What If Any Indicators Existed That May Have Pointed To Particular Event

So finding or unearthing any kind of pointer to particular events occurring whether regarded as Scientific and informed Sherlock Holmes “DEDUCTION” remove all other possibilities until the answer you have can be the only answer to the presented reasoning.


I like this La-Di-Da material and am well versed in following both the logically reasoned trails and the less obvious nonlinear routes and linkages in an informed fashion-whereby I am rarely wrong on such matters even when gaps in knowledge are or have been “BRIDGED” by leaps of logic or indeed leaps of Faith or Leaps of Imagination and “CREATIVE” thinking.

So typically today I wake up this evening and find myself reading a couple of typical stories in the news-one a downed aeroplane within that rather large Mountain Range known as the ALPS that is somewhere in mainland Europe and runs through many multiples of borders and likewise a 2nd Story that a guy who was being pursued by Policemen and shot had in fact been carrying a weapon that he was not in possession of when the area was sealed off and forensics called in and carried out.

So yesterday was Monday and I had my usual somewhat long day getting up early on Monday for a trip into town followed by rest and sleep late afternoon and evening eventually borderline oversleeping and deciding that rather than go into Rush Panic Run to work I will grab a Taxi.

So it was typical of a Taxi journey with conversation with the driver and at a point along the route I noted what appeared to be someone along a road side raising arm quickly as though seeking to Flag down the Taxi-though likewise such a SIGNALLED GESTURE can be interpreted in a multitude of ways depending upon Circumstance-so a meaning given within my realm was simply someone else wanting a CAB, meanwhile elsewhere in someone else’s realm and unbeknown to myself it is reported that Deceased and shot by Police individual had been carrying a weapon that he discarded, similar GESTURE differing realm interpretation. Likewise toward the end of TAXI journey I mentioned to the cabbie that I was somewhat “FIXATED” with his television like “DASHBOARD”, I know they have become more popular through a range of vehicles in recent times though I found myself asking what might he do in the event that the Digital or Computer like Screen Goes down, (I did not go into specifics) though we all perhaps have potentially had experience of a Television or Monitor type screen not working and we both gave speculations as to answer. Clearly car manufacturers KNOW how they have set-up any given system to work though such systems are also of course to be found within Aircraft. That sharing of Technologies or handing down of knowledge bases is often carried out from as an EXAMPLE some Giant Corporation working for a National Governmental Body, the Boeing’s and British Aerospace’s develop systems for NASA and such systems are said to be funded over the longer term by the Technological Seepage whereby they gradually work the way down the Societal like tree. Differing realm usages are developed or become “Price/Cost” efficient. What does that mean-well quite simply many a gadget or super system could be placed within vehicles and so on now-however the Price would then likely raise substantially beyond the category or range that the average consumer can afford. This one of those “GREAT DEBATES” we hear of discarded stockpiles of Food Mountains (as an example) that people then say why not give it away, clearly such Altruism of indeed IDEAS require peoples and persons being confident that such Philanthropy is going to have some ROI or Return On Investment over some designated period of time.

So whilst in a perfect World we would like to see a real interpretation of Communism (rather than the Model from the Former Soviet and Chinese Models) those who are giving away Technologies have likely already raised themselves up to positions or levels of awareness and INCOME that they can be Happy to do so without being substantially or adversely affected by such “PROJECTS” and see them as a continuance perhaps of the model that they have been working along.

So many a street kid at a young age simply wants more money or peer respect and goes about asking how can I achieve this and then a little further down the line feels that they may or may not be happy with how this presently are and begin asking those more SAGE like generational like Questions as to how they feel they can give back to future generations and so on. They say you cannot take money to the Grave with you-though you can of course leave it to the family though all such circumstances are often seen disputed through future family lineage. Something perhaps akin to not being able to be a control freak as to how future family members respect your legend or memory. How many Wealthy Business men from the 19th Century lots great estates that they had purchased and-or developed. I think the ancient comedy “To The Manor Born” exemplified such changes in Societal like class structuring. Old wealth often stays wealthy through welcoming new wealth into those higher circles though sometimes with more friction perhaps in some areas than others.

So as you outwardly expand your own empire and so on you often overlap more and more with surrounding empires and those things can happen effortlessly and easily or indeed come with frictions, competitor versus non-competitor type issues perhaps, you can say well we are all competitors though clearly someone with a farming empire is differing to someone with an automotive empire or someone with a computer system empire and however-though again all areas can share and develop ideas toward mutual advancement in applying IDEAS across multiple realms.

I wrote previously how my experience within the Halls and Corridors of University had demonstrated that those within Computing Realms were often better placed than other Students to carry out such functionalities-many a DISCIPLINE whilst talking the good talk of cross-discipline awareness and knowledge very often means grouping of disciplines already within a given field. So in Psychology for instance you might study Freud and you might study some other teacher and so on and think you are studying across disciplines though they are in reality more akin to sub-modalities of one-discipline. Whereas those especially in the Sciences have often come to see that some cross-discipline followings are beneficial to all hence ever-greater cross-realm development within the research areas of Computing and Biology and Physics and Chemistry and so on.

Anyway all that simply to say that any of us can write our day to day WITNESSING fo events within our own MENTAL WORLD and then choose as to whether we regard something as being an EXAMPLE of CROSS-REALM Synchronicity or non-linear example of how the same threads and linkages occur throughout Society as a whole.

That is not to say that I think the aircraft likely had some electrical fault that caused the crash though clearly we will be hearing on Black Box data and so on in the coming days.

So I often find myself wondering as to, how can I integrate the Learnings and Teachings of Learning Strategies when I have often seemingly cleared many a modality out of my system. Then I think well have you really-are you sure, and of course in further examination of most people’s desires and aspirations and so on you come to see that whether consciously or otherwise my going through many of those Modalities is in fact akin to answering questions that I may have answered at such a young age as to have been unaware as to that being how I was operating at that young age.

Another typical example is of course that I spoke on reading one of my leading Role Model’s new books and he again in speaking about his technology often goes into some Scientific based research, here is my Product and Technology and here is the research and technology that demonstrates the working Principles of the ins-and-outs of why! I bring that up of course because we keep being told about some bodily DHEA like substance within own DNA or cellular structures and not to rude or dismissive of some given realms teachings and philosophy and hard work and so on all I every think of when I see reference to DHEA is “Disney’s Happily Ever After”. Likewise of course I being a David I could change such thinking to “David’s Happily Ever After” or indeed David Hereford England Ah-So” or some such.


Well it goes again to not going against the grain so much as taking any teaching and level of awareness and turning it into a format that you yourself understand in some fashion. I see some highly confusing scientific formulations and mathematics and rather than becoming worried I change it or “TRANSLATE” it into a theory of what works within my own mind and noggin, such things can of course be harmless or potentially otherwise though again if are operating from a mind-set that says the Universe it Neutral then all functionality of associations and linkages and threads are of course our own to choose and some are clearly well established best practice among those more advanced than myself and likewise instead of going into “inferiority complex” I can simply change the way in which I think about things and the rational or indeed IDEA within my own thinking as to what any given viewing of events means.

I think for example that given what I know about technological advances and so on that my possibly “bad” reaction to some early Hypnosis like teachings was because they may have been operating from a mental model that I had not developed toward or indeed I may have been advanced in such a manner as to simply be incompatible with the model that some people are offering.

Likewise I did say that I was interested in investigating sub-contexts of language and how we can definitely know within any realm as to where a given indicator might be pointing at. Us men of course very often prefer in your face clues as to sporting choice and so on whilst the female mind is often more geared around the subtle and nuanced (I think) though can probably find examples of people ho within each stereotype are sitting on the other side of the so-called divide. Likewise I do think tht my rushing through meditation has been of more benefit than sticking to low level hypnosis type remedies that seemingly gear you toward more bodily related issues. I can likely not imagine how many lives have been needlessly ruined by some courses of action and so on by some folks-though again such “Theories” strangely do not match that “Simulation from the end of the Universe Model”.

So we lose a loved one or find ourselves in some great all-encompassing negativity mode induced by peoples and persons we find ourselves amongst-though clearly some intransigence in the encouragement of following IDEA and THREAD TRAILS can be beneficial to some folks and ineffectual for others. Again some folks have the house and car and happy with life level and so on whilst others among us have little of those things and cannot find a way to gain them or indeed fins a model that works in the “control freak” manner and style that we are ourselves would like. I think the ownership of your own mind is perhaps better than feeling subject to some less than inspiration model that some folks use as a model for themselves “it did not do me any harm” one of those great repetitions we hear handed down from generation to generation. Of course we can question the validity of such distractions or simply go and do our own thing and doing our own thing often requires a little bit of awareness and most definitely other people working of a similar model or indeed mind-set.

So this is one of those meandering and waffling type articles. I more recently found myself noting a loose dog on a route that I walk along and was confused as to the BREED of the Animal I had in fact though it an underlying breed for something like Alsatian, though likewise that animal appeared something akin to another breed that I had not thought of “A Black Lassie”, yes that is something that went into private notes though of course some peoples and persons make both sets of notes just as I do and I was thinking that I am absolutely useless when it comes to many a detail beyond superficial shallow like image taken within so-called split-second walkthroughs and was wondering as to how I might improve such things. Clearly all writing whether in literature or otherwise leaves detail to imagination and some film these days leaves us wishing they had left some detail to the imagination though clearly representing such things is choice. I was thinking about this aspect because one of my favourite techniques from the STAGE and Theatre as a child had been those NARRATOR like positions and likewise I remember watching a generation of old black and white films based around talk-over Detective like voices. I think that such things are of course utilised from generation to generation though some feel that something is “too” much historically based and ruins such things with “infusion of comedy” or likewise takes itself so seriously as to become unintentional comedy. I saw an article on James “One Joke” Cordon going to be a presenter in the United States and though well actually “great career move” when he says his one joke “Hello I am James Cordon and I am Fat” an appreciative American Audience will likely repeat “hell yeah, so are we” 😉

That an exaggeration of course though such specifics or indeed otherwise are often FIXATIONS or OBSESSIONS that differing peoples and person can get sucked into at various stage of person development. I think the Learn to be Happy with how you are and seek methods to improve where you feel unhappy is perhaps a model that most go through without complaint. We can of course fall into self-depreciative or negative like insecurities or indeed learn to use the techniques and strategies that very often require a mental turnaround-what is causing this external personage to say such things when I personally have an internal happiness as to who and how I am. Of course when I say external personage that could simply be a SOCIETAL LIKE HERD PRESSURE such as air-brushed Stars in Magazines and in the mass media TV & FILM and so on rather than immediate World figures such-as family and social group etc. So we can take those aspects that we feel comfortable with, shrug our shoulders at others or indeed seek to correct situations that have led to persistent and undesirable abuses.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉


Narrator: Will the Mandarins catch Charlie Chan or will Sam Spade and Sherlock prove beyond reasonable doubt that many a gap within the knowledge base can be bridged through lateral and non-linear methods of thinking and being and …

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