On Your Marks Set, 1-2-3-4-5

Yes of course, as a competitor within many events as a child I was well used to many a so-called Countdown and even bought a Eurovision Related Album from the Band Europe based upon liking a song named “The Final Countdown”. Interestingly of course we can wonder as to what might occur if instead of following the 5-4-3-2-1 Suggestion of Thunderbirds Are Go, we perhaps can remind ourselves that an alternative directioning of the count also exists.

Further to that of course given the recent Political Debate of The Leaders I have been reading upon this morning I cannot help to IMAGINE what propelled a young Nigel Farage to his current lifestyle and he of course standing as a TARGET in many ways though likewise we can well imagine many a child getting upset this Easter in not getting the Milky Bar White Egg.

Chocolate Brown eggs-not in my household cry out all the Tin Pot Dictators up and down the land. The difficulty of course that DOUBLE-STANDARDS are ALWAYS APPLIED as to what is being PREJUDICED in some fashion and what is simply an I want I need I must have and so on. Clearly many of us have Meditated and come to see the Futility of the debate in many areas and indeed topics of life-hence our very often genuine desire to move on from some subjects and areas that others seemingly want to return to over and over again. In fact how many of us have complained of a dislike of white chocolate down the years. Whilst some companies such-as Thornton’s seemingly manage to get the so-called MIX or BLEND just right-some of the more popular counter side products found up and down the land in most corner shops and supermarkets of course sell popular white chocolate that is only okay in small doses. Yes I should of course at this point pull out some referenced STATISTICS from a reputable source-though common chatting among many a group of peoples and persons reveals very much the same kind of themed complaint of the White Chocolate being “TOO SWEET”. Strange though true.

Likewise whilst in recent years the daughter very often shared many of her Easter Eggs with myself generally they might be eaten over the period of a week or few days rather than in some young “must have them all now fashion” I think I learned quite young again via just the general blend of the many varieties of eggs that over indulging early on would often later come back to haunt myself. I think I perhaps had several years of a similar kind of condition until one year I simply woke up and realised that I should perhaps not over indulge in seeking to eat all eggs in one go or the same day and so on.

So we can learn because we are CONDITIONED by family as to what may or may not be sensible though likewise we are very often our own best feedback and return systems when it comes to how much of any substance is a sensible level for the human body and typical example that many of us can again relate to is of course Alcohol-why is everyone telling myself not to mix grape with grain he’s says after 10 ciders and half a dozen lagers and a couple of Guinness and a night sleeping and vomiting in the bath for safety.

So many a “COMMON LAW” knowledge is actually through various experience that many of us can relate to whilst of course some regions or areas and topics perhaps less peoples and persons can relate to. Though that does not mean you can simply dismiss a topic of debate.

If we remind ourselves that the World has a 7 Billion population then any given seemingly minute statistical ANOMALY whether a health condition or whatever can likely to EXIST in larger numbers than was first speculated upon.

We often see this with NHS like related allocation of drugs where some Drug has been developed and is considered as too expensive for the Public to fund given only a ratio of 1:1.25 million sufferers.

Choice again of course choice though I do recommend again and again that many of us already have the respective knowledge sets and really much attuning like technologies are about bringing your belief into line with such things such as the NOW model and the lateral thinking model and the My future self will save myself now model and so on.

Likewise of course we can see that again and again in the so-called SPLITTING UP stakes-the most classic of given reasoning’s being “ITS NOT YOU ITS ME”. How genuine a use or purpose such statements give are of course once again debatable. Though likewise I did make one women I dated on an on-line site laugh a few years ago when explaining my cicumstances. Something along the lines of you’ve no car, no house and no bank account blah blah. It was actually a fun date and she did later let myself know she had found a rich Irish farmer she was looking forward to Marrying.

So who is the more Mercenary of the species and how much does everything in life whether we like it or otherwise often come down to Money and Finance as the so-called BOTTOM LINE.

The Blood Out of a stone model is of course another area or topic of issue. I think I have spoken on the so-called CRYING GAME a fair bit and likewise given reason and suggestion as to why I myself do not have a product though I no some folks that do-these perhaps some of the CONDITIONING issues that are more obvious to some peoples and persons than others.

How big are those leaps of the imaginings to see the river wye in lawyer or indeed get the spelling wrong with employer and so on and so forth. Let us cast out these dodgy wheeler dealing dodgy MP’S and imagine a World where we are ourselves are the best place peoples and persons to know how we want and desire the course of our own life to go.

So even if adversely effected by ineffectual CONDITIONING whether through family mechanism’s when growing up or schooling or hobbyist groups or indeed career groupings-there really is an inexactness to being sure that you are truly madly deeply attuned to the best current model and practice that any ENLIGHTENMENT culture can provide.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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