So Just How Easy Or Difficult Is Cross Realm Interpretation

Well in all honesty early on in my practice of the Technologies that I recommend-I found it somewhat wearing as to where I should be seeking to place most focus. By that I mean when you know you have grown up watching this that and the other it is all too easy to seek to cast a broad net and then keep on misreading or opting for the wrong coinside of interpretation. As I have advanced I have of course gradually written more and more accumulated day-today diary like entries and so on that can be referenced a following year so that is quite simple-Dave has not written on this day in 2015, I’ll have a look at the same day for 2014 and 2013 and so on. Likewise one of the best ways is that changing of information into another FORMAT. Though again that does not come with any guarantees or absolutes. To ensure that you are on the same WAVELENGTH for a particular sport for instance you could drop lots of stereotypical references for a given sport. Most sports come with a dictionary like number of references that anyone can you to know the zone they could be referring whether cricket with Pavillion and wicket and willow bat and all the assorted lingo that can in theory at least place you within that zone.

So you could of course likewise want to follow Tennis and can drop hints and tips as to racquet and net and umpire and likewise clues to personality names (if you happen to know any) though again from an independent point of view it can be better if you do not-all clues translated within the eye of the beholder though clearly if you have a group all following similar clue trails and threads eventually the sharing of such information and CONFIDENCE can come about via practice.

The same can of course be said for football and motorsport and rugby and golf and the list is quite endless when we also throw in the so-called Olympic sports that hold events about the planet such as yachting and fencing and shooting or indeed insular located sports such-as those within the USA World Series Basketball, American Football.

The real issue is because I rushed through many a modality was again that feeling of being spread to thinly and having raised Threshold to rapidly so I could for instance see the inter-connected nature of many things even when direction was to specifics. A typical example of all things to all peoples. That perhaps why again getting groups attuned and in some kind of fellowship alignment can probably make or break some of the so called issues.

What else-well in the UK just as suggested we are seeing a gearing up toward Wednesday budget and some suggest great withdrawal of INCENTIVISED BRIBES for forthcoming electoral voters versus we want to win but what if we offer this bribe and do win-the possibility of overstretching on things that cannot truly be delivered. My own view given that much is being spoken on Pensions is that that LARGE grouping are those who voted and sustained Thatcherism for many years so they perhaps now holding the balance of the electorate and I can see the SAME 80’s Greed & Selfishness reoccurring much along the same lines of 1-coincideness. This also interesting in that we are seeing reports of Devastation on and around some distant Islands about New Zealand and Australia that most of us hav never perhaps heard of and the place seemingly has VAN in the name. Does not mean anything potentially to some class of readers though we in the United Kingdom have a famed “WHITE VAN MAN” stereotype of Red-Top Newspaper readers and so on and likewise again those press and News Corp (behind them) sustained the destruction of Britain during those 80’s years.

Elsewhere I am seeing reports on some still alive 1960’s Superspy named Blake who was responsible for destroying the lifes of many agents working behind the so-called IRON CURTAIN, these days of course given the huge influx of Foreign Nationals predominantly from former Soviet Countries we can probably be more concerned as to SPY Issues on our own doorsteps-especially given World Events. So what is a link trail-well I of course watched Blakes 7 as a child and think the lead criminal was only in the first series though he was never that likeable anyway, whilst other characters perhaps Avon and Villa are those that most persons who watched such shows recall. Likewise from that we could go into “Avon calling” type realms for the famed door-to-door makeup delivery service and likewise many similar services also exist for Tupperware and Sex Toys and god knows what-though clearly it is up to the Industry and Commitment of any one who takes up providing such services as to how successful they are. I know the Ex-wife did Tupperware for a time years ago and much of that stuff was good-though likewise living in the middle of know-where somewhat limited Audience after a time-having to seek out further and further afield Audiences to balance the books and so on. That of course what many a small start-up has to consider when entering any given market sector. Can I survive do I require knowing or paying attention to competitors or can I simply do my own thing and let them be CONCERNED about myself. That of course perhaps where many of these pre-formatted type services have an upper hand in the sense of knowing what does and does not work and in theory cutting corners as to learning curve.

However it does seem that the ability to have choice and options whatever realm you are involved with is a position that requires people who are willing and so on. However willingness of course potentially loaded as to what demands any given position is required to accommodate. I also noted an article suggesting that AVERAGE AMERICA is now fed-up with Washington and more focussed on local state issues where they (the population) still feel a level of service connection and accountability and so on is to be found. The same can of course often be said within many a Business Realm where we often see Salary Increases for peoples and persons moving further and further away from the physical work (taking on differing responsibilities etc. (In Theory)) and issuing DICTUMS from upon high to environments that they’re “EXPERTISE” from 20 years ago etc. is potentially floored or know longer valid-I think such things can in fact be debated till the cows come home though clearly when we look at the so-called now model then clearly it can be demonstrated that some actions are always generally consistent with what is presently required whilst others are simply “pet project” actions of particular senior personnel that would likely have not gotten off the ground had those working at lower levels been called upon to give independent perspective of experience of working on the current shop-floor and so on. We all of course think we know best though many a person clearly does not follow either logical conclusioning strategies as to where a particular course of action might lead or indeed so-called non-linear strategies as to where particular actions might lead. We also then of course have the debate as to knowing the intention or purpose of a given individual-returning to those Heroic Spock like quotes of who expects what from whom.

So it has been suggested for instance that systems such-as Facebook were perfect delivery vehicles for peoples and persons using some of the modalities I recommend and I do agree in many ways though likewise in the PERSONAL GROWTH sector a little isolation and so on can go a long way-especially if you have experienced feelings of harassment or DISTRACTION. I say I went to the Facebook Group for write well, write fast, write now and after that strangely found myself constantly checking for new feedback and likewise end of seeing other stuff that people who still have myself on newsfeed are putting up-no great hardship though likewise in terms of what any of us could be doing with our lives beyond such TRIVIAL PURSUITS is again cause for debate, I have not contributed to Facebook in a long while though am sure many do and likewise I often get email saying join linkedin and this other service and this one over here and in the end whether it is intentional or otherwise-you get overly hooked into things that are not necessarily appropriate to the course direction any given individual wishes to set for themselves.

So David potentially once again sounding a RETREAT as he really does want to focus on more prosperous activities than some of those distractions-that is not a criticism so much as part of the human condition-I noted some NEWS article saying Comic Relief had raised X amount of Pounds in X many years and of course that again part of this issue-all well and good asking for donations though many of those being asked may themselves feel that they could be the ones in need of HELP and so on from Charity.

I am going to go and see what the newspapers say and possibly wonder as to what I can write after a couple of years that I have not written previously. That of course my desire to write fiction though in many ways the sifting from cross-realm to cross-realm very often comes down to IDEAS that all is fiction and all have the opportunity to change the so-called TUNE where possible.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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