Criminals Among Us

So what do you consider to be a Criminal Activity?

Typically of course when we look at various guidelines and so on we can say well this behaviour will result in prosecution or a jail term because it is against the law of the Land-some are out and out issues such-as murder whilst others are muddier areas such as Conspiracy.

Likewise I recommend the products that I do to demonstrate just how much genuine choice is really available, anyone can learn successful methods of data analysis that can lead to improved financial income and so on and none of those things is criminal unless you personally happen to be someone brought up in and around environments whereby you have some religious or other ANTI belief that runs against such practice. I am not allowed to find easy ways and means to make money that are perfectly legal and CHOICE.

So typically I spoke yesterday on thinking I saw an out of Uniform Officer of the law-though in reality of course within any given population-I think Herefordshire has some 300,000 sized population-we can say well such things are a day-to-day occurrence. Especially for those who perhaps work in Supermarkets and other food like retail outlets-so REALITY then is that whilst boundaries are perhaps given within many a person’s working life as to what is Civilian and what is Business the reality is that some boundaries and so on are “ALWAYS HAZY”.

What does always hazy mean?

Well I spoke recently on Doctors and Nursing Professions taking Oaths of various descriptions and also as someone who has taken “First Aid” styled courses I to can be called upon to carry out First Aid irrespective of whether I regard myself as “ACTIVE” or otherwise. So I pretty much for several years was seemingly the only person within a working group (working Nights) who had gone through courses and could do first aid-though systems changed and managers and others began being asked to do such courses in the line of the position they held-believe it or otherwise many a person would promote that they would not want 1st aid from this that or the other person. So no matter what POSITIVE intention was given negative campaigns would continuously be carried out against those who put themselves forward. I eventually stepped back from such roles because I was no interested in the “POLITICKING” and very often “PERSONALITY” based nonsense that such JUDGEMENTS were being based on.

Likewise we use to pick-up Newspapers and read how OFF-DUTY so-and-so carried out this activity of calling in COLLEAGUES when they became AWARE of some illicit goings on within an Environment that they happened to be present in whether a Public House or a local Gym or Coffee Shop or whatever many a person within some CROSS-REALMS consider themselves to be the role and duty or service that they provide above and beyond the regular working hours “NORMALITY”. The same can be said for Actors and Actresses of course when you think about it-you may not be in some famous soap opera role or rehearsing Sid James’ Gas Lamp oil Changer that caused his prolonged unemployment within one Carry-on Film.

So there are those who consider themselves to be “The Role” anytime, anyplace, anywhere, Martini Man whilst others within some professions have BARS to acting in such a fashion. I am quite sure an Off-duty Lawyer for instance would tell you to make an appointment after handing you there card and appointment would likely come with its own set of charges-we all of course used to complain of bank letter charges and Lawyer Letter Charges often put the Banks into the Bargain Zone.

So Can there be instances where being the ROLE or indeed ACTIVITY or ENVIRONMENT work against yourself? This of course very often undiscovered until you are seeking to move on from a Role or Activity or Environment (for example). Reputation whether true or false can taint and damage many a person’s road to prosperity. Typical examples are where I work-when I was at school the place had REPUTATION and I think whilst HUGE amount of change has occurred in the 10 Years of my Employment (where many a reputation story would go unrecognised) you still in the broader World find that the IMAGE or REPUTATION exists above and beyond the physical working life REALITY that exists now.

So what can any person do or say when set-back after setback is seemingly simply down to “You are only as good as your last Employment” clearly you can simply demonstrate that such beliefs are true or false or go in completely differing direction whereby any Reputation issue is INVALIDATED because the REALMS are so differing or indeed disassociate from so-called Negative like influences and manipulations.

So if belief is everything you can either shrug of negative connotations that many a person wraps themselves up in as though part and parcel of who they are or you can EXPLORE IDEAS that go beyond the average people and persons in the Street awareness and knowledge set. This typically what many of the Technologies I recommend enable and allow peoples to do in generally a safe fashion. Likewise common or garden claims that get bandied about can also be demonstrated to be FALSE.

I was interestingly going to write an ARTICLE on the IDEA of CLOAK versus LENSE. We who have taken up some of the Modalities that I recommend generally have heard of the American so-called “LAW OF ATTRACTION” and Ask Receive Believe and indeed have learnt that you also potentially require taking some leaps of imagination or some SAVVY as to INTERPRETATION. I gave a tramp example though clearly here is Another One.

So we are SEEING reports on Crashed AIRPLANE and picture I have seen show a whole plain that is white with yellow and pink stripes on the tailfin. This was I think soon after followed by the National Scotland Football team wearing White Tops with yellow and pink stripes winning a Football Match. So conclusive proof that Scotland is responsible then David?

No of course not though such leaps or non-linear methods of INQUIRY can get you seeing those “RELATIONSHIPS” that you may otherwise disregard as “LA-DI-DA” like nonsense. Some perhaps wonder as to why I say La-Di-Da and that term is generally more neutral (I think) than some terms that are given over to some domains “Sexuality issues” & discriminations and so on. I also think the TRIGGER was perhaps from growing up watching Military Comedy “It Aint Half Hot Mum!” Windsor Davies yelling at his group of Theatre Troops and so on somewhere in the jungles of ASIA (we were led to believe).

So it can be difficult to explore many a topic or domain because most people in “PRIVATE” actually perpetuate “La-Di-Da” like belief systems. I as someone who mostly unplugged from watching TV and Film and Radio (where possible) came to see that many of the Entertainments whilst harmless are part and partial of many a person’s “PROBLEM” because there is often a failure to separate an understanding of PERFORMANCE and the day-to-day personality.

So many a young actor and actress continues within those realms and even high-light such cross-over issues (Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montanna) though how many times do we hear of FAN becoming upset when STAR in normal visiting pub mode refuses AUTOGRAPH or “SELFIE” or some such request from someone who recognises them in some fashion.

So living life in the public domain is in reality when you think about it something that we all perhaps do though likewise influence and manipulations and constant negative inspired campaigns do little to motivate some of us-because the AGENDA of those individuals carrying out such activities then becomes suspicious-should this that or other ACTIVITY be part and parcel of someone’s working life. Where have the manipulations and dictums from upon high negatively impacted your life because people are operating along IDEAS such-as “Ways and Means” of making someone’s life impossible in “Conspiracy” styled fashion as opposed to being of a mature mind-set and realising you do not have to buy into illicit and suspicious strategies when out of your own mouth very often can be heard emanating from Senior Personal such IDEAS as holding or having a belief as living life as transparently both internally and externally within the differing roles and so on that life can bring up. If you are open and honest and law-abiding outside of work then what might cause you to diverge from that model within work and can such things return to haunt you in the format of ill-health or other maladies and so on.

So lots of interesting things to think about-I mention that of course because many of us do believe ourselves to be law abiding across the various realms that we live and breath and conduct our lives in and so on and some of the Technologies do bring up SHOCKS as to non-linear strategies that are potentially in ESSENCE going against the good will model that we think we live by.

So no I am not saying you will be catapulted into doing anything illegal or illicit beyond what you yourself hold to be those things-and it is the wise person that knows to be able to form opinions and ways and means of staying on the appropriate side of Greater Realities-some seemingly as is demonstrated by all of us get so sucked into particular Roles that we cannot see the Woods for the Tree’s and so on.

So do we drown in pools of our own suffering or simply raise Threshold and Learn the more Prosperous Strategies and Patterns and Cycles and then live life in accordance with staying on the right side of the respective laws of the land and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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