So In Returning To Various Science Fiction Thoughts

So in returning to various science-fiction thoughts and of course having grown up reading much within that genre as well as watching typical Star Wars/Trek styled entertainments I then wondered as to the how of where such imaginings occur within any given writers mind and so on. We can of course look to autobiography of many a famed author or indeed public figure and personality to see that very often something was winged-they had an idea and sat down and sort to expand idea further and in process terms were perhaps asking those questions as to how can I bring this sub-plot into alignment with the so-called overall arc of some happy ever after or however we are to describe the ins-and-outs of storylines.

I have of course stated and indeed witnessed many of the IDEAS in the sense that we often have some overall greater all-encompassing arc that everything else is seemingly linked to perhaps hanging from those legendary Skyhooks that no-one has to find beyond a thought or flight of fancy. So many a book title begins with Protagonist or central Character and ends with and they all live happily ever after and then the bit in the middle is very often the so-called GAP as to how such things were manifested within characters life and actions and so on. Whilst we can change names of protagonists and other characters or indeed speculate as to distant Universes or distant futures or indeed distant pasts (I recently found myself reading on Assyrian Archaeology in the 19th Century). The basic theme was that the so-called “Noah Floods Story” was pre-dated within the Assyrian region’s story by some speculated 2000 years. IE. Some 1800 years before the Genesis and original Biblical Manuscripts were being brought together the “STORIES” already existed and had been handed down through regional Empires and all the rest of such things, in this case it was I think the famed poem of GILGAMESH. I also found myself being directed within Amazon to reading Alistair Campbell he of course famous as being Tony Blair’s Labour Party “SPIN DOCTOR” though he started life out as simply a columnist or journalist within the Daily Mirror or more left of centre realms and has written multiple books-this one was dedicated to Winners and being number one, he having used his position to study “Winners” across multiple realms and see what makes them “Tick” sounds very much like a repeat of the famed Napoleon Hill method. Journalists of course perhaps demonstrate the game of black and white far more easily than others given them credit for-I want a better paid job I will seek employment or a higher position within this working life realm with this Leftist or Rightist or Centrist employer over here. So he perhaps typically well versed in understanding political type scales and measures and idea’s alluding to nuances within the array or spectrum of so-called political wings and groupings and LANGUAGE. He in my opinion is perhaps the exact sort of figure that an aspirational party such-as UKIP is presently lacking (irrespective of personal opinions as to the Politics, Nigel Farage is presently to much of a one-man-band, maybe the local UKIP candidate should be positioned for an easy and obvious role within a Cabinet, Paddy Ashdown famed within the Liberal Party circles was well known for using his Military roles as carrying weight and anyone else within other parties could use similar knowledge based strategy for putting oneself forward and so on.).

So I started wanting to talk about Sci-Fi and have digressed somewhat-though will continue with the digression a little further-I noted that some Coloured or Minority Tory candidate has been exposed by the English Defence League as being CORRUPT in plotting personal advancement in Dudley (Harry Potter again) and again whether I agree or disagree with the EDL politics it is interesting that I think Tommy Smith? Stated that the same would likely be seen throughout the Country-clearly he stating potentially what we all are often aware of that despite heavy CONFLICT within Parliament and so on that in the pubs and aisles of City’s and Town’s about the land the extremists are always there or thereabout having discussion with more mainstream Ideology, Sein fein of course famed in Ireland as being Political Wing of IRA terrorist organisation and so on. So for every Balaclava wearing mercenary murderer or villain we can likely find someone who has been around the block and is willing to talk some of the respective Politics, cannot of course condone actions by groupings though in coin side terms I have spoken many times as to understanding Psychology and Motive-we all of course in joining the Military or Police or Intelligence realms or indeed any area of working life are “potentially” often giving up our own first and foremost points of view in order to be in alignment with some Greater Scheme Organisation. Likewise repetition of some teachings within some organisations work for everyone-whilst other become stick-in-the-mud’s causing themselves and those about them endless pain or unnecessary Trauma because they have adopted INTRANSIGENT position that they are unwilling to debate.

So I am of course known to have aligned myself with some Intransigent position’s though I personally felt that was because far too many people had not explored where particular attitudes and behaviours were being repeated or handed down that were serving no one within some of the realms I found myself within. Can you have integrative inclusiveness that recognises the strengths in having a collection of peoples and persons in alignment with one another, some position of course are not well debated by vast swathes of population hence extremists saying all other than this model is incorrect or wrong and inspiring further undesirable and unworkable extremism. Some say well eventually most such folks are going to be forced to come to the table-though I personally think that is untrue given that we have a 7 Billion Worldwide Population and then all Geographic Regions have Empires of one form or another going on and Navigating such things is cause for head-ache especially early on even with meditative practice.

So returning to the theme of Science Fiction. I have of course alluded to Ideas such-as a Library at the end of time and space and so on and also of course asking questions as to how did a reference of Biography of myself come to exist within that Library at the end of time and space. Likewise of course those who have advanced in these technologies over the last however many years have simply developed they’re own NICHE or Empire and then aligned with further teachers who have their own empires and so on.

So typical futuristic ideas are those such-as Transporter whereby all the cells disappear in one location and reappear within another location and likewise such technological thoughts allude to being able to simply transport this sickness or virus or bug or condition out of myself. Likewise I was again thinking in relation to Computing and of course were our race to disappear in the future what records would be known about the comings and goings of this generation in Earth history, again Science Fiction books and works have alluded to such things. We are of course living in the time where home and personal computing has taken of and some of those things perhaps register more with some folks than others. As an example-during the 1980’s a number of small home electronic computing devices became available to an interested public and many of those early devices had external cassette type players whereby you had to load a programme via external device. The noise of such programmes whether game or Science or however was very often the same whether using a Spectrum or Commodore 64 or BBC Micro or Amstrad-a continuous stream of often quite high-pitched unintelligible squeals and bleeps and typically the kind of sound you might hear from a tape cassette or indeed video cassette on fast-forward.

So whether we believed such things or otherwise it can of course be suggested that we take such things in on a non-conscious basis and are often little more than like Paying Zoo Animals to the Manufacturers and Suppliers and Dealers of many a gadget and Technology. Again I think Meditation like remedies help clear out many such non-conscious things that have been taken in or indeed help reorganise them into more useful IDEAS as to personal progress or Health and Wealth and Prosperity and so on. So most theories that have EVOLVED suggest that the World or Universe is in fact akin to some of those God Like Computer Sim Games and that whilst we can claim we are adversely affected by all these other externals-we are in fact a representation of all that we have taken in during our lifetimes whether via family or social group or societal groupings and so on.

Likewise I found myself thinking about this computerised issue further because clearly what we know about Electricity and Power and indeed Communication Technologies is that the thought occurred and then people set off independently or as groups in researching and seeking to recreate such things beyond the realm of the mind.

So what if

All that is occurring to you as reality NOW is in fact a simulation that is being run through from some point in the future and you are simply unaware that you are within such a simulation. How might you think and feel and act differently in knowing that you can be free of this ailment or that suffering because they are simply variations on the theme of simulations and even those things are simply belief based. So I am not saying believe in some external god so much as understand that in terms of Learning and Nurturing Creativity bridging the gap between now and now as a Universal ever present moment that is never moved beyond could well be the way forward for many peoples and persons still struggling with pieces within jigsaw issues-I myself of course an example (in some ways) though likewise in accepting the integrative or inclusiveness TERMINOLOGY as a MENTAL THOUGHT EXERCISE rather than a Physical Body exercise can be the way forward to releasing much undesirable nonsense from within our respective beings and so on.

The one useful repetition that I do not fully feel clear on is for example the IDEA that what does not serve you falls away-I still wonder why some peoples and persons attitudes and behaviours have not fallen away-or indeed returning to the IDEA of the Law of Attraction issue of putting things out there to the Universe.

So I wrote website as well as one or two other sites and likewise suggested that Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now may have been a response in some fashion to some of the questions presented on or within the questions page of that very simply website-deliberately simply because it is a representation of how a beginner might set out to seeking answers and I have little desire to overcomplicate with far too many layers of BELLS & WHISTLES-IF I can help it.

So this is being written on a package called Microsoft Word that is part of a package of ““TOOLS” & “UTILITIES”” for popular functionality that many a business person or otherwise desires to have usage of within day-to-day life and Windows or W I N D O W S or WIN DO WS is the ever popular computer operating system that I am utilising to achieve all this inter-connectivity. So a popular consumer computer operating system of tools and utilities called win do ws and a Learning strategies course where a form named the W5 Form had to be filled in and then seek some action and alignment with the given PROCESSES within said form.

So in translation terms there is little difference in many ways between a character 5 and a character S or 5S if we place them side by side. Likewise in PIXEL or Analogue to Digital Representation it may also be suggested that the Classical S is analogue whilst the numeric 5 is akin to a Digital representation of the same character, or sample of slices.

So likewise early on with such technologies we were constantly looking for ways to REDUCE the data into manageable ways and means of fitting 10 pixels within 1 pixel storage space and likewise since technology took of it has become more and more the other way around where the reductionist approach was cast aside in favour of more and more or larger storage space and indeed so called REAL-TIME rendering systems such-as vectorising coordinate systems and so on. So lots of ways and means for anyone to explore though the most basic and simple of premise always seemingly remains in allegorical terms that all noise and sound and indeed book systems are akin to taking in ideas that the map is not the territory and that we are all akin to fallen angels and we can either adopt attitudes of being or living in constant resistance to such things or ignore Wider World Politics and so on and develop our own expansive creative life realms and so on. Again it does seem that whilst we want a fast track or indeed to be unwound (if we are peoples or persons tightly coiled up in mental sphagetti).

So choice is choice though clearly we can go with the “FAST BUCK” gambling method that I personally found to be a failure, or likewise develop necessary awareness and knowledge and witnessing and then CHOOSE our respective inputs and outputs and influence and ideas with more care and within our own perhaps circles of influence and so on.

So how long before we turn off and tune out to perceptions of negativity etc. and then develop our own system that enables and allows personal development and growth unimpeded by external demands being placed upon us is of course choice.

So who is operating from an above board understanding of life the universe and everything and who is simply confusing the map for the territory and who is best positioned to translate present awareness into some greater coherence as to directions and navigation.

Yes if all is Holography as many a present day Science seemingly is leading us all toward then each and every CELL of our being might be considered as being an entryway or otherwise to the whole and likewise we can let go of cells taken in that are not in alignment with our personal life plan. Would it not be nice to go to that Library at the end of the Universe and see what our contribution was in order to be set upon that life course?

Yes we saw such things in “Back to the Future” movies of course where the Arrival of Marty led to Doc Brown investing his life in research that became self-fulfilling prophecy, I do sometimes wonder whether my various websites will themselves become self-fulfilling prophecy though as to “CAUSE & EFFECT” influence who knows what caused what and why do we do the things that we do. Much of the last few years has seemingly been an exploration into the events that led to the events that led to where I am at present.

Great I might think-were I sitting in some Large developed House on a Hill with all the mod cons and a great bank balance and friends and so on-though I do often seemingly find myself in the gap where no-one wants to be. The GAP perhaps akin to those Raiders of the Lost ARK type puzzles that we see in many a game-we have all perhaps grown up watching variations on RUN, JUMP, Move Left, Move Right swing on branch and so on avoiding obstacles that the ANCIENTS whose graves we are robbing left us as clues to Strategy and Tactics and so on.

So all to easy to claim that this group over here is above this other group over there though likewise gaining credibility or walking paths less traversed or travelled is perhaps one of the fundamental survival tactics taken and having the capability and confidence and belief to navigate such things of course again takes time etc. etc.

So Science Fiction perhaps an area I have requirement of reacquainting myself with potentially within my writings. The issue perhaps one of wanting something produced quite rapidly that changes lives in positive and rewarding and uplifting fashion and manner enabling greater personal freedom for those that take on board the underlying teachings and so on.

I will leave this one here for now as I think I want to get some further ideas and writings and scrawling’s down within my pad.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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