So In Looking Through Regular Headlines

Across multiple incoming media sources I generally can spot a theme if differing stories are running concurrently on a similar theme-this is of course differing to the Obvious themes that we see within present Political Campaigning which is very often quite forthright He Said She Said counterargument debate from very often seemingly intransigent positions.

Likewise in the realm of selling we see similar tactic applied whereby This Political Initiative or statement is VALUED AT £££/$$$ and so on and of course whilst those of us in the REAL WORLD often have to live with consequence of the success or otherwise of those Politicians we know that many a SUMMED FIGURE is there to be bartered with.

Sadly apart from typical Market and Car boot and Village Fait Sale Trade the Great British institution of BARTERING and so on has become somewhat reduced by all the Supermarkets wiping out many a lower level business enterprise. So where once you may have HAGGLED a little over the price of a loaf of bread or fruit and vegetables, the Supermarkets basically undercut everything and some clever sales Guru’s came up with ideas such-as LOSS LEADERS. We can afford to sell these Products Over here cheaply as everyone’s favourite BASICS in order to make money on these other products that have other incentivised buying mechanisms.

Something I am not keen on at present is that I have noted in recent Months that Supermarkets are seemingly reducing the on-the-shelf time or presence of FRESH MEAT and so on. So you can go to buy some pork and chops or beef steaks for the weekly shop and find they all have use by or cook by and eat by tomorrow date on them. Likewise all these vacuum packed meats seemingly keep that Fresh look until the instant a puncture occurs within said package at which point a gaseous smell instantly occurs and decolouration that used to takes days occurs within minutes.

The Technology is clearly more debatable for us as consumers than they are providers and likewise as someone who works in a factory that has upgraded to some newer technologies they are not all plain sailing for the producers either. So where does the DEMAND occur within the system and who is telling whom as to what is the NEXT BIG THING when clearly many of these events are seemingly occurring outside of the scope of many a planned industries budget and so on.

Anyway returning to the topic spoken upon at the top of this page I notice undercurrent themes and trends across various ARTICLES that do not have “in your face” obvious comparison or linkages.

So I recently saw an article related to some research that was an age old Philosophical Question given the Technology to go back in time and for EXAMPLE Kill Hitler “Would YOU”. So typically other similar kinds of questions were posed and then candidates taking part were branded as being this label or that label according to RESULTS.

Very often some typical STATISTICS always DEMONSTRATE claimed difference between the SEXES. So for instance they say our survey results suggest less women would kill Hitler and change history. Whilst more men would carry out such a dastardly deed. Likewise the EVIDENCE of questionnaire findings was then given ACCREDITATION with supporting research saying that Women are more likely going to display or experience these thoughts feelings whilst men are likely to display or experience these thoughts and feelings.

However I am not going to go into the debate so much as say that I then see a new article saying that men do less and give less to CHARITY.

Do the 2 differing subject matter and ACCREDITATIONS add-up. Clearly of course anyone with advanced awareness or even lacking in awareness can say or spot differences between the sex’s though likewise other COMMON LAW knowledge’s and indeed OLD WIVES TALES can come to the fore on some of these topical debates.

I generally disagree with both surveys and the respective image they are seeking to promote. One might suggest that you are given a hook and then a supporting hook and that is why I have often suggested that I went through many mediation levels quite rapidly simply to become UNHOOKED. What we actually have in Society are many TRAINED mental rules and regulations and laws that always say 1 + 1 = 2. Yes they can though likewise when you clear out years and years of hooks you come to PHYSICALLY SEE that (for example) my strange white with pink and yellow tops football team to crashed white plane with yellow stripes and pink stripes is in fact VALID.

So we often LEARN and are told that this LINK over HERE is perfectly correct and this other LINK over HERE is completely incorrect.

However the meditation and so on actually DEMONSTRATES the SEPARATION OF ALL THINGS.

So no “logical” labelled links and hooks are necessarily right or wrong and nor are any “illogical” labelled links and hooks right or wrong. This is of course where many of us have been mass herded into conflict and confusion. Getting SUCK-IN to debates that we are told a valid and TRUE when in reality the “LOGICAL” trained link can be just as INVALID as the “ILLOGICAL” trained link.

I do think when you look at Modalities such-as MIND-MAPPING you come to see this more and more perhaps as part of the various processes. So where once we may have spend years saying that this brain half operates in this fashion and that brain half operates in that fashion the truth is that all techniques and systems are all of them INVENTED and TAUGHT TRAINED and NURTURED.

The question then becomes one of having to find something NEW when clearly Society or EVOLUTION has evolved beyond the point of being able to say I am 100% Religion or I am 100% Science. Clearly anyone who has studied many of the modalities that I have recommended knows that many a question or posed conflict and confused is ALLEGED to take us to some NEW POINT of awareness though most of us within the lower echelons of Society know only too well that some folks have taken time to devise genuinely rewarding methodologies whilst others are still operating from teenage chancer mode.

How many of us in the so-called 40+ bracket often still think and feel and act in a number of ways as we did as teens and so on. The outward façade might change with aging and so on though many a person who found a system or mechanism that WORKED in whatever area of life very often just kept going.

Likewise when you find a NEW SYSTEM that is even better or can reset your life course (if you feel it has not been to satisfaction) then all the better. Likewise the questioning system always remains because we can of course demonstrate that for every person that a remedy works for there is potentially someone elsewhere suffering through having used the same modality or system and so on. Why the divergence?

Well I think it comes down to that IDEA demonstrated whereby the minutest change to a given starting point or significant change in life course point can operate in a somewhat random manner or fashion of n + n to the nth of POSSIBILITIES and anyone who wants to see the maths should look up something like Chess Probability Mathematics to understand such things.

So someone at some point came up with the remedy to UNHYPNOTISE or unwind or genuinely SEPARATE all KNOWN MEANING letting go of all the HOOKS and very many persons habitual Tourettes like syndromes.

MEANING IS Where we find CHOICE! Irrespective of whether we believe a given meaning is known to all about us or comes about through scientific or otherwise methodology. Can We SPECULATE that before The Big Bang-Before The Tree Of Life Must Have pre-existed The Tree of CHOICE!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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