You Can Win The battle And Not Win The War

So continuing on in “awareness” or “knowledge” sub-contexts within differing realms we very often come to see that many a WAR like tactic or STRATEGY is actually repeated throughout History and likewise can influence and manipulate our respective thinking consciously or indeed unconsciously.

A typical example of this was that I mentioned reading Terry Pratchett a great deal at one time and one of his FAMED character portrayals was for DEATH and his character DEATH was always given UPPERCASE VOICE. What do I mean by that-well all interactions that the character of death was involved with were quite simply written in uppercase-so you could be reading a passage in the book all typically lowercase and then Death enters the room and interacts with other characters and Death’s interaction was always given in UPPERCASE.

The question then might be-has DAVID taken this strategy in non-consciously and applied it within his own writings. However as can be seen from this blog I highlight with uppercase all over the shop not just in the fashion of a header or sub-title or character speech. So typically yesterday I wrote ITALIAN in uppercase with reference to a car and anyone unaware of my uppercase and lowercase all over the shop method may have though the highlight was for an Italian win (for example) within the Rugby though we saw Italy lose. So you cannot assume you are operating from the same model and criteria as everyone else-even when you have shared many particular courses and likewise that comes potentially back to what we ourselves have set as either conscious or otherwise INTENTION throughout our lives. Likewise I use that upper lower case method to simply highlight absurdity of the structure and form that grammar was taught within our classrooms. We must also note of course that these independent blog pages could also be akin to PHOTOFRAMED shots. That whilst delivered non-consciously or otherwise by myself may have more conscious meaning to those who are trailblazers within the Technological realms and KNOW how to translate such things within their own respective field of Intelligence or whatever. I spoke on the idea that everything has gradually shifted within the movie film and television realms toward DIGITAL and that very much perhaps exemplifies the IDEA that you do not have to stay with any imposed limitations of structure and form and shape and how any given person is viewing for their own EXPECTATION PERSPECTIVE.

So again such things can annoy though I found it a quick and easy way to break TRADITIONAL strategies that we often get or become hooked into with regard to BELIEF & LEARNING. They say what is good for the goose is good for the gander though clearly and again early on given the NEGATIVE impact my recommendations caused many a person “gives up the ghost” without going through the various coincide debate mental WALLS as to belief system and so on. Typically many a common or garden phrase is banded about that very often REQUIRES exploration above and beyond the typical SURFACE LAYER interpretation that many people rush to. That again potentially comes or returns back to the idea of SHALLOWNESS. Am I being shallow in knowing that these other peoples and persons have not followed the strategy that they are taking to LOGICAL CONCLUSION or indeed the nonlinear- ILLOGICAL CONCLUSION.

So the title-“You can win the battle-though not win the war” this is of course an IDEAL explanation between short term and long term objectives or indeed differing sub-modalities within a given CROSS-REALM or cross-realm of life. Within the Sports World knowing or interpreting such things can be all the difference between correct or true interpretation as opposed to what we rushed to or thought upon initially seeing this that or the other reference.

Typically many sporting life areas have Seasons and each game or match within a weekly cycle might be considered as a mini-war or battle and the phrase you can win the battle though not win the war perhaps demonstrates the IDEA that a level of consistency over the longer term can see you through even when short-term setbacks or knockbacks have occurred within one of those weekly type cycles or patterning’s.

Another sub-context within many a Sporting Season is the issue of TROPHY or CUP. So typical examples the Premier League Football (Soccer) here in the United Kingdom also contains sub-tournaments within the Season as a whole. We have the internationally regarded FA Cup, that allows or typically causes differing clubs from lower leagues levels to get drawn “out of the hat” games against some of the so-called TOP Tier Premier Clubs and likewise such things can act as INCENTIVE and motivation for those who feel the Season is all but lost or want something else to act as incentive for the team. Likewise we also have the League Cup and the FIFA European Club Tournament for the higher league clubs and indeed the Europa Cup for those that fall just short (potentially). Clearly each group that developed a CUP had an idea in mind that gained momentum among ever larger groups of peoples and persons with shared values who all chose to invest some time and energy into making the Tournament and IDEA a SUCCESS.

So I mentioned overhearing “Chelsea for the Cup” and told a workmate who then lost money gambling on the FA cup whilst Chelsea went on to win the League Cup and that is AGAIN sub-context CONFUSION whereby the CLUE could of course have been a REFERENCE to ANY of the CUP TOURNAMENT’S that they as a Football Team were at that time involved with.

So what seemed like a PRIMARY CLUE was actually too vague to narrow down beyond a possibility of 4 Trophy Tournament’s and likewise I could on some occasions also include the CHARITY SHIELD making a 5th possible Title that could potentially be won by any of the Larger known clubs involved throughout any given sporting Season and cycle of EVENTS.

When we look to other Sport Realms such as those with World Touring Fixtures we come to see something similar though each EVENT or TOURNAMENT might be regarded as a Standalone Tournament within the greater scheme of things-some Sports actually changed model bolting on and adding appendages of fixtures and fittings to enable or appease financial incentives and so on and also gave PLAYER RANKINGS throughout the year over X many Tournaments played and how far a given individual proceed within a given Ranking Tournament. Tennis typically has ranking and non-ranking events and likewise so does Golf, so lots and lots of categories and sub-categories that require any given individual knowing on some intrinsic level to what they are following and monitoring and so on-I think the WISER have perhaps often opted to only follow those BIG EVENTS where Major Stars are taking part though we have seen gradual SEEPAGE for instance where the TOP STARS do TURNS at particular local events and tournaments as a CONTRIBUTION to the motivating and incentivising of the lesser known events and regions of GROWTH or INTEREST ADOPTION of the given SPORT within a given WORLD REGION or REALM. Typically over the last 10 to 20 years we have seen huge markets opening up within China (as an example) for a multitude of sports and likewise we in the rest of the World have often humerously JOKED about American Sports being Labelled WORLD SERIES whilst the rest of the World has often never heard of the Sports. American Football and Basketball and Baseball have not had large UPTAKES beyond that Continent though they can ALL CLAIM to have had some uptake within other Global Regions over the LONGER HAUL than any short term jokers and monitors of such things. Typical Issues here in the UK of course were “GET WITH THE CHANNEL”, so I as a young child watched Horse Racing and Boxing and Football and Snooker and Wrestling and just about every sport for free on Terrestrial TV stations. Those Sports gradually got GREEDY and were effectively BRIBED away by the lure of heavily financed SUBSCRIPTION BASED CHANNELS whether CABLE or SATELLITE. So those of us not fortunate to have enough money going around to invest in cable and satellite were left for dead in following those sports, effectively in my opinion HUGE SWATHES of populations within the UK lost out in not being able to see Sporting Hero’s and developing INTEREST in Sport beyond what any given School Facility may or may not teach, again Sports fields were often “sold of” to Property developers in that fashion of we do not need Sports in Schools and so on. Heavy Budget Cuts during the Thatcher Years ensured that whenever things were squeezed it was often the non-mental realms that were given heave-ho status about this green and pleasant land. The GAP between haves and have-nots ensured that only those with spare money and so on could afford to send children to weekly sporting clubs and activities whilst those struggling were again left in the lurch.

The truth in black and white terms is of course-that even those preaching from either coin-side of the Teaching and Schooling debate is very often still part of some ESTABLISHMENT. So we typically have Labour versus Conservatives and so on though reality is ESTABLISHMENT versus ESTABLISHMENT and we also see DEFECTION from one establishment to another-demonstrating how little separates many of the ESTABLISHED PARTY LINES. I recently of course saw one or two graphs and colour coding’s as to being motivated and incentivised versus ELSE and can clearly in many ways state that I fell into the ELSE realm whereby in taking on all-comers in many ways I was overtaken and leap frogged by those who were using the Technologies SECRETLY whilst I was constantly under siege from every NEW adoptee as an easy TARGET for having placed head above parapet. Likewise I am now I feel generally an unknown Quantity though find it interesting that it is difficult to PRACTICE what you PREACH when others are constantly seeking to SABOTAGE you.

So this blog is for users of the Technologies only and non-users would be wise to reacquaint themselves with The World or Universe as to how they think it is compared with the very many patterns and cycles that any of us is likely attuned to or can choose with some dedicated practice to becoming attuned to. It can often seem that we hoodwink ourselves or have gotten sucked in to non-beneficial beliefs though likewise over the LONGER HAUL we can come to see that particular behaviours and communications are preferred over others and that very often developing a system or knowledge base that works for all-comers does include in-and-of-itself TIME.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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