How Was That Course Lesson For You

So whilst I have worked through a number of Learning Strategies Courses over recent years-on this occasion it might be suggested that I am somewhat taking a writing course LIVE as it happens and is delivered. Differing courses seemingly come with differing set-up styled Criteria.

What does that mean?

Well some courses clearly have been created behind the scenes and then have gone through a product launch styled process whereby a release date has been marked down on a Calendar and the individual Star or Performer or those involved and related to a given course has been Signed Up to take part in the Promotional activities. So some of course may be Independent and work within a particular area or sector with their own Business or likewise they maybe one or other of the already acclaimed Stars and Performers who are already involved in the Promotional Calendar Work for an existing Suite Of Products.

So whilst I last year (I think) rushed to purchase The Spiritual Code Course and Numerology Course and so on-Marie Diamond of course was already involved in the Promotion and Teaching and Training of pre-existing courses within the Global Arsenal Product Range of Learning Strategies Courses. Any Launch Date and Promotional Work would have to take into account the possibly already overfilled Diary or Calendar for any given new Product-likewise if an overlap exists within the New Product with Pre-existing Range then you of course want to Either HIGH-LIGH such things as “this is the natural stepping stone process” that you will be led to upon having taken these other courses or indeed some DISTANCE may be placed between the “pre-existing Range” and the New Product suggesting that either a New Course or Direction has appeared or WE HAVE EVOLVED.

The Problem with IDEAS such as Evolutionary Growth and so on is of course taking your Following With You or indeed putting things across in such a fashion or manner that those who may or may not feel oversaturated (if such a thing can exist) with Learnings and Teachings from pre-existing products are INCENTIVISED or MOTIVATED to once again take the plunge.

So are we talking about new wording to say the same thing-that many may feel some resistance to or are we talking across realm product whereby this Knowledge base area has or is being INTRODUCED to bring the Collective works into some kind of Formulated Foundational System that best benefits those coming through our Company Doors Now (and so on).

Typically I recall my review of Numerology and Felt that despite it potentially being a difficult area or knowledge to create a course upon that “just the right balance” was there to enable greater insight or shift into some of the so-called GREY AREAS. What are grey areas?

Well clearly much Science over recent Centuries has geared folks toward the IDEA that you can reduce everything to numbering systems and that too is where many an INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE has originated within Computing. The problem then often being one of Compatibilities of Ideas from differing sellers and manufacturers. Typically I spoke on Intel Chips versus Motorola chips and we can generally see that when you go down to the so-called level of building blocks of atoms and so on with nanotechnology-as many a modern Science based Integrated Circuit actually is-you can come to see that they have often opted for a particular Designated Theme for the Design and Structure of the Architecture. A typical example of Integrated and Portable Architecture is actually sat within this Pad device that I am writing this article upon. The ARM processors are a LICENCED Technology that were developed many years ago during the 1980’s and can of course be suggested to have been at that time well ahead of Technological Developments. When all these gadgets and mobile devices came to the fore as the next direction-various ARCHITECTURES were researched and of course many found the already PRE-EXISTING ARM Architecture to typically have CORNERED the Market Place.

So someone somewhere can likely demonstrate over and over again that even if we ourselves think we have come up with some original development that it may well exist or have been developed in some back lab years ago without ever coming to the greater World Public Attention-I spoke on IDEAS such-as Steal Like An Artist and whilst the NOW Deceased Steve Jobs is accredited with many Originals he actually stole huge amounts of Technological Development IDEAS from BELL LABS; as did many PC and other Computer Manufacturers during those years.

So what is SHARED knowledge and what is genuinely original and developed. Clearly those at Learning Strategies (for instance) might feel more inclined to bring External Product Developments under their own Greater Organisational Umbrella if a level of integrative compatibility exists and likewise some ISSUES and DEBATES and TOPICS nearly always fall under those “HOT POTATO” like shades whereby you potentially are going to find yourself facing Court Action for infringement of Copyright and so on.

So this third Session did seemingly go very much into repetition of several areas already covered in the 2 previous Lectures though also again recommendations were given as to HOW SAM HORN herself devised INTERPRETING information within her written works and those teaching are being handed down to ourselves in some fashion via this course.

We had IDEAS such-as listing things on the LEFT as being passed and what we are moving from and likewise things such-as listing things on the RIGHT as being what we are coming into greater alignment with. Yes sounds silly fancy not knowing that-some will say-I do not need to be told these things-though we always have to remind ourselves that AWARENESS KNOWLEDGE can come with very many pitfalls and traps and a BEGINNER INTRODUCTORY course (As this one is) demonstrates quickly and easily perhaps where people can be looking for those “CLUES” as to greater alignments and awareness and indeed some folks are not interested in those topics because they are genuinely interested in the TOPIC or AREA that they themselves have Designated for the WRITING that they are carrying out-several examples of W5 forms were given and it was suggested to us that we can return to the W5 format each and every time that we are going to write anything. The questions and so on laid out in such fashion that you are better able to direct your own thinking and thoughts via the W5 TEMPLATE QUESTIONNAIRE.

Likewise Metrics was brought up-I typically known within these articles to WAFFLE (no not potato) and in having a METRIC on a given subject or topic we are typically giving ourselves a potential TARGET or DEADLINE.

I am now going to write XXX many words on this subject area that answers these DID YOU KNOW questions.

So I have guidance as to how I can potentially improve my Own Internal Directioning and Compass and so on.

Likewise Pete mentioned that they have some NEW courses and projects within the pipeline and again such thoughts can get you all somewhat geared toward looking forward to some future How am I going to fund my investment in some new course-if I am inclined to make that purchase-or indeed maintain my own focus on developing my own course and then taking it to a Company such-as Learning Strategies and seeing if they will act as Distributor or indeed whether I choose to go it alone as many a person does-all such things come with their own CRITERIA.

Much emphasis perhaps placed on by Product. What is the unique selling point of this product-clearly if we are our own personal marketers and so on-as is suggested we are (by many a course and Teacher) then clearly we want IDEAS that genuinely make that difference.

I found myself thinking and listening this morning to MC HAMMER “You Can’t Touch This” and wondered as to whether Andy Murray might listen between court action as he circumnavigates the Global Tennis Arena.

David Clearly requires filling out the W5 form far more often than he has done at this present moment in time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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