And I Now Pronounce

Ma’am: and I now pronounce this NEW WING fully operation, how does that sound?

S.O. I think it needs a little work Ma’am whilst we clearly cannot name or directly give indication that such a service exists that eventually word will leak out in the next few years probably by 2015 I should imagine, and then you are going to want the Service to have some aspiration thoughts and feelings and actions generated as to what they actually do.

Ma’am: Well this is all rather cloak and dagger perhaps someone within that area of expertise could be called upon to write a speech and then I will give one’s own flavour or versioning in accordance with how I myself would script such things. We do after all have many experts do we not?

S.O. Yes we do Ma’am however we do prefer as always that you yourself have agreed or are in alignment with the duties and functions that such a service provides-they are after all carrying out such duties in your name or within the greater functioning of Empire and so on.

So of course it is easy for anyone taking up writing to speculate as to what conversations may or may not have taken place within any other realm and likewise the ability to have an attitude of a broad all-encompassing approach to such writings does of course come with its own pitfalls and traps. We all of course very often only know public image versions of how we see many a person at whatever level of society they exist.

We also of course can say well my personal experience of this person is differing to how they are portrayed within these writings or indeed otherwise-yes this person is exactly like that, why did I not see it before.

So returning of course to the inside-outside like teachings and WINDOWS upon the World we often come to see that our ability to see many a topic from a Higher level or place on the hill is oten in direct proportion to the studies that we personally have carried out and indeed how FREE or otherwise we believe ourselves to be in our actions and so on.

Unfortunately (potentially)

Some Business Models are perhaps better than others as to what alignments and teachings we want this Environment to be about. The IDEA of having a CAREER or VOCATION through an enjoyment or dedication and perseverance and passion for the industry or working life that you have and so on. Likewise I have on occasion suggested that it is all to easy to “catch a bad dose” though of course that goes hand-in-hand with the Societal Wide like inputs and outputs that we ourselves are individually attuned to-or indeed otherwise. Typical teaching from some teachers are to turn of the new reports and FOCUS on what you yourself want your intentions and so on to be.

Likewise of course we could all become like Herod in our respective Empirical Mind-sets as to how we think and feel and act as to differing issues-this typically does not work for very long because those Established within many a REALM are not necessarily AWARE that they are the one who is the detriment to the Business or model that is being operated upon hence my suggestion of child-like nicknames and seeing or carrying out a so-called INTERVENTION.

Yes we see that word bandied about in relation to sufferers of Alcoholism and Drugs though in fact it could probably be used within many a given realm-the dilemma then as to what actions are in service to given realm and what are personal subjective judgements or indeed Influences and Manipulations from upon high from some external Agent that we think is in our best interest though may not be. The boss saying jump and so on. Clearly I could write a letter to one self saying well we have been through all the employee books and can state that we have no known campylobacteria related names within the fowl industry. Clearly you could potentially of course say well we do have some folks who might be a little on the camp side and bacteria is surely going to live in a World of everyone but me rationalisations and so on. Hence the repetition that if one cannot communicate given the broadcast receive model of existence then clearing out many a broadcast receive mechanism and raising personal Threshold does hold water as a Solution. Likewise I think the impermanence like issue can be thought of as going in the same fashion or manner.

So we very often within the realm of such explorations find of course that any given work place of environment hen looked at from the inside outside or Oscar Guilt perspective is likely to want to remain completely sterile and empty. How can we have these facilities and then remain sterile and empty. Likewise all well and good demanding your intention is that you are this versioning of an interpretation though all too often the mechanism or long established model bites us in the ass-as does the ancient wisdom from EINSTEIN-you cannot resolve a problem from the level that it is at. Unfortunately of course some folks regard the LEVEL idea as being akin to themselves being established at a higher position within a given working life model hence I myself bringing forward that other interpretation of HEAD-TO-TOE.

Clearly I would hope that most folks in wanting alignment with best practice and broader compasses and greater levels of knowledge and teachings and learnings are not under constant pressure brought about through FEAR. The fear model of course one that gets played upon the most whether it is fear of not having money, or health, or love, or any number of things of course. It can also be suggested that some realms do and have of course worked through methodologies or working through FEAR based issues-even if it is practice and repetition and so on we often in the course of Meditation and indeed taking up further lifelong learning go through CONSCIOUS repetition of what potentially lies beneath within our non-conscious already.

So whilst I was mentioning Football (Soccer to Yanks) and indeed Motor racing Formula One other peoples and persons may have simply been following myself to clues as to Cricket Results that I find myself noting as taking place this morning. Again that part and parcel thing of knowing that someone has not got a vested interest in particular events beyond teaching that this is where you could be struggling or going wrong.

Likewise I was hoping to develop a system where the sub-context drops people firmly into the respective zone of what we are communicating upon within a sub-context-the other problem then of course is do we feel guilt of some description for speaking outright on this given sport or subject area. I think in general I have found the outright speaking on issues just as troublesome. I typically mentioned the “Chelsea for the Cup” example previously.

So yes raise threshold shake of the shackles of self-inquiry and do work for the enjoyment or passion of the work rather than some financial incentive because that seems to be the model that often takes us into the absolutist type regions and zones. I have these outgoings and this income does not satisfy those outgoings. I cannot make further money and indeed exist in the present reality of the World about myself, likewise all attempts at personal progression were met with resistance of TRUTH and so on.

Again we can go deeper and deeper into the topics that are very often DISTRACTION from where any of us could or could not be giving a particular focus to. I clearly in taking up this course require sitting down and building a Novel or book with one or other of the structures that I have read about and likewise seeking to continue to keep head above water when many a person is constantly seeking to reinforce greater levels of DENIAL about reality. We all I think can look to Electrical type TRIANGLES as to understanding that this third power is created by the mathematical relationship between these other 2 functions, whether we are talking about logical functions found within day to day writings such as AND, NAND, OR and so on or likewise that all is ENERGY and ENERGY can be destroyed so much as guided toward differing functions and usages and so on.

So we cal say well I want to put my energy into working out a prosperity Health and Wealth model that I consider to be INTEGRATED or HARMONISED with greater lessons and learnings from the masters that I have spent time learning from and so on.

Choice of focus is an ever-present choice in an ever present window (I think) though again such dictums are perhaps only from the level of advancement that any of us believes ourselves to be at. I do like The Map is Not the Territory type teachings because they often unmask those long hidden non-conscious beliefs and doctrines and so on that can cause some of the issues that many of us encounter in our day-to-day lives.

What do we personally regard as extremism and what do we personally regard as simply age related or some other EXTERNAL POINTER that we often use to pretend “Not Me Gov” pass the parcel on with. I once sat in an interview saying that I considered myself to be something of a “COMMUNICATION CONDUIT” within another life role or job that I held previously and likewise the interviewing Manager whilst keeping a straight face has significant underlying “oh shit” like body language occurring that perhaps demonstrates that in reality we all go through the same cycles and patterns and understanding that we are all Communication Conduits can be far more beneficial than pretending otherwise-especially when it comes to those Control Freak like issues of how the World has to be.

What will you be communicaint or otherwise today-do you believe in the power of impermanence or the idea of cells within cells that can be remodelled in the interests of all is now and cannot possibly be any other way and so on. Yes David ranting through his fingers it can seem at times must be something to do with patterns and cycles and so on.

Donkey’s and Duck’s and the visit to the Zoo-A Safari Park riddle somewhere about you. The realm and Riddle Ah-Ha sounds like a good name for a book or indeed dodgy David’s freelance Poetry

The Realm and The Riddle by … hmmmm

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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