Where The Hell Is My Burger King or Hereford Royale With Cheese

So I have long been known to have suggested that we the peoples of Hereford need a Burger King that is a proper Burger King that competes with the MacDonald’s Bracket of endeavour much like the famed Cola Wars. Of course if you were to create a Hereford Royale you would probably have to go into some designer kitchen and comes up with all the respective ingredients as to what might it contain. The advertising is of course EASY to speculate upon though of course each and every realm likes to consider itself as having a certain level of boundaries as to what is and what is not acceptable interpretation of what these peoples and persons may or may not be Licensed to carry out.

I was thinking about this issue perhaps because again in going through the various levels of what can we do to encourage growth and so on in a responsible fashion you often get those ROYAL associated plaques and SEAL OF APPROVAL-that is of course where many of the debates as to what Charles can call himself as Defender Of Faiths and so on and the inclusive model of course is demonstrated over and over again to have sub-divides and debates within said areas, however much some of us want to overly control the World you do find again and again that someone somewhere has already beaten you to the respective punchline on many a topic or debate.

So each generation then might consider itself as wanting to further the individual or personal cause though likewise not in such dogmatic fashion as to have those great falls from great heights when things do not go according to some “this is how the World is and must be etc”.

Clearly repetition and practice for any regular routine that any of us carries out goes through those same sequences that we see over and over again-the practice leads to conscious competence that becomes unconscious competence and so on. Likewise we often find these routines BROKEN by new Governmental Law from upon High and likewise many a wheeler dealer stuck in there ways often seeks to go against said directioning. Why are these people interfering in my bread and butter lifestyle and so on. Likewise when you have raised your own level of income or Threshold and so on you do see how FUTILE many a battle or topical debate becomes.

I suggest adopting many a childhood like strategy for typical lateral and non-linear fashioned thinking though likewise many a person as soon as old enough to believe themselves responsible often rejected all that was “childhood related” about themselves as proof of adulthood and so on-this has of course been demonstrated to be akin to throwing out the baby with the bathwater and indeed the two-sided coin whereby only in ever greater dissections of such idea’s can any given individual reacquaint themselves where things might be going wrong for them.

So typically many of us when younger may have been given nicknames and some are harmless and become lifelong whilst others are forgotten or simply do not catch on-or indeed you move or create a NEW NAME for yourself that befits how and who you want to be regarded as so on. I have covered those topics fairly regularly.

So the problem is nearly always separating the wheat from the chaff and indeed reinterpreting in such a fashion that everyone can see the benefits of particular practice and self-inquiry. Why the names? Well clearly many of us grew up watching shows such as Bob the Builder and Ivor the Engine and so on and we also of course very often have our given names and it is often those that may or may not come to HAUNT us most within or during our lifetimes-that being too close to the problem to see that we may well be the Environmental problem.

We do not hear of someone called Jihad the Jihadist though you can all but bet that someone somewhere acts in that fashion-so if we are ourselves are the problem or issue who is going to tell us-especially when many a SOCIAL network or indeed Long-term environmental network exists within a given realm or industry. We have all heard those innuendo jokes of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer and you can of course say well that is the conflict and confusion model that has served us so well down the years within this industry. Though of course awareness can create other dimensional issues such as the linkages to suicide rates and ill-health and any number of issues within giving working realms and so on and so forth.

So A HIGHER OR GREATER ALIGNMENT MODEL then is perhaps what most of us think we are doing when we take up jobs and work hard and get promotions though the FACTORS or FOCUS is often shifted to the WRONG debating issues. I think that is a bad IDEA because I am self opinionated and do not listen to any point of view that is not in alignment with my gang, group, faction and so on.

Likewise we then go into study of IDEAS such as subjective versus objective and even those with years of experience in knowing the difference can make and fall into all the same mistakes and traps because of the ever moving target. Some realms keep up with all the so-called “LATEST” whilst others fall into the “this is what has always worked” malaise and style. Likewise the CULT of Personality and IMAGE really is all and everything to many a person-it is what is bombarded at us day after day from the MEDIA and even those who are not really supposed to be image conscious are sucked into having to give greater LATITUDE with regard to such issues. Winston Churchill would not have made Prime Minister and so on.

I mention that because I have finally had my Haircut and those who have seen have generally been complementary though likewise given my own years of experience of being a minger in disguise and of course someone who campaigned as to the “Rotten on the inside” it is not something that I am likely to play on particularly-I still wear grey hat to cover the triple crown and so on.

One Cannot Not Communicate

I mentioned on several occasions throughout this blog and of course I recall that my ESSAY like response was along the lines of adding some PROVISO of but you can control what you communicate. Clearly again when we go through the MEDITATION and-or indeed learn about personnel MAGNETIC FIELDS and indeed EXPERIENCE such things-you come to see that is in fact in many ways TRUE, though likewise some of the simplest remedies do work-such as EFT TAPPING until you get those shifts and likewise using STIMULUS and VISIONING exercises that are designed to REMOVE or SHIFT ENERGY blocks within your muscular skeleton system. Yes they say that many a person makes such things up though in truth I think it is perhaps about getting so confused and internally alien to how you regard yourself as being that the “not finding a way out” issues come to the fore.

I have generally found that the MEDITATION from Centerpointe Research Institute whilst initially requiring some expenditure has been one of the best life-saving tools available in simply enabling clearing out the garbage and trash faster than you can be targeted with it and likewise when enough adoption takes place within any group the findings of said group of such Technological users becomes more indisputable.

So plenty for people to be thinking about and I of course now typical of David at Easter have some further Holiday time that I am taking though I am perhaps possibly a little too old to go Easter egg hunting beyond perhaps getting some special edition selfie from Thornton’s or some Posher establishment. Yes I saw one a year or two ago in the window a Designer Easter Egg and thought yummy-of course in reality I should stick to freckled and speckled hens eggs at breakfast though given the working nights for ten years-the Australian breakfast (if such a thing exists) is what I should be considering.

Yes did anyone else see those most expensive City reports a week or two ago-they are a yearly news feature and I have been shocked in multiple subsequent years because they keep saying that Sidney or some other Aussie City is among the Most Expensive and that of course does not fit in with the SOAP OPERAS that they inflict upon the rest of us-I hear they are also in the next Eurovision apparently-Kylie and Jason all over again perhaps.

Eat Sleep Live Repeat

Pattern and cycles and la di da teaching,

these are a few of our favourite blings

yes lifelong learning is or can always considered to be A “WORK IN PROGRESS” BAH HUMBUG 😉

Thank you for reading , God Bless and Be Well 😉

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