Did You Arrive In This World As A Nude Heir

Again a strange question to perhaps be asking though clearly many model encourages of course-the exploration into the shapes and forms and respective courses that life has taken and why it might be concluded that many a person has or is presumed to have gotten priorities the wrong way. Some say that given the all life is suffering model that we of course can go through some sequence of “is it true” and likewise ask as to whether a set intention given within some course or stage of life is going to have much effect if your suffering originated at some earlier point. It can of course be suggested that I bring the topic of baby’s up because we are seeing news today of Baby Name gambling for the new arrival at the palace and typically this David perhaps suggested a female previously only for a male to arrive and on this occasion David has not even gone close to speculation as to what the baby may or may not be. Large amounts of money being placed upon the name Alice though that perhaps someone deliberately giving money away or throwing some back into the system knowing suh things get reported again. Smokes and Mirrors and Illusions and you cannot of course ever truly know what is going on in the Hearts and minds of other peoples and persons-beyond of course seeking to interpret via what they are speaking upon as to subject matters and-or indeed the sensory dominance within the communiques and so on.

So I typically of course when given a mastermind group to discuss projects with was not really speculative as to how high or advanced any given peoples and persons are within the realm that they have created for themselves-such things perhaps part of that Global Image Branding and very often Superficiality though again given the general model of existence that many of us find ourselves living within you do have to wonder as to how this came to be. Clearly I can state that I have read and followed a blog site that was proffered by another group member and can find little to argue about within that persons working life-or indeed area of expertise. Likewise in following other proffered links you get to have those OMG like moments of looking at some long list of CV type information and networking profiles and so on-that perhaps a demonstration of something I was reminded of many years ago whilst working within the NHS many a person LOVES having letters and initials and “WORDY” like IMPORTANT expressions and details associated with the name and likewise few of us escape such practice-though of course all bodies whether an awarding School or University or however was at some point CREATED or INVENTED and had to of course work to gain respect and establish good working rules and practice and so on-I think I spoke previously on how we all too often want to take the World about us at face value in honest and sensible fashion though likewise can very often not be responsible for what others about us are saying and doing.

So What caused the title-well it was in fact David Cameron telling the nation we have a Stark choice-and starkers perhaps again another slang like word for nudity and so on. Likewise Marvel Comic Movie fans will likely also suggest Stark Industries and Iron Man type sub-contexts-vote for me I am the Iron Man who is the natural heir and successor to Fuhrer Thatcher (nicknamed The Iron Lady) and so on. Likewise I think I saw a speech from Ed Miliband and that was very much typical of Labour seeking to address the Business and Europe issues-Business not said to be a natural ally with those rascally reds under the beds and so on.

So dissolution of Parliament and we are each and every one of us of course when operating from the Thought in a body kind of model our own Trumpet Blowers and be like me I will save you-do not listen to those people who want to destabilise the Country and return us to the dark ages and so on.

So we can of course all be our own vocal champions and likewise where possible work in alignment and accord with likeminded individuals. I think it interesting in some ways that I do have to wonder as to the true intention of people and persons who are taking this Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Course-it perhaps had not occurred to myself that whilst I was coming into the course with an attitude of I really would like to write a book of some description from the premise of a beginner-that many others of course have built empires and have back catalogues of many volumes of papers and documents and so on that they have collated and are simply seeking to bring into some kind of Biographical like form perhaps. Such things are perhaps about EDITORS more than anything else. I think it interesting that in having read a multitude of Biography like works over the years that again no one standard system or procedure exists. Typically you get the Working Life Biography that is generally all about the ins-and-outs of Mandarin Life within said Realm. You then get the DUET like Biography of how this person was combining Mandarin life with these personal life troubles and tribulations and so on. You also of course then get the EXTERNAL Biographer those who do not write for themselves though have Ghost Writer like INTERVIEWS whereby interviewer takes notes and then writes up the story into some perceived improved articulation. You then of course can go into the realm of SMALL TALK and GOSSIP Unauthorised Biography-what those around such individual were thinking and feeling and very often how they themselves believed the STAR Character to have been like.

So we can all of us open up these word like packages and indeed find TEMPLATES for this realm and that realm and indeed create our own respective template if the one proffered is not to a given CRITERIA. Likewise deciding on what should be included and excluded is again issue for debate. How can I implify these 3 thousand pages of documents and writings into a 200-Hundred or 300-Hundred page work.

So some interesting debates to be had whether you are writing Biography or indeed FANTASY SCI-FI as much of what I like is about. The many books and writing course like materials that I have reacquainted myelf with over the last year or two suggest that a similar sequence or patterning can be found within many a famed “classic”. Strangely enough I did see several years ago now a SPACIAL MAPPING of the parts of the brain said to be triggered or utilised by particular authors works. I think typically I saw graphs for Authors such-as Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton and so on. Interestingly I have actually found that the SPACIAL MAPPING can of course be altered or opened up when you do particular courses or indeed follow particular learned professionals and Masters and so on. I also as suggested found some rather interesting alterations occurring on reading particular books though clearly all choice as to what we read and so on is our own it is exceptionally interesting area of debate as to cause and effect. Did reading this particular work open up this long lost area of thought within my cerebrum-did this particular activity switch on or switch of my ability to communicate in terms of thoughts of touch, taste, smell, hearing and so on. Clearly we all perhaps want to be the best that we can be in sensible fashion and some folks often still maintain IDEAS that some TOPICS are not for discussion though I think anyone within the writings or creative art realms has to broach some of those topics whether you want to or otherwise. We often find that it can be those unabridged areas that are the ones that can give ourselves the greatest SHIFTS in awareness and so on. That typically why I have said particular models when having the light of inquiry and so on shined upon them are completely invalidated.

So whilst in town recently I found myself reading some stone like door plates with etchings and so on upon them-very often with those “Thought For A Day” superlatives and wisdoms and so on. One that seemed to register within my conscious window whilst looking at a rather large collection of these inscribed stones was “Shoot For The Moon, Even If you miss you’ll land amongst the STARS”. 😉

So what else well strangely enough after my speaking on Magic Bullets yesterday I of course witnessed news reports on Men-In-Drag, Pantomime Dames? Dickensian or Greek styled Male Actors playing the female roles? Involved in some shooting incident at the American NSA that does not exist Headquarters just outside of Washington. Likewise another shooting was reported for a British couple living on some Spanish Costa.

Of course that is often how the feedback system works-you bring your attention to a particular topic area and then you are in effect witnessing or looking for relational information to what you yourself have high-lighted a being important. Likewise that is perhaps for those far more advanced than myself-where the alleged “FUN” is at in not knowing. So that perhaps related to these ideas that you can POINT AT IT either directly or indirectly or you can talk around a subject or you can LEARN to TRANSLATE across multiple realms-in order to better navigate it.

So a CLUE to the idea of some ever present now that is really genuinely one moment in time-is differing to the model that many of us grew up with that says you have to be this that or the other in order to have such-and-such an ability. I need this person to be that in order to justify my position of this. Of course in Enlightenment terms we come to see that many people are operating from those kind of prejudices non-consciously though surely given how much some of us have sought to bring others about ourselves to ever greater levels of awareness and knowledge and self-mastery and indeed the DEVELOPMENT of Supranational Universal Intelligence Technologies we can perhaps question how much is someone operating in denial in defence of a status quo and how much is someone operating through PERCEIVED PERCEPTIONS of what is coming about through Proactivity and what is coming about through Reactivity. I think that another topical area that folks can think upon-the chicken and egg debates of course are never-ending though we can all of us learn to turn attention to more rewarding IDEAS and STRATEGIES that do not operate on the most popular of Societal wide strategies WIN-LOSE.

I have I think mentioned the Royal Baby topic above and elsewhere we are also seeing reports of wage issues I think within one or other Royal Household-we must remind ourselves that like many an Army like service many subsidies exist as part and parcel of the jobs within such services. How often have we heard of complaint of this that or the other only to then learn of all the subsidies that the TAXPAYER finds themselves potentially paying. I say POTENTIALLY because the Royal Household Budget has of course been highly updated and modernised for a number of years now-whereby ACCOUNTIBILTY was introduced and many of the REPUBLICAN like arguments against such institutions are INVALIDATED.

Likewise of course I think a number of courses simply introduce us not only to the IDEA of a SHADOW CLAN (I think Highlander was based on a book by that name). That such things are or can be way above and beyond typical lower echelon of Society Issues that return over and over again. That likewise we can seek to use ideas such-as TRANSPARENCY and those OVERHEAD PROJECTOR like sheets of how we take and process information or likewise we can understand that at some point we have to decide for ourselves what are the best and most pragmatic of behaviours to navigate life with. Typically I have found that many a societal like expectation even with regard to issues such as manners does not hold water when put to self-inquiry like reasoning. Am I holding the door open for these people out of Politeness of expectation that favour will be returned at some later unspecified date or whatever. So what am I doing to improve my own self-motivation and self-mastery and life-navigation and what am I doing that was taught as some childhood teaching that is clearly wrong. Very often that perhaps where many an UNREQUAINTED LOVE or AFFAIR develops whereby expectancy is rewarded in some fashion that is not going on within a primary relationship. Likewise I have of course previously asked as to COMMITMENT. Why are you behaving in this fashion to all and anyone but your dominant spouse or partner, so many questions and traps and pitfalls during the next 5 weeks and possibly I think all part of the next generation of school leavers going out into the World and so on. Of course each year has various cycles though some years are seemingly more important within the greater scheme of things.

What how can you say that?

Well I in studying my own life history and knowledge of events within particular years came to the conclusion that I was perhaps within a kind of betweener year cycle of how great an awareness could be developed-strange though true. So any of us can find that our respective dates of birth and dates of this event or that event can be REVIEWED with some inquiry that often brings up ah-ha like perceptions that were not apparent within the MODEL OF REALITY that we were existing within at the given approximate time or period of our lives.

Well that is rather long and uninformed though of course in knowing what an uninformed opinion and diatrype might look like we all of course have choice as to what our respective informed communications and so on are going to appear and look like and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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