Dear David Are There Any Benefits To

So a question that likely appear over and over again and again is this one of “are there any benefit to talking about a given chosen sport that you are following directly?”

The answer of course is POTENTIALLY yes in the sense of stop beating about the bush get of the fence and say you are following this sport and are looking for clues to results within this one particular sport. The big issue perhaps that the awareness modality type Technologies can take you above and beyond seeing things for just one sport though if you state that as your intention then surely it will make things easier for yourself. That is the WHY? I suggested previously as to looking for clues to what any given writer has within the sub-context of there mind-what do I mean by sub-context well I visited the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page and noted that a couple of posts had been added and likewise one was perhaps about women rights within the African sub-continent whilst the other was that someone was looking for a Hook or Tagline of some description for someone website building project. So anyway Hooker is of course beyond the American slang for prostitute also a position played within the game of Rugby, so that is a typical kind of pointer whereby you look for given references to sports within someone’s writings. I think I wrote previously as to how during my school days I had begun as a Prop being one of the bigger lads initially and gradually moved to other positions such-as hook before a short few years later playing any number of the various wing positions (I forget specific location titles though clearly if you follow a given sport you are likely to know and go hmmm interesting and such tactics can place you within the zone properly potentially). The potential downside as I explained to a Spanish woman during the week, cannot recall if it was the night of the Barcelona Manchester City Match, was that early on within such studies it is all to easy to have an invested INTEREST (example) I have always supported my National Team of this particular club and so on, likewise betting and gambling also can in theory become habitual and a version of the vested interest. Many a third party gambler with little interest in Football would still back Manchester United regularly a few years back and that comes down to truths within many a given sport “Favourites are Favourites for a reason”.

So chance the big outside gamble or going where the money is already going. So yes look to realms whether Newspaper and media or however where you see references to what you yourself are interesting in following-may a writer in the Mail or Sun or something constantly uses Tennis references and so on. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with becoming a dedicated follower of one sport, though likewise we can also look to day-to-day like to provide potential clues to some arenas-this very often down to FOCUS.

What do I mean, well typically I take notes and so on for regular pedestrian walkabouts and on those walkabouts I see people and places and cars and in reality everything has a LABEL identifier of some description or indeed a name or colour and so on this possibly where knowing your verbs from nouns and grammar rules possibly helps, I however have always struggled with those underlying principles, I could sit day after day in dedicated fashion studying grammar inside and out an still then read a write-up and not know what is a noun, verb, adverb etc, yes they say well this is an label and this is a doing action word and this is, how hard can it be. This David would have to sit with dictionary and literally look up word by word just for such things to sink in and even when they have sunken in, such things are forgotten again quite rapidly-so repetition would then be brought into play.

Anyway the reason I brought that up typically is that I saw RANDOM cars that could have acted as non-conscious TRIGGERS though any meaning given is of course within my own head. So I am walking along and I see a stationary red car at a residential address, I then see a moving Alpha Romeo and knowing RUGBY is playing this weekend I think oh red Wales, oh Alpha Romeo, ITALIAN and of course in reality that is all that has occurred, however I being someone who has been seeking to find a SYSTEM SOLUTION to understanding such things of course say “IT’S A SIGN” what, what are you talking about. So anyway between seeing a stationary red vehicle and a moving Italian vehicle we also had a 3rd vehicle that was facing a direction between the 2 vehicles and I think “IT’S A SIGN”. So anyway that vehicle was facing the Welsh red colour. Hmmn exceptionally VAGUE then David. Yes indeed and of course could be translated in multiple ways-was the sign that the Italians are going to beat the Welsh or pointing to the Welsh as Winners. ARRGGH.

Likewise of course when you cary out such practise you hen become possibly more and more aware of other factors and SIGNS for differing Sport’s, I for instance walk past a Cricket Pavillion and field quite regularly and spent time years ago on a regular Sunday drinking whilst standing at some distant edge of a cricket pitch hoping that the occasion ball might head in my direction and likewise not whilst with pint in hand.

So far to many a differing sports and perhaps why I say choose a sport and get to know it inside and out before expanding to the many ranges of sports available, that way you can at least know a Touring circuit and likewise understand that colours used within one sport are used differently in this other sport-hence meaning being within your own noggin. Likewise I am English and received a Golden Envelope in the post this morning “IT’S A SIGN”, yes some enticing get a credit card with us you are the only one receiving this special dedicated offer just for you, what you got one too, and Mrs Jones at number 36 and Mr Frog at Leappad lane, but they said I was special grrr.

Yes so that of course one of those great truths that whilst any mail can make one think and feel special that you are just one within any given mailing list-having said that of course it is interesting that if you happen to find yourself on a Companies mailing list more than once that you can find yourself being given DIFFERING CYCLE PATTERN rounds for differing reference or personality lists and so on, I have experienced such things on occasion and wondered as to how I came to be on this cycle and this other one. Very often of course again all meaning down to the individual though likewise those who have studied particular personalities might see TOURING DATES or indeed COURSE DATES and wonder as to Significance. So I typically have a date a month for this particular course and likewise many a Modality that can be signed up to has a list of monthly online calls or interactions where you are joined by personality and again knowing the dates and City locations can give pointers and clues to particular things, why is so and so at that City for that Modality and so on.

That perhaps just part of the Touring life and when the management send them much like the Band with a Stage Manager and Promotor and then put out to tender localised ports of call. What? Well many a Regional Facility has a manager who interacts with given local populace on behave of Company that book particular performers, so all these little nuances as to activities between differing opteratives within any given realm can again give clues and ah-ha’s especially in understanding SCALEABILITY.

What else well despite repetition of these things I am not known to speak or write with lots of sporting reference within my sub-context language and again that is perhaps due to this focus things and likewise the IDEA of putting whatever incoming information you have into a DIFFERING FORMAT. So I typically do sketches for some seens that I witness and it is typically part of Photreading type courses and likewise what if I see a seen and then want to write up-this writing or blog is of course a translation from picture into SHARED symbolic structure of symbols and so on. However some methods are clearly better than others and likewise some folks well versed in such activity whilst Dear Ol’ David STRUGGLES. I have now Idea why I say that though clearly they say you are only as good as the people you spend most time around etc. and that can sometimes be enough to cause you to roll your eyes anyhow.

So yes we can develop with practice any number of skills-I suggested taking up poetry for instance because I did in many ways right uite a lot of VERSE at one time-that however fell by the wayside in many ways and is occasionally returned to when I feel like it.

So likewise I could come up with all sorts of WEIRD and wonderful CLUE systems based around including words for a given sport within the sub-context of wording. Though again it will take research and crafted usage of knowing particular sporting terminology-there was such a racket going on that David could not feel any love for the activity he participatd within and turned of his connection to the net and simply drank his Robinson’s juice.

David often see’s weather reports and wonders why they keep positioning corner flags on maps of dear old Blighty and why they are in the colours red on this day and the colour blue on this other day. Seeing the feather laying about his Garden David decided that it was either a result of a cat on the hunt and prowl or someone was playing Badmington with a classic Shuttlecock.

See light sub-context or dedicated HEAVY sub-contexts though clearly we can probably find wordings and meanings across the differing sensory realm’s also WORDS related to taste and words related to smell and words related to hearing and words related to sight and words related to touch and so on-so we could probably right a complete compendium of clue like templates with insert sporting reference here. Though likewise even for those who have not taken up meditation you can come to see that the more differing sensoey realms information is given to the “IN THEORY” better you are likely to have recall of memory-I have raised Threshold so high (In many ways) that I am unsure now as to TRUTH of such things and the way in which I experienced them like most people previously.

That perhaps related to whether the breakdowns are within Gamma or Alpha or Beta or Theta or Delta. Something I am not fully conversant with, likewise within musical scales do differing scales operate within differing meditative levels or are they running concurrently throughout all layers. That perhaps one of the big factors in success between understanding that just about everyone has developed what they themselves feel to be best for themselves and even with Systems such-as Holosync we are seemingly our own internalised collective of what we have taken and learnt or otherwise-it is of course more fun re-learning for purpose in later life than it perhaps was a youngster at school though likewise fitting such activites into a day-to-day routine take TIME and INCENTIVE or motivation and as you know having a collective of people understanding such things can make all the difference as to how we interprete any given sequence of events and so on. So KNOWING the way in which a particular modality operates or teacher operates can make all the difference and likewise I am sure those experienced about such matters can pull myself to pieces in MANY ways though I can generally shrug at what Historically would have potentially seemed like ABUSE. Again of course easier when you are not within a realm or not living within a given experience to pass judgment and comment though such things even when WITNESSED in book and FILM and trigger us personally whether that occurs consciously or otherwise that is why I repeated you are better clearing out many an unwanted detritus though clearly I do in many ways think WHOOPS DAVE you should have followed the advice and taken remedies far slower than you did. Clearly we have seen March Hare type materials whilst in March and that brings up Tortoise and Hare type trigger knowledge and reference though we also always have to ask is it true? And so on.

Clearly we can demonstrate that for every MORALISTIC tale where the rushing has failed someone that in swings and roundabout terms given lessons and teachings can be applied to both CHARACTERS. Many a MORALISTIC teaching often seemingly portrays an IMBALANCE as o the TEACHERS UNDERSTANDING I think. That one of those things I strangely recall from school-where a given meaning was ACCEPTED meaning and DIVERGING from any given course in believe or indoctrinated MEANING usually meant you were going to FAIL the course. Not necessarily true for English or Math or CREATIVE ACTIVITIES such-as ART though some areas such-as History and Geography and even Physics and Chemistry and Biology were very much 1 and 1 always equals 2 without any room for manoeuvre as to answering questions-you either were in alignment with the marking teacher and work or out of alignment or indeed you could be in alignment though parents were out of alignment and so on.

How can we NOW what non-conscious issues upset some people more than others? A typical example is that I have meant to get my hair cut over the last month or two and multiple popping into hairdressers found they were busy and I was not keen to book a specific time and date-though likewise have found more and more REFERENCE being given by some individuals in perhaps teasing like manner though clearly a sub-context occurs. Likewise whilst it is not a BIG ONE for myself having explored all the various lifelong traumas that we can have and hold it is interesting how you can TRIGGER such things in others, men with long hair is not allowed, or indeed all men with skinhead appearance are likely to be this.

We are of course in a time period within History where so much diversity and INTERPRETATIVE abilities can be found that you could spend the rest of your life analysing or inferring or simply constantly tell folks to build a bridge and get over it. That perhaps part of this “The Map is not the territory” though clearly some PREJUDICE at some level of some peoples beings remain because they are in resistance (very often) to some “CONTROL FREAK” like teaching that they may or may not have within or during a respective lifetime. I have found such things to exist within most realms and likewise have played out both respective extremes in the sense of being smart and shirt and tyre and less than smart as at present and whilst differing reactions occur choosing DIFFERENCES is of course CHOICE as is how we can either choose to be PROACTIVE in any given area of life or otherwise and likewise choose to be REACTIVE. I think in many ways the grabbing the nettles can be a good option though rush, rush, rush perhaps akin to that trail of devastation that some people leave in their wake without considering the potential negative impact on others about themselves-those people to of course have choice-though we must remind ourselves that many a choice when younger came about via parental type behaviours and social type behaviours and so on and we can all of us realise that we ourselves are akin to ENVIRONMENTS of thoughts feelings attributes and values and across all the sensory variables and likewise all those things can overtime be change to a healthier sequence of thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the World we interact with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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