Is There Any Genuine Way Too Move From Coin-Sided Dynamics

So of course this perhaps a question potentially answerable from those far more advanced than myself-though the suggestion must surely be that in step by step fashion and Learning and trying out the best of what has gone before you can at least find some semblance of differing Threshold for the various calamity’s and crisis that life can throw our respective ways.

For instance early on I made reference to the association of Jesus to my name though as is often the case failed (as do many people) to act in 2nd coming fashion perhaps instead finding myself overly externally referenced and nailed to the Cross (so to speak). Likewise as I have progressed and raised threshold I can see and clearly know that many an external friction or issue can be let go of or indeed raise threshold in such manner that a level 10 crisis trigger is reduced to level 4 crisis trigger and so on. Likewise I have also joked of course as to other dynamic representations of names and initials such-as Disney Pixar or Digital Signal Processing and it does seem that however you seek to “Cloak” yourself in such a fashion you can all but guarantee that some kind of negative connotation or indeed interpretation that you have not thought of is potentially going to raise its head above water and seek to place you back in the level 10 crisis zone again. Likewise I have generally found that the slowing down of thought and dismantling long-held beliefs and auto-pilots in-order to perhaps bring something better on-line in its place does come again with variations of potential pitfalls and hazards. So as the experts constantly repeat and not to be outdone “all life is suffering” and then of course we learn the ins-and-outs and why’s, as to how we can perhaps better navigate many an issue placed before us.

The other related issue with areas such as names and so on-is of course how you interpret the names and so on of other peoples and persons that you encounter within your day-to-day life or indeed how they may or may not be interpreting yourself. We have to remember that many an auto-pilot was developed within us at very young ages. Some adult pointing and saying “mummy”,”daddy” “brother” “sister” or how-ever the individual story developed and of course that is one of those associative dynamic between some blank slate picture being given a symbol sequence like name. So many a remedy actually encourages so to speak reinvestigating that area or gap between what is seen and what is given as a symbolic reference of what is seen. Most of us early on of course believe that little is to be found at fault with our auto-pilot, though as we have progressed further and further we come to see that many a baby or childhood historical fear or whatever the given ailment or condition that is stored within our respective noggin, is not necessarily appropriate now and likewise that is perhaps where many a remedy comes into play. Has some stored up childhood fear or memory now in later life become some triggered health issue-I think that potentially many a bodily related ailment may well be down to such things, though likewise we have to be motivated or incentivised to try out any given remedy whether we regard something as la-di-da or indeed coming from a Health professional. It does often to myself despite all the la-di-da remedies and pharmaceutical companies all giving Disclaimers (when you read the small print in drug packages etc.) that many an issue really is simply often a matter of belief. Having said that I do of course read books from the la-di-da community and they often hold interview or speak with so and so who has suffered from this health condition or that health condition. So in principle it does seem that no matter what remedy we are personally trying or using that we can still suffer. The human body can only be dealt so many bad blows and so on. Though likewise if some basic changes in the way we live are all we need as a remedy then surely some such tactics are worthwhile in trying. I know typically as a long term night worker that we are often not regarded as getting supplements that we may get from simply living a daytime (in the sunlight) existence so I can ignore such things (I know women are often highlighted more than males for things such as brittle bone etc.) though I can also seek to supplement those missing ingredients in some fashion. Perhaps drink more milk and take vitamin tablets in those areas we are said to be lacking in. Again any such supplements are said to be questionable as to effect-again perhaps a form of disclaimer and potentially proof of theory as to just how much of any one’s given world and place within the World is a matter of belief.

So all too esy when younger and indeed throughout life to feel hard done by and poor me and playing out victim patterns and roles that we picked up somewhere. Though likewise we can choose to stay upbeat and positive in the face of any abuses we find ourselves in the receiving end of and ask those questions as to cause and effect. As suggested previously all to easy to think externals when we may simply have further layers on internal materials coming up for us to release in some fashion. That not an absolute of course because as some folks in some realms know only to well-just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you.

That perhaps applying to anyone such-as Prison warders whom I see in the news or indeed Politicians in general and in fact when you think about it many a person within any realm of life. We hear of attacks on Doctors and Nurses and Policemen and Military staff so someone somewhere is always likely to want to be taking out a grievance on someone they feel wronged by in some fashion irrespective of having personal experience of the person this often seems even more so when drugs and alcohol and so on are brought into the scenario.

So many of life’s sufferings are inescapable though we can at least (in theory) better navigate situations that are presented to us and likewise seek to perhaps reduce our own suffering through reduction of the suffering of others about ourselves. Clearly some are willing and happy to make such choices whilst others perhaps need a little further encouragement of some description.

Elsewhere I was again thinking about this Law of Attraction Issue the “ask, believe, receive” I think the experts suggest-though very often clauses and proviso’s exist that many of us are potentially unaware of. The most typical proviso or clause is potentially that you are “not recognising that the smelly disgusting tramp in front of you is in fact the one who is able to answer what you are asking for”. I give that as an extremist answer though clearly it has been demonstrated over and over again that such realities genuinely do occur and exist in the World hence the IDEA and SUGGESTION of becoming a more FORGIVING person in relation to the failures of others perhaps one of those lessons that appears again and again for many a person and likewise I think I did see such examples in one or two of the programmes or films the daughter has had myself watch on her visits. Typical Disney perhaps though safer perhaps learning about such life lessons from the Media Screen and experiencing them first hand as possibly some peoples and persons in less fortunate places about the Globe do.

So that perhaps a 2nd Learning that I hear repeated an awful lot from masters and teachers and so on-Gratitude for those things that we do have within our lives. I am grateful that I have… That is of course a potential writing type supplement to the course I am presently taking. We have of course been given some Homework and as I write a regular blog I perhaps practice a certain amount of such homework’s regularly, early on when writing I stated that I had difficulty in making it a regular activity especially given one or two of the wordage targets I was setting myself though as other peoples and persons made my note taking more interested I was able to feel more involvement that someone somewhere was benefitting from my note taking beyond myself. Again the walking a mile in someone else’s shoes or footsteps though likewise when we have other pointers to things such as sports taking place and so on we become a little more incentivised into so-called WIN/WIN Solutions. I think that was a big one for myself early on in that I really could not see where the win-win was occurring, it always often seemed like I win you lose sucker, though the more I have meditated and come to understand taking those auto-pilot functionalities off-line and re-evaluating things in a more coordinated fashion with others the more it does seem that more win-win ideas of situations and scenario are occurring.

So we have a multitude of interpretative abilities and whilst it can pay dividends to initially focus on clearing your own issues and so on as you progress you do feel or become more inclined to once again start spreading some of your remedy about to wider populace’s presuming you are wanted or required for such input. That perhaps again related to COMMUNICATION it has muni in the middle of it, though clearly as suggested previously we can be blind to reworking’s of language or fail to understand how we are blinded to our own prejudice or indeed life experience, hence my rushing so many levels of Holosync. Who needs to take 12 years when you want results yesterday or so it seemed once I was experiencing bilateral hemispheric communication or stimulus throughout the noggin etc. Yes it does seem that no matter how much any of us has sought to rush through the remedies that life continues day-by-day and also that the relational remedy of a given level may not occur until you were due to experience it anyway? What? Well it does seem to myself as I have progressed that suggestions as to what might be experienced or occur in the first year and 2nd year and 3rd year of each stepped through level are mostly occurring within that kind of a fashion irrespective of my own rushing through 2 or 3 levels per year (initially) I am still unsure as to absolute claims to that effect though clearly this regular blogging has helped enormously in giving oneself a day-by-day reference. I have repeated perhaps more this year than previously that I can look to clues over several days of writings to gain an impression of what may or may not be about to happen within a given realm. So typically a whole week of references to particular events may give clues to some team or sporting personality being in the right zone to be the winner this week. Likewise I have also found that the numerical issue can also come into play in the sense of also having collated data on the preceding year for a given week or date and so on. So you effectively build up an awareness diary. Yes it can seem triggering at times being told all these be happy and grateful for your fortune when you are not necessarily feeling it, though again we can write and jot down when we are feeling bad or depressed or unwell and then see if it is a personal trigger that is occurring or potentially related to a more World Wide Cycle or Patterning and so on.

So that again perhaps comes down to the idea of being pragmatic, use what you experience as working and indeed mix and match remedies to see if some combinations work better than others as they surely do.

So that enough I think to be getting on with.

Thank you for reading and good luck with your interpreting and discernment 😉

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