How Can I Explain ARRGHH

So of course when we look to differing language realms and the Global populace as a whole we very often find that whilst languages differ some expressions exist among all realms and continents whether via gestures interpretation or language and sound interpretation we are all of us interpretative machines-so of those personalised mechanics might be regarded as having lower than or greater levels of usage for any given individual dependent of course on how anyone has lived live and experienced the World or indeed focus and intention.

So Is ARRGHH the cry of a PIRATE Captain or some fearful intimated or scared cry of someone experiencing difficult mental recognitions and so on. That one of those questions that can be difficult to JUDGE or INTERPRET if you are not witnessing a SCENE in person as opposed to simply having one laid out for yourself via Book or Movie or Television and so on and again is all part of the translation issues that we all of course are running through in each and every moment of our existence.

So maybe I should extend the phrase to AH HARRGHH to give a more buoyant reference of Piracy assuming of course that famed titles such-as Steal Like An Artist have been read-I keep finding that recommendation being made on my Amazon Account though likewise have not taken up the opportunity to read that particular Title. Likewise AH HA might be regarded as a more distinct or dare I say it Posh or Educated version of the same Eureka type moment that someone may or may not be experiencing.

So are we within the realm of struggle and battle requiring all others to lose in some fashion or are we adopting a more growth oriented reading between the lines of INTERPRETATION of our respective SENSORY inputs and outputs and how they dictate our respective knowledge of awareness and usage of so-called BEST PRACTICE teachings and recommendations and so on.

The most simplistic IDEA seems to be one of translate all incoming information PROCESSES into a Universal Translator type of system-likewise given the differing speed and clock cycles and patterns of differing frequencies and waves that can be occurring within differing Personality Realms and so on-it can be beneficial to seek to get any given Named Person the most positive of beneficial and rewarding attributes for who they are and how they exist and witness and live in the World-it does seem to myself that change is Globally required in many ways for many peoples beyond just myself because quite simply the “Historical Pattern” has perhaps been super seeded by what many of us have come to learn now as to what we knew previously.

Likewise some people refuse to budge from historical patterns or simply choose knowing what they know; too fall on their respective Sword choosing death as the best option to what is being offered as alternative. Many an alternative beyond falling into the usual sexuality garbage can be demonstrated again across many a differing life realm.

The thought in a body style of teaching perhaps demonstrates that we start life as Symbiotic creatures attached via umbilical cord and grown within a mother’s womb; and likewise some more than others obsess with a return perhaps. Likewise we can of course as we are growing up seek to establish our respective lifestyle and income and so on before or prior to getting involved with chasing around after close relationships or indeed we can understand that our way of viewing and understanding the World is not necessarily the way in which others about us think and feel and act. So it is all too easy to fall into mental doctrines and traps as to how we want the World to be versus how it genuinely is and likewise extremism is unlikely to disappear whilst many casual taken for granted “statements” and so on go unexplored by people. That perhaps one of those human nature things whereby in calling a name you may well be setting someone of on a detrimental life course or showing your present model of existence to be suspect in some fashion. Do we choose to join a given pre-established brand realm within working life or indeed do we choose to set out and steer our own life course knowing that most friction comes about from the exclusive requirement that many a person adopts in life where in reality we should perhaps understand differing LEVELS of RELATIONSHIP or indeed ACCESS to differing courses.

A typical example is that some teachers (for instance) offer Bronze level “pay as you go” courses whilst then having a more accomplished level of Silver level of courses and then potentially a Gold level of courses and Platinum level of courses. Those are also of course similar to Medallion type handing’s out within award ceremonies though likewise we see Rosetta’s within some realms of simply a Cup and so on. So the constant requirement to break down the layers is perhaps where some modalities EXCEL above and beyond other remedies.

The left and right debate until you are are raised up to that Triangular APEX in some fashion presumes (In my opinion) that you are going to act in accordance with how the developer of such-and-such a course PREDICTS you are going to ACT or PERFORM. I think many a realm throughout the World demonstrates that the system clearly fails many people. Stepping stones exist as rankings perhaps where you may start as apprentice and then become a level 1 tier person and then a level 2 tier person and then a level 3 tier person and so on though reality of course demonstrates that a new tier is often being invented just as we ourselves think we are at an Apex or pinnacle or however. What do those who have outperformed others throughout their respective lives achieve NEXT?

Typical examples are of course those who have achieved Billionaire status or Millionaire status we very often opting for the Money Trail patterning’s and cycles. However money is only of course, of value to people who already have it. You cannot EAT MONEY, You can perhaps as an ARTIST build structures and forms with coinage or paper though those things are again demonstrations of how much value is placed on worthless bits of paper or metal. So EXCHANGE is an perhaps an INTERMEDIARY GAP like position where the real value is at and clearly some folks understand such principles and practices far better than others among the World (in many ways) including myself.

So we see a gap and then seek to bridge the gap between what we have and what we want and likewise encourage or motivate or incentivise others to fall into some integrative alignment with beneficial for all practices and teachings. Likewise some schemes and systems demonstrate greater levels of FUTILITY than others in many ways I have found. So originally how every many years ago I was motivated by thinking, hey I can learn to predict sporting results, I was then cast as some villain by peoples and persons who (much like myself in many ways) had spent a lifetime thinking that money was difficult and hard and had to be earned-all of course often based in childhood beliefs and teachings and so on. If money were that easy we would all have it and it would again be rendered as USELESS beyond being used for lighting fires or indeed creating jewellery or however.

So the teaching within animation comes into play where ADVANCED MASTER ARTISTS would draw a beginning picture and an intermediate picture and an end or final sequence picture and then apprentices LEARNING the ropes and tricks of the trade would be brought in to colour and draw and create the GAPS within animated sequence. Likewise the TRANSITION to DIGITAL SYSTEMS has of course meant that many a SEQUENCE can be rendered by computer without any requirement for apprentices and so on-though likewise we could say well we still need and require apprentice’s to come in and learn these new ropes and methodologies of BRIDGING THE GAPS. Likewise I mentioned how many computer games originally lacked the inspirational like environments given within film and cartoon though likewise technology has indeed blended many a system into more creative and thoughtfully put together crafting between old and new. The debate as to old and new is again perhaps a strange one to have as you progress with life as many a person is still acting as they did as teenager despite being X many years beyond that stage or progression of life. The debate perhaps then comes in as to what are regarded as useful teachings and learnings and what are simply examples of extremism or indeed narcissism within the heads of some folks. What is a definition of MATURITY of character or Learning and Teachings and so on that can works for everyone and what is an example of selfish petty behaviours that are likely to result in CRISIS and futile arguments and negative thoughts feelings and actions being created.

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