So This Is The 3rd In A Row Article That I have Begun

So this is the 3rd in a row article that I have begun and chosen to start over seemingly finding myself drifting into the realms of debate that I have carried out though know some readers have not. Typical issues returning once again were the IDEA of SHALLOW versus DEPTH and I also spoke on blood and body part transfusion and Antibiotics and Bleach and various comparative styles as to belief system and why the inside-outside issue matter at depth and beyond the very often shallow surface layered approach that many of us find ourselves having to fall into line with.

What else is going on in the World-well we are of course seeing reports on this plane crash incident within the Alps and elsewhere we have JC aka Jeremy Clarkson or James Cordon and I am sure some other JC’S are dotted about. We here in Hereford of course had CJ or JC car license registrations for many years so lots of links perhaps to language and initials and how we can seemingly become ensnared by the World about us into thinking that the Map is the Territory when in fact the map of reality can seemingly be somewhat enlarged beyond that developed within the regular schooling system of your average United Kingdom childhood. Likewise today is of course a 25 and we here in Hereford know of course because we know our Alphabets that it is the name of our river, Y or Wye to give an enhanced or larger versioning of the same sound and Vocal output.

So I of course also made reference to the so-called IDEA of the united kingdom as a witch map and in language terms of course we in computer terms and indeed most household rooms have switch’s so anyone with some modicum of explorative curiosity can perhaps see such linkages as to how repetitions occur though few of us have actually found somewhat stronger STIMULUS that cuts through years and years of mental flotsam and jetsam so to speak as to how we can take advantage of such knowledge and awareness.

Likewise many a traditional system relies on so-called conflict and confusion processes to allegedly raise you to ever greater states of being and so on-though again that makes the presumption that you are not someone who has been severely traumatised in some fashion as many of us seemingly have been. So once you have been through a few courses you come to see that many are designed to get you asking those questions as to how can this be right and true when this is also supposed to be right and true. Clearly as has been said previously we have to eat and drink and survive and so on and the present system often acts as a distraction to other greater truths of reality however such things are described. I for instance suggested that the World is like a giant computer system though clearly when you progress though levels of meditation you find all sorts of synchronicities “FALLING AWAY” so typically you gradually more and more come to see that all LAW & IDEAS as to rules and regulations are about the choices we make and that all things can be brought forward and examined under the light of enquiry or scrutiny. Likewise some folks and teaching systems are seemingly aobut going round in cyclic circles with little advancement whilst others get the processes going in such passion that breakthroughs do occur though likewise walls of resistance also occur and indeed plateau like time periods.

So that something I occasionally talk on is plateau’s whereby you think you have reached some pinnacle and are banging head on some invisible glass ceiling or shield and then you rethink your questions toward some new ah-ha as to what the belief is that is holding you back from this further advancement. Likewise in modelling terms is does seem that however fast we personally want to go that you very often cannot short-cut many a system of strategy. So until I have this realisation I could not really progress to this new even better level and so on. Of course far too easy to simply settle into some comparative new level of normal and the let whatever happens be okay is perhaps part and parcel of that teaching.

So I decided to look at local new and in reality we seem to be in a GAP STAGE or PERIOD for what many a person might regard as being NEWSWORTHY. That is not to take anything away from the mourning families of those who died in the plane rash or indeed Jezza fans or indeed campaigning politicians.

So I then thought ah-ha I saw an article on the news in relation to MARKETS and what did they say-they said that the US economy was on the rise whilst here in dear old blighty the markets are taking a fall and the reason given I found myself disagreeing with. My own view was that we are now approaching a GENERAL ELECTION and much of the data and so on suggests that things really are up in the air as to where the so-called confetti is going to land. The story’s that I have seen have indicated that Mr Cameron will gain a 2nd Term though likewise (the pollsters all disagree saying a Labour victory and hung Parliament, largest minority rule with assistance from 2nd party such-as Liberals and UKIP and SNP and so on).

So I think Tory return and it must be well known by many peoples and persons who have followed my guestimates that I have often been well of course when it comes to such predictive issues. I have know idea as to WHY because most courses have said adjust your course according to feedback. I felt I responded in best fashion to the World feedback I was taking in though clearly such things must be up for debate considering the many failures I seemingly experience.

These things perhapsonce again come down to that GRAPHIC EQUALIZER type theme I was thinking about and mentioned previously. Many a gadget and device of course has some kind of Graphic Equalizer for differing SOUND SETTING increase base, reduce treble and so on and that within a recording studio can occur over rather large numbers of so-called frequency mixes. My father I think originally recorded early on in his career with four track mixer desks and then 8 track and 16 track and 64 track and so on-these days in fact most computer based recording studio’s enable literally hundreds of so-called sound channels to exist within a music mix. Where once you may have had shared channel for particular instruments these days you really can ISOLATE every single instrument. This important I feel because it once again takes us into that Science Fiction like realm whereby belief is everything. A number of courses simply say your body has these channels and we will open these channels and so on and so forth-likewise technical scientific equipment demonstrates that frequencies and so on exist outside of our normal conscious susceptibility to such things-typical example that most have heard of are of course DOG WHISTLES, dogs can hear whilst we humans hear little-they are not naturally within our bodily range. Likewise the same can be said as to why we do not associate cancers with light because despite many an expert claiming otherwise you cannot actually really see light can you? You can see the effect that it has on the World about yourself though any given what is a “LIGHT OBJECT or PARTICLE or FREQUENCY” likewise I spoke about the fact that whilst we hear the speed of sound is this fast and light that fast again that is for one FREQUENCY of said LIGHT and SOUND. We then of course fall into chicken and egg realms as to what came first. Was that object green in the darkness before dawn light fell upon it. Clearly those who know anything about rendering within computer systems or indeed ARTISTS can generally tell you that SHADOW is usually cast as a darker shade of what is already there (in the given colour that we believe we are seeing.

So whilst I have explored many books and so on it is interesting that many a Tutor actually picks very few and then with repetition of those few builds business empire and so on. I guess that you have to choose wisely as to those that you do choose though likewise we can see that some folks are better positioned than others when it comes to some realms and likewise we all suffer in one fashion or another and most processes bring about the releasing of conflict and confusion.

So n genuine new to be talking about and the United Kingdom Market will probably FLUCTUATE until it is clearly established in May as to who is going to control the next parliament-though likewise I think we will see more and more that those Companies that have chartered their own course and so on with long term plans are not going to be overly concerned with short term market fluctuations beyond of course concern for those IT’LL NEVER CATCH ON or TOO BIG TO FALL occurrences that are again always happening at some location about the planet. Interesting I think that some Learning Strategy course recommend attunement to where you are and Country and Nationality and so on though I do genuinely worry as to being David Hereford England etc. because it is seemingly an untenable position to have unless of course ways and means can be found for ever greater reinterpretation and indeed alignment’s and so on. So some PREJUDICE never goes out of fashion and likewise whilst any TV or Movie or game interpretation of City such-as Hereford would likely have a Bhohemian Darecity like portrayal we have to hold up our respective hands and be honest in stating that whilst we criticise the America’s as being somewhat segregated and having huge swathes of redneck Country that the United Kingdom in reality is not all that differing for many a shire like population or county.

Anyway it really does seem as though the news wants people to shrug shoulders and seek more interesting things and we can all of course seek to do such things for ourselves. I am now having a couple of days break from regular note taking trips as I have 2 days holiday that I have to take now else lose as we move toward a new financial year in April and so on-many a business and so on and I think TAX SYSTEM traditionally of course considered the business year as April to April of April Fool’s Day to April Fool’s day-interesting TAROT link perhaps the Fool being that very first CAR within your standard Aura Deck. So many a wise person seemingly develops freedom by simply developing their own teaching methodology and I may well seek to do the same or simply continue to help those who share some of the teachings and experience that I myself have had in following the various personal growth and development strategies and so on.

This is of course a typical all-over-the-shop sequence of meanderings and perhaps why I need to get some regular theme and sub-contexts going that have been thought through as to subject matter and pointers guidance to given themes and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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