To Catch A Falling Sub-Context

So in the interest of being “Normal” I will right an article that is completely bereft of any uppercase and lowercase divergence just to see if the same fashionable effects within my writing occur as easy to spot this of course being one of those “Tests of Theory” and so on. Likewise the title of this article is based in the belief that most so-called influence strategies and manipulations presume that someone else knows something that you yourself do not-or likewise have something that you yourself are willing to part with money for or indeed investigate as to how your own belief system operates at present to how you would prefer or like your belief system to operate.

So typically I found myself thinking about the so-called subtle nuances between giving people an incentive and simply leading them up the garden path. I for instance felt that remedy after remedy early on in my own explorations was simply ineffectual beyond keeping myself “seeking” in some fashion a better way of being or doing and having and so on-and of course it is documented that such “seeking” occurred after various sporadic so-called “falls from grace” along my life path or time line as many a teacher likes to suggest as a mental formula remedy.

So we are all of course familiar with the saying that such and such is “too good to be true” and likewise those who have invested in some of the American Recipes of Law of Attraction and so on perhaps know better than most than you can go round and round in circles without genuinely getting desirable results beyond parting with cash to be entertained in some fashion by the self-proclaimed expertise of an alleged master or leading light within a given realm or field.

However given the World wide nature of many a teaching it is interesting how in reducing formulas and systems to basic building blocks we do see the same cycles and patterns reworked and reformulated for some potentially new effect that was not seen or experienced previously. The issue for those such as myself who rushed through Assisted Meditation is of course that we may of not studied or stayed with any given level for long enough to genuinely now whether the remedy was doing as proscribed and desired.

I also of course signed up for courses that said this is a process that I want you to carry out and I carried out the processes-such-as sorting values in life principle courses and made effort in repeating the map of reality expander and so on and so forth going through the modules repeatedly.

So am I any better off now than previously or do I feel hard done by in some fashion-did I believe the too good to be true hype and so on. Do I still believe that money is going to fall out of the sky and into my lap given that I still have no product and feel somewhat hard pushed to use some of the strategies I have been on the receiving end of too other people. Clearly over a longer haul we can say well yes this remedy was used and did as was said on the cover though clearly who is responsible for what theoretical working of any given course. What? Well I am an Affiliate of Learning Strategies and have worked through a number of the courses and teachings and learnings though not all of them-so how can I truly know on an intrinsic deep down level that all who they do business and courses with are operating above board and with integrity that I myself believe most of those courses I have purchased are. I cannot beyond of course some speculative hope or faith that some level of genuine “does what is says on the cover” criteria is being adhered to in the creation and documentation and so on of said associates. They do also of course say there is no such thing as bad publicity-though likewise several masters and teachers are also known to have been through court cases as to some of the claims that they make with regard to either themselves or indeed the products that they promote.

So what is a genuine open and honest incentive for one person-might be regarded as otherwise by someone else of course. Though likewise these things perhaps potentially come down to whether we as individuals believe ourselves to live life in honest and open fashion or indeed feel forced to live life in some other than how we are fashion. Some say of course that you are gullible if you believe all that you hear and say though likewise some people come out with what many of us might regard as negative or tarnished propaganda so regularly that they could be forgiven for us thinking they have tourrettes syndrome or variation thereof.

So I mention of course this issue of incentive versus manipulation because interpretation is potentially the choice step that we can either choice to think true false or indifferent or indeed yes no or maybe. So everyone of course has a system or process or strategy of some kind and some courses whether those I promote or simply through or via Colleges and Universities are going to be better than others. I for instance often think that many of us have suffered simply through environmental contagion and likewise when differing peoples and persons are rotated or have come and gone we come to see that we were either possibly positively incentivised or indeed the alternate.

So local news here in Hereford has seemingly been talk of a University for the City and I am like OMG not a good idea. That of course because little inspires or triggers people about this city or region beyond the usual World wide known influences that we have given to popular culture. We of course responsible for the Hereford Bull a famed word wide breed and likewise the nearby borderlands Hay on Wye has an internationally regarded Book Festival and of course an alleged local Military who whilst historically were given a city branded status perhaps demonstrate more than any other group that they are more away from the area than within it-beyond perhaps of course support infrastructure and continuous training of next generation or regional support crew and so on. So the rest of the local population can look forward to lots of typical gangsta youths all wanting to study in Hereford City Da Bronx when in fact it is likely that their arrival is what causes the region or area to become a typical inner city like warzone.

What else well that is of course just one voice and one opinion and I cannot of course say that the Real Forces and so on will behave in any way as the youths who play all the video games and watch glory boy war movies and so on. I am sure that each generation has adopted the best of what has gone previously and indeed sought to make it’s own genuine contribution of a lasting memory of some description-all of course perhaps have a desire to be remembered in some fashion for activities and actions taken and the present generation I am sure are no differing.

Elsewhere I talk on that matter quite simply because we are today hearing that some Junior Medics and Doctors are said to have travelled to Syria to “allegedly” provide Health aid to Syrians and so on within the ISIS controlled zones. That perhaps an interesting Dilemma for many within such professions. First of all of course most international doctoring bodies and so on have an Oath or Pledge that is taken in support of saving life and makes little judgment as to whether you are saving “goodies” or “baddies” that is why whilst I say many of the Techniques I document and teach are used by the Military and Intelligence and Police and so on that we as Civilians are far better of-simply applying such processes and methodologies to safe systems of usage such-as simply gambling and seeing if we can beat the so-called Bookmakers who are in effect “The House” or “Casino”.

So espionage reading and investigation is all well and good if it makes genuine contribution to those peoples and persons you are aligned with though it is all too easy to go over the line or become to big for your boots and so on-hence any of us taking the time to step back and reassess as we go along any path or route being perhaps one of those learnings that any of us can take on board at any stage of the so called developmental model and processes.

Whilst clearly some formulas work better than others it is also clear that subtle nuances between differing perspectives and angles can make all the difference in the World to how we think and feel and act.

I read earlier the mention of Poppies somewhere on Facebook and that perhaps a trigger for any number of realm events whether remembrance of World War I deaths in Flanders or Afghanistan where the so-called heroin poppy is grown or indeed that famed quote of giving so-called “Opium to the people” interesting of course that many a medical analgesia is in fact very often a morphine or heroine based derivative and likewise other coloured poppies do exist such as those yellow ones in the United States.

So the more you explore the more you find that certain processes are worthwhile in returning to whilst other may be left to fall by the wayside. Interestingly I think that we can all suffer greed though likewise we can all ask questions that go beyond following a thread do only a limited number of steps and stages. They used to say that Chess players could calculate through uite a number of tactical procedures for any given move and of course it is perhaps documented that any of us can learn such things though we can also become blinded to only having one course of action that we think will somehow safe us from suffering.

All is of course communication and I already stated that I had many years ago to write an essay on some given title “One Cannot Not Communicate” the further I have explored Enlightenment and carried out interactions with other peoples the more I have wanted to perhaps better be responsible first and foremost for how I act and speak and communicate with others-above and beyond of course any kind of stigmata or whatever is thrown my way. So I personally feel that irrespective of the realm you find yourself in at any given time being honest and genuine and so on and not playing to audience and crowd and bureaucracy can be a way forward, of course when feeling triggered we can write such things down and monitor such things as potentially being part of some greater World Cycle though likewise it can be better to simply meditate and use releasing type remedies that alleviate any given stimulus of suffering and take the wisdom out of any given experience presuming of course that you are still in a position to do such things.

I do sometimes wonder as to the thought or idea of somehow being caught or trapped between ideas of heaven and hell and likewise John Lennon of course sang imagine-what would we do if no heaven or hell existed beyond our own mind-what do we personally regard as an idea akin to heaven and what do we personally regard as an idea akin to hell. I think in general ost of us who have progressed in some fashion have come to accept in many ways that we can only easily recognise the idea of God hiding from God or everyone being a node within or without of some greater scheme of things when others are also working from a similar variant of the same sequence of realisations and so on. The stepping stones and choices are of course choices of navigation and I do still wonder as to how to progress in handing knowledge or awareness on in an acceptable fashion to others who are seemingly still trapped with beliefs that they can control or influence beyond reality that any of us can-we can step by step with such things or constantly resist and become ill and suffer and look to externals for cause and effect when in reality many an internal that no longer serves us in some fashion should be released and let go in favour of more prosperous beliefs and attitudes and behaviours.

Thank you for reading, Good luck in discernment and interpretation and Be well 😉

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