Send A Message Out Across The Sky

This of course the lyric from some TV show from the youth and I think performed by Brian May of legendary Queen Guitarist fame they strangely doing ever so well during the Thatcher Years. I brought up the name of course and now see this morning a new book has been researched and produced as to the GOD aspect of her power base and beliefs. The review is actually rather tempting and I may make a purchase at some point-though the brief summary given was that she did have a belief in SERVITUDE to GOD and so on much in the same way as Ronald Raygun did in the USA though in the USA a belief in the POWER or WORK or GOD coming through you and so on is still STRONG whilst Margaret Thatcher was herself regarded as strong many of her calculations and group’s IDEOLOGICAL CALCULATIONS were said to not add up-what does that mean-well she thought that in empowering the shopkeeper and encouraging Business that it would lead to greater GIVING BACK from among those accumulating Wealth though all statisticians and historians and economical type Gurus and Wizards suggest that people predominantly bought into the so-called WALL STREET “GREED IS GOOD” coin side whilst ignoring any IDEA as to responsibility and “GIVING BACK” and so on. I can state at this point that it is an area that has once again been explored by various experts and an interesting one for those interested in Hypnosis Stars and the Paul Mckenna styled teaching would probably be interested to know that he actually teaches within one or two of his own courses and books this IDEA that he was called upon by many FAMOUS PERSONALITIES who had achieved fame fortune and everything that goes with it-and they were asking him for ways and means to overcome UNHAPPYNESS.

So that again perhaps relates to my recent PREPOSITION or ARGUMENT that we are often piling lots of reward &selfish greed, me, me, me, look how good looking and rich and wealthy I am on top of SYSTEMS and PROCESSES that we may well have inherited down our generational tree or growing up model or indeed buying into one ideological theory of “MY GENERATION” such-as “Thatcherism” or “Blairism” and personality “CULT” & “IDOL” CULTS and so on where the FUTURE THREAD has not been explored beyond one-frame of ideological reference.

So experts then are perhaps there to take teachings and learnings from in chunk sized bites though not absolutely guarantee for any individual of future reward and success-likewise many of us SUFFERED ILL HEALTH conditions of this that or the other and those things for many have gradually changed or been reinterpreted much like having an EYE SEE THE LIGHT moment though clearly for every one of us who lets go of old means and ways of seeing the World others come along who are still rigidly sticking to FAILED ways of operating. That perhaps comes about through the most simple of practices of SHARING and continuing to SHARE in ways and means that are perhaps INCLUSIVE of other factions and GROUPS and other peoples ideologies and so on-of course we do have to have some boundaries and likewise I have seen NEW reports speak of BRITISH VALUES for BRITISH PEOPLE.

So I personally have little argument against that in and of itself-however as the father (for instance) of a mixed race child also of British Parentage where do we draw the boundaries & lines as to what are British Values. We do of course have a long and Great and Noble History or Conquest and many cultures who have arrived on our SHORES over the years have been SHOCKED at how UNBRITISH Britain is compared to former Colonial Countries who are very often still able to operate from values and beliefs of a more CIVILIZED TIME. Likewise we all of course know that we are not a Nation of Double-Decker Buses and Pheasant Hunting and Mr Beans though how are other CULTURES supposed to know these things when many INTERNATIONAL PRESENTATION of BRITAIN is pure Central London that is itself nothing like many a Constituency about our Green and Pleasant Land.

So what else can I speak on well I did note a comment recommending a BOUNCEBACK plugin for WordPress though I was potentially more drawn to the ARTICLE that the comment had been made upon. It was one in which I had complained at my IMPATIENCE as to having to WAIT for multiple PRE-ORDER books to arrive on my KINDLE EMULATOR.

One of which I believe was related to the IDEA of SOUL SIGNATURE and I mentioned another historical book within my Collection entitled THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS and likewise since that time period I think I have also read other books such-as THE SIGNATURE IN THE CELL.

So interesting collective of materials I have related to SIGNATURE and I may or may not have said so before though will do so now that given the gradual shift I have experienced toward NURTURE within the “NATURE Vs NURTURE” debate-perhaps I could be guiding folks to IDEAS such as SIGNURTURE.

So how can I form and shape the World in a positive rewarding and uplifting fashion toward being an INTEGRATIVE SYSTEM OF SATELLITE SIGNURTURE CELLS. What would I highlight as being the most productive of activities with regard to such putting it out-there IDEALS, can a band of mutually rewarding principles and processes be brought together into a more COHESIVE SYSTEM of CROSS-REALM operations where everyone is able to operate from a CENTRED position of interaction and SHARED KNOWLEDGE BASES and so on.

I think that step-by-step formulas and systems have been demonstrated as suddenly switching into ideal scenes and scenarios when we most need them-though likewise the feedback and return or bounce back system potentially requires further developmental guidance as the multi-dimensional multi-layered models can within or without themselves at times lead into levels of crisis and confusion and undesirable conflict.

So typical training that can kick in when most needed is or can be (for instance) the inner COMPASS, by that anyone who has held a compass in hand and carried out WALKING about any local locality can in theory become so well-versed in such practice that you are able to TRANSPOSE such DIRECTIONING SYSTEMS across all realms and WORLD-MAPPING SYSTEMS that you find yourself experiencing. We do of course have EXTERNAL satellite navigation system and I spoke of my learning how to write software for ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIENCE SYSTEMS whilst at University so IDEAS such as

WALKING IN THE SHOES AND FOOTSTEPS OF [Insert Author] can come on-line when you most need and require such systems and operational abilities to kick-in. The RESISTANCE comes about perhaps in that we do not always know what we are looking for when we start or begin such activities-so knowing who or what we can learn from any given encounter or otherwise and seeking CLUES as to how we ourselves can become more productive in WRITING AND SETTING and own life INTENTION and MODEL and so on is questionable. Why do I say that-well I did indeed have to fill out an on-line form for the WRITE WELL, WRITE FAST, WRITE NOW course though in retrospect-feel that I may not have written or created a BEST EXAMPLE given present level of awareness and knowledge and so on.

So is it possible for David to change what he himself wrote and committed to the W5 form and indeed given my desire to move on from ADVERSITY however much some promote CONFLICT as good-what am I procrastinating about now.

Yes maybe many a confusion is brought about by teachings such-as PRE-CONSCIOUS PROCESSING. Whilst it makes good sense to actively participate in experimental simulations of various strategies and so on-I have moved on from some beliefs and practices that do not serve myself well and likewise teach the idea as keeping open all available options-what causes shut-down (for any given individual) can of course be deliberated over and over again though that is not in itself all that rewarding because it can maintain a STATUS QUO that we may or may no longer feel is appropriate to the age or stage of life that we are at or in.

Anyway enough meanderings for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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