIANO were famed for also being STEINAWAY so we can go forth and seek out NEW FRONTIERS in the fashion of Star Trek fans as to what can be achieved by us and our own teachings and learnings or we can simply constantly get drawn into issues and battles that do not serve us.

AS I have suggested and as many longer term folks know-even when you are feeling angry or hurt and so on you should note it and then see if some dictator or axe-wielding murderer shows up in the news somewhere local or indeed national or indeed international-the further I have continued in my own exploration as to such things the more I see my own patterns and cycles and how they relate with external patterns and cycles and instead of being ashamed or embarrassed by having what SOCIETY OFTEN REJECTS as unacceptable thoughts feelings and attitudes-you can learn modalities that enable you to release and let go of such issues.

At the same time as to whether you publish such things PRIVATELY or PUBLICALLY someone somewhere can likely potentially learn something or have an ah-ha like moment from your revealing such information.

Choice is choice of course and I as suggested have posted materials both publically and privately and then monitored World wide type events and instead of being NEGATIVE about such things have said well that POTENTIALLY explains that and how can I help those in other CROSS-REALMS such-as Police and Armed Forces and others charged with security issues to remedy a given CRISIS scenario or situation.

So step-by-step I have changed the way I think and feel and act in accordance with the various feedback and return type modalities that I have been researching and so on and so forth. Nothing is necessarily wrong nothing is necessarily right though we always have OPTIONS and CHOICE when we seek out others of a similar bearing who have also been looking for answers to some of the more dilemmas that the World can throw up at any given point in time. After releasing or changing our own patterns of course we can also be PRAGMATIC in passing such information to others. I have found with some teachings that I really have felt like I was going two steps back one step forward and reasons for that can perhaps be difficult to ascertain though over the LONGER HAUL I have found in terms of FEELINGS and THOUGHTS and so on that things are far better in the sense of not getting drawn into CONFUSION AND CONFLICT by people who whether through work or lack of awareness of displaying those exact same behaviours that were characteristic of myself.

So we can go from frustration and annoyance and I want to scream and however any one given individual thinks to more rewarding ways of going about things. Of course some say fight and fight and fight-though as suggested by anyone who has ever read as many writing type books as I have-many suggest that there are only so many plots that exist in the World and in truth I agree in many ways-we do not need many of them beyond learning how to steer or NAVIGATE such things in such a manner that all who we encounter are able to take some rewarding information out of what we are sharing or not sharing.

So like many lads I have done the angry young man thing and likewise have done the channel such thoughts and feelings into rewarding activities such-as SPORTS though likewise in JOURNALLING AND KEEPING A DIARY you can come to enhance your abilities over and over again when you learn how to SEE THROUGH all the various temptations and distactions that the World seemingly places as obstacles along our own life paths. So again that demonstrates perhaps that we can think of ourselves as part of Communities or indeed retreat from conflict and confusion until we feel best placed to actually genuinely see the ADVANTAGES that some disciplines and learnings can bring.

I find it interesting actually that probably one of the few Paraliminals that I have not got-is in fact that of SELF-DISCIPLINE and I mention that because self-discipline was mentioned in the Steinbeck article. I think it is sometimes assumed (speculated) that I do not write every day for a reason when in fact I do right pretty much each and everyday even if those notes and so on are not being uploaded to an on-line blog or the cloud or some artificially intelligent SKYNET as Terminator was operated from.

So that is another fifteen hundred or so words of yada-yada-yada and I once again have an early Friday so will perhaps take the opportunity to write private notes at another more sensible time-I perhaps needing some shut-eye between now and going through the ever so misery enducing eat-sleep-work repeat. We did of course at one time have that song about GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, well I think blokes do to and it is quite sad that many a society refuses or pigeonholes in negative fashion strange connotations that do not necessarily match what the person speaking any given words means. Yes fun can be drinking and socialising and following sports and being a fan of this activity or that activity or putting yourself “in the zone” as a meditator or any number of things beyond idiocy of interpretation. We can of course be our own worst enemies though again we are often told to embrace and love or take the idea and run with it-you just never know where it might take you.

Get well soon Mr Harrison Ford

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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