At Least That Is What I Thought They Said

So one of the most simplest techniques that I encouraged and indeed used was quite simply to take a given voice or sequence of noise and mimic it and play with it and sound it out differently and so on. When we enter the World we do not generally of course come with a set of Gnasher’s (teeth) and likewise we very often in later years lose teeth. These things are of course down to individual personal maintenance though we can curl our lips over our teeth and then speak as though we have no teeth.

This simple and what many regard as stupid technique demonstrates how quickly any one of us can alter the noise that emanates from our lips and indeed how things can sound very differing to the written or spoken script.

A classic usage of such technique was of course the Oasis song Don’t Look Back In Anger and we can also point to a Classic Scotch (either video or cassette tape advert) that used some classic Reggae type number as an example.

Wake up in d morning slepping for bed sa, we got every monk and beef head oo ooh my ears are alight.

Yes I think part of the joke being that even with quality playback the song is somewhat haphazard in trying to work out what the lyric actually is. Of course whilst I am sure some Reggae folks are quite snobby about that particular music sector (believe me I have yet to meet anyone from any music sector that does not have some kind of established ego snobbery attachment) we can of course say the same when going to the Opera of however, I don’t understand it-it is all in B***** Italian. Of course that is one of the strange things in life as to how some Languages sound appealing and flowing and other languages are quite stilted and broken and the speed differential is also an interesting dynamic.

So I know for instance that we all typically develop our own speech and rhythmic speed and many a language has a version of “just nod your head and smile”. So we of course gradually come to see that learning alternate languages can be beneficial and whilst that is in terms of spoken form we can come to see the benefit of understanding that we are already communicators of multiple languages.

I think one of the tricks of several modalities is bringing such awareness and knowledge back on-line in conscious windows of reality so to speak. So we have potentially created many auto-pilot mental processes from young ages and whilst many are harmless-we can demonstrate that an improved quality of internalised processes can be brought into being whereby you can systematically become increasingly better organised as to how you are going about any given task.

So many peoples and persons of course have many choices as to how they want or wish or desire to take advantage of the very many learnings and teachings available. I being at the lower end of Societal spectrum of course said something along the lines of “Well if time does not really exist, then I can simply begin monitoring Sports and then applying feedback information to sports and then places bets on where the feedback is directing myself as to most likely winners”.

Yes I then of course discovered or found that many an inherent misdirection or BIAS can exist within our non-conscious causing all sorts or debate as to who is pointing at what sport at any given time and likewise who is operating from a so called higher place on the hill.

So we have many options and all seemingly come with one or other level of “how could I have been so stupid” like thoughts and feelings and aspects as to interpretation.

Anyway I am quite sure I have repeatedly said begin small. Take a given sport such as tennis or So typically Soldiers during training might use Compasses and Feng Shui encourages the regular usage of Compass. Over a prolonged period of time such usage can become like a 2nd nature-however it does no-one any harm to return to such simple practices, if or instance you are 20 years down the line from when you left the Forces or however. All too easy as we know to claim a “IDENTITY” for life that when looked upon in retrospect was for a relatively small length of our lives. Yes some folks may be fortunate in only knowing and having lived one career or life realm though a number of us have shifted and moved around jobs and so on.

So we can also of course be somewhat Walter Mitty like in identity simply through regular high viewing or reading of particular realms materials. I of course spoke on how as a resident of “HEREFORD, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM” I tended to keep an eye on local Military type books and interests. Likewise we can show folks who act as though favourite soap characters and so on. So crafting an identity for yourself is of course quite beneficial as to how you yourself want to see and envision the World and so on. Likewise it can be all too easy to have fallen down at early life hurdles though some bounce back easier than others. We have (those who took up Meditation) all perhaps come to understand that some aspects of life the Universe and so on come with aspects such as Resistance and confusion and conflict as to personalised topics of debate.

So we can read materials from alternate life realms without being those realms and likewise we over the years of course have heard how this Vocation is full of peoples and persons who could not pass muster in this realm over there. Typically such things are said of Fire and Police service like personnel that they are failed Soldiers. I disagree though am sure like many a vocation we can find percentages that make such claims true. I mention those service’s because of recent news articles more than anything else.

I think some rescue team that has gone out to Nepal from the Hereford Region is in fact related to the local West Midlands fire Service and likewise I found myself whistling “The Sweeney” theme music, at least that is what I thought it was, many years since the 1970’s and my infant viewing of such a show. Likewise “Chelsea For the Cup” is strangely close to returning to haunt myself in the Premiership title race.

I see that the Snooker is presently popular though have been hoping to gauge some feedback and return as to Boxing this weekend. We of course have the Pacman about to take on the Mayweather chap and both have what might be regarded as reputations to uphold. Manny versus Floyd who will take home the title. Most likely a disputed decision and a rematch is what springs to my own thoughts. However I am of course often known to be incorrect in my assessments, hence always seemingly wanting ever greater levels of CLARITY.

Having a questioning mind is of course differing to having a non-questioning mind and in fact one does at times wonder as to the benefits of either-or in terms of who benefits most when it comes to some kinds of interactions.

Think of Basil Faulty and his interaction with Spanish waiter Manuel and you will likely catch my drift. Manuel typical of many a cross-language difficulty in nodding head and saying yes, yes and then going and doing something completely different. Such debates of course can be dissected. I use to think or put such events down to someone else’s language, though can clearly demonstrate that it is very often simply someone being THICK to the point of gaining promotion.

What ?

Yes so a whisper reaches myself that a completely useless IMBECILE has applied for a job elsewhere and my initial thoughts were “I wish such folks would ask me for a reference”, so you might think that in calling someone an imbecile they would get a bad reference, though the truth is I would likely give such an individual the VERY BEST REFERENCE they have ever had.

So you want to know how you wound up with X moron further up a given management chain than yourself, very often the GOOD REFERENCE to GET RID OF strategy is applied within many a realm. Many mistake imbecility with someone being “THICK SKINNED”. They are not thick skinned they are too short of a full deck to GET anything that is not drummed in repeatedly with assistance of beating device.

Okay so kernal’s of truth can be found within many realms and information’s though we can of course carry out reframe or coin flip and discover that some folks really have what it takes to fulfil those roles in life that very often few would necessarily choose for themselves. Likewise my use of words and phrases such as IMBECILE are in no way a reflection on peoples and persons with disabilities, very often the least deserving of negative connotations of such terminologies (in my opinion).

So what else well I saw a baby child being pulled from the Nepal Rubble and thought ah-ha, nice of you to show up Budha. Likewise we are apparently still awaiting THE ROYAL DELIVERY and I am working tonight when I have a teleseminar for another course that I want to listen in on. I shall do so when I arrive home in the morning as I now have a short long weekend coming up. Hopefully I can better utilise the time to reorganise, coordinate and choreograph my life in a fashion and manner more deserving of the Riches and Wealth and Health and so on that I deserve.

Yes so take courses, learn from Masters then repeat from Masters perhaps becoming Affiliate and likewise learning improved methods and writing skills and interactions with other people. Another headline I noted today was that the elections are now in final countdown, Mr Cameron noted for his recent Delboy impression as to VAT and TAXES. I of course can point at many an adopted Strategy that has failed and very often such things simply demonstrate this IDEA as to putting good recipes and ideas on top of what is already a full cup (for many a person) far better when you have an over hot drink to pour some of the water out and add a little cold or indeed add some milk or other coolant to the mixture.

So I have taken notes within my writing pad though have not transferred them online and likewise am sure others now do the same, the truth with things such as Compass and colours and noise and sound of course that whatever our Cross Realm Interpretative capabilities we still require getting some foundational or fundamental basics down as building blocks towards improved dynamic steering as we progress within our respective areas of life the Universe and Everything.

I am intending to find a state of Flow and Rush out lots of Book Manuscript this forthcoming weekend though as we all know the World is full of hooks and distractions and demands that also have to be taken into consideration.

So what else, well I saw the headline as to a serial liar being sent to prison for the murder of child and thought such things of course relate to what I said quite recently as to finding truth and staying with truth. Once you have found the benefit of emptying the INTRANSIGENT EGO CUP and replacing it with a more mature or dynamic integrative interpretative capability the World becomes perhaps a better place to play or not the choice as always is too take any feedback and ask how can I improve upon what has gone before. Is this information relevant to my own mental World and how can I shift through the mental pain into a winning formula.

Yes the rush to be part of a collective does not occur within the higher realms of some sports such-as Boxing Legend and Golf Legend and Tennis Legend and anyone who screams “You cannot be serious” is potentially misleading themselves into the realm of “The Map is Not The Territory” and all those ah-ha’s that can come about through sticking rigidly with some master teacher or grand master for a year or two. At least until some of the better or improvements you set out to experience begin to happen.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Have Had A Break From Writing

So I have had a break from writing and also come to gradually see that many written things elsewhere are seemingly interwoven or interconnected some in quite direct fashion and manner whilst others are perhaps indirect or indeed regarded as subtle.

I was thinking about this of course because it is easy to conclude that you should stop writing or publically publishing some articles and documents less you become accused of plagiarism or some other similarly styled issue.

However I then thought well you have to write something, even if it is not on the subject matter that others may or may not want to be reading upon. I think that perhaps one of those topics of debate whereby in taking the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now, writing course I have seemingly come to see that the course in many ways reflects a number of my own publishing’s over the last year or two and indeed such IDEAS or STATEMENTS can either make yourself agitated or indeed think well the stakes have now been raised in some fashion or indeed act as CONFIRMATION that you are indeed working along appropriate themes and lines of investigation and can now accelerate what you are teaching and learning in a more confident fashion and manner for yourself.

So again we all have CHOICE as to how to interpret any given piece of information. I still believe that the ability to raise Threshold however is more of a “Godsend” than otherwise. It might be suggested that some of the earlier Hypnosis materials I studied simply expanded or exaggerated and exploded many a mental conditioning that I had gradually been sucked into or conditioned by.

So once you have progressed in some of the mental cleansing type strategies you do come to see the benefit of not following or rushing to any conclusions as to the World about yourself and the other peoples and persons therein contained.

Again we can clearly perhaps think well it is all about FEAR or all about what any given person’s life experience is or what senses are in usage or otherwise. Clearly It can be stated that you can be aligned and in tune with Greater World-wide events in a positive fashion though constantly under siege from people seeking to force DENIAL of such realities.

That perhaps what occurs to us as very young ages where we are often as previously said told to be quiet and stop making things up and so on. Likewise then the PROTECTIVE mentality comes into play. So if I will stop doing this blog I will no longer SUFFER the consequences of this third party attacking myself or whatever. Clearly such things can be put to test and it can be demonstrated that staying true and honest in the face of such things is potentially the only way to break through some of those mental walls and barriers potentially between the hemispheres or indeed in BELIEF SYSTEM.

So that again part and parcel of this idea that we have structured and sequenced IDEAS as to CAUSE and EFFECT and even when I went through earlier or lower levels of Meditation I was still whether consciously or otherwise still operating from those kinds of thinking methods and so on. As I then progressed further I came more and more into alignment with the ALL IS NOW lack of cause and effect IDEAS. Clearly RANDOMNESS is suggested to not serve anyone in many ways though I do think that such things demonstrate that even DESIGNED RANDOMNESS that we often see within Computer Systems and so on is not really random at all, especially when taken from the Mathematical Viewpoint of the World.

So typically I think I wrote on FRACTALS previously and early on in the study of Fractal Modelling you would typically be asked to enter a SEED PARAMETER or NUMBER. Any number you want and then a computer generated image would be calculated based upon the number provided. Clearly some like to think that is how the World is generated and look I am now entering a seed number to constantly stay in Alpha Wave Brain states. Yes such things are again debatable. How can I for instance go to the same school as this person and read all the same given study materials and then not be good enough to be in a top set and so on. Where or indeed WHEN? Do these allegedly superior conditioned BRAIN-WAVE states come into being or operation?

Clearly it can be demonstrated that such things are still part and parcel of that condition of SEEKING and perhaps never finding. When a product says I can make you this we can of course wonder as to the truth of such things. I think Hypnotist Paul McKenna released a book that I have within my collection “I Can Make You Rich”, one can of course now wonder as to whether he meant “I Can Make You Richter Scale” and simply failed to complete the full title much like that statement from singer songwriter performer Prince on Michael’s Jackson’s releasing of Album BAD. “He could not fit diabolical on the cover” was the quote.

So anyway I can of course wonder as to whether I could have written any of these books that I have studied over the last few years and clearly we can go into the topic of studying method. Where once I was reading all and everything and taking it all in consciously in the fashion of traditional line by line schooling, I have of course trusted that the Accelerated Learning strategies have been gradually working their way into my Soul and being and are working in that PRESUMED state we might have as new born.

So I have followed some of the home work for this course well in advance of the course being released and the Lessons Officially given, though topics as to chicken and egg are not all that important for myself because I can fully understand IDEAS and CONCEPTS such-as CAUSE and EFFECT going by the wayside as being somewhat INVENTED and likewise see that there is little harm in my continuing to write my personal blog with my name at the top as long as such things are not infringing upon the Freedom of others or indeed promoting PREJUDICE in some fashion. Clearly it is Easy to say for instance that PREJUDICE can be brought about when people or persons are given a mandate to monitor other peoples and persons. So for instance within the INTELLIGENCE or POLICING realm we are often told that you require a WARRANT or PERMISSION of PUBLISHER to go into these files or this area of someone’s private life. I personally have found that with respect of the ALTRUISM issue and so on that you can simply keep on writing and writing and at whatever level of awareness you have you will come to see greater diversity as to CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE capabilities.

So I spoke on patterns and cycles and ways and means to seek or indeed identify methods that can best serve you in interpretation. I think clearly with most sports that they have TERMINOLOGY that can be used within the sub context of your writings (for instance). Likewise we have the synchronicity relationship issues as to Calendar dates and cycles.

So quite simply we can follow any realm whether regarded as good or bad and then potentially be attuned to that realm because it is in the FOREFRONT of our conscious windows or awareness. So we can then say well all this material over here such as my love of Horror Films has kept myself somewhat in the FEAR ZONE or however and in order to let such things go I am now going to stop watching or reading such materials. Likewise clearly we all seem to go through phases and patterns of FOCUS. So some of us might be regarded as having GROWN UP as to some behaviours whilst others have not and likewise the throwing the baby out with the bath water strategy that many a young adult adopts can often return to haunt them, though likewise few take or pay attention to such advice.

Anyway raising Threshold effectively seems to mean you can pretty much return to your love of Horror or indeed love of La-Di-Da and generally shrug at other peoples and persons not buying into the LOVE or PASSION you have for your given subject matter.

I do think that you are still likely or potentially likely to suffer consequence on some areas and topics though clearly am not perhaps advanced enough to fully understand the full workings and ins and outs of such things. So whilst I can continue to RELEASE and LET GO when-ever I feel myself having some Heart Palpation (for instance) I wonder if I am about to once again go to the Land of Meeting a Maker.

Yes strange as to IDEAS of REAPING what you so and likewise knowing what cycles and monitoring patterns are best going to serve any given intention.

News wise for instance I today see the Headline that Kieth Harris of Orville and Cuddles fame has died and he of course a favourite VENTRILOQUIST ACT within the United Kingdom for many years. Not in the fashion of Baby asking “does my bum look big in this” of mother though one wonders as to whom is pulling who’s strings. Clearly we have to perhaps experience or carry out some reframe as to interpretation if we are continuing INVESTIGATIVE techniques and methodologies. Likewise I see that the Royal Baby is now SPECULATED as being late though clearly subterfuge and so on is all part and parcel of the Life and Times of the Various Royals anyway. So it can often be wiser to simply take things at FACE VALUE than otherwise when it comes to making your own judgement call as to what is really true and what is being HYPED UP for NEWSPAPER or MEDIA SALES and so on.

Yes David still has difficulty in understanding INTENTION and STATEMENTS of INTENTION. I have studied quite a few courses and they all often suggest PRESENT TENSE and that is perhaps a NOW tense, though likewise I wonder as to whether I really do require (for instance) taking note of my own personalised details within some courses. This is your Date of Birth and star Sign and best direction and so on. Does having an OVERVIEW knowledge improve alignment with my own personal statistics or indeed bring such things into question. Especially when it comes to various IDEAS as to COMPATIBILITIES. Yes several Modalities suggest that I have a HIGH Compatibility RATIO across very many areas though clearly such IDEAS as to AREAS or SECTORS have to perhaps be taken into consideration.

They are of course often SUBJECT to other CRITERIA that we many of us neglect to take into consideration. So lots of conflicting and confusing information though clearly such things serve some folks better than others. Elsewhere the recovery or rescue efforts continue about Nepal following that particular earthquake and likewise we can see that we as a Country are sending AID to the region. I think I saw a news article this morning as to a C17 being loaded up with tents and electricity generators being sent over. I actually miss the days of planes having or being referred to a names beyond numbers, such as Hercules and spitfire and so on.

I think some flight companies do still carry out such activities though very often you have to have some FOCUS on such realms in order to be able to have such knowledge, the difference between TRIVIA and otherwise is perhaps how we seek to use any given snippet of information.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

And The Lady At The Next Table Said

“I want what she is having!” that is of course a famous quote from a café scene within the comedy movie “WHEN HARRY MET SALLY”. The Sally in question demonstrating her “faking it” abilities whilst in discussion with her long term friend Harry as to the courses that their respective lives had taken and so on. Clearly the next flippant remark then shifts to “DID THE EARTH MOVE FOR YOU” type questions and as we all know given the World Population of 7 Billion people seeking to single out any one given individual for all World Wide Events and so on is highly unlikely to be of a benefit. Those kinds of seeking to apportion BLAME RECIPES have generally failed most folks that I know or have discussed such matters with.

Clearly of course this another reason why we are better once within the enlightenment movement type realms to explore further afield and find like-minded souls and so on and so forth that have also decided that the life up until this point in time has not worked, what steps and methodologies can be integrated or found or discovered or utilised that are genuinely going to move my life forward away from present stuck states or indeed toward a more centred and level headed approach to Life the Universe and anything or everything in between.

Clearly another popular movement is that of Hay House Publishing and a member of the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now Facebook page provided a link to a candid interview with Reid Tracy who is apparently the CEO of that Organisation. I have of course read some Louise Hay and Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer and perhaps one or two other individuals published by that grouping and again they are all generally quite happy smiley people with glistening teeth and adoring public followers and so on. I actually first read some Wayne Dyer and again much of his suggestions and workings are similar to some of those of other leading lights within such realms. Esther Hicks I think I spoke on as being a little more “out there” though again on purchasing and reading her various PROCESSES within a particular book I was impressed with how simple she kept things. She is entertaining and clearly has established herself a market niche as someone who speaks to the Cosmic Entity or being entitled Abraham (I think) it was some time ago when I researched Hay House.

So I have a look at this video and it included a woman known as Doreen Virtue whose name has cropped up within various areas that I have followed and she is said to be one of the biggest sellers or writers within Hay House. I typically of course do not generally buy into some of the so-called “Angel” Areas of Debate because it is generally firmly established within my own mind that we have coin sides and I have of course spoken on the fact that all peoples and persons are in effect if not described as Angels then at least some form of Spirituality or otherwise. We must remember that the word Atheist as used by those who claim other than a belief in Angels are saying we are AT HEIST, or in other words thieves robbers and any other kind of negative connotation in between. We can of course come up with POSITIVE versions for At Heist perhaps in the sense of the Power of the Individual to be CREATIVE and so on and that of course again is interesting as to this other recent course of Future Mapping and Altruism.

Are Scientists Altruistic? Clearly I have read works by many science like people who genuinely have invested lives in improving or making a positive impact on the World and some claim to have Religious beliefs that do not prevent themselves from interacting and seeking to understand the Universe and so on in which we live, likewise we then have the Scientist who categorically state within very often INTRANSIGENT positions that they have no belief in the UNEXPLAINABLE.

What does that mean? Well generally quite simply if something does not make sense we will develop a Scientific Hypothesis and System dedicated to the Study of what does not currently make sense until we can give reasonable or well understood sense to our Hypotheses. Yes that was a struggle of a sentence to write or give vocabulary too. So those of us who feel stuck or victim or however within any life role or realm can of course seek to further forward our life by taking particular actions.

Clearly some things are cheaper and easier than others. I typically suggested folks start with the very simply methodology of some form of EFT Tapping. So when I promote these free Fests for instance as well as listening in or viewing a Fest you could be carrying out a bodily tapping routine that again perhaps uses MULTIPLE SENSES and possibly provides greater recall of any learnings and teachings that are being provided.

Likewise experts always seem to say take advantage of the so-called Freebies when you are offered them. Clearly for any of us there is only so much learning that can take place within any given period of time and I typically in purchasing a number of courses do find I have to later return and go over them again in greater depth or detail than an earlier investigation. Likewise Fast Finish Sessions I think within Learning Strategy Courses are a fantastic option given the opportunity to use such things.

Elsewhere I having spoken on the Witnessing of the Winter Theme Thought AH-HA perhaps now time to Listen in to the Summer section of my Sonic Access Four Seasons and again it might be suggested that we do not necessarily need such things though I do think that the routine of listening to each session within your own personal Calendric Zone and Season at the appropriate times can help in giving greater balance to your life and intuitions and so on and so forth. I stated previously that for the busy individual or someone who wants a flavour or taster of multiple modalities could do no worse given that the Sonic Access is akin to a Best Of Compendium in many ways (I personally think).

So I will leave this one here for now of course though I did hear reference to some Hawaii related Lava Flow and of course I know that Sam Horn spoke on her relational link to Hawaii. Likewise for myself I have to mention SCOOBY DOO. One of the big cartoon collections that has accumulated through daughter visits to Hereford over the last 10+ years has been a Scooby Doo Movie Collection and I noted that they seemingly follow similar destinations to those being reported upon about the World. So look up the Scooby Doo Cartoon Movie Collection and where they have VISITED and you may just be surprised everywhere from the Himalayas to Hawaii and Mexico and Cruise Liners and so on have been covered. So I spoke on Disney seemingly releasing movies following particular cycles and Hanna Barbara and other cartoon establishments can perhaps possibly or potentially be demonstrated to have followed similar system of Process Development.

That perhaps where the IDEA that the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the whole, whereby the entire World Populace may be thought of in terms of being part of an Ecosystem or Environment and I do not think any grouping has yet been uncovered or identified that is singularly responsible for not being able to have some equivalent explanation for the term “One cannot not Communicate”. Another interesting IDEA was that of the 3 Monkey’s Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil. I was thinking about this in relation to Mastermind Grouping’s and wondering perhaps if each person within a given grouping may or otherwise fit one of those 3 parameters. Clearly some interesting DYNAMICS would occur through such tactics though even Learning Strategies would not be that fiendish in the recipe for the course.

Elsewhere a smaller news article was of course the Statue of Liberty (SOL) bomb scare story and of course given the timing and NEPAL or LAPEN backwards story’s I could not help to once again be thinking that France is somehow inadvertently in the mix at present. Is there not a Far Right movement in France that is based on the Doctrines and teaching of the La Pen family? Likewise France of course gave the Statue of Liberty as a Present to America. Yes again international History is full of politicking and who did what to whom for what reason. Typically us Brits are often portrayed as the Colonial Bad Guys though when you look at some of the former French colonies you perhaps find areas that you would not be so quick to apportion blame and so on to. So we often seemingly have to investigate differing dynamics and knowledge bases to find some CLARITY as to why becoming your own personalised compass and teacher and likewise finding like-minded souls and peoples to work in alignment with can be a blessing even if it does not feel that way early on in some Enlightenment Circles.  Yes people turn to Alcohol and drugs and all sorts of escape from or escape too Solutions though perhaps being able to experience HIGHS without having to take any illegal substances or take up wild out there theories is perhaps where many of the Assisted Meditational Approaches seem to stand head and shoulders above other options.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

No Matter What Fest


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Winter Is An Associative Link

So this week I have taken some notes in my pad though have not transferred them online and likewise have had a mini-break from writing this blog though just as it does for all folks-the World does not stop turning and I have still carried out some Witnessing type activities.

So the general overall link and theme that cropped up for myself was seemingly Winter we have a huge volcanic eruption in the Country of CHILE and likewise scientists tell us of a large COLD SPOT in space and now we have seen a rather large earth quake in the region of the HIMALAYAS also now as a favoured wintry destination. Clearly Chile borders Argentina and other South American Countries and is generally a somewhat hotter climate zone than the name suggests and likewise we are told that all space is cold so really it is perhaps only at the superficial kind of level that any level of linkage can be seen.

Likewise I think I said happy birthday to the Queen earlier in the week and of course we are told that the Riddle of the Sphynx relates to the Ages of man and without appearing to be rude or impertinent it may be suggested that the Queen is in the so-called “Winter” zone of those life stages. Having said that clearly the ability to distinguish age zones becomes harder as we get older. I can look at a picture of the Queen and think she looks 30 years younger than she is and likewise am sure the same can be said for many a person within any of the various aging zones.

I know from my note taking exercises that anyone who appears younger than myself, might get a young label even though typically anyone of my daughter’s generation will label myself as OLD. So no matter how much research you carry out you find that some IDEAS are more specific than others. I can typically think well that group are school age teens whilst these others are perhaps college aged teens and twenties, and then of course we get the humour as to differing peoples having had a hard life. Those folks who look permanently as though they are a particular age, even if they looked that age at twenty and thirty and forty and so on.

I think I wrote previously how many of us whether we admit to such things or otherwise generally often adopt particular patterns and behaviours that become somewhat set-in-stone in many ways until events occur that change the playing field or aspect and perspective that we see the World from.

Typically I having had major trauma as a teen went from a somewhat warmongering attitude to a more thoughtful or caring perspective, however it might be suggested that various events over the years have demonstrated that no matter your own desire to not be involved in other peoples wars when they bring such things to yourself you have little issue than to respond in kind or indeed box-clever and try some alternate strategies as to circumnavigating some of the very worst nonsenses.

Another area I have found myself thinking about is of course this one of the afterlife and PARALLEL WORLDS. Typically when we look through any History books such concepts have been documented both in ancient times and indeed in modern times when we look to the present day movies and TV and so on. This idea that you have a god of this aspect of reality and that aspect of reality and so on. The God’s of Olympus were effectively when you look upon it more of a coordinated and choreographed TEAM than anything else. All the wars between the differing realms perhaps akin to those lower level wars that can be seen within many an industry each grouping fighting and squabbling to be first among equals. That perhaps again why IDEAS such-as Communism is said to have failed. The World within the mind of the beholder.

So I return to that because a recent course lecture I listened in-on suggested the idea of Hooks and Hinges. Clearly that “LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE” idea falls into such a bracket at the end of a favoured TV show episode or the chapter of a book and of course particular lines that characters are quoted as saying. Most or Many a “Superhero” has some punchline that is repetitiously repeated. Some clearly perhaps preferable to others.

Dave S Perkins does not run around stretching his arm forward and giving a SILVERTOEVELOCITY superpower transformation command that you might see from a superman or he-man or Buzz Lightyear.

So clearly hooks might be akin to reversed or upside down “????” question marks in image though likewise again I generally prefer getting some other than intransigent position or thought going in relation to such things. Why?

Well clearly some folks claim that such manoeuvring is wishy-washy though I have come to think that many a debate requires a NEW THOUGHT or NEW LOOK angle or perspective to move forward with or from. Some areas will always remain grey and likewise we always seem to have a new level of awareness that can be studied that previously went under the radar or passed through the conscious window senses unobserved.

Typical example is that Swiss Alps Airplane crash and Football team wearing the same colours. No natural or indeed unnatural link exists though both events can be stated as having been FACTUAL. I have this fact over here that you cannot DENY and I have this fact over here that you cannot DENY.

I can of course ask would any of my NOTES within my note pad or indeed conscious windows of awareness informed myself of any of these events and generally I am perhaps not advanced enough within my studies to make such PREDICTION. I could probably write a book teaching HOW to BROADEN and OPEN up awareness’ so others do not fall for some of the more obvious TRAPS though likewise the unknown is the unknown to this David in many ways it being all to easy to fall into the FAMED HINDSIGHT position.

Hind sight of course akin to witnessing in that I could for instance say I witnessed and noted an increase in vehicles of white and grey about my travels and in non-linear fashion could have thought STONE and SNOW though I did not personally make such links consciously in any form of premeditation. Likewise I am not responsible for any CONSPIRACY theories brought up by others with awareness. I am sure we will once again being hearing that the ILLUMINATI is responsible or that the US Government with some HARP project is responsible. Some people seemingly prefer to have some US and THEM that can be tapped into in some fashion.

Clearly that being one of the internal-external topics of debate in that I went through many levels quite rapidly as to meditation and whilst some synchronicities occurred that I could have become PARANOID about I followed instruction as to “Let Whatever Happens be okay” and gradually came to see particular kinds of Synchronicities FALL AWAY. Clearly I think I wrote recently on the cause and effect topic and how whilst we are brought up believing such things occur in linear or indeed other than linear sequences they are all what might be regarded as “JEDI MIND TRICKS”. We often aligning ourselves with the motivational direction whether toward or away from where we ourselves need or desire something to be true or otherwise. I in constantly writing and note taking have perhaps become truer and truer in what I have witnessed and experienced, again something I wrote upon recently. Why would you desire or want to return to thoughts and feelings and incongruence’s that do not serve you. The model of reality debate is clearly ongoing though I have come to think that most are guidance’s toward a more personalised Experience of your own truths and alignments and so on. Yes we can say well that Cross Realm Interpretation over there is one that is long established and worthy of being in alignment with, though likewise some aspects of human behaviour never seemingly go out of fashion and nor do particularly detrimental associations and so on.

Clearly in raising Threshold and developing greater usage and understanding of our senses we can step back and acknowledge that some aspects of life whilst undesirable are going to happen and turn our attention elsewhere to more prosperous areas such as our own Health and Wealth and Happiness and so on.

I can write notes and others can monitor such things and apply any linkages to their own subset knowledge or working database though that is not the same as being responsible for any third parties life choices and so on.

I wrote some questions on my Velocity website along the lines of life as a book and how can I improve such fashioning’s and likewise some folks can say well look here we already have this Model that you can work toward or otherwise. Likewise I also suggested that some books such-as those written by Historian had greater effect than others I had tried. One aspect is of course that many a teacher carries out Meditation along the lines of listen to my voice on this call in or indeed play back this article you can see in written form in the listening form. I perhaps not as advanced as to necessarily enjoy listening to AUDIO BOOKS. Though I do know for instance that my daughter enjoyed them when younger and likewise my mother listens to such things, so is it simply a case of advancing toward compatible techniques and so on.

Clearly beyond these written words my spoken voice is unknown to many a person though likewise it does seem that just about everything whether male or female or fast or slow can be converted into alternate format and many a person’s issue is seemingly OVERSATURATION of sensory data. I suggested that Meditation can stabilise such things within your being and likewise help in the removal of less than helpful aspects of such things-though again that seems to come with accompanying “must do’s” it does seem that whether we like it or otherwise a step-up in level of meditation can open up long closed inner doorways within our being and it is only in being open and so on that we are able to release any given trauma. Likewise that perhaps comes into alignment with whatever does not serve you will fall away. All meaning is within the interpretative capability of the individual and I recently found myself returning to that Solution’s Focus IDEA of asking oneself questions as to how far do you think your velocity Website Questions have been advanced, given on a scale between 1 and 10. I can of course perhaps say 3 and can then ask “WHY SO HIGH?” and clearly we can say well I have meditated and have written some teachings and taken notes and followed various advanced course makers and so on. I can then of course ask what might be the steps required to increase my answer of 3 to a 4. I think that I personally have opened up to IDEAS such-as Lifelong Learning and likewise need perhaps to drop into the INCOME GENERATOR areas of enlightenment and so on.

I recently suggested that given only 26 letter in the alphabet a lot of repetition occurs and likewise we can learn to interpret differing aspects between differing sensory capabilities presuming we have of course opened up any given sensory capability. Anyway I typically published a particular article from this blog elsewhere and am of the belief that folks may or may not have inspected other articles within the blog that was not publically published. So I perhaps demonstrating that whilst everything written here is 1st DRAFT the need to EDIT does occur and likewise you cannot TRUST that all who read any given article are not going to be nosy as to what else is written and exists within your blogosphere. People can of course go forward and backward through the blog and see that I wrote positive and uplifting witnessing like articles as well as somewhat negative articles when it came to discussion of some realms. I have generally not returned to some of the more negative aspects over more recent times because as other peoples aware has increased they themselves have come to see the benefits of being in alignment with the Technologies and likewise that none of us at whatever level of society we regard ourselves has to suffer more than necessary as to beliefs we had then and beliefs we have now.

So how can I bring why curiosity into alignment with understanding that introducing CHOICE can be carried out at any point along the various time-lines because we are akin to that central cog overlooking the wheel that spins about us rather than on the roundabout edge ready to fly of when we let go of the bar. Yes I use to go round and round on the roundabout with friends and then jump of when travelling at fastest speed and that was in the days before they introduced all these HEALTH & SAFELY soft tarmac type things in playgrounds. Have we progressed or regressed? I think society has regressed in many ways and the dumbing down of populations seems to continue unabated in many ways.

Clearly once the doorway was opened for some aspects and minority groupings or indeed majority groupings to seize power they did so without consulting those already in power. Typically we have seen the South African black population majority take the reins of power in that distant land and likewise we can say the female majority has taken the reins of power within the Western Hemisphere World since WWII. Where countries such as the United Kingdom were once stay at home housewives and men going to war and work things have changed to the degree that returning to fictional realms of what either sex actually wants compared with what they have is an interesting topic that folks could be writing upon. I know that Woody Allen years ago wrote and starred in a film where women had taken over and likewise the Two Ronnies had a similar long running sketch show.

People wonder as to why we are going to war with Arab Countries to stop the spread of so-called Extremist Islam and it might be suggested that the men and women of the Armed Forces who are carrying out those wars and activities may not very much like the Homeland that they return to upon being demobbed or having to reintegrate into so-called “Modern Society”. Many a person whether they admit to such things publically or otherwise seems to have more in common (when witnessed from a behaviour perspective) with some of the Arab World States than they do what are supposed to be Western beliefs and doctrines.

How many women list men they would like as being this that and the other and when you look about the World for comparable peoples you tend to find such things more in those male dominated Countries and populations.

Of course that is just one perspective and we must remember that we any of us within any faction or grouping has CHOICE as to how we go about our personal progress and life courses.

Strange though true the oldest debating methods are still as valid now as they have perhaps ever been, I think one was listed as the STRAW MAN debate strategy and clearly one can perhaps be said to have stayed within a particular role or strategy way beyond the time period that was necessary to make any given point valid.

That perhaps why I have suggested that intransigent stick-in-mud type tourette’s sufferers as much as we may sympathise have little to complain about when they could have self-invested along with the rest of us and likewise learnt to better navigate some of the topics so that they could see that many a proffered 3rd way belief falls away or is DEFERRED to personal choice where we often become SHRUGGERS as to how other people choose to live there life. I do not need to convert those people living that lifestyle over there to change in order for myself to live this kind of lifestyle over here (and so on).

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

As The Royal Hospital Watch News Blackout Continues We Ask

Did you recognise any of those shadows in the Hatton Gardens Jewellery Hiest Video and pictures, well we did of course note one chap as being GINGER though Prince Harry did reappear and Fly out to Down Under soon after he is now returning his week to get a confirmation on the amount offered for some of the rarer artifacts with his other family members. Okay so again I exaggerate as to who was involved although we all know that in Classic war time movies Ginger always asked someone to look after his dog shortly prior to not returning and lots of good ol’ gingy eulogies.

So of course we also often now that such events DO happen, though clearly I am not accusing the Royal family so much as pointing out that at some point if the group concerned had established living in the UK for a period of time the likelihood then becomes that some “NORMALITY” may exist that one or other among the grouping has desire to return to. This is all speculation of course though is akin to Pulp fiction and the runaway boxer returning to get his Grandfather’s Watch and girlfriend and so on.

Clearly we have seen speculation that the Heist was carried out by an international grouping and that they have History with another bank raid in Berlin-however that is not of concern and I would dismiss such things as side issues or not being of importance beyond establishing that some experience might be involved or prior form. Clearly such things are irrelevant because it is the sort of lifestyle perhaps where you need to have practiced and drilled and worked through a plan of action.

What else well the title says it all really, I went to multiple news websites and indeed saw a brief exert from a news channel HEADLINES REVIEW and the story was NOTED by myself by its ABSENSE. We have long awaited the NEW ARIVAL in the Royal Household and one might think that some outlets have reports though those within my gadgets remit all appear to be carrying out a REPORTING RESTRICTIONS ACTION. This of course a sensible approach when you think about it because were we in a time of war or indeed a possible TARGET for attack then clearly being stationed in SITU in some fashion potentially RAMPS up the likelihood of some attack or act of terrorism. Likewise whilst many a person man woman and child has experienced Child birth from a given perspective-it might be suggested that a certain amount of lack of DIGNITY can be experienced and clearly given HUMANS being HUMAN we cannot expect anyone from any level of Society rich man or poor man or beggar man or thief to be any different, I use the word man as in mankind rather than some sexist denial of the possibility of using woman. Clearly in many a Historical writing fashion the word MAN was used as a kind of PLURAL for both sex’s and whilst we can say times have changed or moved on-I do think in fact that in getting some of those mental breakthroughs and so on it can actually be quite useful to potentially practice writing in the fashion or manner of ye olde generation from Victorian times or however far back you choose to go.

That is not being sexist so much as understanding or realising that in order to understand (if you have any such desire to understand) you have to have some possible ah-ha in relation to ORIGIN OF THE SYMBOLOGY.

Clearly say well the establishment came up with a language and then as it expanded Society continued with filling in the GAPS, though clearly that has not truly worked out for many of us anyway has it.

So I once again found myself thinking as to Sam Horn and the writing course and clearly we are at present via the NEWS BLACK-OUT and rubbernecking experiencing a level of INTRIGUE as mentioned within her most recently published work. Likewise I found myself wondering as to the working PRINCIPLES involved in some of these courses. Clearly I have suggested that ALTRUSM does not work though clearly such things are depending upon many a swept under the carpet like topic for some folks. Clearly if no experience is written upon by some individual in-order for OTHERS to relate in some fashion-it might be suggested then that one is all alone in the World as to guidance.

It does then fall into the Category of why has no-one written on this topic previously, I shall check, and then of course ah-ha maybe this is a GAP or REGION of expertise that I can develop for myself and then EXPLOIT as a NEW MARKET NICHE.

Yes cleary that is the quite simply developing of ROI like thinking strategy though likewise we each of us perhaps live and work in particular town with or without a given history and for every history within or about a Region we can dissociate somewhat or invest somewhat. Clearly I spoke on Comparison with the Garrison and that clearly a demonstration (if nothing else) that comparison only ever WORKS from an inspiration point of view (I want to be like that) or questioning as to, what lesson can I take from this comparable data or information and use within a CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE CAPACITY.

So someone mentioned of course reworking from the W5 form though I myself wish or desire to seek to do that-I also recall having recently mentioned RECURRSIVE like algorithms that exist within Artificial Intelligence. The IDEA that you can teach a Learning System to continue in this direction until you encounter a wall. Likewise you can also use that algorithm with a CRITERIA weighting, carry out this action for X amount of recursions. So for instance within the realm of Astrology and STAR-MAPPING you have 100,000 million miles of square space to cover within your algorithmic search and whilst you could make it all one direction-it does not make much sense to carry out that algorithm in that fashion. Far better to have a weighted algorithm that jumps from spot to spot within your GRID RANGE and high-lights particular areas of interest prior to moving on. Once you have established a table of AREAS of INTEREST or INTRIGUE you can then return to those locations that the system believes are most likely to give further results as to research.

This does of course also depend upon the SCANNING INSTRUMENTATION being USED. So typically I spoke of those Five waveforms and Frequencies that are typically known to affect the Human Body and likewise we can also show that whilst we have optimum for human capabilities we also can go to the realm of animals and emulators. So that is what has occurred for many a sensory array and likewise SPACIAL MAPPING is not differing. So what if instead of thinking that some large massive COLD SPOT exists within the present recently released data-that in fact whatever is within that location does not RESPOND to presently used SENSORY DEVICES.

That again typical of issues and topics such-as DARK MATTER. How can we map and record a THEORETICAL SUBSTANCE when we at present are not advanced enough to have the necessarily required equipment to be able to IDENTIFY or TEST for such things.

Clearly CERN was recently reactivated and is going through preliminary test runs and building up a data collection for the various particle interactions and so on taking place within that establishment and whilst it was claimed that the Higgs-Bosun had been identified and they were moving on too researching SUPERSYMMETRY I do not genuinely think you can simply say “There you go that’s it, now were moving on” this seemingly what is occurring. Surely what they actually mean is that having established the lower level research data as having provided some interesting or valid data results they are now moving forward with other random dotted endeavours as to how I explained the Algorithm above. So this generation of researchers perhaps saying I only need to identify that something akin to this named substance or whatever exists and I will move on to demonstrating the existence of this other area of interest whilst SPECIALISTS can develop and broaden the NEW FIELD we have created in identifying this area as worthy of further evaluation. Cleary it is a little bit more difficult because few researchers can afford to build a CERN like site within their backyard beyond of course it being interesting as being akin to a giant TORUS CIRCULAR DONUT which is something else mentioned within another course review that I recently found myself returning to. So CERN interesting is where the WORLD WIDE WEB began and one does wonder as to whether that being some CHOSEN POINT of special interest to those studying TIME DYNAMICS and indeed MODELLING and of course Dimensional Mapping and Spacial Mapping and INTELLIGENCES MAPPING. Yes the list is endless though likewise it can perhaps be suggested that some of those recursive like actions have been carried out and of course rules and regulations such-as Moors Law followed and clearly many a non-standard THEORETICAL MOVIE and TV REALM is already happening and occurring for some folks (In my opinion). Yes hard to gauge fully given the vast array of areas that any of us can change attention and focus to though likewise perhaps the real reason why some UNEXPLAINED EVENTS genuinely do occur and are not IDENTIFIED until many years later. Okay I know they did the WEATHER BALLOONS testing for ROSWELL ALIEN LANDINGS, though likewise we do seem to have mass witnessing of unexplainable events occurring from time to time and you either roll with them or indeed grow red in fury and anger at other peoples inability to COMPREHEND what the hell you are trying to explain or put across to them.

So outlandish claims are not always futile because many a minute seed of truth can be found within some of the more outlandish claims that folks make about this Earth. Likewise it is only following through with research that we come to find either something to be regarded as TRUE within the hemispheres between our ears or indeed FALSE. Clearly lowest common denominator at the lowest level of society gets done to DEATH in my opinion though likewise the OBSTACLE is the way is how many a person can expose or otherwise the WRONG CONCLUSION.

So typically I say with the Space mapping issue that we simply have not got equipment that is within that empty regions frequency range ah-ha (possibly) though that is more realistic than simply claiming Black holes exist sucking in all and everything about themselves into the never ending realm of the event Horizon and so on. Yes that again a speculation as to the gravitation effect on the spin of WATER. We in the UK used to clockwise rotation when we pull a plug out of the bath whilst in the Southern Hemisphere I think the water runs ANTI-CLOCKWISE though require someone who has been down under to confirm such findings in as true and honest as fashion as possible. Yes clearly being able to trust one’s limited body functioning in the face of far superior mental or imaginative realm functioning is a dilemma without having a step-by-step investigative process or methodology of some fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

As The Royal’s Retreat To Windsor We Wonder When Mildred Will Drop

Okay that somewhat tongue in cheek given the now distant sitcom comedy of George and Mildred and of course when you think about it-Prince Harry might be considered as a Mild red, he often of course spoken in terms of being ginger.

So moving on we can of course all 1-2-3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR MAJESTY.

Yes so it can of course be difficult to follow Establishment Birthday’s even for the person at the pinnacle of Empire and Royalty and so on and of course we do have this other coinside of “actual” versus “official”. So today is in fact Elizabeth Windsor’s actual birthday and perhaps where possible she and her family probably seeking to celebrate such events in as normal a fashion as being Head-of-state and so on allows. News articles suggest that the week is clear of public engagements and so on. So like many a person a Holiday from the day-to-day normality of the job if a Royal Position can be regarded in that fashion.

Elsewhere I found myself noting a couple of differing stories one related to some Organisation known as the National Crime Agency that has been carrying out swooping in operations on long wanted Britain’s most wanted Criminals and likewise the infrastructures and mafia operations that such groupings exist within. What is interesting for myself is that they very much seemingly appeared from know where over the last couple of years and have effectively become the United Kingdom equivalent to the American FBI in many ways. I am still unsure as to how they operate or indeed came into being though clearly given the “International” aspect they are perhaps filling a gap or need that was IDENTIFIED within UK Policing. So we seemingly for years and years had Officers carrying out private investigations and tracking down criminals for fun during their holidays and now we are seemingly seeing funding being given for more official operations for such practice.

One would of course given the British History have thought that the Empire has a Police force though of course many such CROSS REALM capability came about via the Use in many a location of the Military and Armed Forces. So typically we can perhaps suggest that in Empirical Terms The NAVY was the means by which we travelled and the Sailors and so on then had to carry out Military Service Duties on the land’s that they were taking over and so on-hence we having military forces such-as the Royal Marine Commando’s who are still listed as a Naval Force with Naval Oriented operations. So anyway yes it does appear that the National Crime Agency is perhaps operating from a HIGHER LEVEL or TIER of operations than your standard day-to-day Police Force Does. That perhaps goes hand-in-hand with our Standard counter terrorist forces returning to more Military Service like duties and Realms in the various war zones dotted about that we as a nation are contributing trainers to and so on.

So yes The NCA perhaps quickly developing a level of Mysticism within the realms of Policing that Special Forces perhaps have done over the years in the realms of Military Operations. Likewise according to wiki they are actually going to be taking over the role of counter-terrorism operations. Unsure as to the WISDOM of such things though clearly those within the various roles are all perhaps operating at Higher Levels of Various GCHQ and MI5 and MI6 Mandates and so on. How well such things do change is of course debatable given that any long serving Police Officers are likely going to be operating from the Policing perspective BIAS rather than say a Military Perspective BIAS. I in writing these meandering down am finding one or two possible issues and debates to be had as to the INTEGRATION of differing style of “THIS IS HOW WE OPERATE WITHIN THIS SCENARIO”. Whilst the PRESSURE from public (or indeed more truthfully MASS MEDIA) is often against collateral damage and all the rest of such things-it might be suggested we are headed for a POLICE STATE via the backdoor.

In all honesty given the very many Policing and Detective type shows and so on I have watched and viewed as to Policing and so on over the years and indeed having read one or two of the MANUALS I do in fact prefer the FORENSICS and ESPIONAGE kind of dynamic above and beyond some of the other areas. Howe well any given individual can choose the components they are skilled within is of course debatable. Clearly if someone is GOOD at a particular aspect of the work it can lead to over reliance or indeed petty jealousies and being overloaded to fail and so on.

So given that aspect I generally think some of those QUANGO HYBRID TEAM (QHT) like operations are quite useful. I have noted perhaps over the years that many a CROSS REALM has taken a DISCIPLINE and then within that DISCIPLINE brought in an individual who specialises in a particular aspect. So within many a schooling and college for instance you get a FIRST YEAR that is a year of doing a little of everything and then later years more SPECIALIST and likewise similar can be said for some Degree like activities.

Clearly we all as we progress find that we wish we were better at this aspect of our work or job or day-to-day life and whilst I have heard it criticized in some ways as to not giving up, I do have a stop throwing good money after bad if something you want to do or carry out is not happening for you. So typical example is where your ability to carry out a given task is regarded as falling within the SUBJECTIVE versus OBJECTIVE realm. I typically perhaps like giving name to this operation and that operation and that is perhaps all part of that inventiveness and FLAIR that we are seeking to bring out in exploring some of the of-line non-compassed regions within our noggins.

Anyway I have wittered on and on and not moved on to the next part of my interesting news articles area-so speaking on this non-compassed areas, we are hearing and seeing news from some Hawaii based observatory that SPACE as we know it is not going according to Present Day Current Models.

What do you mean?

Well the 3D mapping that has come out a particular aspects of research is now suggesting that we have a rather large COLD SPOT within SPACE an area of region that is like a giant kind of BLACK HOLE or BLIND SPOT within the data-mapping systems that the very many computer operations are carrying out. Typically we are told that you have to GO TO DISTANCE and then work your way back to present day Earth Location. Light emitted XXXXX years ago from this location reaches us NOW and likewise either we have this HUGE GAP in ASTROLOGICAL CALCULATIONS or the present MODEL that we are working from is incorrect, oh yippee something new to throw some money at then 😉

Yes of course in viewing the panoramic picture that was released of the spacial mapping I came to the CONCLUSION that the dominant EYE could not see the non-dominant eye. Clearly that is my idea of HUMOUR we cannot of course given our PHYSICAL BODY SHAPE and so on see what the alternate eye looks like so in fact My right eye is blind to my left eye and my left eye is blind to my right eye. Yes many a meditative REMEDY is about shutting both EYES and some ASPECTS and TEACHINGS are about imagining a THIRD EYE said to be related to the PINEAL GLAND position with our heads. I think that interesting of course because in CENTERING IDEAS and this point of FOCUS behind our Crown of our heads if you were to take a measuring device I think you again would find unusual ANGLE GEOMETRY comes into play between the CROWN and PINEAL GLAND and likewise when we also add our REGULAR potentially confused and conflicted eyesight on top of that you again get a differing GEOMETRY ANGLE and DYNAMIC.

Clearly those who have developed various POPULAR viewing angles within various types of GAMES have often opted for playable viewing modes rather than necessarily real angular dynamics. A bit like how Disney Pixar and other cartoonists are famed for EXAGERATIONS of the Human Bodily Physics. Clearly if we shut our eyes we can VISUALIZE ourselves in any shape and form that we prefer though likewise such things come with opening the eyes again to function in standard day-to-day modes, that is not to say such practice should not be carried out because all and any means to stretch your present day mental model can help in creating new thought channels and so on.

What else grabbed my attention after The Queen and the NCA and the Deep Space articles were done reading. Well we are once again having IMMIGRATION HIGHLIGHTED and I perhaps potentially do not like a million and one starving peoples and persons arriving on the United Kingdom doorstep and claiming all and everything free at my expense though likewise short of throwing a decent budget at Organising a Joint Task force Royal Navy Customs and Excise operation you once again get bogged down in the same old same old. Such arguments of course REQUIRE REFRAMES and very often many a person within the PUBLIC LIFE roles and realms REFUSES to offer acceptable Language Reframes, the language of populist argument and appealing to LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR usually ends up taking precedence over well-crafted and thought through language that leaves no room for argument.

That perhaps akin to saying that the GAME OVER position that could be played is the same as the no-win situation that many a clever soul can create to challenge candidates for this that or the other role in life. What is a no-win situation? Well we can go to some TV and Movie realms I think James T Kirk was said to have cheated the NO-WIN scenario within his Captaincy training (In the Star Trek Universe) and very many Schoolings and Doctrines offer such CHALLENGES not so much as to DEFEAT candidates as to see or measure and gauge how well someone is going to REACT to a particular presented aspect of life they may come up against. So that is also perhaps where IDEAS such-as SHOOT-THE-HOSTAGE come from within those kinds of realms also, a heavy dead weight or panicking hostage that has to be carried along by the hostage taker is likely more troublesome than otherwise.

Yes so you have IDEAS that you can take control of any given scene and situation by being more dastardly or otherwise than opponent and clearly immigration is typically an EMOTIVE issue. So again when many a topic is brought back into this realm of the various INTELLIGENCES, we are typically suggested to have IQ, EQ and so on then you can see that SENTIMENTALITY keeps on being perhaps the one aspect that trips us all up potentially if it is not SENTIMENTALITY for ourselves then it may be sentimentality for others (for instance).

Clearly the IDEA of NOW might be regarded as a CHEAT and likewise bringing non-conscious brain activity on line might be regarded as a cheat and likewise DAVID living in Hereford and having an Mickey Mouse FANTASIA avatar on Facebook might be a cheat, though likewise such things were not necessarily happening on a conscious basis when the various decisions were made as to those things.

I typically years ago on a Visit to Euro Disney bought a physical Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse and it was more an ornamental fluffy toy than perhaps a play thing, though years later I clearly had some sentimentality for that. It was only later that I though further and realised that wordings such as FANTASTIC and FANTASIA and so on were backwards short form for sat-nav, or satellite navigation and clearly some such things are going to serve some folks better than others.

Clearly some folks accept a particular level whilst others among us are still looking for that “This time next year Rodney we’ll be millionaires” Delboy like quotes.

That perhaps part of the “you have to be in it to win it” that goes along with many a Lottery like option. Having said that if particular life aspects are clearly not working out and you are throwing good money after bad, why not turn your attention to other areas that you may genuinely be better at., this perhaps that shaded area whereby many a person whether consciously or otherwise requires other to SUFFER and likewise when you have raised THRESHOLD and can see just how inhuman many a human claims to be you can think well I shall cut my losses. You can travel to most areas and regions of the UK and despite all the “Localised” banter and varying degrees of “not one of us” PREJUDICE’S that the underlying dynamics are very often the same everywhere.

That perhaps part and parcel of investigating various modalities until you find one that is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU and so on. Why did I go to meditation and then later the other modalities, I might be suggested that in pecking orders we can find no higher level than that of King or Queen though likewise being chosen to be suffer no1 or however we any of us sometimes feels can be difficult to get one’s head around, clearly some topic of debate are not worth debating unless you are within a realm that forces such debate and if that is the case then we can always seek to change the outcome by changing the story.

Anyway some family members are on flight to the Trinidad and Tobago region of the Caribbean or West Indies and will not be taking in the Cricket as they prefer Scuba diving and so on. Interesting of course given the History of that region for Officially Government Sanctioned Piracy, they will likely get to see some classical wrecks in those waters.

What, what do you mean officially sanctioned piracy. Well typically many an earlier explorer had to find ways and means to fund expeditions and piracy was said to be part and parcel of the Sea Fairing Trade and options. Of course LEVELS of what were acceptable were generally introduced where whilst it was regarded as acceptable to carry out acts of Piracy on other Country’s vessels you were not supposed to do it to your own. So English and Spanish and Portuguese and the Dutch were all often Hi-jacking each other’s cargo’s whilst staying within the LAW of a Given NATION in order to have safe passage within a given shipping and trading and so on environment.

So no matter what we comment and witness we can generally find ways and means to transfer information to more interesting topics and realms and likewise know that any given direction is down to our own personal DISCERNMENT and of course TRUSTING that we ourselves may now have better judgment than we may have done when we were first introduced to many of the lessons and teachings as to aspects and windows upon the World known as NOW.

Thank you for reading, I’ve been Dave S Perkins, Who the Heaven Are You 😉

Now That Is Potentially A Way Forward

Okay so I have studied recently the future mapping modality and likewise we are told to draw a squiggly line with our non-dominant hand and typically one of the EARLIEST parts of that process is to carry out that process for YOURSELF and your life. So typically at the beginning of this particular chart the bottom left hand side might be zero (0) when you were born and then the bottom right hand side might be where you are at present within your life age. Mine being 43 I drew this chard and then calculated the 2 intervening age points to the nearest whole number one being 14 and the next being 28, so anyway I carried out that process and then gave some pointy arrow like indicators along the line and then SPECULATED as to life events within that area of my life. It is quite amazing how it open you up to the various ups and downs within your life and likewise gives you greater perspective-most people when doing such activity for themselves can feel they are being HONEST within any given present level of awareness. So an incentive exists to be honest with yourself. Anyway I thought about this and wrote down some of the “LIFE EVENTS” that occurred that I have given random points to on the chart, I left that chart for a week or 2 and am now having an AH-HA kind of thought in relation to that chart.

What-if in having photo-read various Cartoon like drawing books and so on I use those particular COLOURS for my personal GRAPH and what-if I use those which are classically said to represent 3D with the respective FILTERS. In effect I can establish communication links with those non-conscious aspects that I was earlier within my life not aware of.

So this is just meanderings at present though clearly the non-dominant squiggle might be a representation of the WHOLE AVERAGE and then that WHOLE AVERAGE must have been made up from COMBINATION of other SENSORY interactions and related thoughts feelings and behavioural actions.

So clearly I could do with a MAGIC pen that instead of having a 1 COLOUR is rolling through multiple colours for which ever intelligence (whether conscious of otherwise) was dominant at any given point along the line.

So I typically gave an honest at present level of awareness account of the life events that I marked as SIGNIFICANT points along the line-this idea that you could go either left or right at a T-Junction or indeed take this numbered exit at a Roundabout. Clearly the difficult aspect is once again because when we take apart a typical classically made WATCH we will find lots of differing shaped cogs and wheels and springs and so on. America not having all that long a History in larger Cityscape domains opted for grid designs doing away with taken for granted in Europe circular cogging like patterns. I did see an article a year or two back where some American towns and Cities and regions and areas were actually seeking to introduce some of the more Classical styled things such-as roundabouts, though am unsure as to progress and success.

Anyway clearly when we carry out BODY SCANS we come to see that differing types of Bodily Tissues and Structure have differing Densities and more modern scanning devices are generally able to be adjusted to enable the ability to FINE-TUNE toward differing physiological aspects. I want to carry out a bone scan is differing to wanting to carry out a Cardiovascular Scan or any number of scans that can be created with present day FINE-TUNING capabilities within these devices.

So clearly anyone who has studied Maths at any given point within their life knows whether consciously or otherwise about AVERAGES and the squiggly line might represent that average. So clearly in knowing such fine-tuning detail we can come up with ever greater fine-tuning magic bullet recipes as to how we ourselves can improve our overall bodily functions and communication systems. That clearly perhaps what many a Learning Strategy Course and Teaching is about.

The problem as always for many a person is of course potentially BYPASSING or CIRCUMNAVIGATING or indeed RELEASING TRAUMAS. So typically it can be suggested that particular EVENTS such as being wounded or experiencing broken bones or any number of physical ailments can lead to shutting down of internal communications between those conscious and other than conscious parts of the brain and body and so on and likewise such things can potentially lead to other malady’s later in life and so on. So we whether keen to do so or otherwise of course can re-bridge those areas in-order to enable a new perspective or Dynamic to occur.

So whilst the benefit in particular environments and so on may not be OBVIOUSLY advantageous we can come to see that having a Threshold for the people that you encounter and indeed being able to maintain those internal conscious and other than conscious communications under duress or stress can make all the difference in the World.

Far too many a simple analysis claims that there is only this model or this other model and if you are not this you must be this when reality can clearly demonstrate that most of us who have ADOPTED any given model at any given point within our life were likely operating from a less than position of what we know NOW. Likewise the ability to fine-tune and understand that AVERAGES exist and likewise that we can carry out an analysis for each intelligence at a given point within our life at a given point might make a greater DIFFERENCE.

So I could of course have drawn my 2×6 Grid and then the squiggly line and then PHOTOCOPIED the sheet at that point.

I could then as an example, write my story at those given “points of interest” in relation to one sensory realm. This is my life story from TASTE at this point. This is my life story from TOUCH at this point. This is my life Story from SMELL at this point. This is my life story from SIGHT at this point. This is my life story from HEARING at this point. So clearly my original story sequence was in fact whether I like it or otherwise a combination of those senses anyway and of course we know that each and every one can be developed and enhanced with appropriate practice and so on.

Likewise I could wonder as to what the STORY may have been to this other than conscious INTELLIGENCE. So we say that we want to bring the other than conscious aspects of our brains back on-line in some fashion improving the communication between hemispheres and clearly in turning our attention to our own life history in as honest a fashion as we are able could be a way forward. Though again that is always SPECULATION.

What was the perspective from this INTELLIGENCE and this INTELLIGENCE and so on, typically the INTELLIGENCES are described as a list of other than conscious processes that we are all found to have within our human bodies. So we typically become somewhat HARDWIRED in particular ways establishing some potentially good thoughts and feelings and associated actions and likewise some HARDWIRINGS are potentially misrepresented or indeed given the WRONG INTERPRETATION because we are GENUINELY not dealing with a FULL DECK and when we know that the FULL DECK has been scanned via SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY and various issues identified we can bring ourselves into greater alignment to realising how empowered we can each and every one of us become through the rebuilding of those internal bridging like systems.

I typically of course said we are more water than anything else and likewise then our cellular structures at those water based levels are probably the most malleable substance on earth. Yes we can heat water and change its form to STEAM or likewise freeze water and change its form to ICE though generally when we study such patterns we know that a cycle exists whereby a process can occur for a return to one or other of the alternate STATES. Cooled steam becomes water and melted ice becomes water. Likewise such system are akin to that FINE-TUNING whereby systems are developed and fine-tuned to typically remove IMPURITIES in various processes. Likewise some processes that have carried out that process have discovered or uncovered that the IDEA was not so great after all.

Why well typical examples exist of course where we can demonstrate that we as bodies are teeming with bacteria and likewise many of those bacteria are designed and created to defend against various ailments and so on and likewise it has been demonstrated that BROAD SWEEPING like catch-all’s are often destroying both good and bad cellular like functioning’s within our bodies. Typical example of course is for Radiation Treatments for particular cancers and so on. That why so much monitoring occurs because for every survivor of a treatment there is likely someone elsewhere whom the treatment potentially failed.

So much of this write up was all digression as to where I began from in thinking about the Future Mapping course though likewise that perhaps a good thing because it demonstrates that I am perhaps thinking along similar lines as to POTENTIAL and POSSBILITY of what may be achieved through the various teachings and disciplines and so on.

Yes for every creative thought and idea we can of course ask ourselves as to benefits and otherwise from particular courses of action.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Yes I Am Once Again Thinking Taxes and VAT

So typically many a person has a VAGUE understanding of the difference between Analogue and Digital and the simplest explanation is that analogue might be regarded as a CONTINOUS line across a page whilst a digital might be represented by a DOTTED line across a page. Were you to bring all the dots together to make them appear as a CONTINUOUS line you will see that you have reduced the SIZE of the given SAMPLE effectively enabling you to reproduce that line (whether the continuous line is REPRESENTATION of a Sound WAVE or whatever else it may be labelled).

So the problem created when you bring such dots together is that everything is seemingly speeded up when you play back whatever your continuous line is an example of. That then led to experts introducing extra steps and “INFORMATION” within the data as to how fast or slow it should be played back. This typically all part of that teaching as to how we put information IN and HOW we take information OUT.

So the extra steps can be found across pretty much all information processing type realms and COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS and indeed we can think of course that if such things ORIGINATED in THOUGHT then such activities are also being carried out within one’s own Heart, Mind and Body.

What else?

Well typically of course I am continuing within my efforts for the Write Well, Write fast, Write Now modality and we have a form that was provided with that course known as the W5 form and again it acts as a guidance template as to a WORKING MODEL or indeed PROCESS, and likewise we are all of course FREE to make INTERPRETATION as we see fit.

In keeping with the expansive World idea and so on I have generally sought to reinterpret such things in positive fashion in alignment with whatever other courses I am taking and indeed with my varied assorted Meditative Modalities and so on.

So most of those who are further advanced than myself have declared that we have 5 Waveforms that are pretty much responsible for all incoming and outgoing information within the sphere of the Human Body. Those 5 Waveforms are listed as Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

So clearly when I look across to another modality such-as Future Mapping I might have another of those AH-HA within my noggin as to how I can REORGANISE such information to my own physical wellbeing and wellness and so on.

We are given 6 squares to draw our squiggly line down and likewise the ALTRUISM IDEA of “Who can I make Happy Today” is also akin to myself thinking “How can I profit the prophet?” yes that one is still a “Work-in-progress” in process as to how best to organise a statement along those lines though we can see that all is waveforms and all is translated through waveforms into what may or may not be described as a NEUTRAL DATASET. We then always have CHOICE as to how we respond, though clearly those who started out investigating Meditative Technologies at the same original time as myself are fully aware that many a NON-CONSCIOUS automated system is often potentially highly damaging to us as individuals, we are better without many of them and the STIMULUS given generally helps with that process. Likewise we are in many ways replacing Analogue like systems with Digital like systems even if we are not necessarily aware that is what we are carrying out and likewise of course those are simply MODERN or CONCURRENT wordings to describe type of process functioning and we could of course think “let us ditch this model in favour of some futuristic model from this TV or Movie Show” and so on.

So clearly we have long lost INTRANSIGENT like thoughts within our noggin that says “I can’t” when in reality as you progress you generally find that “I can” will often serve you better. However many a person is often still locked up of course in the Physical Body Model-this is the model of course that we all exist within up to a point though clearly LANGUAGE and TERMINOLGY is our own to choose and also of course DISMISS. Some IDEAS such as Controlling the Language and actions thoughts and feelings of others are outside of any given persons MANDATE even though some Organisations and Corporations and so on give them the DELUDED IDEA that they are within the mandate.

So we are also told that we are going to make our chosen MIRROR Personality 120% Happy. So clearly each square it might be suggested is representative of 20% and likewise each square may or may not represent a conscious or otherwise SENSORY SYSTEM, we generally of course said to have 5 dominant sensory systems that give us our more whole and integrated-whole mind 6th SENSE.

Likewise sub-factors within the model also suggest we have a somewhat vast spectrum and array of non-conscious INTELLIGENCES at our disposal, the model given within the Genius Mind Module for instance listed 8 typical Intelligences and I think they potentially came from the Howard Gardener Books. However clearly given the IDEA of moving and shifting targets whilst we can improve ourselves bringing others along with such THEORETICAL IDEAS and TEACHINGS is somewhat haphazard.

The underlying teaching is that as young infants we were akin to Sensory Vacuum Cleaners taking all and any information in and exploring and creating IDEAS as to how the World is. Then we went to school where such systems were switched of in favour or compartmentalised systems and ideas. Likewise the Control Freak CONSCIOUS system we often leave school with is said to be a very small percentage of our Brains overall capabilities. The problem then is how to get the non-conscious parts within our heads operational again. The non-conscious does not have DIRECT VOCAL CONTROL for instance and generally only shows up via learning processes to bring them into consideration within our day-to-day reality. These things might be akin to those more LA-DI-DA type realms and teachings though they all serve to demonstrate the Greater TRUTHS. If you can find and align yourself with TRUTH upon TRUTH upon TRUTH what is the INCENTIVE or MOTIVE to CRUSH and DAMAGE and ATTACK those truths. Very often they are demonstrated to be PROTECTION OF FEAR.

Clearly again MOTIVE is either AWAY from or TOWARD and likewise when younger we were often presented with models that we either wanted to align ourselves with or against. In QUESTIONING and carrying out self-inquiry we can clear out many a long-held detrimental belief that is often not serving us as well as we think.

Yesterday I typically made a Broad Sweeping Claim that everyone is trying or operating toward a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE mentality though in reality we can of course go through “IS IT TRUE” type questioning as to whether that is true, generally we find that STORY after STORY layer upon layer as to REASONINGS come up. Very often through trained or otherwise thinking and thought processes that are simply more geared toward a particular system of processes. I need this to be true in order for this over here to be true or indeed I need this to be false in order for this to be false over here.

So those of us who have suffered health conditions-it might be suggested that we potentially really do require the Stronger Meditative Modalities in order to explore those “Where Angels Fear To Tread” areas within our noggins, you cannot clear out some HEALTH ailment if you are hiding and defending having that ailment to the hilt in some fashion.

Likewise another interesting pointer (yes I recently re watched the Genius Mind Modality that I have within my Library) was this issue of CAPS and HATS and so on. It has been demonstrated over and over again down through CENTURIES of STUDY whether through RELIGION or indeed SCHOLARS or WIZARDRY and WITCHCRAFT that maintaining an EXTERNAL FOCAL POINT just behind your Head Above your CROWN can help you not only improve your CENTERING ability and CROSS-HEMISPHERIC communication within your brain-it is a place where we can genuinely feel attached to something greater and bigger than ourselves and likewise come to those realizations that we live NOW because we are alive NOW and we step-by-step moment-by-moment present-by-present window-by-window can bring all and any awareness and sensory capability on-line in either a fashion that is uplifting and rewarding or indeed simply to LET GO of long held very-often misguided thoughts and feelings and so on that we have about the World.

So we have multiple intelligences that are sat within our under-utilised brains that when brought into the internalised system of communications can make all the difference to our Health, Wealth and prosperity and indeed how we interact and exist with those that we find ourselves among on a day-to-day basis.

Yes I have not so far mentioned TAXES OR VAT though clearly I would not have written that title had I not intended to say something upon that subject matter in some fashion. Clearly the best option for myself is perhaps to WITNESS the EXTERNAL WORLD whether through the CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION of Politics or sport or anywhere that I turn my attention to and see what is said. I suspect that it is related to the present Political Campaigns Continuing within the United Kingdom though likewise given the long drawn out process of American Presidential Nominations and Candidacy and so on-may well find that those Campaigns are also likely to included talk on TAXES and VAT or some other similarly DESIGNED TAX.

VAT is of course a VOCAL impressionists Foreign or European English Voice for WHAT, as well as short-form for Value Added Tax. Taxidermists of course are said to stuff dead animals and I have in fact seen some very much alive animals on my various travelogues in recent days. Suggesting that some ownerships never go out of fashion.

What else well I was thinking about this Meditation and indeed the fact that I have of course not really progressed beyond the Purification Level-is that because I am making up for rushing through lower levels earlier-quite possibly though likewise you do come to see that you have to let whatever happens be okay and that you really cannot genuinely know the mind and thoughts and feelings of those about yourself when they do not give voice to things, or indeed if voice is given though clearly operating from IDEAS and Thoughts and feelings and actions that you yourself have long since moved on from.

Clearly another aspect of NOW is understanding that whether we regard ourselves as part of a TREND or otherwise TREND does exist and we can either stay concurrent with trend or indeed revert to some NURTURE “when I were lad” PREACHING.

Clearly everyone wants what is best for themselves and loved ones though likewise thinking that we can control externals beyond being or having an awareness of where people are likely operating from is an ongoing. So we have many intelligences and likewise within many a working life we have to balance the books as to what is best practice and what is simply some given individuals “POTENTIALLY” misguided belief system.

What is a misguided belief system? Well typically for both sex’s it usually revolves around being other than those singled out as being other than the Herd like norm. Likewise when you think about it many of those top achievers within many a cross realm are actually standing out from a given norm of some description. Either through training and drilling and practice or through courage and bravery or simply making a positive contribution to the lives and peoples that they are dealing with and interacting with and so on. The descriptive capabilities list is perhaps endless though likewise it is always good to remind ourselves that for whatever we want in life there is likely a ways and means to achieve it and likewise such things are also likely to have some associated COST.

No matter what any of us tell ourselves within our noggin’s very often they are simple repetition of story and story can be positive and uplifting and rewarding or likewise we can think to let go of undesirable stories and thoughts and feelings and actions that are not in alignment with greater truths.

Yes I am strangely thinking and considering aspects as to MAP of REALITY EXPANSION once again though likewise that is akin to perhaps ORIGAMI.

The World of paper folding is often strangely said to have concluded that you cannot fold any given piece of paper more than 7 times. Though given that many of the doctrines and teachings lead to ideas as to gaps within gaps and spaces within spaces one does wonder as to where we can begin and end.

Yes the number one idea is perhaps that no matter how well we think we know the World and are fully capable of making predictions that someone somewhere can say well actually the Universe is a Simulation running backwards and given that all is amplitude and frequency within the 5 known waveforms all within a time zone know as NOW we can actually unwind the pre-existing samples within each area and within each sub-area that already pre-exists within our noggins and God’s your Uncle.

Yes I know I said I would stop writing the following though likewise have strangely found it appealing in many ways so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So Why Would You Give Up Saying A Sign-off

So I suggested that I was bored with typing,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well

And of course when you separate out such things as to reasoning’s you can come to see where you yourself may differ in opinion than other people’s interpretation. So typically thank you for reading is generally harmless and unlikely to provoke undesirable debates and topics. However it is of course known that HERD LIKE societal beliefs tend to label people who bring up topics such-as God as this that and the other. Very often with what may or may not be insulting labels that the individual concerned does not understand. So we are still of course considered a “Christian Country” though likewise most people who go near a Church are either classical regular church goers or indeed your Births Weddings and Funerals Brigade, that perhaps where the vast majority of people encounter any kind of “Church” experience.

So I typically of course promote Technologies that can bring everyone into a zone where with the provided awareness you can come to see that everyone perhaps really is God or The Force or Universal Energy or indeed everyone has Spirituality irrespective of whether they regard themselves as operating from such IDEAS or otherwise.

So I sign of with the word God probably more in the mould of a Spiritual Person rather than someone who believes some external god and judgment occurs upon your death as to your position within the Hereafter. The Heaven versus Hell debate can be just as interesting given vast swathes within societies preference for choosing Hell, very often simply through a desire or wish to distinguish themselves from those Classical Church followers in some fashion (it appears).

So further to that whilst speaking on the topic I can of course bring up Be Well.

How Harmless or otherwise is Be Well?

Well I live in a City called Hereford within England that is part of the United Kingdom. However some of my teachings are of course inclusive of IDEAS such-as the Witch map whereby you can take the location of the City of Hereford within the UK map and gain some further understanding as to why some folks within this region may suffer more than others. Anyway further to that I spoke on the fact that I died aged 17 (this is of course my own person life History and not to be confused and brought into conflict with anyone else’s personal life history. We all of course understand that whilst I might WRITE with my voie in a first person fashion, that a 2nd or 3rd or other reader can REFRAME any information provided from their own Spiritual World Bubble (so to speak).

So my death occurred whilst working for a major supermarket retailer located at a pretty central location within High-town of the City and the street address for that retailer is BEWELL STREET.

So clearly I might be considered to have failed with that intention. More interestingly however is that the general area or district according to my own Historical research was that the Land belongs to The Crown. Unsure as to how much property about Hereford belongs to the Crown though they have a number of subsidiary type Companies that operate as LEASING AGENTS and so on.

So yes I met my Maker at Bewell Street, it may not make sense to some though anyone who understands that words and alphabets and symbols can be brought together and separated out and so on would get the IDEA. Our thought typically operating whether consciously or otherwise far more rapidly than we can either type such things or indeed DRAW such things or any number of methodologies that we aspire to take advantage of. The human body then something of a limited operator to the Universal THOUGHT or Infinite Intelligence that we all began life as.

So separating out who owns what and belongs to whom is of course the biggest or largest of debates though likewise anyone who takes up assisted meditation and-or some of the attuning technologies can come to see how we can better separate out all the very many factors that are often all going on within our own noggins.

So yes BE WELL sounds great and Harmless though clearly is not for anyone who suffered a traumatic event or effect through such things, I effectively perhaps whether consciously or otherwise probably better choosing a sign-off of some description that I am genuinely in alignment with that lessens or is not a constant reminder of traumatic events.

So another ASPECT that is spoken on within the Future Mapping Course is Dynamic Steering. So even with awareness getting really into an ABSOLUTIST position of this is the Control Freak aspect ratio of how I see myself and the World and so on is of course where many of us go wrong.

So we support sport’s teams for instance and REMOVING our SENTIMENTALITY is perhaps where many a gambler wants or wishes to operate from. If all indicators show your team is going to lose then place money on the winning team, how difficult is that. I have spoken and many a longer term follower now knows that such IDEAS as Dynamic Steering and Favourites are Favourites for a reason can often serve you when you want to make those small success’ increase your own monetary income and so on. Far too many of us want that Big Reward that walking in the footsteps of Homer Simpson might bring with classic dog track episode “SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER” episode.

So many ways and means are available and I of course recommended that using Meditation and adopting the Sherlock Holmes approach to INVESTIGATION as to how the World really is can provided dividends. That method of remove all possibilities until whatever remains however weird and whacked out and bizarre must be the Answer or Result or Solution.

Further to that I am unsure as to whether I published privately or publically I mentioned recently the IDEA of Uniformity versus otherwise and clearly it might be suggested that a Meditative Process that stabilizes you mentally and physically is bringing about a form or Uniformity. However within that Uniformity you still have choice as to how you operate with the new brought about awareness and so on. Likewise you can probably as many do make a very good income stream simply from following some particular sport regularly and then watching the respective NOW feedback that you are receiving from any given cross-realm.

I joked of course that DSP being my initials might be regarded as Digital Signal Processing as well as any other number of labels and the same can be said for any given persons long-held name and initial’s and IDEAS that they may or may not have about themselves. Likewise I then followed that DSP IDEA a little further again to see what the steps might be to bring about an all new process or modality that is in keeping with those that have gone before though likewise covers another aspect or GAP that is not currently being best served by some of the other Modalities about the World. Clearly it can be demonstrated that many similar IDEAS and so on occur to differing peoples at the same time and the difference is often said to be that one follows through with an IDEA and produces processes and products whilst the other gives up or turns attention to something they themselves believe to be a more prosperous IDEA.

Typically coming from a background of Musical Family it might be suggested that I grew up rejecting that family type option deciding “I want to work for a living” however that has not really worked out all that well because most people in society have a non-conscious “get out of jail free card” (get out of work) mentality. I can say this for many areas that I have had a working life within, when I separate all the various details, I can identify staff at all levels of Organisations who despite having level of seniority or indeed grunt position are still NON-CONSCIOUSLY often operating from a “get out of” attitude and behaviour. Are some such behaviours worse than others to come to terms with?

Well the problem for many is of course that you go through life LOOKING and SEARCHING for more excitement or improvements and so on, then you find a modality that seems like “PAY DIRT” and you are all excited and yes I can do this. Then of course you realise you have to come to terms with the HOOKS you already have little option about. Family relations and so on. So I have generally found that the ZERO TOLERANCE approach to hooks despite potentially seeming to be HOSTILE to many an innocent person can best accelerate where you personally want your awareness to be at. So typically the Religious Model whether a belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ or the return of the 13th Prophet Mohammed or any number of IDEAS are just that and they always come with COINSIDES. We typically of course can say that is what the Dynamic Steering is about.

So someone comes along and says HEY YOU GUYZ according to the Bible and my present awareness level I am this Legendary Figure Returning. How quickly do people rush to the FIGHT or FLIGHT option at this juncture of the RETURNING HERO ALLEGORY or fail to understand all the potential VARIANCES as to understanding of VERSIONINGS and so on.

Anyway I have of course covered pretty much every variation and theme that can be included over resent years and clearly Dynamic Steering is akin to having that internal Feng Shui like compass that informs yourself whether INTUITIVELY or physically (through looking at a compass) as to whether you are progressing as you would like or prefer and so on.

Yes so I digressed a large amount again. The IDEA that I thought about in relation to the Digital Signal Processing was of course CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION.

So I have of course spoken on this IDEA that each and every one of us is a CROSS-REALM and each and every one of us is an INTERPRETER. These things often occurring and happening at HIGH-SPEED non-consciously through practice and training that very often gives us INTRANSIGENT or CONTROL FREAK like behaviours and so on.

So when we also take into consideration IDEAS such as within and without and switch mapping and indeed more modern swish mapping we can come to see that every sense can be translated or reinterpreted or brought under the light of scrutiny for further evaluation.

Does meeting EXTREMISM with EXTREMISM work? Yes it does in many ways though unfortunately many of us do not have a license or training to operate in such fashion therefore such extremism of our own is likely to find ourselves on the wrong side of the law. I have repeated an many occasion that a number of these teachings and IDEAS and so on are used across many realms both consciously and non-consciously, hence we can all follow a training within some MANUAL within a working life, though then at some later point happen upon a Modality that changes the INTERPRETATION through the awareness that is brought about.

So all is apparently now and likewise operating from a CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE capacity can provide more dividends than otherwise. The problem of course that you cannot necessarily KNOW that someone else is or has any level of awareness. So someone calls you this that or the other label and you respond in kind or lash out and end up behind bars. When a cleverer approach might be to walk away (if outnumbered for instance) and then carry out some quick CLUE analysis. I have spoken on the numerology aspect for instance and typically particular days and dates bring out the more extremist labels and brandings. Instead of GETTING SUCKED IN by the HOOK. We can have an AH-HA and then go and place money on Arsenal to win the FA cup semi-final for instance. So externals then especially among men wanting to own all women as their personal property is potentially a major hazard for any third party male. Likewise many a female operates both consciously and non-consciously from wanting to be fought over. When you are aware of just how many interplays and nonsense behaviours are involved in some folk’s psychology you come to see why zero tolerance and cross-realm interpretation is the way forward.

So I know for instance that requiring any external person to be other than who and how and why they say they are is generally not a good option unless some lesson or feedback is there to be excavated in some fashion from the incoming data. Far better in many an instance to let people damn themselves with their own words, though likewise of course we can CONTRIBUTE to someone success with our own teachings and so on-if other folks are willing to LISTEN. Many of course an intransigent because most folks upon the most simplistic of investigations come to the WRONG CONCLUSION that this other model rejected by myself is the ONLY THIRD way or option available.

Many a model or indeed modality of course is there to be investigated and then decided upon as to how much you as an individual are able to operate along the GUIDELINES of a given Modality.

So the idea that all is you only works when others are operating from similar model and likewise we each and every one of us probably desires to be congruent within the body we are in. Failure can of course lead to many examples of fucked up individuals, though likewise they too can be viewed as models of reality we can find some lesson truth within or otherwise.

Clearly for every person willing and able to operate within acceptable BOUNDARIES you get extremists who think they are cleverer than they potentially are, yes I can include myself within such analysis though again that perhaps part of losing of the common touch-if I ever had such a common touch in the first place.

I have on occasion suggested that everyone adopt their own theme tune and am of course known to wonder the corridors of some locations belting out the odd song lyric or indeed whistling particular famed theme tunes. This of course can again be good and bad though clearly we can often IDENTIFY the most extreme individuals in the reaction they have to someone possibly being happy within the walls of hell or however you personally feel to describe a given location.

So again the Future Mapping course provides an idea that extremities exist within the basic model those points that are perhaps furthest away from your squiggly line and likewise whilst we can opt for a view of the squiggly line as a form of dynamic steering, those extremities are often where it is perhaps said ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD. How true? Well whatever your realm you are likely to encounter peoples and persons coming in to your arena or playground who have NO IDEA as to who you are and how you are and so on. That is why returning to foundation IDEAS such-as beginners mind is so invaluable. Whilst I might think a row with a colleague I often have rows with is “NORMAL” or “teasing and baiting” is normal for a given environment, it may not be regarded as such by third party individuals who have no contact with such ideas.

Aliens were recently spoken upon within that course as being examples of OUT THERE kind of thoughts and feelings and behaviours. Everyone of course may like such shows and so on that included Alien IDEAS though reality is that an ALIEN REALITY would like come with a whole new set of fears and extremist actions and so on.

So ALIEN materials were regarded as NEGATIVE. However WHAT-IF

We treat the World as though we ourselves are an Alien when writing and then commenting on such behaviours. What does this supreme-being at the end of space and time think of the present day Earth Population and the behaviours they are demonstrating and showing and how can they be dynamically steered toward Progress should such interference be regarded as acceptable or desirable.

So you do not require any belief in Aliens or Angels or any other possibilities written here so much as understanding that a perspective exists that you can operate from by stepping into the shoes of creature and then accepting that you may or may not be operating in a fashion that is a borderless or boundless normality.

The Theme from Cheers has gone unsung for quite some time.

Making your way in the World Today takes everything you’ve got 😉