What Are The Essential Essences Of Congruence & Plausibility

So recent posts then may well bring up for many a person this kind of Questioning. Clearly many of us going into working life and SPECULATION presume that Senior Staff and so on are working in accordance with various laws and regimes and training that has been conducted in an above board and professional fashion or manner. This typical for many of us going into work at young ages and then being asked to perform lots or overtime and earn a few extra pennies and so on. Likewise I was myself when researched, adversely affected by such GREED in the sense of losing my life-despite strangely being seen and acknowledged as still existing within the intervening however many years. So I went from Greed is Good typical of the Wall Street Thatcher years Government of my youth into “Oh Dear” you are now “other than” and likewise such shocks can leave you somewhat in a more desperate “other than” state in the sense that you find yourself “potentially” unable to perform and operate s you did prior to present “CONDITION” likewise I took some advice; and threw other advise out of the so-called Window. The problem for any Strategist or indeed Manager is deciding or knowing what is the ESSENCE of this person that I can best EXPLOIT to get the worker or individual in alignment with the best working practice and life of this realm that they have joined. We very often then find that some realms have greater or less than good working practice or simply are somewhat ADRIFT in knowing what a BEST PRACTICE that can be ESTABLISHED might be.

So for instance it does not mean much to some though others can see the positive benefits-the working canteen that I used to attend on the brief interludes between work was “let go” in many ways for years and years-the place was like a patchwork of uncoordinated colour schemes and chaos and confusion. At one point more recently someone grabbed the bull by the horns and said-let’s do something positive with this and gave and created a more hospital and desirable scheme to that sub-environment within many peoples working life-we have to remember that despite many a person shouting and screaming “me, me, me” from the roof-tops that many peoples and persons walk and-or passage through such working life realm corridors (simply due to high staffing turn-over) and the likelihood is that we know far fewer so-called colleagues than we necessarily think we do. That then a simple unified like IDENTITY for an environment. We also saw some reinvestment in differing personnel’s work-like uniforms, again an easy identity for particular sub-realms within the greater environment and indeed that reinvestment was carried our further down the line in terms of infrastructural changes to factory and farming facilities.

So of course Congratulations can be handed out on such VISION for Growth and so on-though likewise many of those expected to carry out such practice were themselves suffering GREAT RESISTANCE. Why? Well clearly anyone who has ever taken a management course anytime anyplace anywhere knows that “money does not grow on trees” and such re-investment very often bites into a given “Business’s Financial Model” so a Parent Corporation can be said to have deep pockets though those given responsibility for carrying out such things are still thrown into CRISIS “potentially” because of strict budget accountancy and discipline being demanded via the various levels of Management Structure. Such disruption can of course lead to “Who is responsible for plunging me into this crisis, Grrr, let’s give this guy some payback”.

So we can of course demonstrate that having a Threshold for non-income generating realms within a budget very often courses distress to those within the income generating realms or indeed gives over to great a power to those realms. We do not need engineers and cleaners and etcetera. Yes unless some coordination occurs from upon high demanding that those things are also important and must exist within the Business Model many a pressurised and in crisis manager throws such things out of the window as unnecessary and likewise adopts tactics of I will keep and maintain a high staff turn-over so that my own inadequacy in this role is not exposed. Cleary swings and roundabouts exist though I do think maintaining a “core” staff and knowledge base is gearing yourself toward a more prosperous model than simply hiding behind “we haven’t or cannot get experienced staff”.

I give these as examples that can be found within many realms where people are “potentially” incongruent in the belief of having a genuine underlying self-worth or otherwise in their abilities. That perhaps because many a person in applying for given jobs and posts and higher ranking positions from school leaver type ages etc. very often have followed the getting lucky chancer opportunist model of personal progress and some realms again seemingly lend themselves more to that model than others. Again mental chaos and conflict can occur because many of us can demonstrate the age old “how can I get the experience, when I cannot get the job” and indeed see jobs going along the lines of “social” appointments rather than what might be considered more neutral ways and means. Likewise we do also I think see the other coin side in lack of applicants for some positions. You have to work with those staff and personnel in front of you rather than some “given in a learning/teaching manual” “perfect pupil” or Star Performer etc. However given the law of attraction and ask believe receive-I think it can be demonstrated that when enough people have adopted the Technologies I recommend that these things can almost by magic line-up for a given working realm-though again it is up for debate as to whether those already in situ in various roles and functions, who do not want to give up old style roles and positions and practices are going to disappear. In spiritual terms akin to “The Empire Strikes Back”. Though clearly as any of us who have adopted the Technologies and progressed with those Higher Level Technologies know-you cannot please everyone and likewise you cannot fool all of the people all of the time-despite some individuals thinking they can.

So it does seem that over the longer term we are demonstrated to be our own respective cause and effect though not just in working life but in health and in social roles and family roles and so on. Cleary most always want boundaries as to where lines are drawn-though you are not necessarily going to get breakthrough unless you first of all whether on your own or with likeminded individuals explore the “mental or spiritual” crossing of the various boundaries and opening up those mental sub-realms that many a person lives in denial of having. Again some things have to be explored on paper and practiced and rehearsed in some fashion even if they are HIGH-LIGHTED as being of that variety of conduct.

The problem of course that Science and indeed La-Di-Da realms often agree that the simple act of monitoring events can in and of itself cause the outcome to be differing to that which was expected or intended. Again this idea that some “all-encompassing” “God” like database exists within all of Humankind male,female, children etc. and that each and every one of us is simply akin to a lense or FILTER that such information comes through.

The Lense versus Cloak idea came about because clearly cloak suggests that we can become somewhat integrated within our various sensory abilities whilst lense “potentially” gives or leads to what we see at the expense of the other senses.

I think that the Joseph and his Coat/cloak of many colours type stories perhaps again relate to those kind of interpretation. I also of course joked at one stage that when incubated within the womb if we speculate to attitude and identity held within the genes and dna of unborn babies that we might be wearing the mother in the fashion of said Cloak and likewise that is where some of those upside-down like mathematical applications come in-in understanding the World in RELATIONSHIP terms of what might be occurring within those “down under” to those of us “up topside” and so on and the IDEA that however we are in resistance to such things we already have the so-called Spiritual or Holographic like model within us and were born with it. That peeling back of layers or confusion and conflict and so on often demonstrating realisations of what is already there in some fashion-and likewise the lifelong learning method of reacquainting ourselves CONSCIOUSLY with what is often already held within the non-conscious and so on. Likewise the stimulus raising Threshold and building mental bridges and internal communications and so on toward improved personal psychology is on-going.

Unsure as to why I drifted on and on without really mentioning the essence of the teaching beyond perhaps essence of course being akin to smell and many a meditation remedy seemingly about that particular sensory IDEA hence words such-as Centre and concentric and all the rest. The congruence within the title and indeed lack of congruence about people we encounter in day to day life very often also becomes more and more apparent as we progress-though likewise we always have choice as to how we ourselves behave and conduct ourselves with the various knowledge bases and teachings.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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