So of course I can state in absolute all honesty that I have pre-ordered The New Science of Super-Awareness: How Changing Your Brain Can Create Astonishing Levels Of Awareness, Willpower, Happiness, Emotional Resilience, Creativity,… Motivation, Flow and Focused Achievement (by Bill Harris) that is apparently being published on 17th March 2015.

Some may wonder as to what he can publish that many of us did not already learn within the couple of years of my interacting with himself and various inner circles and so on and in all honesty I think or SUSPECT that a great deal of knowledge and awareness and so on was not revealed from those interactions-the various emails from all the subsidiaries and other Companies suggest that any of us could do with a booster shot or indeed upgrade to where Science and Industry and so on has brought all the respective guidance to NOW.

Yes so where else-well I did of course speak recently on YELLOW and only mentioned a few typical clues-I later thought well the older Generation might think of the Beatles and YELLOW SUBMARINE whilst a younger Generation might think of Coldplay and Yellow or indeed many of us may look up at that Object that we are said to be circling about the Sky and of course the famous English Breakfast Table Boiled Egg or indeed FRIED EGG. Likewise another kind of typical story I recall from childhood was of course that classroom scene of some baby chicks being brought into the classroom for us all to see-all strangely yellow and fluffy and cute-so that perhaps one of those EXPORTS that has never gone out of fashion and not to be confused with Tweety Pie whom I believe to have represented a Canary much like miners used to take down mineshafts to ensure that the atmosphere was breathable and so on for the workers eating there foreign imported Bananas on break time.

What else well of course sports wise every nation has favourites and all coins have coinsides hence my repetition of suggesting and following one-by-one until you become FAMILIAR so to speak with your own sequence of note taking feedback and the identifiable patterns and knowledge therein contained.

What else-well I listened once again to the Course Lectures for Write Well, Write Fast Write Now, though can perhaps still feel a little uneasy or disallusioned as to feedback though again that perhaps everyone using more mainstream Facebook that predominantly I walked away from and likewise I did get one or two positive interaction going on the Mastermind Group Course Facebook page though likewise given how many a regular (follower of myself) knows that my Blog BLOWS HOT & COLD it is perhaps no wonder.

Though that is potentially one of those teachings that we often fail to face up to or indeed think we are facing though misinterpret or however. What else well clearly some thoughts and feelings and where we place our focus and intention are regarded as more newsworthy than others though likewise I have repeatedly said I am happy to help in cross-realm terms anyone who simply wants to follow a regular blogger though likewise I really do have to get my head down and start perhaps designing and writing a proper sellable book that will astound and excite with drama and believable actions and counter-actions and Did You Know styled thought provoking dimensions that have not been explored for many a person.

Yes I keep starting with the best of intention to continue in one particular vein or stream and then stop and turn attention else where-I did in fact mention this within my own mastermind mini-conference and was guided to the possibility of simply creating that type of book. So who knows rather than one great all-encompassing Novel I could rework into a group of short stories or even inter-related short stories. That of course potentially in the manner and style that many historical writers began. We often start out reading comics when young and each comic was either a standalone story of the Adventures of Character or likewise an overall arc was followed for multiple comics over several weeks. Clearly then in note taking terms we can come to see those child hood lessons in clearer levels of clarity than we may have experienced for any given reasons for a number of years though likewise I think I am just going to once again open up the BIG PAD that had stayed shut for the last month and once again see if I can continue with a project I started and was then distracted from. Or indeed use the available space to scribble new IDEAS down. My big pad is differing from the small daily note taking pads and indeed I also need potentially to order some more of those.

Yes having greater outgoings than incomings is not a happy position to be in though likewise separating truth, fact and fiction out cannot necessarily be carried out overnight irrespective of some of the overwhelm that some circumstance can bring about even in the most stoical among us.

Yes the headlines seemingly are all about extremists here extremists there extremists almost everywhere though likewise one does not have to look to far for anyone operating from some potentially extremist dynamic given the stages of personal development we go though.

All to easy to think I am through the worst and then turn on the TV and RADIO or some other media related devise and find even more issues that you cannot cope of deal with. Easier to say well if you had faced up to this responsibility or that responsibility though many of us have in reality WINGED our lives on various wing-and-a-prayer type attitudes and behaviours anyway. Some do claim otherwise though given the generation learnings and handing downs of various teachings and knowledge have successfully seemingly completely avoided all uncovering my many an average Mr or Ms Public.

So is understanding any given cross-realm dynamic an absolute must or is waiting for someone else to step in and save the day an absolute must or is going with the wing and a prayer until it fails optimum. I think the do what works until otherwise generally works for many people-though how much any given individual thinks they are somehow SAFE from some issues is one of those that most HAUNTS people.

Yes I am thinking about the IDEA of ghosts once again also for some reason maybe because I convinced myself in many ways that accumulated wealth of knowledge is akin to being full of ghosts and likewise from the investigative point of perspective I really do need progress within my understanding of the teachings. Many of us still regard ourselves as lifelong young people whilst each generation dislikes or rejects teachings of those before in some fashion though in many ways my generation of the late 80’s and 90’s was perhaps one of a populace with little to genuinely complain or rebel against by the time of really getting into our respective strides and so on.

Yes 2 posts in a day and all meaning of how you think feel and act is always of course in part of the recipient of knowledge though likewise I have found such activity as to postings do relate to other materials published on other occasions or in other realms of activity.

Thank you for reading ,God Bless and Be Well 😉

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