So What Issues Does Particular Bias Bring Up

So I spoke previously in the idea that we are often to close to the problem to see the woods for the trees and a typical example today would for myself be Israel versus Wales again quite simply through having lived my entire life with the given name David. Israel of course founded in the year of my mother’s birth in 1948 and also very much geared around prophecies of a 2nd coming and we all of course await Jesus making his way to the Holy Land and making a speech on the Steps of a particular Temple that has been designated as the right thing to do. Likewise David of course (I think a differing fellow) is also the Patron St Of Wales, so clearly David + David + David = confusion and conflict for the one who is seeking to separate the physical and the spiritual and dream state and so on. (Given that many such teachings are all interconnected to the IDEA that we have choice of interpretation and that we repetitively can ask those how can I reinterpret or Turn this around so that I can find the benefit at present Now to what is being discussed or explored.

So I could simply say well gambling has failed within the team realms in many ways anyway so I should simply say No Parlez in the manner of Paul Young and hop over to the World of Grand Prix Formula One where I potentially through little interest in grand prix have less of a vested interest. Few of us can escape the so-called HOOKS of our life’s because Society generally encourages such things as part and parcel of personal growth and development. Likewise as said on many occasion choice is choice and in reading or communicating or thinking we are not communicating we are always in some fashion sending receiving or SPECULATING an interpretation.

What interpretation can I give to this person not responding or acting in accordance with this expectancy and so on. How many of us have rushed to Negative thoughts and feelings or indeed accusatory behaviours only later to discover that some Emergency or other undisclosed issue was behind a given circumstance.

We al of course like to think that we can get into the mind of X person by following X person’s blog or teachings though some again as suggested whilst demonstrating the differing levels of existence plains and separations of colours and sound and the other sense-or indeed bringing them together in more worthwhile improved fashion always demonstrate that we are all UNIQUE even when we share many of those Teachings or childhood sources and resources and TV and FILM and all the rest of it. Yes some say well what about Twins-though even twins and triplets have been demonstrated to often be about belief issues. Some serve us better than others.

So coordinating and choreography of ideas and working through various presented model’s or reality can become a full time pre-occupation and you can resist such things or roll with them so to speak and see where they might lead in conclusions that you have not considered previously.

They say that the enlightened and so on obviously become wiser through experience of trial and error and aren’t many a life topic fashioned so. There are many topics that we can point to and develop Intransigent Position on for example I have spoken on Daughters Epilepsy on occasion and likewise I know that the Drug’s work when prescribed so separating a so-called Spiritual life reality and the Physical real terms World reality is an ever present and of course knowing as to how’s and why’s of brain development and so on is difficult to fathom even after meditating regularly for several years. I say that because we do get those times where everything is happening in constant overwhelm like states and then you think plateau or whatever and then you take some new course and kapow parts of the brain you did not know you had suddenly can be felt or heard as being present in some fashion. So typically many of the remedies are perhaps related to various tunings and likewise if we say that the physical technological like World is akin to a reflection of the World of THOUGHT and we know that the Thought had to have occurred first then we can see that THOUGHT or IDEAS that are then brought into being in some fashion are almost in reverse. I think I whilst not being a regular viewer of film and TV saw some film advert for a film that had a guy who aged backwards in some fashion and that often seems to be the UNIVERSAL like thing that many struggles to get the head around or about.

So I say well what happened or occurred within your lifetime that got you a mention in the Book or Library at the end of time and space though in reality we I guess are supposed to feel that there is a great feeling of your life within some realm or dimension having already been finished and over and done and dusted and so on. Likewise that is often suggested to be part of the Free Will versus Creative Intelligence type debate as to the existence or otherwise of a God. Reality perhaps is that we when putting pen to paper or any Creative Endeavour or Art form are in fact enabling or allowing that self-godhood or self-mastery to come through in some fashion.

Likewise the debate then is as to IDOLS classic Biblical teachings of course run against IDOLS and we cannot of course escape IDOLS even in bringing such ideas to the fore as debating TOPICS, so you cannot not communicate and you are part of the greater whole going on of it all and likewise have choice perhaps as to who your own masters and teachers and so on are going to be.

What am I doing that encourages growth within a given population of followers and what Freedom is generated in realisations as to the life already having been lived (if indeed it has). Yes clearly that is where the HOOKS are at-one set of hooks demanding concentration on the past and history and very often negative or bad experience and likewise hooks saying concentrate on better futures and focussing your intent though many said teachings seemingly lead toward that THIRD WINDOW of reality of all being within some ever present now-again stepping stone perhaps teachings bring us to such CONCLUSION though we work at our own pace’s.

The third window of course differing in my own opinion to other debate topics that can be run through though in fact it can perhaps be demonstrated that if you hold steady within a so-called NOW ZONE and so on and how you INTERPRET what you read and think and feel and ask those exploratory questions and practice the feedback and return like writings or drawing or indeed actions then you are going to see things with greater and greater clarity. I have suggested on occasion of course that some Technologies will do much of the work for you though I do think that how we any of us respond and seek to progress and so on can matter a great deal.

What is my unique expression within the World going to be and so on-did buying into being like so-and-so place myself firmly in a Martyr zone, did it occur consciously or non-consciously. The human brain seemingly becomes more and more amazing as I have progressed with the Learnings and so on and of course one can wonder as to why traditional stimulus and techniques did not work. Though likewise I perhaps a demonstration of INTRANSIGENCE being set at a very young AGE not wanting to be seen crying in the street after a broken bones incident or whatever. So that one example and I know of few people who have not behaved in an INTRANSIGENT fashion or manner in childhood whether consciously recalled or otherwise.

I was recently I think advised as to setting INTENTION within paraliminal’s as to some interaction I had a week or two back on the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now facebook group page and in honesty I then thought well is not this website I created an intention and this other site over here not another intention. The real big issue I think is going from the LAYERED like approach that things seemingly initially began with to experiencing a more all-encompassing and WHOLE APPROACH to being and awareness and so on. I notice some new comments added in today that I will have a think about as another commentator suggested that a superiority attitude was prevalent and I thought well that is a little unfair given how freely I have sought to contribute and so on. This time the woman making a comment was speaking on her position as to falling into line with Societal Expectation of finding a fella and becoming the good housewife and so on. Again that is perhaps an INTRANSIGENT position in the sense that many manipulations seemingly exist to FORCE relationships when many a person in honesty can be perfectly happy alone and so on. You cannot escape impermanence say some teachers though likewise like the communicate statement I am sure an essay could be asked for as to how are these present beliefs serving myself in contrast to these other beliefs I could be adopting or however.

What are REAL EXTERNAL pressures coming from Society or Herd like behaviours and what are those collated and collected during childhood and teenage years and formative years and so on that are simply within us as part of our being that we have or can develop CHOICE as to having. That again perhaps down to the self-inquiry. Am I acting and behaving within some conscious awareness and knowledge one or can I expect further SHIFTS of realisation as I progress-things have slowed for myself in progression terms though likewise as I say I may well meditate as to the new questions presented.

Enough for now good luck with whatever your own endeavours happen to be.


David 😉

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