How Can I Create An All-Encompassing “Magic Bullet” Recipe

Now believe it or not once again some folks believe such things are not possible and the reason is of course because of


So I perhaps unfairly in some ways suggested that many a person sought promotion from holding or having an attitude of “Fuck this Physical Labour for a Game Of Soldiers” and so on-though another “VERSIONING” or incentive is very often to REGAIN your own IDENTITY when many group working factions have that Madness Of Crowds issue to deal or cope with. So what might be considered a MADNESS OF CROWDS.

Well to some folks “believe it or not” a typical example was David’s follow me and take up meditation I will Save you and so on. So quite a few people when given incentives that they could potentially relate to tried out the recommended Technologies and likewise some recommended them on to friends and family and so on. Likewise even though word spread to a certain extend in perhaps a somewhat underground secret fashion-just as many others of course would have considered such things as TYPICALLY part of that condition of “The Madness Of Crowds”. Especially when you consider some of the fears that can come up for many a person and likewise that I do not want to be part of the group or crowd.

So everyone once again perhaps has that IDENTITY CRISIS issue of knowing in day-to-day life that as you walk the streets or go the park or shopping mall you will likely encounter a versioning of what you consider “the madness of crowds” and likewise we can study the issue whether within a work environment or indeed with groups of children.

Typically some activity is or has been completed or group is bored with activity and then some circular discussion goes round and round and round as to what to do next until someone has some I am going to go and do this or let’s go and do this. The others very often falling into line with the one giving the “I am” like command and control like instructions.

So again that a typical TRANCE state to TRANCE state like switching system and again there is nothing wrong with such things-though clearly it can of course be stated that you do not necessarily require 10,000 versions of the same trance state that you have performed since infant hood if you can clear out much mental detritus and still operate in the same fashion with less mental or even bodily pain. Strange though true I have come to think that many a physical ailment is perhaps caused by that SQUASHED NOW syndrome that I spoke upon on the Velocity website.

You know what the issue is but have little idea as to how it might be overcome or remedy such things. So again that another incentive perhaps for some folks to try the assisted meditation even if just at a lower level.

So anyway even with meditation I still find myself falling into SYNC with these madness of crowds like patterns and behaviours. Likewise we often do such things walking down the street and many are typically HARMLESS though in having an awareness that you have non-consciously fallen into someone a head’s walking patterns or however you can stop, breath regain you own stride and pattern and so on. Why? Well typically some folks are 6 foot and others 5 foot and others 4 foot and whilst typical actions of putting one foot in front of the other are generally mostly the same for all humans clearly in childhood trying to match stride with an adult can be a struggle or indeed you may be getting on and want to walk slower and getting SUCKED into some herd like crowd street behaviour is not much fun if you later have a breakdown or some other such issues creeping up on yourself.

So MADNESS OF CROWDS perhaps another issue that people can seek to think about in terms of ah-ha’s and remodelling more to how you yourself are than some superimposed model that does not fit your own bodily criteria. Again we can demonstrate both male and female so-called walking gaits to be slightly differing because the CENTRE OF GRAVITY is often differing not only among peoples of differing shapes and sizes but also between the two predominant sex’s.

So yes I found myself thinking about Magic Bullet Recipes and clearly such systems require any given group having a level of awareness or knowledge whereby a personalised like RECOVERY PLAN can be created rather than some one-size-fits-all system that very often can fail a given working population or indeed those individuals TASKED with the IMPLEMENTATION.

So the all-encompassing remedy or Head-to-toe like interactions are kind of PERFECTIONIST IDEALISMS rather than ABSOLUTES because to make any such system absolute would of course bring you back into the negative realms of DICTATORSHIP and POWER MONGERS and so on; likewise early on the separation of Spiritual like thoughts and teachings from more bodily related doctrines (that most of us have more often than not lived life with) can of course take some getting used to as to REAL REALITY versus the one that many of us invested our souls or futures or however in. Likewise I do think and feel that many a person who joined myself on these explorations have contributed in their own fashion and manner and when we all know that the first person affected by what comes out of our own mouths and so on is ourselves then we are often more inclined to behave-that does not mean giving expression to ill thoughts and feelings so much as recording them somewhere perhaps in a private diary or blog article and then WITNESSING the wider world to see if you can find some potential PATTERN MATCH or CYCLE that you may have become attuned to at some point within your life.   Again given how GENERATIONAL resources and sources such-as TV and RADIO and FILM have been handed down the VARIANCE is perhaps where people want or desire making the remedies for personal growth and change and so on. Modalities such-as Letting Go that I think a fest is taking place this week (typically).


 Elsewhere we are of course hearing that Mr Cameron is intending to visit the Palace and dissolve Parliament in order to begin the Election campaigning proper. Such things I am sure will have been planned as to dates-quite some time in advance. Likewise story wise we again seem to be somewhat adrift as to what any given story is meant to imply. I see some reference to Enoch Powell and Westminster Sex abuse rings and likewise the continuing debate over the crashed Airplane. Several other stories that actually are more interesting are related to HISTORY. I have seen a build-up of Falkland Island references and likewise in speaking about MAGIC BULLETS it could be suggested that each GENERATION of BRITISH population might be being given story’s that they themselves are likely to LATCH ONTO in some fashion-hence the Enoch Powell for those even earlier generations and so on.

So People Like Me Syndrome often catches on when we leave school and are seeking to make our way in the World and of course each generation things they invented drugs, sex and alcohol and likewise the anti-this anti-that anti-other brigades all popped up and appeared against differing movements almost like that Pepsi-Coke war model.

So we as aware folks can either go dogmatically into all and every challenge presented or we can be somewhat a little wiser in how we view and relate the internal-external like interactions of the World about us.

Interestingly I was speaking on sub-contexts and the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook Group page has seemingly come alive a little more-typically I found names interesting in bing able to think ah-ha that is Irish or Aussie or so-and-so even though they as individuals may not be-in following such typified non-linear stereotypes and the Keep it simple Sweetheart Model we can rush over to the betting and gambling halls and see what events might competitors from such nations and clue bearers be competing in. Likewise I most definitely found myself thinking WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Yes we had someone bringing up Dreams and A Midsummer Night’s Dream sprung to mind and then some NEWS article from a story in Colorado that made me think MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and then we had some CARTOON POSTING though on this occasion I could not think of a Shakespeare story though am sure one exists-I thought FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD-potentially then a TRIGGER for this particular article.

So unsure as to how much I will write this week though generally have managed to always write something.

Thankyou for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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