Does The 16th Cause You Overwhelm?

A strange question to ask of course unless you are someone such as myself who took the numerology modality-in which case you are highly likely aware that not just 16 but several numbers were listed as being days that anyone interested in the subject matter would be wise to be aware of. In truth I got the impression that the 16 is the REAL Friday the 13th like scary day. Of course just like the classically known 13 when we know that an EXPERT has highlighted potential pitfall type days-the KNOWEDGE or AWARENESS then enables ourselves to RECONSIDER those famous quotes from Mr Harris “How we think” How we feel” and “How we act”. I of course still seeking to get some interaction going on the write well, write fast, write now Facebook page though have potentially perhaps BLOWN THINGS OUT OF ALL PROPORTION for some readers-though again I can only really CONTROL my own internal thoughts and feelings and so on and like everyone else who has followed the various enlightenment modalities they are often things that we many of us “THINK OR BELIEVE” that we prefer to deal or cope with privately-the seeming GREAT INVERSION from my own present level of awareness is of course that the generic blaise type statements “Of Nothing New Under The Sun” do seemingly become truer and truer as you progress-so you go through layer upon layer of old patterns and you have CHOICE as to how you speak and teach and learn and deal with many such things. Clearly those with longer term experience can hand such teachings down to NEXT GENERATION though likewise each and every generation things that they are IT and INVENTED THIS THAT and THE OTHER and will very often not be told.

Clearly I have stated that there is little that many young folk for most of the 2nd halve of the last Century and indeed the early part of this Century can complain about-though likewise given regional DISPARITY between most Societal Wide Structures from Teaching and Healthcare and Emergency services and Housing and Social Care and so on-there are always VOICES ready and willing to CRY-OUT “Follow Me, I’ll will save you”. So clearly many of us have had that feeling of being led up the garden path by many a teacher though I do hope that those who followed myself into the Meditation Modalities do at least feel that they have EXPERIENCED some real and lasting CHANGE as to how they view and see the World and so on. Threshold wise it can be TOUGH to keep going with the meditation and I myself excused myself on some days and blitzed myself on others-though as suggested I seemingly came to a slow down and now am Following instructions and guidelines and have done for a year or two.

What else for Newbies? Well typically in following the learnings we learn about a System of Containment. So a typical book contains sections and those sections may contain chapters and those chapters may contain scenes and locations and characters and when looked at as a complete work it can seem quite difficult to break it all down into components. Likewise my studies of books lead to seeing that you could run with dialogue or indeed have a location scene and all espionage and imaginings are perhaps within the mind of the reader-we have all done that read a book and then been happy or unhappy with a Film Directors INTERPRETATION. Interpretation perhaps what everything comes down too.

Likewise we can say that Traditional Paper books are fixed in shape and size and how they are read and interpreted. Likewise when I started interacting on the Centerpointe Research Institute blog I quickly could see where I was going wrong in many ways. The blog and so on was reformatting for differing gadgets and devices that I was taking the information from-and I myself was still working from some PREHISTORIC nursery school day like teaching that you have to start at the top and go word by word and all the rest. I then learn that you could go up and down and left and right and simply pay attention to a colour such as aqua or purple or look at took about waves and mathematical formulas for Pythagorus typ golden symmetry ratio’s and so on. All of course INVENTED. Likewise each gadget that I might read such materials on would often reformat for that gadget and likewise I would not KNOW what the AUTHOR of any given contribution had created the contribution with in mind-I WAS FLYING BLIND, that potentially part of the LEARNING. Many of us grow up hear Speak No Evil See No Evil Hear No Evil and so on and of course everything in Theory at least can potentially cause OVERWHELM when it comes to getting IDEAS right or wrong as to interpretation and meaning and the PROCESSES that we any of us is FOLLOWING.

So the STIMULUS then helps remove mental locks and behaviours and so on that may well not be serving us NOW in the fashion that we learn them whether that learning occurred 5 years ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago or 30 years ago or indeed 40+ years ago.

One of the BEST teachings that Paul Scheele contributed with that regard is this IDEA of WIN-SHIFT so you are at work or day-to-day life and you find a strategy that works and rather than re-use that strategy-you SHIFT to another strategy and then see if that ALSO works if you win you do another SHIFT if it goes wrong or fails you in some fashion you then IN THEORY are ABLE to SHIFT-RETURN to the previous WINNING FORMULA. So we very often get into regimented grooves of this is what works and fail to ADD or FIND ALTERNATIVES for when times and situations change. According to his BIOLOGICAL TEACHINGS those bugs and bacteria’s and CREATURES that have survived far longer than MANKIND predominantly use the win-shift formula. That of course why we constantly hear of battles against Flu bug and Aids and other virus’ because they constantly ADAPT and change, where we human are often RESISTANT to change or INDEED think we are not though have very often not gotten DEEP enough into our formative years PSYCHE to understand where some particular childhood attribute or safety mechanism originated and so on. All very interesting and I think covered in one of the Ultimate You courses I actually originally bought and recommended the 2nd of those courses though later discovered that a pre-existing course had been run with some other topics and so on.

Anyway that is plenty to be getting on with and do not despair as what ever level or progress you feel you have made is likely a better place to be than where you may or may not have begun such a journey from (In theory he says) clearly each and every individual has choices as to how the think and feel and regard the World.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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