Yes I Can Of Course State A Disclaimer

So I yesterday wrote briefly that I had received Email with regard to a new on-line course entitled Future Mapping and indeed that I received regular Envelope Mail for a new Level 4 Feng Shui course. I am of course happy to state that beyond reading such literature and indeed SPECULATION. Anything else that I may or may not know about such courses really is speculation as to what those courses are all about.

Typically I suggested a 6 Truths of Future Mapping and then thought well did I at any point within the on-line received material hear or read or learn anything about any kind of “6 Truths” or indeed that the other present course that I am taking may have been entitled as having a “W6 Form” that kind of information from myself really is “Out there” speculation and until I myself make those purchases of the respective Modalities I am of course not at genuinely at Liberty to make claims. A typical lesson in that David should engage brain prior to opening mouth and so on.

Having said that though in my physical reality of Now (so to speak) I decided to follow the chain of thought processes a little to see where they might lead. So whilst all such things are SPECULATIVE I thought that have a 6 Truths and so on may very well be one of my Epiphany like thoughts or Eureka moments-how so.

Well one expert recently brought up the subject of Marketing and Sales and how the very best Sales Hooks are also the very seemingly easiest. The F Kincaid Readability Score found at

This score effectively suggests that the lowest common denominator appeal can be the difference between brought and wide popularity and otherwise. I think the page is self-explanatory in that in designing sales and promotions for school child or early learning aged you very often gain a bigger catch of readers and audience than otherwise.

So some very famous books were put through the paces as to populist versus otherswise. Apparently in sales you want short sentences.

Clear sentences with meaning.

Gaps between paragraphs or bullet points and so on.

Anyway as many an perhaps imagine I myself tried this TEST system on a number of my blog articles and Dave S Perkins is LOUSY when it comes to scoring well on this test.

It did seem that whilst I can write in a flow like manner that many an audience would STRUGGLE with my super-length sentences-where I have done away with many a full-stop and semi-colon in favour after extension and extension in ad finitum.

So readability of Dave was scored lousy-though strangely the overall score was still in a number of cases within the “Good Mark” Zone.

“So do you wish upon a star, one day I may know of who you are, until that day presents itself”

The above poetry like sentence from my introductory website scored 5.2 for an American 5 Grader and was lower than the 8 th Grade that is suggested as a cut-off point. So effectively whilst we all perhaps aspire to big and convoluted sentences of the Harvard and Yale and Oxford and Cambridge brigade. In many a circumstance for getting your message across in attention sized bite sized chunks and so on, the appeal to everyone’s inner child really can be the difference between success and failure.

So a perfect example of why those of us within the lower echelons of Society can be more empowered than we may necessarily may think. Likewise of course I could chop and change my discourse and language to make such appeal though likewise worry as to editing.

So I write many of these articles in throw them up there fashion with little though beyond any given topic that I am speaking upon. Were I a Professional Writer; or indeed Blogger then I of course would seek to begin greater and deeper levels of thought and so on to what I am saying.

Everything here might be regarded as FIRST DRAFT. I can of course counter-argue against writing in such fashion as what the experts say-though clearly I am example of FAIL more often than otherwise.

So I could of course go through each and every article written and see whether a 2nd Draft could be written. Typically where I have written super-chained sentences with lots of—-linkages I could introduce . and ; and such activity would improve my readability.

Strange though true that we perhaps want a BALANCE between each and every realm component that we are using. So we write first draft in flowing fashion with little regard to all the editorials and then can ask what can I introduce within these writings to break it up. Reduce all the ands and buts.

Yes strange though true another issue brought to the fore was the usage of but within many a persons day to day language where we are better using AND.

Likewise given the unprecedented growth of what I personally regard as BELLS and WHISTLE some return to using and understanding of some of those most simple of writing usages can perhaps be useful.

Whilst any of us would perhaps like a book that sells and can all include who quantities of colons and semi-colons and so on-I personally of course meditated many such things out of my head and mind. I can of course speak on the Christ at Easter issues and whilst I myself can demonstrate over and over again that we are supposed to FOCUS on the RETURN or REBIRTH side of the debate that many a person in KNOWING the STORY OF CHRIST often opts for all about themselves to be the Martyred Christ. I need you to die for my sins can be found up and down the land in many a business and management chain and of course.

Anyone who has become in greater alignment with TRUTH whether a speculated 6 Truths of Future Mapping or otherwise, is likely to not suffer as much as those who are potentially still in deep non-conscious RESISTANCE to truth.

We can go through such debates over and again of course though I personally think that anyone at any level of a business can take up meditative technologies and seek to stay in better alignment with best practice that are in alignment with greater truths. Likewise I think some positions or those who do not take up such remedies are potentially detrimental to business irrespective of length of service and so on.

So I then thought what might 6 Truths look like

  1. One Cannot Not Communicate (so an INTERPRETATION can be given irrespective of whether someone has attended a trial or otherwise. The American and indeed adopted elsewhere “Right To Stay Silent” is brought up for debate, likewise we can ask would a JEW stay silent when HITLER demands a confession for a falsehood?)
  2. Everything Is Impermanent
  3. The Map Is Not The Territory
  4. All Is NOW
  5. It Is All An Inside Job
  6. CRISIS whether long term or short term can potentially be resolved when you tell someone about it.

Those are of course just 6 listed of the top of the head though in fact many more IDEAS as to more Globalised teaching and so on can be introduced as TRUTHS and likewise perhaps potentially some of those listed can be dropped.

I think it interesting that as you progress-you are often only seemingly as good as your level of knowledge and awareness and of course the RESOURCES you have at your disposal. Whether you regard those resources in the Physical Sense or indeed Spiritual Sense. Threshold seems to provide the answer for many an topic of debate though likewise I think a number of Technologies came about through realising that any given REMEDY for Enlightenment or greater or improved Health wealth and so on is of course down to personal CHOICE as to what we choose or do not choose to Learn.

I saw a sight for another American Self Publicist or popular writer and he included a PICTURE labelled READ, WRITE, LEARN and I could not help to think that several words were missing from the given list though they could well of course potentially fall into the realm of BUT.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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