Will You Follow Leaderstein This Easterstein

So as those who followed myself into the weird and wonderful World of Meditation and the very many La-Di-Da courses know-it can be all too easy to have your positive and rewarding remedies and solutions and interpretations misrepresented very often of course by people very often acting from a misguided belief that something is in requirement of protection.

I have to defend this indefensible position on behalf of…

So this perhaps brings to mind issues and topics such-as Loyalty and very many people of course want Loyalty to Family or Loyalty to Friends or Loyalty to an Employer and we can once again see that such Loyalties are all external and not internal and if each of us is here in some overarching greater scheme of it all within our own Angelic purpose then surely all Loyalties and ties and IDEAS are there to be questioned.

We all of course can demonstrate that we have no desire for our child or family or friends or whomsoever to share in our own particular MANIFESTATION of suffering-though likewise the further I have progressed and followed various teachers and courses the more I have come to see that we can all raise threshold (perhaps I can create Mr or Ms Thresholdstein) though within some greater scheme of things we still need to find our own IDENTITY and way as to how best can I address this present or indeed ongoing or otherwise CRISIS?

Yes strange that even when we ourselves are not feeling in CRISIS that others about ourselves ask that we should be feeling in crisis demanding that you agree with something that is possibly even counterproductive to your own welfare. Typical examples off course can be found within most areas or aspects of life.

I could of course at this point ask “Does anyone consider whether the Jesus model later became a Jesusstein model or indeed whether given the Switch Map witch map kinds of IDEAS that we the folks and peoples of “Hereford, England” are potentially positioned to be overly acquainted with some non-literal though FIGURATIVE HEREFORDSTEIN MODEL.

Of course the big issue given the classic Easter Model and game of black and white debate is of course how any given individual is attuned to greater realities. I know typically from within my own History for example that Easter was often a HIGHLY STRUNG period within my life timetable likewise we often see other people seemingly triggered into bouts of ill health during this phase-so that is why it can be again BENFICIAL to not only meditate though keep some kind of WITNESSING diary. When we as individuals fall ill and sick we can ask what our own personal internal cause and effect may have been as opposed to rushing to presume or speculate in Paranoid fashion some external CONSPIRACY.

As I have gradually carried out such activities and come into alignment with greater truths (for example) I have found that plain and simple honesty in behaviour and living example and so on can be the difference between doing right by the World and not doing right by the World.

The stepping stones example is perhaps difficult to fathom for some though again the let whatever happens be ok model does seem to bear fruit in bringing attention to ever more realisations and ah-ha’s as one progresses.

Why might Ibe talking on these particular topics? Well I recently spoke on Hooks seemingly demanding attention left right and centre and all are clearly perhaps DEMONSTRATIONS of TEMPTATIONS.

When we think around the subject matter of LOYALTY especially, this is potentially the greatest pressure that results in inducing those ill-healths and so on. We all from young ages fall into confusion very often from encouragement to LIE. We all have possibly told truth and been punished so we learn to lie and lie and then wonder many years later why we still think IDEAS such-as little white lies are good.

I as I have progressed have not only resisted many an errant or misguided TEMPTATION I have also sought wherever possible to genuinely be in alignment with staying true as an example both internally and externally.

CHOICE IS CHOICE of course and I do believe I have met people who have that desire to be honest and true both internally and externally though unfortunately my own experience suggests that raising Threshold so you REALITY TRUTH is genuine is far more difficult a topic area to BRIDGE or broach.


Well clearly as we grow older and become parents or indeed upstanding pillars of the Community we find very often that the temptations to believe all and everything that comes out of our own mouths as true-the issue of so-called GETTING AWAY WITH IT. When faced with greater realities and so on many people myself included have all been demonstrated to be sinners or less than as honest as we thought we were being when faced with more demonstrable proof of theory, a proof of course dependent upon a given persons own internal thought processes and structuring.

Clearly typical examples are folks who opt for all-encompassing ideas without taking into consideration the potential consequences my VELOCITY website originally perhaps an example hence my introducing a mark II like version leading people to Thought Leaders who have actual products and so on.

So What temptations are you facing and what tests of loyalty are you facing and are they really worth (insert crisis issue). I do think that it is strange just how many options and choices and models of reality can all be genuinely true and work for those who promote or exist within the respective umbrella’s though likewise if yours is no longer working perhaps a shift or differing interpretation is required to take you to a new level of realisations and so on.

Likewise I think they often say that the evil have more fun-though I think again such things over the greater perspective is debatable as are all topics and subject matters whether spoken of openly or questioned in terms of self inquiry.

The being beaten to the punchline has been demonstrated to myself over and over again and of course I will likely continue with such findings for the immediate future though things do overtime seemingly unwind and resolve themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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