Computer Says No

So I set out this morning to the corner shop to grab a few items and as always rubberneck left right and centre to see what I can see. Yep pretty normal all round he says though upon arrival at the shop I grabbe desired items and went to the counter to pay. Insert bank card “You’re card has been declined” what? So assistant invites myself to use the convenient ATM within the shop-I have a quick think and then DECLINE. Not revenge so much as knowing that those machines charge money for taking money out that a percentage of then goes to shopkeeper. I also recalled some colleague saying their had been issues with work payment although I was informed soon after that it had been corrected. So I say I’ll leave the goods and check on-line. I get home and go to convenient though rarely used on-line account and indeed wages according to bank on-line system computer are indeed within my account. So clearly perhaps some computer communication error has occurred many a system updates every so many hours during a given time period. I had become concerned that some automated bill payments would not be paid upon hearing my card was declined and likewise those too had appeared to have occurred so do I or do I not have money-that is the question?

As I digression, am I the only one who has a bank that seemingly re-orders in-goings and out-goings in their own favour? What do I mean? Well sometimes I pay on a card on a Wednesday at some store and then it appears on the Wednesday and on other occasions it appears on the Thursday or Friday and likewise some pre-arranged Friday payments are sometimes shown as going out before wage payment has cleared causing myself a BANKING CHARGE even though it is often seemingly caused by clock-timings and communications between the differing systems. All the shop with on-line payment systems very often are operating via a shared banking computer clearing system and likewise whilst some banks claim up-to-the-minute information other systems are seemingly less realiable-especially when one or other company has internal systems breakdown or shutting for upgrades and so on.

So lots of in-built hazards from Companies that should know better causing so-called “pet” annoyances for those without the raised Threshold or indeed even with Threshold though at least we can be more clear headed as to reinterpreting such things. What do I mean?

Well it has been a very interesting week news wise and whilst I have not written a public blog some news has been cause for concern. Today we could have been reading and singing Hitler classic FARAGE HAS ONLY GOT ONE … though likewise many a headline apparently grabbed by Mr Clarkson Shoes or whatever Jezza is know as to people who do not know what he is really like. Actually if any of us had been getting hot and sweaty long hours driving around and yacking at cameras we too would probably fancy a steak meal and a pint at the end of the day. So at most he is perhaps guilty of letting of steam-though clearly it is up to the Producer or whoever as to how they themselves feel as to being on the receiving end of such outbursts. Again Familiarity versus Otherwise or indeed public versus private IMAGE.

Elsewhere I would like to also say Rest In Peace to Fantasy Discworld Author Terry Pratchett whose book series I did read quite a lot of at one or other time during my life-the series perhaps far removed from humanity as is possible though likewise that style of imagining enabled exceptionally well embellished caricature of many a well known stereo type or indeed beaming public servants and dignitaries and indeed offered common or garden anti-hero styled characters that us lesser mortals could potentially relate better to than many a “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM” kind of personality.

Elsewhere it is to be applauded that a Service was held at St Pauls and attended by many Dignitaries from Royalty and Parliamentarians and service personnel down in Honour of those who served in Afghanistan. I think I have spoken on that region as to language and latin and so on previously though likewise differing people have differing interpretative desires and wants as to understandings of PATTERNS & CYCLES and where they fit in with such issues that are of course for many still ongoing.

What else-well we still hearing about Greece playing for time though I think Sandy and Travolta are way passed being let go as idols and likewise we are once again hearing about the Soviet invasion of the UKRAINE again history wise it is worth being aware of what I described as a compass or clockface template over that region of the black sea (I think) so lots of little indicators and all meaning is of course in the head of the mind of the beholder. Interesting of course that Ukraine is frontline bordering Russia and likewise many of those immediate border Countries are not part of Protective groupings such-as NATO. Likewise closer to home we have once again been hearing about the requirement for more housing-the issue between So-called Brownfield sites (former railway and Army sites and retailer sites that can be reused and so on versus the Greenbelt protected land areas. Of course every year we here that green belt infringement is a creeping menace at least until the folks in such locations have managed to move. I have also seen an increase in builders Merchant type industries about my travels and children story wise the easiest perhaps the 3 Little Pigs straw house Wooden House and Brick House, not too disimmilar from Wizard of Oz, straw man, metal man, and Lion man or however they are described.

I put that in because many of the REDUCTIONIST teaching seem to come down to 3 types of personality stereotypes especially when it comes to DEBATING personalities and so on. So multitudes of Scientifically Measured Imperialistic studies and doctrines have been created to suggest far more depth and scale of many of these things though just as study of BOOKS often reduce PLOT to very few in number the same can be said for both male and female peoples and persons. Every one or many people reject this pigeon hole over here in favour of this other one over there-though I really have found in doing both bottom up and top-down research that many things once again equalise or EVEN out as to INTERPRETATION.

So clearing wise I rushed MEDITATION and was happy to be shot of many a long accumulated TRAUMA and likewise I found myself putting gsome new stuff in though perhaps from a position of being consciously aware-something we did not have when newborns and so on. I thing I mentioned Spring proper last week and clearly many an associative link such-as spring-cleaning comes to mind. Some “old wives” tales and patterns and cycles exist because they arecloser to the truth than many would like to admit though likewise some subjects as many know are not worth returning to debate about unless you are doing so from an INFORMED or aware or KNOWLEDGABLE position. Many of us go through life blindfolded though thinking we are informed aware and knowledgeable until something occurs to knock us out of our stride or however such as my car being declined. I can shrug though were I at an airport or train station or ready to pay Jeremy Clarkson’s food bill would be likely a little more shaken up and agitated than usual.

We can also say that many of the techniques are about even in such trying circumstances seeking to find the positive benefit-I heard a Sky broadcaster saying on some article that Scotland had not won at Twickenham in 30+ years of Rugby and he gave the impression via his language that he knew something. Clearly my own clues have once again indicated that I should be careful in any guidance that I give on such matters being a British Mongrel and likewise I have seen indicators of Union Jack and so on this week symbolically. So am I to presume that sport other than Lewis Hamilton Motor racing is taking place? Yes some things are seemingly set in stone though over many laps anyone can have a breakdown. Are we Brits about to carry out or perform an Italian Job or indeed will the Lord be buying someone a Mercedes Benz or indeed one of those yellow Mclaren baby buggies that were so popular just a few short years ago. Yes lots of sport going on and I noted that the Horseracing Gold cup was won by NOVICE Coneygree-is that baby talk for a Mint Cornetto.

Anyway plenty to be getting on with though as suggested all politicians and parliamentarians are now gearing up for some Top Gear giveaways in the budget on Wednesday-we at most can expect an indicator as to whether INCUMBANTS expect to win-lose-or draw, how so well we know the Tories want outright and likewise Liberals will not campaign for partnership and nor will Labour so many an opening possibility for Pub Landlord Al Murray we can at least expect to have 2.

I think I need to reacquaint myself with some Warner Brothers Cartoons.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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