How Will The Country Survive Without A Serving Prime Minister (PM) or Members Of Parliament (MP)

So I having of course taken a lifelong interest in Politics and indeed studied Politics at College Level many years ago and of course typical teachings are some of those that I have shared here previously such-as the so-called wing extremities often falling into the zone of being one and the same thing.

However the going round in circles type model has of course in some ways been demonstrated to be somewhat futile hence some modalities offering that circular swish like pattern of a spiral that then suggests growth or expansion beyond those round and round and round debates that many a detrimental health issue is perhaps caused by. Likewise of course and something I have perhaps spoken less about is the issue of clockwise versus anti-clockwise we all of course used to those hands going round and round in one direction and likewise it can of course be suggested that an integrative like model or indeed harmonised model is one in which both directions can be called upon at appropriate time. That perhaps where some of those zoom into that grid reference like functions come from in global mapping software and so on. Likewise getting to a point where you are interpreting things is a fashion of your own choice and so on is ongoing.

I mentioned of course that someone had brought up the topic of DREAMS and that is still somewhat difficult for myself to get one’s head round-much like that debate as to who is making guest appearance within who else’s DREAMS and so on-I think a book was written that asked or typified that kind of strategy and thinking.

Likewise I keep more and more finding myself using numerology or number based reasoning’s as to pattern matching and so on-I mentioned previously I think that much SCIENCE is based upon tables that can be found within so-called Witch’s handbooks and so on-so that perhaps demonstrates the so-called ILLUSION that many a person convinces themselves of in one or other fashion or manner of belief.

Clearly so many systems exist and have been handed down through respective Countries teachings and learnings and so on that you really do wonder as to what it is that any of us is genuinely in pursuit of. What will having this candidate from this party mean to myself.

When it comes to elections for instance here in Hereford we have often seen switching from Conservative to Liberal and indeed back again with little so-called gains from any other parties such-as Labour and clearly again if you live within a district and so on can debate as to who offers the best local opportunities for yourself above and beyond very often national issues that you do not identify with. Has anyone ever wondered as to why a SHIRE such-as Hereford fails to gain any kind of RED SOCIALIST Footing-the typical person on the street when asked often opts for the everyone else is likely opting for Conservative or Liberal and the best chance to be in alignment is to go with those parties. I however have very often broken those so-called common law rulings that people tell themselves and have voted for some of the lesser parties. That is quite simply because of the staying true to yourself kind of issues and how you act and how you feel and think and want to live. That is not to say that we have not been well served by the parties we have been represented by so much as when given the choice the Greater Population opted to maintain STATUS QUO and now complains of these hung parliaments and so on.

If more people actually voted for what they themselves most IDENTIFY with whatever a given main issue is for a given individual we would likely at least see greater shifts in the END OF ELECTION voting demographic-there is nothing that makes a Political Party more Nervous and potentially more flexible or compliant (to LISTENING to the AUDIENCE) with the peoples and persons that they are supposed to represent than knowing some minor or small shift in voting numbers could place themselves out of the job or post.

Okay so Hereford can also in Business terms be demonstrated (I think) according to STATISTICS have been demonstrated to have raised itself up in many ways with investment from various Groupings and Industries and indeed promised future investment-though to make such Statements is akin to resting on your Laurels.

I bring that up for the quite simple reason that I found myself thinking about Laurel and Hardy and wondering as to which classic comedian character I myself might best represent. I do of course have experience of being the frustrated one annoyed at the behaviour of others about myself and likewise am sure have also demonstrated myself to be the one causing the frustrations-though cause and effect possibly debatable.

What else-well I looked up Far From Madding Crowd and of course it was written by a Hardy and then I found myself thinking about those veterinary type shows that I once again recall watching from childhood. We did of course have the regular Dales like vet shows and books and indeed simply animal magic like shows that included typical veterinary like personalities. In fact when I think about many a childhood shows it is quite surprising just how many ANIMAL related show and so on were included. Possibly less so now though the differing channels I am sure all still seek to have some kind of format or programming that involves such things as animals.

Likewise of course even when not in real life we see creatures of various shape and size and descriptions being high-lighted or speculated upon within Science Fiction realms-so all these things have either been found about our Planet and seen in Zoo’s and Circus or indeed imagined upon after SPECULATING as to what might these creatures become like in the future. So the Jurassic Park model also rears up in the sense of course of some future ability to bring the fossils back to life. Re-animator type thoughts and feelings and issues.

So it does seem that we can now expect much commentary and speculation and campaigning as to who is best positioned to take the Country forward in the coming years though likewise gaining any kind of a momentum or manoeuvrability when we are seemingly going to go from hung parliament to hung parliament is surely not we are interested in buying into or purchasing as some superior model of Government. Yes the mapping issues have become in many ways more and more redundant as I have progressed and I really do think Britain has opportunity to give those major parties something of a wake-up call as to where the population wants greater focus and progression.

The problem of course perhaps that as said recently the more professional than professional politician is akin to going the way of the old Church like systems. We could of course ask the Royals to form a Party and see if we can vote for Royalty though given the accepted History and civil war I am sure they much prefer to maintain some level of Dignity and Decorum above and beyond the Politicking issues-Charles recently ensnared or seized upon as somehow interfering with Governmental Policy though clearly such thinking is wrong-he is still after all just as much a vested interest within the direction of the Country as any other sub-grouping or indeed constituent. Is a particular view somehow less valid because it is brought forward by someone who is not interested in maintaining an ILLUSIONARY MAP OF REALITY when clearly so much better systems and operational abilities can be introduced into the lives of anyone or any business for what might be regarded as bargain basement cost’s or prices and standards of living.

The peaks and troughs and highs and lows appearing on various graphs and pie maps and swingometers are of course going to demonstrate once again that we all of us can only ever really be a window or report on some greater going on of it all and indeed choose our own direction or mapping where possible that does not detract from lifelong learning or indeed the very many services and so on that are seemingly available through the various levels and tier structures within the Hemispheres of many a given individuals essence of being.

Yes I seem to think in terms of essence again though unsure as to why perhaps just seeking a differing form or shaping of things beyond what has gone before. Can I for instance have essence of pixels can I call then essenxels or some such. Yes the reduce and deduce and reduce and deduce is ongoing though likewise however much we are part and parcel of time we are also seemingly lifelong recording mechanisms.

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