Imagine What Future Mapped World Is Contained Within W6

So I am known to have become an affiliate of both Learning Strategies and indeed The Holosync Solution and likewise it can be suggested that given the zero sum game and model of life that you could in theory simply become a super affiliate of so many companies that such operating systems and associated costs pay for themselves.

Likewise I have been back through recent email arrivals and indeed postal envelope arrivals and thinking ah-ha is it possible that I myself was a key requirement in order for this that or the other sequence of events to unfold within the so-called greater scheme of things.

The answer is very often of course probably not though likewise in mental explorations we ca in wanting greater alignment and awareness think yes of course. So I receive a regular mail envelope with regard to an all-new level 4 Feng Shui Course and likewise when navigating email happen upon a new course for Future Mapping.

Now believe it or not the title of present Course Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now and indeed the included W5 form could be somewhat misleading. You see that components of Feng Shui are included within Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now and likewise that when we look at one or 2 components of Future Mapping that we could in some ways and fashion already be operating from the Future Mapped Position Now.

Clearly I am not duty bound to purchase those Modalities though I personally feel that gaining the guidance of the respective developers can only enhance any given knowledge set and awareness that I have.

So Diamond Feng Shui Level 4 is perhaps about identifying the information therein contained within blank squares or gaps of the Grid that are potentially containing further levels of definition of details of cause and effect negative influences. Likewise we can suggest that a W6 grid may look like the future mapping grid contained within such courses.

So how much reading and writing and learning that I have carried out has come about through earlier incantations of the knowledge within my non-conscious or otherwise and how much has come about through pure chance and luck and so on.

Clearly despite my own feeling that I personally want to stay in alignment with best practice and law and order and so on-one does have to be aware that we all of us at some point existed without any such bolt-on laws or rules and regulations.

The dilemma then that whilst some claim that they have the perfect model or I can joke about daughter visiting Hereford at the end of the day many a proffered model can seemingly be demonstrated to be less than adequate to what our conscious awareness enables us to see and indeed the directions that we take.

So like many people I could not only be asking myself how am I going to fund these respective new course levels. I can also be asking, How can I develop a cast iron step-by-step process and sequence of procedures that ensure my own Future Health, Wealth and Prosperity in alignment with affiliates where I fully recognise and am able to cash in on the understanding of World Wide Global cycles and patterns.

The win win model is one that is clearly not within every cross-realm mind-set though likewise where my own body and mind has historically been oversaturated with less than savoury thoughts and feelings and so on-the reality now is perhaps one of progression of communication skills and technological systems that fully take into account that we each are a World within and without and no-matter how we feel in any given present scene & scenario-when you know that Greater Spiritual laws seemingly operate above and beyond any immature ego control issues we may have-the idea that we can exist within the 6 Truths of Future Mapping holds water as to the integration and harmonizing of a World without borders and boundaries and the never-ending story of falsehoods some strangely confuse as the way of the World when they are simply perhaps the conflicts induced through lack of Lifelong Learning.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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