April 1st 2015 All Fools Day Needs Not Just A Bloody Fool but some Damned Fools For Company

So there I was sleeping and suddenly found myself awake and thinking about this issue of Allegory and wondering as to what STORIES might be considered as being “set in tone” and unwinnable in seeking to change and what Stories might be regarded as new variations on a theme.

A typical set in stone handed down story of course is the idea that two sides within a dispute send forward a Champion who is going to represent them in some winner takes all like battle for the landscape and title belts and so on.

So typical Biblical Story handed down for thousands of years is The Palestinians sending forward Goliath to take on the might of the Israeli Army and then having some non-plussed young Champion by the name of David stepping forward through lack of other volunteers who then goes on to defeat said Goliath. At what point in the thousands and thousands of cycles of variations might the story differ from the set in stone version that appears within Westernised biblical Text and Jewish Scripture and indeed Quran Scripture. Effectively a story that exists within the Hearts and Minds of vast swathes of the Global Populace of the planet.

Typical Modern day variations of course in real life might be regarded as the Boxer from this Country taking on the Boxer from that Country and we do of course also see that many a so-called VIDEO GAME uses the same TERMINOLOGY of IDEAS. Typically years ago you used to work your way through a video/console game level and then have to take on some BIG BOSS Character that is typically a Giant in comparison to your own characters size and scope and so on.

So even if we have not heard of this story version over there-everyone KNOWS the theme and it is very often encouraged as a MOTIVATIONAL TOOL when younger. We also of course hear superlatives suchas “The Bigger They Are, The Bigger The Fall”. So whilst such stories of course are perhaps great for small peoples such-as oneself coming in at 5 8” They cannot of course be very good for those peoples and persons who are typically larger-how can you relate to a Story where you within the cycle of it all are defeated again and again because the pattern is INTRANSIGENT.

The question then of course might be well What if the Palestinians send out a differing Champion and likewise David does not step forward and volunteer on behalf of Israel and so on. So whilst we can change and chop and try this out and that out at some point someone sensible has to say “I’ll save you Goliath” today I want you to stay home and watch The Big Friendly Giant, or Robin Hood (Okay so Robin Hood defeated “Little John” though they did run along on an adaption of the David & Goliath story).

We can of course also potentially say that David as the known Champion of the Israeli’s is also being placed within an unwinnable cycle in many ways by such a story because it sucks into it the IDEA that everyone want to DEFEAT the named Champion-I think in the conscious non-conscious realm Psychology that is potentially where many an issue I have had has come about. So just as much as I personally have sought ways and means to REDUCE the negative effects of such DRAMATIC REPRESENTATIONS, others seemingly walk blindly in to GOLIATH MUST WIN, GOLIATH MUST WIN.

Just as my life might be considered SABOTAGED by being the David, A Goliath can potentially think in terms of being SAOTAGED by being the Goliath. The POSITION of either character, and the “MUST WIN” mantra is of course once again a repeat of “White Must Win” Syndrome again spoken on rather a lot by Bill Harris when interacting with myself and others on his Centerpointe Research Institute and Holosync Blog.

So what other variations might be considered-well typically I have spoken previously of the Thomas Edison finding 999 Ways in which the recipe for a Light Bulb was not GOLDILOCKS “JUST RIGHT” to some given criteria satisfaction and of course we know that many NEW versions of light bulbs appeared long after Thomas Edison had moved on from such research. So he perhaps trail blazed to a point where he was personally satisfied and then moved on to other activities whilst others might be said to have taken up the Challenge or Mantle from the place where he left off.

That is of course a demonstration of a DIFFERING kind of story where whilst Thomas Edison kept on going and finding Solutions that were not just right-they were not involving OTHER PEOPLES and persons and in many ways that is one of the GREAT TRUTHS that many fail to understand when sending so-and-so out to take on the hordes of incoming attackers and so on. If in ENLIGHTENMENT TERMS the only person involved is YOU YOURSELF and in cause and effect terms the only person involved is you yourself then some battles and IDEAS that you can change the outcome from such a “locked in cycle” are not going to occur until some change of Heart and Mind occurs within the respective performers.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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