What The Hell Is Multi-Potentialities

Yes I of course see something and then question as to discrepancies within my own awareness or knowledge base and likewise the appropriate use of language one is supposed to use. I say that of course because I suggested that particular IDEAS were invalidated by particular research and then thought well actually they would say DISCREDITED and again that takes us back into the realm of playing with semantics and very often ever decreasing circles of going round and round within some or certain kinds of debating topics. Typically however we do have (if progress is desired) seek to potentially identify where a particular cause and affect originated. Likewise it can of course be demonstrated that in claiming it was in some long distant childhood we are giving ourselves a certain level of leverage as to a way out-cannot recall the details or however. Though given the working live philosophy and indeed how many have spent a great deal of time within some Environments you do have to take into consideration Environmental Contagion otherwise often called or what I speculated as potentially being a bad-dose. So someone in constant and great resistance to the course and direction of their life or Mental World within their own head or mind sucks all about them into particular patterns that might also be detrimental to others. Likewise that is not an attack on anyone so much as a partial explanation.

Another part of the exploration into explanations is that you could well have been of course TRIGGERED or sucked in on a particular day. So I figured hmmm how likely is that to be true? Given the mathematical models and so on it is perhaps in many ways one of the easiest clue trails to follow.

The reason I say that of course is that for any given day of the week we can often simply go to wiki and look at events that occurred on this day in history. We can of course not only do that for the day of the week but also the month and so on-so plenty of potential easily available resources and methods that folks can come up with for drawing straight lines through time or indeed calculating mathematical circles-I actually think that the 12-month calendar and so on is actually geared for creating differing mathematical like patterns-all numbering systems of cause can be demonstrated to reduce to a number between 0 and 9. And likewise have built in building block functions and facilities as to creating a Square, A Circle, A Triangle and in the realm of art and drawing we see that given as a typical starting place for understanding how to build your art up from the most basic of patterns the idea that you are not creating something that already exists so much as giving a form or shape or representation to something. Much like drawing an outline about your fingers on a piece of paper or Forensics getting the white sticky tape out and outlining the position of the body.

So what else Well clearly a letting go fest is taking place and I personally flt that I did not really benefit very much early on with that modality though did eventually with meditation find that the remedy can help a great deal in many ways though likewise I did COMBINATION work using some EFT like tapping at the same time-again these things perhaps all about belief though it does get demonstrated over and again that the more senses are involved within a GIVEN experience the more likely the experience will have some facility of recall and so on. Not that you want that for each and every memory though clearly you want to get to a stage or phase of feeling that you are not somehow in resistance to the messages and communications that are running throughout your body.

Those of us who experienced severe Trauma perhaps more closed down than others-though likewise we can all perhaps identify peoples and persons who cry wolf who it can be demonstrated do not have a leg to stand on when appropriate cause and effect remedies and techniques are applied. One of the strange problems can of course be that some people regard it as part and parcel of the job to Cry Wolf-though again that is potentially a more Heavy handed Wording or PHRASE than saying someone is employed to HIGH-LIGHT or encourage further improvement within day-to-day working life.

So elsewhere I noted a missing child report and thought the related medical health issue was quite interesting in that he (missing though now recovered child) suffers from some rare condition that creates accelerated growth and so on. Of course that perhaps related to the simple fact of what I spoke on recently as the body having natural rhythm and so on and any number of actions and inheritance of what is the parent can be handed down.

I am actually consciously unware of the ins-and-outs of DNA memory and inheritance though clearly we often through medical Science demonstrate that a particular child has more inheritance from a mother or father or some such. Again I throw hands up in the air as to what is genuinely true on many of these subject matter because my meditative practice perhaps has taken myself above the landscape in multiple ways as to wondering what is genuine Science, and what is merely added or bolted on in some fashion.

So the World within your own mind or head model seemingly becomes over more apparent as you progress and you then find yourself wondering as to again beliefs such-as Ask Believe Receive. Is it possible for any person to raise Threshold above and beyond being constantly on the receiving end of all that is speculated to be bad in the Word or likewise all that is good if you high-light that even the most basic of IDEAS such as food additives can be harmful or otherwise depending upon the so-called mix and balance that has been brought about.

So we can all become massively ill by over indulging in salt and pepper or vinegar even though that perhaps were Spring Forest Qigong can come to the rescue. I read a report of WHERE differing kinds of imbalances and Toxicities can occur within the human physiology and it is clear to myself in many ways that the Qigong in some of the Body Part like tapping and movement actually does address some of those CARDIOVASCULAR like issues.

So some might regard that the same as getting an adrenaline rush from particular sporting activities and in some ways I would definitely agree-though likewise we have to remind ourselves that steady practice and PATIENCE with given remedy or slowing down and breaking old HABITUAL like trance states dotted about our personage and so on can be just as important. Getting some FLOW through the various frequencies and areas and regions of our bodies perhaps becomes more important as we age though it is never too late to try a differing angle or approach. We must remember that many a presumed perfectly fit person who exercises regularly and takes vitamins is reported to die just as much as those who do not. That is not a justification for not exercising so much as understanding that if we can have WEIGHTS, Cardiovascular, Swimming within a given Gym facility we can surely have differing LEVELS within SPIRITUAL practice and the level of progression any given person has sought to develop within themselves. So yes if we can have build-up of particular physiological issues within given areas of the body then we can surely have the reversal of remedies for such things-whether we are operating in the physical tapping like realms or indeed combining such activities to maintain a steady-state balance between the doctrines of each and every realm we are personally aware or have knowledge and practice of.

So those courses do typically have multiple levels built into them though I was thinking more in terms of pragmatic best practice in an integrative and harmonised fashion and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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