Will The Thunderbirds Be Fast & Furious This Easter

So I think or believe that I wrote previously how I as a young child very often at the Grandparents house would find myself watching Thunderbirds on a Sunday Afternoon almost as regularly as clockwork and of course I am unlikely to have been the only viewer hence they being so popular and perhaps why when I saw a brief article on a NEW versioning CGI version I was somewhat ooh, ooh ooh, I wonder what that will be like-of course the desire or Temptation to be able to say it’s not as good as the original will likely rear its head-though likewise unless I do see it I am unlikely to comment beyond perhaps having an awareness that the clip that I saw looked pretty damned faithful to the Original something I think most elderly fans would want and so on. Likewise of course I speculate that some build up to the showing has been occurring for those who watch regular TV and so on.

Likewise of course today see’s the release of Fast and Furious 7 and given the recent “Be Fast” session of the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now writing course-one cannot help to think someone somewhere was having a little April Fool’s Joke. I will of course have to now go back through the list of dates and see what other Cinematic Releases may or may not have been scheduled on those particular course dates. Hmmmn.

So both the Films and The TV series are of course typically famed for Souped Up Super vehicles and gangs of Lad’s very often in IDEALISTIC “people like myself” styles and fashions and of course fairly inspirational. I think the graduate from the school bike to the car or motorbike is typically one of those Rights of Passage and likewise we can REJECT such things as impossible for ourselves or likewise buy-in to the inspirational like aspects-how can I get myself one of those Vehicles.

Likewise it is often strange that when looking to the “REAL WORLD” beyond the fairly standard UFO type picture we as a race have seemingly fallen into “this is what these craft have to look like”. I of course spoke on the flying carpet or hover bike system at some point and the guy who created it basically stripped down “Helicopter” knowledge and reworked it for Hover bike and likewise I think many a so-called DRONE technology is also going along similar design lines of breaking away from how things are supposed to look.

We as a Species perhaps demonstrating in some fashion that the classic “bird in flight” model of aeroplanes and flying vehicles can be moved beyond-in fact I think the Vertical Taking Off and Landing Craft known as the Harrier Jet (product of UK SCIENCE hoorah) was the beginning toward those Thunderbird like flying vehicles. The only drawback of course we constantly hear is that one of FINANCE and MONEY for the investment and time and energy. All too easy to say let the big companies do it all though many a small producer has demonstrated that with some dedication even the hobbyist can achieve some kind of results.

Typical examples that we have imported or exported over the years were Robot Wars. I remember years ago sitting down to watch battling robots all playing remote control versions of wrestling in many ways and we of course also see further Robotic developments whereby many a built or designed for purpose and getting those all round abilities can be where the MENTAL STRESSES and STRAINS occur.


Well it often comes down to those INGRAINED PATTERNS of how we think the World Must Be. Until something changes to change a belief system. Roger Banister and the Four Minute Mile an often quoted example and many a SPORTING RECORD follows a similar TRAJECTORY. So whilst society has deeply INGRAINED beliefs that Britain must only have Conservative or Labour Government we could if everyone genuinely voted for topics of personal or vested interest see both of those so-called MAJOR PARTIES losing out. What? Well I am of course just speculating though in DEMOGRAPHIC TERMS if enough voters turn out for the smaller parties the Country will be demonstrated to have to REDRAW BOUNDARIES accordingly with new demographics. Such things of course potentially FRIGHTEN classical believers in Tory-Labour Government though it has been demonstrated again and again in many other regions of the World such-as Italy and Israel and so on that the Proportional Representation Systems do actually gear Society toward GREATER FOCUS on individual Freedom and so on.

So typically a Proportional Representation Government in the United Kingdom might say We have to have a Military Budget and an Education budget and an NHS budget though likewise I am quite sure many “hanger on” topics and subject could be LET GO. It is interesting of course that many a budget dispute comes about because pre-existing budget holders often operate along the lines of Richard Dawkins and “The Selfish Gene” I think was his particular book on the topic.

So someone such-as this David can come along and say well actually FREE, ZERO SUM GAME, look the model up and of course HUGE AMOUNTS OF RESISTANCE is likely from all quarters and that often goes back to that issue of selfishness-though when you advance and of course begin taking in subject matter such-as


You very often find yourself going through a phase a explorations as to what is congruence am I in alignment with established best practice of these Masters I have aligned myself with and likewise AM I GIVING back to the peoples and persons who have funded my lifestyle and so on.

So the SIN model of course takes us into the realm of suggesting that some ORIGINAL SIN exists and can potentially be a DISTRACTION to other issues that other peoples consider as more important.

The classic quote that has appeared from this David time and again is

Money on the table and food in the belly.

Likewise such things of course go often hand-in-hand with those pyramid like building up of Empire though one does come to see that with progression through various Modalities you can actually change your outlook on very many aspects of life. The problem of course that

Everyone works at their own pace. So whilst this David was motivated to RUSH through Multiple Holosync Levels and indeed Learning Strategies Courses-others who were perhaps already COMFORTABLE with life the Universe and Everything perhaps typically the House, the car, the friends and family and are more likely to simply follow the guidelines and instructions that come with such REMEDIES.

So How Are You going to find out who the Ultimate You is if you reject all incoming compassion and so on as not being fit for purpose or what you personally IDENTIFY with. Many REJECTIONS whether identified as such or otherwise are simply often all part of that TOAD OF TOAD HALL issue and likewise we can come to see that in the peeling back the layers of the Onion between our ears we can better improve our lives and still be who we regard ourselves as being and so on.

The Window on the World Model is perhaps where the idea of information coming through you whilst not being you-though likewise if all is feedback and so on then how well trained can anyone claim to be given that just as the classic quote was echo’d “Some mothers do ave em” we can say we have this kind of economics and we have that kind of economics.

That kind of economics is alien to how I want to live and a little bit hot and that kind of economics is alien to how I want to live and a little bit cold and this kind of economics is


Do not get yourself in a twist that are already far o many peoples and persons within the World who are operating from less than pure motives and visions-people of both sexes and likewise whilst I may have RUSHED through many a course and remedy and indeed Meditative Practice I do not consider myself to have been operating from some place that is WAY OUT THERE in the first place-in many ways many of the actions and so on that I have taken and written upon have in a multitude of ways come to fruition or indeed born fruit of their own in some fashion.

So what exciting and fun things could I be doing with life if I were not a Vampire Zombie that everyone seemingly wants to STAKE.

Was it not a steak that Jezza got in a pickle about? Yes I would love to report that I watched the Political Leadership show on TV though clearly given the option to not have to rant and rage at the injustice, of such individual self-promotion potentially negatively impacting upon my life I opted to focus on where my own energies are better directed.

So the ANGER MANAGEMENT of babyhood probably the number one issue that many a fully grown adult be they man women or otherwise has yet to fully come to terms with.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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