Is This The Wednesday Of Our Greatest AH-HA

So here we are Wednesday the 18th of March 2015 and what a Wednesday we have in store for you-step this way ladies and gentlemen and let me give you the very best that today has available for how you think and how you feel and how you act.

So of course whilst I monitor World News and events we do seemingly come upon times of great ECLIPSES we due one this Friday here in the Unoted Kingdom apparently when I am tucking up in bed of a regular long hard night shift and so on. Likewise this week we have all of course perhaps heard mention of the Israeli elections and whilst we here on our little island of the coast of mainland Europe think our elections are well contested I was actually quite amazed at hearing how many candidates and parties and so on are available for the Israeli electorate-that perhaps a demonstration of the TRUTH being the truth to the faction you belong to and what it is that you are hoping to convey and teach and so on. Israel is as internally divided as it is internally together much like that metaphor of a FAMILY who tare each other to shreds though woe betided anyone EXTERNAL making a comment or reference to such goings on.

We here in the UK perhaps learn such things from our own families or indeed fall fowl of such events when giving honest and courtesy opinion only to later discover we are now at war over what we thought was some irrelevant and meaningless throwaway generic comment often left desperately in seeming need of defence of our own ass or however such things come about. Little point in dredging up History though I know as do others that many work and job environments can reflect external World events and likewise it is all too easy to fall into patterns and cycles and behaviours can can bite you in the ass when you least expect them years later. I was recently thinking about how many of us such events have occurred too-especially those who followed myself into the Enlightenment and meditation teachings and Learnings. Likewise I have received my digital download book from amazon and can say that whilst the book is predominantly reworking of many teachings Bill Harris has given before that he does provide some new angles or materials and even resources. One that triggered my own interest was something called Biohacking where some groups apparently seek to enhance wellness and physical development and so on-so that perhaps something I will follow as a clue trail-I seemingly having gone through so many peaks and troughs in recent years as to health feelings that recalling that moment where I felt most at peak and then extending it indefinitely in some fashion is perhaps something that many of us would like to do-if it of course is genuinely possible-belief of course paramount though I think given history and the criteria that switches us from conscious critical modes into being in the moment seat of our pants Flow states are quite well documented for many people. Those sudden time stands still moments where you can recall being in a zone of some fashion. Likewise the win-shit strategy is perhaps about finding a group f such moments throughout your life and then perhaps reinterpreting and linking those moments together-of course you have to work through the detrious in many modalities to do that though I think many tools and so on are widely available for those who want further progress and so on.

What else so Israel elections of course and we are heading not only toward EASTER but we today of all days seemingly having great aligments of financially speculative type events. We here in the United Kingdom of course have heard year after year that there will be no gimmicks and every person who has been around a few years monitoring such statements will be able to IDENTIFY every last gimmick going via our own critical analysis systems and historical knowledge of bribery tactics and psychological manipulations and so on-elsewhere I saw a report on the European central bak and a new building that is coming into full operation just as the euro is apparently experiencing a downer-oh dear say lovers of the pound whilst the ever watchful Federal reserve in the united states is also about to given news on interest rate rises or lack there-off within America.

So who is going to be plunged into more debt than can be accounted for-will we be cautious as hinted at by Ms Yellen earlier in the year or will one Country act in accordance with the Other Countries taken direction-we have seen previously have banks have diverged from continent to continent though have to remember that many behind the scenes MANDARINS will be there whilst front page faces of ministers are playing revolving chairs and seats and so on. That perhaps the sad part of the Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville type cases. For every star turn being headlined they seemingly are tips of underground icebergs that Society could well do without-in and out of Government and alarmingly Countrywide if we are to go with the STATISTICS of such matters.

Why do I say about statistics now given how I have said reports are basically interpretations of the underlying raw data-well I think it is all about this WRONG turn or WRONG calculation. So we many of us can find BIG MOMENTS where life changed-many a family member died or we got married or some other HIGH-LIGHTED moment where we went left instead of right at some juncture-though likewise the paradox is seemingly that despite thinking otherwise we can take those alternative viewpoints and accept the greater scheme of it all paradox at any point in our lives-again it can leave you like myself going all over the shop initially with meditation and other courses though eventually you should once again find an even keel occurring whereby those who have followed similar remedies or learnings can hardly deny the so-called greater awareness’ that occur. Likewise some seem like plateau’s though we always have that choice as to further lessons that we feel are required or likewise we can step back and not interfere if we feel that others are taking a wrong turn.

So anyway that is why small degrees of directional change can be used to modify your course without having to go to so-called extremes of experience and we all erhaps know of peoples in differing life realms that a few years ago we would not see or agree opinion with-though the more and more folks have come into greater alignments and so on the seeming greater acceleration has occurred for all-that idea perhaps that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts-that another theme I found myself thinking about.

So in theory we can go it alone as some Hitleresque control freak supremacy dictator or indeed accept that being in greater alignment with royal models and Disney and some Multi-nationals can actualy be of benefit, assuming of course that those realms are themselves in alignment so to speak-I think each and every realm has gone through various changes as History and Economics and Markets have demonstrated-though likewise over the LONGER TERM most historically well known BRANDS and establishments always re-invigorate and return with a new DESIGN or adjusted MODEL. That perhaps where many technology firms have prospered in recruiting straight from higher level colleges and Universities though I do feel that even those of us who were not fortunate to want to go to College or indeed Learn arts can still find the so-called INCENTIVE in finding paths of least resistance. The only question perhaps as to where resitance is within any particular identified CANDIDATE. We can choose not to add to others suffering though likewise some seemingly choose irrational or illogical courses of action that may be because they watched spock when growing up and adopted him as hero-though look at the explosive times that occurred when bottled up illogical brain patterns were written in to the scripts. So unless you really are beyond redemption many of us are seemingly brought into greater identify with THE HUMAN CONDITION whether we like it or not. Likewise the optimum solution seems to be to CRY-OUT many of the so-called patterns and lies and unhelpful things that have gone before though likewise some grit teeth better than others. Are there any scenes and scenario’s that cannot be navigated-well I think potentially there are though likewise such things are subjective versus objective and it is all to easy to align with old ingrained patterns rather than reality as it stands now.

We seem in my opinion to be on “ALICE IN WONDERLAND” Day in many ways-unsure why I mention that though experts perhaps know better the cycles and so on. Anyway so I made all sorts of links and leaps of imagination towards being a 2nd coming though am sure likewise many other people did similar then we all realised that however much we would like to control-we can only every be responsible for ourselves and own internals in many ways and likewise we are free to make and create our own values and attributes and so on.

Likewise it is recommended follow the law of the land and most people have inner desire to be released from such things hence the popularity of being able to kill and maim and so in in graphic detail in video games and watch such action on TV and so on. Likewise knowing that others choose such things does not mean we have to judge or whatever-I used to play and watch all the extremist stuff-so would be like one of those former smokers who is the worst critic of present smokers.

Clearly I have to go to bed and when I get up it will be all budget blah blah and wow really get some cigarettes and alcohol know before they change the prices etc. So getting sucked in to get sucked out or hooked in or hooked out is a long debate to be had, though I think the THRESHOLD SOLUTION is an optimum one in many ways-especially in allowing or enabling us as individuals to be DISCERNING in our view upon LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING.

So I have know real idea what happens NEXT beyond thinking that the greater I have explored the various remedies and courses and teachings the more I am able to self inquire and ask “is that me” do I yet to have addressed that particular issue. We very often of course failing to address issues within ourselves that we then try to claim as others. Ill health and all sorts have been experienced by many of us though likewise remedies whether regarded as LA-DI-DA or otherwise do seem with regular usage to hold water as to what can be done to alleviate our respective sufferings and likewise change our ways if not for ourselves then those that we love or otherwise.

Yes the same old debates return again and again though likewise we all have choice as to where we focus attention. I say follow some sports and then seek what links exist between references and innuendoes and understanding the one teaching that perhaps dictates all understandings of the others. THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY.

So a map in mind or a map on the landscape-I also saw some NASA ART and Museum and SPACE related Exhibition on TV News on the way out from work and likewise Aurora Borealis.

Those perhaps the greatest of IMAGININGS and DREAMING’S and inspirations of One Giant Leap for Mankind one rabbit out of a hat illusion for ALICE.

Christopher Robin went down to the Palace leaving a book at the door of old Gladys-the red white and blue was used near and far that the representation was lost in a car the cat on the hill said dragons beware-the clouds in the context of skies in disguising said mask to a mask a raid to a raid the silliest of verse is the sanest on earth, The Mad Hatters tea party travelled the lands flying on a carpet to Hereford on WYE! WHAT! I don’t get it.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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