In Hereford’s Dare City

Where Girls Are So Britney

I Once Met A Maid Called Sweet Folly Myown

As She Wheeled Her Wheelbarrow Through Street’s Broad and Narrow

Crying Freckles and Speckles Alive Alive Oh

So what can a night of work do for you-well of course I do get to sleep night on the weekend’s though that mid-week break does often serve as a kind of mental break-through in the sense that within many a realm you can go through the Holiday Calendar and find a million and one peoples and persons all seeking to have a ”long weekend” booking up the Friday’s and Monday’s as though life depends on such things. Clearly we have choice as to how we feel about such things though I learnt quite early on in my own study of patterns that those rather peculiar type patterns can also be the most harmful and detrimental in “must have” stakes. Clearly many a pattern is often established during school days and many a person does not think to try variance from such established practice. A colleague a few years ago always used to book holidays during school terms times despite he then being footloose and fancy free to holiday whenever he wanted. These days of course married with child he is more likely to want those term times though we can either realise the pitfalls and traps that such demands place upon us or we can simply become more clever in finding the benefits and so on of variance from established routines. Many Holiday destinations as the World has grown smaller often have beneficial seasonal variations that mean you can actually benefit and prosper wth longer holiday periods from not being overly dogmatic to particular designated societal like herd patterns.

Likewise I can of course ask that well established question as to why we do not break the school year down into more acceptable timetables-the prolonged Summer often out of fashion with many a working man and woman’s life in this present day and age. Likewise I spoke previously about how you could have 13 months of 28 days and generally find that to be better than the 12 month Gregorian calendar that is somewhat ancient and passed best practical usage-in my own opinion of course. We can show that many a Business and Industry is actually well aware of the seemingly inadequate way in which the Calendar is set-up though likewise it has also been shown that 2+2 does not always equate to 4 when we learn to see through surface levels of investigative techniques and perhaps better read between the lines.

Elsewhere I of course always have an eye on the so-called broader World News and typically whilst we here in Britain were being told of 3 deaths associated with Alps Airplane Disaster we can see similar American Headlines-differing people of course though very similar type tributes and associated stories (I personally thought). Quite a blend of International travellers was aboard so perhaps also a time to step back a reassess how we think the World is to how it really is.

Elsewhere another Headline that caught my own eye was related to Prince Charles and the publishing of his Letters to Members of Parliament-whilst the Supreme Court has allowed or opened the door to such publication-I do think that I personally would expect some criteria to be laid out as to what is or is not within the public interest. Many peoples throughout the land are fully capable of writing to MP’s and expecting response-though not necessarily have such things detailed and scrutinised by an insatiable Media System.

Elsewhere it was being reported as to Who will vote for UKIP or who are the typical core voters and I do think you will find it to be perhaps your average Daily Mail Readership-having said that I was somewhat shocked on visiting the website of that paper as to how much it has turned into a red-top styled rag in all but name. Middle England perhaps having the Death Knell Dealt to it in much the fashion or manner of that planet within Hitchhikers guide that sent all the working classes into space as being undesirable only for the planet to end in doom whilst those within the ships landed upon and became the new earth like colonists. Perhaps a level of justice for being branded and labelled and judged as to being inferior or otherwise. Yes I think UKIP will foster broad support across a multitude of populations and not simply because of racism issues (that I might be thought to be thinking about), Nigel Farage of course perhaps in many ways far more typical of your Middle-Englander Cricket and Rowing and so on than those representing the Tories and The Labour Party, so in fact it may well be said that despite a number of blips that were we within a Proportional Representation System we would see those supporters out in greater number-unfortunately the population voted to maintain first past the post smallest minority rule and we can either say well this hung Parliament and Coalition has actually been preferable to what went before or we can adjust our voting toward ensuring a majority rule at the expense of those lesser parties. I cannot actually genuinely think of anything standout from this Government and then wonder as to “is that how it should be” a population getting on with life the Universe and Everything where small Government is called upon when required to make decision that affect more broader National Interest. The small Government of course was a popular revolutionary IDEA during the Thatcher years though given the HUGE amount that those politicians were given in terms of headlines and what many of us now know as to cycles and patterns and so on one does wonder as to what will happen next-I spoke previously about how the Corresponding years of the last Century saw broader like coalitions of MPS who were not all towing party lines and we have heard little from backbenches during recent years the Parties perhaps becoming so Professional that they are more Professional than Professional and so on. Yes I exaggerate though clearly the rise of UKIP and resurgence of the Liberals and indeed the Rise of the SNP demonstrate that people want those personalities and so on who come across as more human and have warts and all lifestyles that can be related to a little. I think it is again comparable to the Driving Test in the sense of some issues being bowling alley type Strike-out’s of X marks the SPOT or likewise having too many of the smaller half-strikes eventually also leads to a failure. So we all perhaps want to Navigate ourselves within acceptable ranges and scales of measure though likewise many a well walked path is now the most undesirable path such are the straightjackets that 24-7 scrutiny and insatiable news hungry populaces demand.

What else well-I did think Wow undercover or out of uniform Policewoman at one stage during my trip through town though of course all such thoughts come about via those NEAREST MATCH type Stereotypes within our respective head and likewise many a person in becoming the Career of Work that they do very often do fulfil and fit the Stereotypes and when you think about it-there is in fact very little harm in many such things. The issue perhaps one of using such awareness in a way that enables or fosters continued growth and personal development over invisible thoughts of glass ceilings and is this the sum of all that I have learnt and developed throughout my career.

Likewise those of us who have rotated about through various industries and working life’s know only too well that each and every realm and indeed sub-realm within any area of life can come with its own set of stereotypes or indeed nuances as to how things are done or carried out by particular groups of working peoples. The issue then perhaps one of how ALIEN are these things to how we personally think they should be carried out (or otherwise).

What else well we are of course all free to be writing our own respective notes and WITNESSING and so on as to how we would like things to be and CONTEXTUALIZING things into one size fits all or well actually we can break down these things into smaller more manageable compartmentalization and so on. Yes I said compartmentalization can bite you in the derriere-however I do think that if our brain is akin to a castle in the sky and we have many doors within said castle to explore then surely we can open door explore and potentially realise that nothing scary was hidden within said closed door. Likewise we are then perhaps provided with the choice as to how best can I move forward given present map of reality and-or level of learning and teaching and so on.

Yes go rushing through huge numbers of levels of courses clearing out all and anything that you can and then relearn many of the discarded teachings and find you are somewhat back to where it all began and started within the first place. Having said that I have had one trip into town and do have to make another trip so may make write another article later when or if provided with some new thoughts or commentary as to how the World is at present.

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