So What Nonsense Stories Are Grabbing Your Attention

Well we all of course have choice as to what we choose to read or not read and likewise once you start monitoring various realms it can be difficult to not stop returning in some fashion “just in case” you are missing out on some important news or headline. Again the further I have progressed with many things the more I have found a good remedy for many a person’s complaint of the World that we live in is to simply go COLD TURKEY and stop-declaring no more thank you very much and so on.

Yes easier said than done of course because of all the DOUBLE-BINDS the double bind being this idea that I need the feedback in some fashion in order to plan my next sequence of approach to this activity.

So 1 style of POTENTIAL self-sabotage can be the withdrawal type steps that I am known to have taken on many fronts-though having said that it can also be stated that it can be better to withdraw and be your own SELF-IDENTITY and PERSONALITY than be forced by continuous bombardment into IDEAS that you personally do not relate to in any way shape or form.

Anyway since having my PAD device gadget over the last couple of years I have found myself viewing or witnessing a greater VARIETY of resources in the sense that it is set up to COLLATE high-lighted stories from a range of media outlets. So at one time you may have regarded yourself as someone who only watches the BBC and reads the Times or indeed someone who watches SKY and only reads The Sun and so on-though greater and greater levels of DIVERSITY are available to confuse and contradict and so on and so on-however it can also be stated that many a Corporate MEDIA outlet in the UK is actually fairly harmless or generally broad enough in scope to appeal to wide audiences. Likewise the growth of blogging and Youtube and Facebook has seen a rapid INCREASE in so called NEGATIVE styled behaviours-yes it can be stated they have always been there-though likewise society via established herd like agreement generally abided by AWARENESS of what is regarded as right and wrong.

The growth of Facebook and some outlets has led to greater levels of EXTREMISM and ABUSES and so on hence we seeing greater reported levels of Societal like MELTDOWN and all the rest of these things. So why do I comment on that-well one article I found within my SELECTION box was one in which some female TELEGRAPH correspondent had stated that the SPY SERVICES and NETWORKS should recruit more women to the ranks prior to listing age-old “STEREOTYPES” of middle-aged middle-class sexist pigs and so on. The article was quite interesting in the sense of listing a multitude of reasons as to why Women make better spies and I do or can in many ways agree-women and possibly paedophile heterophobic types have an easier time in Society greasing mode than your average male bloke on the street. However I of course regard the TELEGRAPH as a TORY Paper and they would not be offended if I said two words as to reason against her presented case MARGARET THATCHER.

Of course in reality when we look at the breakdown Women have in fact ruled at the higher Governmental Levels of such services so then the real issue is perhaps that one of being appointed from upon high versus working your way up and it can in many organisations be demonstrated that it is not just women who can feel hard done by. You can have gone to the wrong schools be the wrong colour or sexuality or support the wrong football or cricket team and so on.

I personally within my own REALM monitoring and so on find it interesting that she stated that she could read SATELLITE imagery and indeed predominantly gave a list of all the CHECKING and SPYING that an average housewife carries out on husband and children and friends and family alike. Given the already overloaded amount of spying they already do is it no wonder that they are not applying for the official positions-likewise I can say that whilst we always revert to STEREOTYPICAL characterizations in book and film as to how people are supposed to be and look and so on I am quite sure that MANY OPERATIVES within all realms and at all LEVELS of society can pass under your average SNOOPERS RADAR and that those people already I personally believe include a fair amount of female operatives. The downside perhaps as to those ISSUES of going beyond the CALL OF DUTY.

It was not that long ago that we saw some Officer having married some women belonging to some sect he had INFILTRATED suing for damages and so on. Is marrying someone in the call of duty beyond what most operatives would do? I think I spoke or JOKED previously that I myself would make a lousy spy since you really probably do have to use all and any means available and clearly in FICTIONAL realms at least we are always given the so-called FATAL ATTRACTION styled traps and so on.

That is of course also how many journalistic Stories have appeared catching out MPS and Lords and Lady Dignitaries taking back-handers from third parties and those ACTIVITIES whether OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED or otherwise might be suggested as all being part and parcel of those Worlds that we often get drawn into via the MOVIES. Most of us blokes grew up watching James Bond type figures and I do seem to recall that even in that FICTIONAL realm the HEAD of DEPARTMENT M position was given to a woman. Clearly though we all know in most realms that everyone can demonstrate the difference between a TELEVISED FICTION and a real life REALITY.

This once again perhaps comes down to this IDEA of MODELLING in that we grew up modelling the World about us and then chose professions and sort work or otherwise and relationships and generally when you think about many schooling and society type issues life does throw up many a real life generic BLENDER. Clearly I do still have to relate to the immediate WORLD I INHABIT though likewise have as I progress in meditation found that everything has been fashioned that we have greater choice in stepping back or out of MODELLING MODE and into separating our own MODELS into QUANTIFIABLE or MEASURABLE areas that may or may not require making some ADAPTIONS to.

I recently mentioned saying HEY YOU GUYZ to other peoples and persons and then finding myself under an even greater level of abuse than I had already been experiencing up until that point. Though likewise gradually many a person also find themselves drawn into exploring the various MODELS and programmes and realising for themselves that we could all benefit each other from reinterpreting all that was being said and spoken and so on without necessarily having to CHANGE our personality all that big a deal. I think that one of the BIG FEARS many a person has is that this is going to change you beyond who you previously thought you were or how the World is. I would say that you can stay exactly the same in many ways as many people have though likewise if you have a rotten fruit in one hand and a decent fruit in the other which direction is going to be more APPETIZING-that again perhaps takes myself back to INCENTIVISATION and where I have suggested fruit in HANDS as like those STATUES OF LAW acting as blindfolded scales you can of course CHANGE what is being HELD to any other number of PREFERABLE substances.

Again I think we have to return to that IDEA that MONEY for goods and services is regarded as a GRATITUDE or APPRECIATION for providing someone with something that they want and also that MONEY is in fact NOTIONAL and does not generally exist beyond some NOTIONAL CONSTITUTED WORTH that we give something an invested value in. The bank of England for instance PRODUCE CURRENCY as a GENERIC POPUARLY USED for of exchange of GOODS-so in fact MONEY can in many ways be regarded as THE MIDDLE-MAN.

Hence people doing FAVOURS for each other. I will cut your lawn with my lawnmower if you cut my hedge with your hedge trimmer. That is a BARTERED exchange of Time just as the exchange of a common currency can be considered as some value quoted time value exchange. So I will cut your lawn and you pay five pounds and you can cut my hedge and I will pay five pounds.

The problem of course is that some peoples are REASONABLE in understanding the IDEA of bartering and the ability to cut out currencies whilst others are (as I myself have been) overly OBSESSED with currency in the bank. Again at the end of the day it is easy to CRITICISE and often harder or more difficult to come to terms with realizations that life-long held beliefs and so on can change the playing field to such a degree that you really do not require warring on all fronts and defending ideas that you have been given the IMPRESSION are absolute values when in fact they might well be regarded as MOVING TARGET.

We have all perhaps heard ideas that the World does not stop turning just because any given individual wants it to be otherwise to how it is and likewise as I have progressed and altered alignment in accordance with more HIGHER LEVEL attenuations and so on the easier it has become to simply not get drawn into conflict so much as go ah-ha I will note that this person is at odds with myself and then see what is happening in the Wider World or however at this point in yearly cycles and patterns.

So where once I may have pointed FINGERS at some folks for continuance of particular Health Threatening behaviours I can now see that very often group psychosis was potentially responsible-hence encouraging a WISER GROUP mentality among any given population can be the way forward and I think that occurred in multiple respects within my own working life-though likewise some strangely always look to target the external World rather than deal with what is going on within themselves.

So returning to the Modelling Theme we can of course see a separation between what we want to Model versus that which we do not. For instance I grew up a FAN of Heterophobic Singer’s such-as Elton John and Freddie Mercury and a number of other singers from such groupings and whilst it might encourage myself to improve my model of PUB SINGING VOICE, I wold not necessarily want to embrace ever absolute detail of such a characters lifestyle and the same can be said for heterosexual models within film and TV and media also as well as sports peoples and persons and likewise when you progress with a number of these teachings and SOLUTIONS you can come to realise that EXTREMISM can come from within and without and you really can be better of not getting drawn into some UNWINNABLE PSYCHOLOGICAL wars. I can let those peoples and persons have that lifestyle and be non-plussed because it will not change myself from this PREFERRED lifestyle model that I have developed for myself.

So that again perhaps related to the raising of Threshold and even with the raising Threshold materials I have found that swings and roundabouts exist in the sense of the peeling back of layer upon layer of issues and previously unexplored DETAIL. So you clear one issue and then it reappears and you clear it again and it reappears and so on-though do not despair-as very often eventually you do or can genuinely get clear of some issues after may or may not have affected you personally more than a neighbour or some other person you hear being reported upon. The follow me I will save you remedy that many a celebrity works along can work though my own experience suggests that most of us are merely piling IDEAS of rewarding lifestyles and materialism and good health on top of what is already there-and what is already there is what often creeps up and bites our respective asses so to speak. So yes want to be successful celebrity and so on though clearing wise do not be surprised if you keep finding repetitions of some issues crop up over and over. I have found that to be true with a number of issues though again have found a GRADUAL SHIFT as various dotted about the hemispheres between the ears issues have been brought to light. Again one possibly problem was that I was clearing and piling more in at the same time though it might be suggested that the way in which you put information in and take information out can be modified above and beyond what any of us managed during our time in the womb or non-conscious early child hood and so on.

So everything can often be reduced simply because so many over and over again repetitions exist though likewise it is personal choice as to recognising our own CAUSE AND EFFECT and likewise seeking to POTENTIALLY change or adapt FILTERS & LENSES with our new learnings-I KNEW THAT cry out the multitude of EXPERTS.

RECRUITS Wanted for a top secret supranational alliance of peoples and persons who do not exist-you will be contacted or approached or discover for yourself in a time and place of your own choosing what your own particular contribution and mission is going to be.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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